May 1st, 2021

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Book Review: The Recovery Of Rose Gold

The Recovery Of Rose Gold aka Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Patty is out of jail after serving 5 years for the medical child abuse of her daughter. She's strangely unreflective and her goal impossible to ascertain. Her daughter Rose Gold suffers the side effects of her mother's abuse and she is someone for whom nothing in the world works out.

When Rose Gold allows Patty into her home and feverish intensity and the thrill of calamity ensue. Rose Gold veers between self-dramatizing and deep despair. Patty misses the days when she was a heart warming inspiration. Rose Gold and Patty's reunion causes acrimonious cirumstances which significantly escalate leading to devastating consequences.

Patty misses the days of her daughter's compliance. Rose Gold can recall when her mother's manipulation and coercion was a distressing fact of life. Patty treats her trial and conviction and prison term as a boo-boo. This was obviously inspired by a true story. This is uncomfortably credible. A disgraceful business of manipulation unfolds. Mothers never forget and daughters never forgive. This is insufferable. It's try hard and contrived.

Best Lines:

“The bad guys always lost in the end.”

“Kept to themselves in a community that emphadized togetherness.”

“How did this keep happening?”

“So it won't be long before the ugly stick comes after him.”

“To keep the riffraff out.”

“Since we're reconciling and everything.”

“Their idea of a wild night was staying up until ten to play chess.”

“Besides of we were meant to be together, didn't we have to meet at some point?!”

“She's going to wind up in the trunk of someone's car.”

“Our favourite hunk, Leo Du Pres, plummeted to his death over Miller's Falls.”

“Why wasn't I ever enough for anyone?”

“Philosophical hermit.”

“Never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

“Smell like cat lovers.”

“You're all conspiring against me.”

“Every single person to pass through my life disappointed me.”

“Your long record of claiming innocence...always everyone else's fault.”

“Forgiveness has limitations.”

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Galactica 1980 1x02&1x03 + Bridesmaid's Secrets And Lies (2019) 1x01 + Star Trek Enterprise 4x04 👎

Galactica Discovers Earth

A jerk father is a jerk. Reporters are stupid. Troy and Dillon look like actors saying lines. Apollo and Starbuck had simmering homoerotic tension, Troy and Dillon have nothing. Troy and Dillon are a younger generation of upstarts with 80s hair. The narrative is discordant. The annoying reporter bint annoys.

There is no simmering tension just unbelievable happenings. This show is sheer implausibility destined to be forgotten. It's cliche ridden and the absurdity of this eye-wateringly ineffective show makes you gawp. This was a terrible miscalculation.

Dr Zee invented time travel. To think Troy is Adama's genealogical legacy. Where did Dillon come from? Why in 1x01 – was Troy not living on Galactica? Dillon and Troy fasten their jackets. There is no powerful dramatic impact. How can Dillon drive? There is no imagistic potential or frightened realism. Dr Zee has calculating rationality. Adama is mock-magisterial.

TPTB cancelled this show as 1x11 was filming. Apollo had elegiac idealization of his father. This show was a breath of stale air. Since when did vipers seat 2 people? The winy reporter whines. Will she shut up? Why was there a spare viper helmet for the whiny bint? Boomer is alive and is now Adama's XO.

Do the rag tag fugitive fleet speak English? There is time travel back to 1944 and exposition. 'Superman' is ripped off. Troy and Dillon and the reporter's clothes turn white. There is exposition about why it happened – which makes you wonder about why it happened in the original show.

The idiot reporter blunders. Why don't Troy or Dillon have a reaction to the holocaust unfolding in front of them considering the fall of the 12 colonies that Adama called a holocaust? Why whenever there is time travel in sci-fi are the damn nazis involved?!?!

Dillon blows up a V2 with his laser. Militatistic men who live in a world with so few women strut around. The messy realities of life are ignored. This was dominated by male dominated militarized hegemoney. Who make the rag tag fugitive fleet's clothes? Where do they get fuel? So much for Troy and Dillon trying to stay safe.

The reporter babbles about D-Day. Xavier gets away. Richard Lynch growls. Dillon and Troy laser a jukebox and an annoying kid annoys. Then more annoying kids annoy. Troy and Dillon bother the annoying kid who is named Willy – you'd think Willy and Troy would bond over being horrible entitled whiny children.

Xavier lurks. What is he using for fuel? Why doesn't Xavier mention Troy's stepfather Apollo?

