April 7th, 2021

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'The Nevers' promo


'Mainstream' trailer

Social media wannabes. Mmmmm.

'Girls5Eva' trailer

A one hit wonder girlgroup from 99 get another chance at fame. They had a choice video back in the day. Ha!

Best Line:

“Tried out for the 'Housewives' like 8 times.”

'Jupiter's Legacy' trailer


'Star Trek: Lower Decks' season 2 promo


'Star Trek: Discovery' season 4 promo

They've changed the uniforms again?!?!?

'Star Trek: Picard' season 2 promo

They made more of this joyless mess? Q?!? I'm there!

'Bisto' ad

Is Trevor ever getting up? This 1984 ad is for nasty looking gravy.

'Fred There's No Bread' ad

A spar ad.

'Smiths Crisps' ad

The spuds want to be crisps in this 1984 ad.

Chocolate salami – nice.

People are reliably awful. Where is the apology? The contrition? Or any sense of shame? There is pain and loss and the bitterness of being unwanted. People won't be pleasant. People have no commiseration. I am not willing to forgive and overlook indifference and cruel behaviour and vindictiveness. People have no wrenching remorse. Some people could not have been less supportive. They had grevious indifference. People have duplicity but no uneasy conscience.

'The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward' Quote:

“Like minded lunatics.”

'SG1' Quote:

“Alternate, alternate reality?”

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Quote:

“Quantum scans.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Much dark dynamics.”

'The Day The Dinosaurs' Quotes:

“Bone bed.”

“The last that ever lived.”

“Sudden mass death event.”

“Dramatic consequences.”

“Global devastation.”

'The Genius Of Carl Faberge' Quotes:

“Fondled her chicken.”

“Cultural and iconic value.”

'Queen Elizabeth And The Spy In The Palace' Quotes:

“More sinister side to his character.”

“Very imposing lady.”

“Traditional route of boarding school.”

“Poetry loving pals.”

“Creating greatness.”

“Ideological contagion.”

“Still a recent memory.”

“Shape the rest of his life.”

“War looting.”

“Deception plan.”

“Newly defeated.”

“Family claim.”

“A fearful story.”

“World class reputation.”

“Greatest living expert.”

“Adored even.”

“Accept correction.”

“Much enjoy it.”

“This regal lady.”

“Terrible, terrible scandals.”

“Woefully incompetently.”

“They don't want the fuss.”

“Betrayal of the nation.”

“Malevolent influence.”

“Felt little loyalty.”

'The Irish times' Quotes:

“Consent to such erasure.”

“Were outraged and said so.”

“Limited local relevance.”

“Unmet demand.”

“False narative.”

“Idyllic paradise.”

“Eat from the minute we wake up to the time we go to bed.”

“Targeted and aggressive marketing about eating and snacking.”

“Stretched the small town's tolerance.”

“Were largely forgotten.”

“Increasingly desperate pleas.”

“Growing international outrage.”

“Wanted on three continents.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Awesome vastness of space.”

“Negatively impacted.”


“Horrific experience.”

'Shooting Joe Exotic' Quotes:

“Psychotic woman.”

“Developed into overt threats.”

“Paid the price of being fiercely hated.”

“Beset by drugs and dwindling opportunities.”

“Fixate on his feuds and freewheeling attacks on perceived enemies.”

“The woman he saw as his nemesis.”

“The bones they dug up.”

“Largely without supporters.”

“Sense of abandonment.”

“Cultural phenomenon.”

“Legally impossible for me to contact him.”

“She reeks deception.”

“Thrashed, very intentionally.”

“Mansoleum of Joe's dreams.”

'The Ice' Quote:

“A place found on no map, the ice never stood still long enough for one to be drawn.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Withdraw care.”

“Pretty dastardly.”

“A terrifying threat.”

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“However terrible his son's excesses, however searing their rows.”

“All his life, tried and failed to meet his father's expectations.”

“Took any leg-ups as a right. He was quickly addicted to high living and spending money, of which he never had enough.”

