April 5th, 2021

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Movie Reviews: Curve + Collective 👎👎

Curve (2015)

Julianna Hough and Teddy Sears of 'The Flash' star in this Blumhouse 'horror'. This is a ponderous metaphor that moves at the speed of a spavined snail. There is an acrimonious confrontation in this horribly medicore film. This was not significantly original. This was all palaver and it was not outright impressive.

The 'heroine' does baby talking and is tediously inane as some strange man does an insidious rampage. This was a mildly absurd tale of nefarious purposes. This was completely and utterly dreadful. This was not raw or moving or thrillingly unsettling. This was codology and clearly not of great importance. The heroine's banal life of inertia is interrupted. There is no sombre background of doom. This was inconsequential.

The 'heroine' wears hot pants in a corrupt kip. This was not a convincing chronicle. This was largely dismal and wholly useless and full of familiar dramatic tropes. I don't care about her private anguish. This was mediocre and witless and it was all incompetence. He takes his shirt off. They're in an isolated area. This was bland nothings. This was unseemly and he's a menace. This was not chilling, blunt or brutal.

A plot is afoot. There is a car wreck and this was deteriorating and frustrating. The irresponsible bimbo and some unhinged man bore. This was not distressing. This was not ineffably sad and there is no empathy. This was a sordid tale and it was chaotic and there is no dread and despair. The 'heroine' was stuck in her car. The man is an absolute nutjob. This was nonsense and there is no surge in tension. There was bad acting and ongoing aggression.

Best Line:

“Too slutty for a second date?”

Collective (2019)

A documentary about the aftermath of a nightclub fire in Romania. No.

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Line Of Duty 6x03 + DS9 6x04 Reviewed

Line Of Duty 6x03

Jo is obviously dodgy and yet Kate finds her lies throughly convincing. Kate is a moron whose ditched her husband and child to go on her bleak path. Poor Terry is bothered by Jo's harshness and dismissive attiude. Ryan is the least edifying – he's dangerous and toxic. He givens into his worst impulses and darker instincts but is not as smart as he thinks he is. Terry has anguished reactions. Why is Jo allowed to harass Terry?

This was wholly unsuccessful and Kelly McDonald is as wooden as a log. Ryan kills a coworker. Kate is erratic and delusional. Will she piss off? Steve recognises Ryan. Kate and Steve wonder about how Ryan got through vetting. Ryan hasn't been arrested since series 1? Why is Ryan in with an OCG if he's from a middle class family and has en education?

Hastings worries about Steve and his on-going infernal meddling. Gail had footage never broadcast. Hastings brings up H and old battles. Will Steve stop stalking a widow? Did Hastings arrange retribution for Steve's infernal meddling? Farida is beat up in prison like Denton was in series 2.

Jo Davidson is smug and bitchy. Steve shags the widow. Steve whines and commits B&E. Will Steve stop being an annoying scrote? Steve finds money hidden in the widow's attic. A freezer contains a blood depoist from the bimbo Jackie from series 1. Steve's called for a drugs test. A man is arrested. Jo smugs. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“Approved premises.”

“Suspect transit.”

“Total bastard bollocks.”

“Body parts hidden in Terry Boyle's fridge for what 7 years?”

Behind The Lines

Sisko plans an attack and Odo whines. Yawn.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Curve' promo

An Armie Hammer lookalike attacks. Too soon?

'Mare Of Easttown' promo


'Coded Bias' promo

Shut up libtards.

'Loki' trailer


Boite de oeuf au chocolate – yum.

Toffee yougurt – okay.

I'll finally review 'Colony' season 3.

Listened to more of 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward': episodes 4 to 7: creepy.

Best Line:
"My narration does not imply belief."

People you thought were true lifelong friends – aren't. Recent events have been extremely upsetting. People are indifferent and devoid of shame. People are disloyal and there is enforced isolation. I feel completely alone. People deliberately chose to be jerks. Woe betide them! Some people have had an extraordinary absence. There was a time of horrible uncertainty. One is morally repulsed. I was cruelly mistreated by my ex. When it comes down to it – people who you thought would give you full and unwavering support – didn't. That is galling.

I hate jobsworths!

I'd try a sour cherry & yoghurt compote. I'd try white chocolate & orange tartlets and I'd try lime pie.

I want a Michael Kors dress.

'A Wilderness Of Error' Quotes:

“Lost his family in horrible cirumstances.”

“Hate him with a passion.”

“Why nobody went after these hippies.”

“A bunch of hippies had done all this.”

“Band debris.”

“A blow is struck and then another one and then it got out of hand.”

“Things weren't being said right.”

“Mortally hate him.”

'Girls' Quote:

“Birdy birds!”

'The Cable Guy' Quotes:

“Twin envy.”

“Twin stress syndrome.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Excruciating dial-up.”