Best Lines:

“The Council has never over-ruled Dr Zee, he has never been wrong.”

“Being kidnapped, live on instant news.”

“Most guarded bastion.”

“What is he on?”

“Star speed.”

“Battle urgent.”

“A horrible man by the name of Xavier.”

“Card carrying nut.”

“The Allies have landed in Normandy.”

“Locked on destroy.”

“Hopelessly obedient to Adama's futile plan.”

“Spaced out drug runners!”

Bridesmaid's Secrets And Lies (2019) 1x01

Katie McGrath features in this oz miniseries. This was bad and horrible and a creepy stalker lurks. This was fairly ludicrous.

Best Lines:

“He seems nice.”

“Yeah, it's his job.”

“Dump we live in.”

“Choosing the gardener over me.”

“Princess bollocks.”

“Such bollocks.”

“How many times didn't it mean anything?”


This is part 1 of 3. Brent Spiner and J.G. Hertzler and The Big Show guest star. There are  Augments, Arik Soong, Orions and Klingons in this strangely inert ep. Augments and Arik are self absorbed, pretentious, entitled and condescending. The Eugenics Wars are mentioned. Augments are a malevolent force. There is no real source of meaning here. Calling this Trek is like arranging ingredients in a bowl and calling it food. Archer clenches his jaw.

This loses coherency. This does not match up with a later reveal about the Orions. The acting in this makes 'Galactica 1981' look like the work of Orson Welles.

Best Lines:


“Not quite.”

“First ships to colonize the system were nuclear powered.”

“Not even my last wife sold for that much!”

“Follow the rules and you will suffer less!”

"Humanity is no longer relevant."

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Illya K

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Danny Boy' promo


'Inside No. 9' promo

Adrian Dunbar!

Kung Fu' 1x05 promo

Not memory searing.

'Hacks' trailer


Best Lines:

“The QVC mumu lady?”

“You classist monster!”

“Good is the minium.”

'The Tomorrow War' teaser

Who wants to fight in a war 30 years in the future?

Best Line:

“Our enemy is not human.”

'Galactica 1981' promo

Oh puke.

Junior Mints – yum.

Schar Gluten Free mini dippers- nice.

Drumstick sour squashes – okay.

Salted tortilla chips – ok.

Hot salsa Mexicana casera – good.

'Bates Motel' was a terrible show not even Nestor Carbonell could make watch it.

My ex told damning lies. My ex = disgraceful and contemptible.

I'll review 'Watch Her Fall', 'All Girls', First Become Ashes', 'Whisper Down The Lane', 'A Deadly Education' and 'The Death Of Apollo'.

Curse Brexit – the poor M&S foodhall.

Who saw 'The Sweetest Thing'?

I'd try chocolate and peanut tart.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“With predictable consequences.”

“Festivals can be fatal.”

“Outstrip the government's capacity to count them.”

“Species depletion.”

“Calamitiously late.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Most of their marriages failed.”

“Alternate path for life.”

“Very, very small and sadly dwindling number.”

“Little tiny thing.”

“Leads one to consider.”

“I know not how.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Utter lack of qualifications.”

“Greater isolation and loneliness.”

“Everyone is ignoring you...”

“Serial objector.”

“Taste for the low life.”

“Mutually fatal disagreement.”


“Multi-species airlift.”

“Not arresting miscreants.”

“Desirable national objective,”

“Wealth effect.”

“Still to this day impacts on my life.”

“Shadow over my reputation.”

“False claims that cost him his career.”

“Why is Brian saying there's a talking horse in the garden? Oh, hi, Fionuala!”

“Who in the name of God eats four types of potato with their dinner?”

“Country people.”

“You find them when you need them.”

“Adopt beliefs from TV and movies.”

“Has been shunned.”

“Largely shunned publicity.”

“Truth and equanimity.”

“Generational change.”

“Moral crusade.”

“The capital lights up at night with funeral pyres.”

“Increasing sense of disconnect.”

“Made a scapegoat for everybody.”

“Sure they do nothing.”

“Passionate commitment.”

“A tirade of criticism.”

“Time for us to go away.”

“Comply with the most basic of laws.”

“Continuation of this dispute,”

“Commitment to change.”

“Footage of him being arrested shirtless, barefoot and drunk in his driveway.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Don't you learn?”

“2 baliffs turned up at the house.”

“I bet that wasn't the wedding gift she was expecting.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“Unnecessarily loud motorcycles.”

“So needy for attention.”

“Then people will have to notice me!”