“Eerily, disturbingly absent.”

“Conflict of immense ferocity.”


“Avowed enemy.”

“Perpetually controversial.”

“A borderline gangster and not unhappy with that image.”

“Seemed to be constantly vexing critics and chroniclers who wished he would play a different repertorie, in a different manner, and with, as they saw it, a purer view of his responsibilities.”

“Slipped out of cultural memory.”

“Aggrieved sense of entitlement.”

“Became the focus of particular dislike.”

“Drew the attentions of a long line of bullies.”

“Actively hostile.”

10 Creative Hobbies All 80s Kids Will Remember

To Light The Way To Bed

Book Reviews: The Apparition Phase + The Witches Of Echo Park 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean

In 1970s Britian, twins Tim and Abi are obsessed with the macabre and unexplained. They decide to enliven their safe and boring childhood and upset the relentless good taste of their parents by faking a ghost photo. This act unwittingly sets in motion a chain of deadly and terrifying events.

This was a good, bleak tale of lingering resentment, disturbing notions and ever graver and shocking events. There is no melancholy nostalgic air just colluders, indignant types, really bad cirumstances and tense encounters. There are fear responses, a lack of reasonableness and nefarious actions that exacerbates existing tensions. This was excellent and ruminative and it has dire implications.

The consequent results and particular locations and a damning prophecy raise troubling possibilities. Things can be unresolved. Things can go disastrously awry due to unpropitious cirumstances and grim history and mortal pain. People can be beguiled by those who are entirely dubious.

Best Lines:

“Rots under his terrible attention.”

“Unasked-for recollection.”

“Are you still living together?”

“Well, of course we are. Where would she go?”

“Toxic dreams.”

“Horrible little tenants.”

“Change the course of all our lives.”

“He would not be interested.”

“Paranormal manifestation.”

“Appears objectively foreboding in aspect, and ideally should be of considerable age.”

“Sad, squalid fate.”

“The many important things in my life he would never know anything about.”

“Lost to history, never talked of again.”

“Perhaps not as ominious-looking.”

“Malign possibility.”

“The small and terrible coincidence.”

“Something cruel and callous.”

“Delighted in misery.”

“Invite madness.”

“Pain and distress are joyful to it.”

“That word could silence a room.”


“Incomprehensible sigil,”

“A slow descent, a narrowing of horizons and potential, mixed chances and bad luck, funelling downwards, always downwards,”

“Dad said that wine was something that only old ladies and Spaniards drank, and refused to have it in the house.”

The Witches Of Echo Park: An Echo Park Coven Novel by Amber Benson

This tale of idiot losers who fancy themselves witches has a contrived narrative structure. There is abuse, evil and untruth. The plot and purpose was vague. One feels incredulity at how bad this is. This was not compulsvie storytelling. This was quite unremarkable. This squnaders any interest. This was a wanton and purposeless nonevent.

Best Lines:

“Be the last to stand when all the others had fallen.”

“Portent-beating dreams.”

“Servant in her own home.”

“One had to be vigilant in this house.”

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Battlestar Galactica 1x09&1x10 + Riverdale 5x10 Reviewed 👎👎👎

Gun On Ice Planet Zero

Roy Thinnes and Britt Ekland slum it in this ep. Baltar is back despite last been seen under a pile of falling bricks and left behind on a dead world. There is bad acting and a watch from the 1970s. Convicts can't be trusted. The Cylon's BFG blows up various ships of the rag tag fugitive fleet. End damnit!

Best Lines:

“The Galactica is the hunted.”

“Last colonial battlestar.”

The Magnificent Warriors

An agro-ship needs seed. Why does the rag tag fugitive fleet keep running across human outposts? Why do they keep flying off and leave human outposts to the mercy of the Cylons? Adama deals with a mouthy woman. Where did Adama get flowers? Why is Apollo caked in fake tan? Some old hag woman vamps like an aged Joan Crawford at Adama. It is icky to watch. There is ill mannered behaviour and the hag is not looked upon as the best of people. Boxey comes along on the mission, again. FFS. Monsters attack. This was crap and full of pointlessly cruel morons.

