March 25th, 2021


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'Line Of Duty' 6x02 promo

Kate's a bad un.

'Them' trailer

Oh come on.

'Riverdale' 5x10 promo

Oh come on.

Birch water – WTF?

My ex threw away all the plans we had for the future. I have an experience of disillusionment. My ex ignores me. Belated concern is not enough. If my ex had cared at all, he wouldn't be my ex.

I'll be reviewing season 2 of 'Batwoman'.

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“Cultural memory.”

“Egalitarian aural community.”

“Cruel and brutal.”

“Unfairly forgotten.”

“One can learn even more about a nation by what it chooses to forget.”

“Claims to immortality.”

“Epoch-making moment.”

“Important accurrences.”

“Baneful proverb.”

“Alluringly mysterious.”

“Critique an epoch and value system which through its plot, characters and drama it ultimately endorses.”

“A vanished world.”

“The further she was away from her mother, the better she felt.”

“Atmosphere at home did not encourage enquiries.”

“Gratification that might ensue.”

“Victimhood rankings.”

“Sole remaining option.”

“Freighted with insult.”

“A lot better than what followed.”

“Lonely, angry women.”

“Saw and resented.”

“Unquestioning and obedient servants we were destined to become."

“The chance for future love and marriage that for them would never come again.”

“Designed to prevent opportunities for us to deviate from our destines.”

“Extra savagery.”

“Refinement of cruelty.”


“Perpetually cold.”


“Quietly scathing.”

“Moving reminiscence.”

“Tediously personal.”

“Feel apologetic for being alive.”

“Enforced silence.”

“Discourage friendship and alliances.”

“The beginning actress's habit of investing even the most causal lies with a good deal (of) dramatic emphasis.”

“Studied aloofness.”

“Dispense advice or muster sympathy.”

“Haughty worst.”

“Broader implications of this regard.”

“Consequences so unequivocal.”

“Numerous confrontations.”

“Pattern of disregard.”

“Implications of this absence.”

“Not deemed worthy of record.”

“Fascinate a large number of enthusiasts.”

“Greatly disliked.”

“That great connoisseur of British class consciousness,”

“Gone to great lengths to gain acceptance.”

“Fascist scourge.”

“Give sense to his life.”

“Drunken paranoiac.”

“Unfixed boundary.”

“Entire life can turn out to have been based on a falsehood.”

“Lies, absence and manipulation.”

“Malevolent influence.”

“Dedicated their lives to.”

“Refusal to repudiate their faith.”

“Earnest bore.”

“Mythologize their exploits and create the illusion of omnipresence.”

“Impeccably loyal.”

“Commendable concern.”

“Prevalent disappearance.”

“What founding myths look like from other perspectives.”

“Local louts come round threatening.”

“Ruinous living.”

“Intellect devourers.”

“Thought eaters.”

“Foul sorcerers.”

“Controverial figure throughout his life.”

“Social critic,”

“Stirred up trouble wherever he appeared,”

“Food justice.”

“Three or four generations into a food system that's killing us.”

“The standing presumption that she was a woman of bad character.”

'The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' Quotes:

“Laughingly known as his country estate.”

“My name's Hump by the way.”

“Oh bad luck.”

“Try not to think too unkindly of me.”

“Didn't get where I am today without getting letters from cranks.”

“Gentle bovine friends.”

“There's a maniac.”

“Defiant gesture to a hostile world.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Specialised transfer teams.”

“Journey of care.”

“Appetite to consume more.”

“Don't think its happened in recent history.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Damning images.”

“Publicly shamed.”

“Suit every taste and appetite.”

“History making.”

“Hyper-exclusive and elitist.”



“Cultural supremacism.”

“Conquest over a historic wrong.”

“Moral outrage.”

“Asset profilers.”

“Agony of people's expectations.”

“Raised expectations and disappointed expectations.”

“Exclusion orders.”

'The Surrogates' Quotes:

“Demand for fertile women.”

“Emotional sacrifices.”

“Surrogacy event.”

On 'Hollyoaks': George continues his unsubtle coercion and manipulation. JP is petulant. George is crumudgeonly and this was hackery. George is deliberately misleading. Masks are barely worn. JP calls Nancy his best friend. WTF? George is volatile, given to long, arduous deceptions. George fault finds. One loathes JP and has no sympathy for him.

Who is the new baddie? Why does George never do any work? Why is JP orange? George's face is rumpled with distain. George is jealous of a teenager. He puts on a facade of embattled patience. Why are Scott and Marnie gossiping with the exploitative George and his carless hair? Leah shows up with a massive hair blanket. Where is Lucas?

Where are Sienna and Warren's twins? JP has limited social horizons and his worst situations with George are darkly comical as James Sutton's acting is so bad. Charlie slurs through his braces. JP's relationships are characterized by disappointment, regret and self-sabotage.

Warren is beardy and street drinking and petulant. Sienna is a teacher? How? JP's foutid spirit of self-congratulation is punctured when Nancy tells him to do one. Since when was Leah a dancer? Where's Matthew when JP knocks back Ribena pretending it is red wine. That 'wine' looks like UTI pee. JP faces his lowest ebb. How did George get his school liasion job back seeing as he wilfully ignored the county lines gang?