“Sure she's missing a few teeth but she thinks I'm cool!”

“A book? God! I hate them!”

“This book is filthy, inappopriate and made a guy shoot the king of hippies?!?”

'Watergate' Quotes:

“Preserve his claim of innocence.”

“Did you believe him?”

“I believed him enough.”

“High principles happily coincided with his self interest.”

“Most damning.”

“Secret criminal conversations.”

“Life and death of his Presidency.”

“How many attorney generals Nixon had gone through.”

“Nothing remotely like it has happened in all of our history.”

“Foam coming out of his mouth.”

“Some sinister force.”

“Devil theories.”

“Plotting how to testify falsely.”


“Shabby, disgusting, immoral.”

“All the allegations and there were many.”

'Bent Coopers' Quote:

“A few nickings.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Dark and difficult decisions.”

'Gunplot' Quotes:

“Not from the revolutionary generation.”

“Motivated by high principles.”

“Doomsday situation.”

“A man with many enemies.”

“A dodgy reputation.”

“A public sensation was on the way.”

“Grave threat to the state.”

“Unfair allegation made.”

“Part of something sinister.”

“Marked as being troublemakers.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Exit strategy out of the home.”

“Felt so unprotected.”

“You allowed it to happen!”

'Dublin Gazette' Quotes:

“Air hunger.”


“Currently overgrown, buried and in disrepair.”

“Brutally difficult.”

“Gilded class apart from the norm.”

“Had the good manners to die in battle from time to time.”

“Over-wrought manners.”

“Fine and noble warrior.”

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To Light The Way To Bed

Movie Reviews: Things Heard And Seen+Don't Hang Up+Rocketman+The Blair Witch Project+The Fourth Kind

Things Heard And Seen (2021)

In a house with a dark history and a marriage fractured by lies, one dark secret peels away to reveal another. Amanda Seyfeird, James Norton and F. Murray Abraham star. A husband ill-uses his wife and drags his wife off to a remote area so he can work at a small private college. There is isolation, belittling, degredation, abuse and ignoring of an obvious eating disorder. The husband's nice guy act is farcical.

There are no consequences for him, until there are. The couple have an ignored child. What year is this set? There is an old tv and the husband has very obvious flaws. There is a paucity of love. This was spurious and the hubby is toxic. There is threatening behaviour. This tries for elegance and panache. There is desperation, chicancery and hypocrisy and fluctuating tension. The hubby is not pleasantly anodyne.

There is potential misery, actual misery, a secret past and memories. Teens lurk and the wife has frailties. There is no nuanced understanding just an old book and a ring. Things head toward a reckoning. There is no small town austere simplicity. The locals are not exactly friendly. There are hostilities and retaliatory types. Local teens are extraordinarily insensitive types. Irreversible actions are taken as people take one irrevocable step after another.

The husband flirts with a slutty teen girl. He's guileful and this is dark account of deep despair. The husband has petulance. He's extremely disappointing to his wife and utterly disheartening. The wife is hapless and this was not impassioned. He's disastrous and seemingly trivial events pile up. There are grotesqueries and he fundamentally undermines his wife and has unremitting hostility for her. He's spiteful and tempestuous. There is uncertainty and petty theatrics and squabbling. He's pugnacious and has a macho culture and enmity. A maeslstrom unfolds. There are lamented flaws and the slut sluts. He's a particularly nasty flavour with ruthless ambtion.

Bellicose damaged egos cause a hopless predicament. She's profoundly conflicted and painfully aware and fatalistic. There is panic and a meltdown. This was artifical and kind of unnecessary and there is no vivid tension and this was absurd and fairly shallow. There is wonky acting and violence against women. The husband is stubbornly persistently awful. There is chaotic scrambling as he puts his own interests first and is a bad tempered tool.

This was puzzling and ill advised. Things are not of very high concern. This was insufficient and not nuanced. This was erratic. There is no unremitting pressure. This was a fragile situation. The husband knowingly misled people and he has the stench of sleaze. Someone was not telling the truth. This was very disappointing. They didn't belong in the small town. The slut caused all this. I don't get the ending. This was self-indulgent.

Best Lines:

“Full time rednecks.”

“So sad.”

“Have you prayed on any of this?”

“Put a negative spin on this house.”

“Please stop with the ghost stuff.”

“Your paranoid food deprived brain!”

“Something happened to his wife.”

“Where is the justice for the women of that house?”

“Is that your axe George?”