Best Line:

“Lady types.”

Chapter Eighty-Six The Pincushion Man

An explosive event triggers chaos across Riverdale. This was not reasonably logical just mostly ridiculous world class tedium. Jughead gets a kiss. Betty bitches at her FBI man and could some of the bodies be from Betty's dad? This was not something profound. Reggie makes protestations of loyalty to Hiram.

Kevin's an ass. Veronica acts like a jerk to Chad and is not as smart as she thinks she is. Who is Minerva? Cheryl wears a cooter exposing coat. Cheryl's grandmother babbles about a curse. This was not meticuously crafted or incisively observational. Reggie and Hiram and are simultaneoulsy vulgar and pretentious. Betty cheated on FBI guy with Archie and she lacks the grateful repsonse gene.

Hiram wants Cheryl's groves. There are acrimonious disputes and combative discussions. Archie is to get a medal. Jughead has writers block. Toni's unseen and on bedrest. Veronica's jewellery shop is open. Chad knows about Veronica shagging Archie. There is moral righteousness and Reggie's gross.

Hiram and Reggie are nefarious. Jughead does maple mushrooms and there are escalations of problems and no resolution at the end. Polly's twins are violent nutjobs. Why do Veronica and Cheryl dress and act like slutty teenagers? Jughead makes bad choices. Betty's FBI guy wrote a dissertation on the Cooper family serial killer gene.

There is a legal confrontation. This was not substantive. Who is Archie's uncle? There is no dramatic point of tension. This was resoundingly dumb. Why is Veronica so hostile to Chad? She choose him! This is a detriment. Jughead trips and this ep has no rich seams. Jughead looks fat and greasy. This was medicore at best. There are errors of judgment. Veronica disregards Chad and they are persistently divided. There is a prison break. There is oversimplification. Reggie burns Cheryl's goves in a spate of bad VFX.

This was arbitary. Hiram is the perpetual bogeyman. There is no outcry over the prison break. There is no Covid. Charles and Chic break out of jail. Since when was Charles in jail? There are predetermined jugments and this was unsound. Hiram is incredibly offensive and egotistical. There is a bad fight scene. This was superficial and there are divisions and no common purpose.

Viewers are weary and frustrated at these insular idiots. There is no integrity. Archie waves a machete. Hiram Lodge had his own private prison? Alice is a minister of the universal life church? Inmates attack like zombies in this lacklustre ep. The Coopers are bedevilled. The twins are 9? This will invariably end badly. This was not eerily strange. There are extraordinary cirumstances and death and Jughead gets shirtless.

Deeply traumatic things happen as part of Hiram's malicious plot. One genuinely couldn't give a hoot. Tabitha barely has anything to do. Jughead is dead eyed and doomed. The mothmen come for Jughead and Cheryl's mother breaks out of jail. There is frustration and dismay. The Blossoms causally chat about human sacrifice and seem to be devil worshipping witches because of course they are. Minerva legs it. Chad's terrible and won't divorce his wife. Chad is problematic. Veronica is not supportive or warm.

Archie is brave and defiant. Archie harbours a fugitive. Was Jughead abducted? Veronica stays in NY. This was not brilliantly astute. Things are dark and miserbale. Nobody lives authentically. There is blood and a mention of Derry. Betty goes vigilante. There are fatal consequences to brutality. This was frankly bonkers and there is weary accpetance of all this. People are negatively affected by the farcical events that infuriate viewers.

Best Lines:

“No Jugheads allowed.”

“One of many?”

“More toxic than nuclear waste.”

“Our maple trees have always provided.”

“You aren't meant to be happy. The curse won't allow it.”

“Bring about Riverdale's ruination.”

“Screw you Stephen King.”

“Terrible break up.”

“By ingesting magic fungi?”

“Buy a solider's loyalty with a medal.”

“Disrespect the sacrifice.”