Sienna plots. George gets JP drunk and upends his life. The story not told, a story not heard. George gloats as he films JP drunkly ranting and spewing spit. JP is drunk and screaming and so George punches him out with a 'punch' that misses by a mile. Callum Kerr is too good an actor for this show. Why is Richard Blackwood on this show?

Will JP lose his standing in the community? Does he have any to begin with? This fails to elave an impact.

Best Lines:

“Ungrateful, santimonious.”

“Screaming at you in public.”

“First you steal from my dead fiance!”

“Nuture me! Please!”

“Mandy's daughter murdered that drug dealer.”

“Double shot, extra hot, extra frothy.”

“Out there having proper fun.”

“Oooh robbing cars and getting drunk.”

“I find out everything.”

“You said you'd never do that again.”

“You made me. You always make me.”

Kylo Ren

Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) 1x01 + Riverdale 5x09 Reviewed

Saga Of A Star World

Overshadowed by its shrewd 2003 reboot, this is a total 'Star Wars' ripoff even the opening credits are a rip off. Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Green, Jane Seymour and John Colicos star. This has a very memorable theme tune.

The 12 colonies of man celebrate peace with the Cylons. Starbuck smokes. Apollo and his brother go out on patrol. The decor and clothes are so 70s. The acting and dialogue is so arch. The 12 colonies celebrate an armstice with the Cylons.

The arch traitor Baltar plots. Are the Cylons supposed to be the USSR? The Cylons do not want peace and Apollo has to leave his brother behind to die so he can warn the fleet. Adama and his XO brood. The Cylons attack the 12 Colonies.

Who is the Cylon leader? Boxey and other irritating survivors are taken to a rag tag fleet to flee the system. 220 ships form the fleet that looks for a last outpost of humanity. They seek the 13th Colony: Earth. This was okay if dated. Ed Begley, Jr and Rick Springfield feature. The voice of the Cylon leader isn't credited but is easily recognised.

Best Lines:

“Brothers of man.”

“Raise my chalice.”

“My word as a warrior.”

“Video satellite signals.”

“7th millennium of time.”

“Mother civilization.”

“A sister world far out in the universe remembered to us only through ancient writings.”

“Deep star exploration.”

“Light speed for home.”

“We haven't had water in 2 days!”

“Jettionised with the dead.”

“What awaits us out there.”

“We're the only surviving Battlestar.”

“They hate us with every fibre of their existence.”

“Alien way of existing.”

“There isn't go to be any peace.”

“How many people did we leave behind for lack of ships?”

“I have led the entire human race to ruin.”

“By your command.”

“Unknown dark and sinister threat.”

“Trusted us to protect them.”

“1st peace man has known in a thousand years.”

Chapter Eighty-Five: “Destroyer”

Kevin is hugely aggravating. Cheryl needs a kicking. Betty and Jughead and Archie and Veronica engage in boring and plainly bizarre antics. Nobody has any kind of future. Things are unlikely to have a positive outcome.

Kevin conceals difficulties and blames his mother for his crap. This was neither strange nor marvellous. Cheryl makes a holy show of herself and isn't a joke. Betty lies and her FBI ex shows up to put her in her place. This under-delivered. What a miserable existence this lot have. This was a deeply divisive time. This was horrendous and insufficient. People were angry, bitter and juvenile and disrespectful and intractable.

To Light The Way To Bed

Movie Reviews: The Hangover Games + To Kill A King + Virtual Nightmare

The Hangover Games (2014)

This unfunny parody of 'The Hangover' franchise and 'The Hunger Games' franchise is impressive, recurring incompetence. This was medicore fare. This was made by untalented troglodytes. This was not rollicking or fun filled or captivating. There is an improbable quest for glory and this was not of serious bent. People are in disgrace and a motley crew run around being dumb.

This was a misdemeanour and disastrous and it had no wild acclaim. This was less than mundane. There are many many dated references. This was not significant. This was crap and obvious and blatant. There is forseeability of every gag. This was sexist and immoral and there is no reasoning. This was ludicrous absurdities.

Tara Reid, Jamie Kennedy, Bruce Jenner, Brandi Glanville and Robert Wagner feature. This was irrational, incoherent and horrendous.

Best Lines:

“I can hardly hear myself drink.”

“Two thing I know: it's hangovers and murder.”

“Trashy bitches.”

“Looks like a Lady Gaga family reunion.”

“Sex weapons.”

“Let the killing begin!”

“That's dumb.”


“Sting you man. A lot.”

To Kill A King (2003)

Dougray Scott and Tim Roth and Rupert Everett star in this film about the aftermath of the UK civil war. Cromwell (Roth) and Fairfax (Scott) (and Fairfax's useless bint wife Anne) feud over the fate of the ghastly Charles I (Everett). The ex-king won't accept his overthrow and tantrums. Annie is a useless whiny crying bitch. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The nation you claim is yours lies shattered.”

“Strike some Judas deal.”

“Man who loves you less well than I.”

“We were never to meet again.”

“Traitor wife.”

“Pretended judges.”

“Rotten beyond repair.”

“Buy back the crown.”

“Half of the nation already hates us.”

“Avenge his ill-treatment.”

“No man tells a king his limits.”

Virtual Nightmare (2000)

This is a dumb tv movie knockoff of 'The Matrix'.

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