Don't Hang Up (2016)

Stupid prank monkey teenagers pull crap. They're awful imbeciles who swear and harass people. One day someone strikes back. There is bad acting and this was murky. Entitled white men face a twist ending. Nope.

Best Lines:

“Don't you want the attention?”


“Don't even acknowledge me!”

Rocketman (2019)

This is a dull biopic of Elton John. Nobody cares about the moral effects of his life. This attempts to generate some interest. His horrendously abusive manager makes prouncements on his future. He needs a still point in a turning world. There are meltdowns, myriad issues, fulminating and random song and dance numbers.

His parents were awful. This was stupid. He changes his name from Reg Dwight to Elton John. Mooching people lurk. Ugly fashion is worn. This was absurd. The situaiton is fraught. There is bitterness and division. There is inevitability. There is a litany of failures and cruel reality. There is a chasm between him and his vile mother. This has no great relevance.

Dexter Fletcher directed this. Elton John has the worst family in the world. There are crazy musical sequences. Elton John unwinds with undignified relish. This was not tolerably generic. This has myriad deficienices. People are deranged but not fascinatingly deranged. Elton John has neurotic needs.

This was a bitter account of his awful uncaring father who loved his do-over family more than his son. This was unintelligent and there is not an enormous amount of plot here. He encounters crises, tensions and disagreements and vicissitudes. This causes weariness and serious concerns. This was an awful thing. Elton John gets distraught and upset. This wasn't darkly entertaining. Nobody is emotionally verbose. This was grim. There are furores.

The manager has calculated and menacing coercion. There are dreadful situations. His wife is sad. Nothing forestalls trauma. Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard and Tate Donovan star in this tale of callous and cruel parents, music and lots of drugs.

Best Lines:

“Don't kill yourself with drugs.”

“Had to throw your dinner in the bin!”

“Played roadside joints for 10 years.”

“One frothy coffee, no froth.”

“Cocaine orgies.”

“Doss house.”

“Feeling resentful for things that just don't matter.”

“I'll still be collecting my 20% long after you've killed yourself.”

The Blair Witch Project (1999) Rewatch

The classic found footage of idiots encountering something sinister in a forest. The 3 lost idiots scream and are idiots.

Best Lines:

“No redneck is this creative.”

“I could help you but I'd rather stand and record.”

The Fourth Kind (2009) Rewatch

Aliens have fatal consequences because they are devious and bad aliens in this docudrama. Appalling trauma is inflicted. There are irreconcilable ruptures and inevitable consequences and tragedy. A cop rails against a shrink. There are disastrous acts and coercion, cynicism, force and threats of force ensure.

People are extremely wary and inevitabilities and tension ensue. People can't tolerate alien contact. There is no accomodation and people are unfortunate victims. Things are imposed and serious alarm and distress and vitriol are inflicted. The town of Nome is oppressive. The shirnk ends up with no credibility.

There are false narratives and the shrink is left with no credibility of a personal nature and no family. She develops an obsessive focus to the point of irrationality on the aliens. Completely mad things happen. There is ambiguity and poorly thought out dreadful mistakes. Damning verdicts are screamed. There is some hilariously bad acting in this film. People are petrified and mumble. People are tragic, traumatic and wrenched.

Thinhgs are narrativised and minds are unprepared for aliens. Weird situations unfold and relationships become lacklustre. There is a slight feeling of doom and things are interminable and perilous. The situation gets worse and then things only get more worse. There is inevitable reality and ill fated people.

The shrink faces derision and a depressing undercurrent. There is a devastating impact and no intellectual energy. Aliens are ever malevolently lurking. This could almost be a mythos tale with its sense of hopelessness. Unconvincing explanations are offered. The aliens are impenetrable and somewhat trite.

There are dark edges and startling and inventitive things happen as people have searing experiences. Unsettling things happen. Brutal facts are ignored. Milla Jovovich plays the shrink. There is a damaging situation. The aliens drastically change peoples futures. Badly misjudged decisions are made. No glory comes. This was good. The aliens do a blistering onslaught. Will Patton plays a rabid cop who has disbelief. Awful experiences are had all round.

Best Lines:

“What you believe is yours to decide.”

“4000 years before Christ walked the Earth.”

“Tell me about the owl.”

“Abduction theories.”

“Alien god legend.”

“Doesn't make sense on our level.”

“6000 years before the bible was written.”

“Run out of all the goodwill that I've got.”

“It's not an owl!”

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