“Vocal aversion.”

“Didn't relate to us at all.”

“Create legacy.”

“Funded our lives.”

“Seconds most complained about TV moment of the decade:”

“Forged by tragedies.”

“Extremes of success and ruin.”

“Done serious work for serious people.”

“Consequential moment.”

“My sense of not being understood or fitting in.”

“A place where its inadvisable to be.”

“Headed to the sketchiest part of town and looked for a gas station or liquor store that served as a congreating spot for homeless addicts.”

“Infamous unofficial rogue's line-up.”

“WHO was declaring a worldwide pandemic.”

“Got very serious, very quickly.”

“Reminded me of the first wave of Lean Cuisine (not a compliment),”

“Like something from a seventies commune;”

“Park drops.”

“Don't say anything very edifying about the 2010s.”

“Two heritage luxury brands.”

“Innate ability to create hype.”

“Uncompromising commitment.”

“Attracting the types who have unfortunate personality traits like sociopathy,”

“Define myself by something I wasn't doing.”

“Public shame reaction.”

“Knew a serious amount about owls.”

“Powerful eroticism of Meatloaf's musical portfolio.”

“No relevance to your old life.”

“Nobody is trusted.”

“Which was horrible, obviously.”

“The cirumstances hardened you and made you determined.”

“Unpleasantly long.”

“Remembered everything in grim detail.”

“Infamous confrontation.”

“Something really, really bad.”

“Medical siege.”

“Speculates fascinatingly.”

“Language of distress.”

“Persons of the First Distinction,”

“Held in very low regard.”

“Gloriously implausible.”

“Only character in the book who seems to have been a vaguely decent person.”

“A happy ending, then? Not a bit of it.”

“Entitled, arrogant, spoilt and stupid.”

“Steadfast resilience.”

“Ungallant spouse.”

“Remarkably miserable.”

“Spent much of the book wishing them the worst, and am glad to report that I closed it throughly satisfied.”

“Terrifying moments.”

“Closer to reality than anyone likes to suppose.”

“Belatedly saw what he had started.”

“Cool rationalist.”

“Had as much control of events as they wished to suppose.”

“Unashamedly worshipful.”

“Book-length studies of people who are clearly not of great importance themselves.”

“Lofty disdain for ordianry people.”

“Minimally educated, relentlessly blue-collar.”

“More of an enigma, and perhaps meant to be so:”

“Violent street disturbances.”

“No one is listening anymore.”

“The anger is palpable,”

“Mesoplagic fish.”

“Man's aversion to paying tax.”

“Seeing a maxium reckoning.”

“The revelations in the documentary were damning enough,”

“Hugely popular with viewers.”

“Media furore.”

“Vanity and delusion.”

“Under orders to film him from favourable angles.”

“Increasingly hostile crowd.”

“Grew wise to this tactic.”

“For others, nobody was coming.”

“Only link to relatives in America willing to recieve them.”

“Worse than non-existent social skills.”

“Profound pivot point.”

“Ideological nonsense.”

“Their sort does not queue.”

“Devastating impact.”

“Words held an element of malice.”

“Disdainful review.”

“Cold stare.”

“To feel unable to cope was just not tolerated.”

“Of course, people want answers. But what if they prove to be the replies that you didn't want to hear?”

“Social challenges.”

“Manufactured theatrics.”

“It was all about them and that's been their narrative all along,”

“Am-dram mock incredulity.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Totemic significance.”

“Base unit of society.”

“Vested interest in welcoming them into our home.”

“Ridiculously grandiose terms, like warriors going to battle towards some kind of righteous moral destiny.”

“Every crazed thought.”

“Outrageously intense.”

“Like being at the back door of a brothel during a raid.”

“Did not utter a word of dissent.”

“Evokes the pain.”

“Publicly disgraced.”

“Salvage some authenticity and credibility.”

“Ferociously real.”

“Rigid structures.”

“Historical significance.”

“Love in a hopeless place.”

“More dreary than daring.”


“Impossible longing.”

“Confront unspeakable occurences.”

“Do his murderous bidding.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Dead generations.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:



“Wonderously opaque.”

“Repeatedly in recent times.”

“Thinking and critical capacities altered.”

“International concern.”

“First time the religious service has been celebrated at this particular site in living memory.”

“Ethical quandaries.”

“Another bad calculation.”

“Getting tangled up in messes.”

“Left incriminating evidence in rental cars.”

“Scummy subculture.”

“Non-stop depravity.”

“Complaints about jam jars being stolen.”

'Business Post Food & Wine' Quotes:

“A few dozen personalities dominate the communication channels of an entire sector.”

“Subjective moral justification?”

“Every house will have an asador.”

“As opposed to what is sometimes speculated.”

“Where this style of cooking is held in high regard.”

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