“Something's brewing.”

“No time to give chase.”

“Totally devoid of meaning.”

“Declared legally senile half a decade ago.”

“Getting paid to trash the town.”

“Open, hostile territory.”

“We're lost causes.”

“Gone in the dark.”

“Don't be such a Betty.”

“Nightmare child.”

“Pray for wind to divert the fire.”

“Won't reopen for weeks if ever.”

“So helpfully reminded me.”

“Sacrifice the interloper.”


Future State: Teen Titans Issue 1 + Power Rangers Issues 3&5 + Dceased Dead Planet Issue 7 Reviewed

Future State: Teen Titans Issue 1

Why is Dick estranged from the Teen Titans? This is kinda incoherent. WTF is Red X? This is the destiny of the DC universe? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“A Robin who outgrew the tights.”

“I do miss those.”

“Meet me the flight simulator aftyer lights out......and bring the mask.”

“Reckless is what got me out of Gotham in one piece before The Fall.”

Power Rangers Issue 3

Jason and his gang fight space vampires in zero g. Drakkon plots. This was mmmm. This was frankly bewildeirng. Jason and co castigate Drakkon. One is rigid with distaste for Jason who views himself with unheralded devotion.

Best Lines:

Must be others out in the vastness of space.”

“Gonna have our souls drained out like soft serve!”

“They certainly weren't going to try and save me.”

Power Rangers Issue 5

Astronema, Princess Of evil shows up as do the SPD. Zordon has placed a bounty on the liar Jason and his gang. No.

Best Lines:

“Follow the bloodstains on the floor......they're from the last fellow I sent over.”

“There's always someone out there waiting to prey upon you.”

“You destroyed the Rangers, killed Zordon and Rita, took over an entire planet and yet you still tried to conquer...everything.”

“Have a hard time belieivng you're on the side of the righteous.”

“The Tommy I knew went through exactly what you did and he didn't turn into a bloodthirsty maniac.”


“Knife-wielding psychopath?!?”

“Oh, they really are Power Rangers.”

“Never seen those kind before though. Are they new?”

“And shouldn't there be more?”

“Cast long shadows of pain and chaos.”

“Anybody can become the monster in someone else's story.”

Dceased Dead Planet Issue 7

There is seemingly nothing left to fight for. An army of Amazos attack. Isn't Superman eating the sun? Has everyone forgotten that? The anti-living are cured. Jonathan Kent gets to live. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“You are supposed to walk forever in limbo.”

“It takes a hero to say no to people in power when they're wrong.”

“You must be a Robin.”

“Do you have any idea of the eternity of torment waiting for you in hell?”

“I have some inkling, yeah.”

“The demons you've angered. The pain you will endure, the never-ending nightmare that will---”

“Oh, shut up.”

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Movie Reviews: Coded Bias + The Michelangelo Code

Coded Bias (2020)

This documentary about algorithms is a tale of disregard and unnecessary cynicism. People are unsparing and there is deep unease at maths and corrupt practices. Anger is whipped up by maddening types in this irretrievably shallow types. This was all superficiality and frivolous. AI is sexist and racist. There are public and bitter rifts with big tech.

There are mroal and ethical worries and '1984' is read from. There are vague comments and people rejecting assertions and teachers whining about being fired. Elitist mindsets are sneered at. Injustices are declared Big tech has blatant disregard.

Best Lines:

“Big Brother watch.”

“Viscerally horrible.”

“Decide what we deserve.”

“Ranting about Hitler.”

“Drew false conclusions.”

“Expect to be discredited.”

The Michelangelo Code (2008)

This looks like a bad youtube video. The maker rants about Waco and the Sistine Chapel and various other things. It's like listening to a lunatic rant on the street. This was crazed incoherent rambling.

Best Lines:

“The lamenting prophet.”

“Prophet age.”

“For a pope he was uniquely battle hungry.”

“Calamitious set of events.”

“4 popes later.”

“Locked up in a mental home.”

"Unstoppable conclusion."

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