March 22nd, 2021


Line Of Duty 6x01 Reviewed 👎

Kate has left AC12 and is now investigating a dead reporter. A massive arrest convoy is diverted. Steve wants out of AC12 and he has a beard and a pill guzzling issue. Hasting's reputation is in the toilet after series 5. DCI Joanna Davidson is under suspicion. The learning disabled Terry has been exploited and used for years by an OCG, not that anyone noticed or cared.

Is the new AC12 cooper Chloe the daughter of Gates from series 1? Joanna obsesses over Terry's infamous fridge. Kate's cold and bitchy. Hastings broods. Joanna has a deranged ex who informed on her. The acting is bad and this was boring. Joanna has Fort Knox levels of security in her flat. What is a covert human intelligence source?

Best Lines:

“Suspect answered nice lady.”

“Clean. Extremely clean.”

“You'd do well to spot a pipe band in there.”

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Movie Reviews: Here Comes Hell + Dorian Gray + The Pregnancy Pact + 20 Million Miles To Earth 👎

Here Comes Hell (2019)

This throwback to the past is full of cliches. This has no deeper purpose and was sluggish. Nobody manifests loyalty. This was in black and white and full of bad acting. Unwelcome guests are in each others lives. They build their whole lifestyle around the house. This was a poor experience.

There is a sense of hopelessness and goofball windbags and this was outmoded and full of gaffes. The characters are cocky bratty types with collective smirks. This was lacklustre and causes irritation. The VFX is rubbish and deeply disappointing and incomprehensible. There was thuggery and disorder. There are no significant consequences and events have a habit of confounding.

Best Lines:

“Interesting how?”

“A few winters back.”

“Dumb as dirt.”

Dorian Gray (2009) Rewatch

There is destructive devotion and persistent and ongoing non-compliance. Ben Barnes and Colin Firth and Ben Chaplin star in this tale. Country oik Dorian becomes evil via an active campaign. He seeks division and Firth wears stick on beards. This is a lose lose scenario for people as Dorian's threat level rises. There is frustration and angst and no moral or ethical obligations. This drags then things get a lot worse very quickly. This was not serious or complex and it ends in scenes of violence and condemnation. The Basil and Dorian make out scene is something that never leaves you.

Best Lines:

“Spirit worker.”

“No right to melancholy.”

“Poor Basil.”

“Everything that you were too afraid to be.”

Basil and Dorian. | El retrato de dorian gray, Dorian gray, Retratoshowls like a beast, you flower, you feast

The Pregnancy Pact (2010)

A school has a lot of teen pregnancies. What happened to Thora Birch's career? And her voice? This was bad. Nancy Travis was in this dreadful business.

20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)

One can't enjoy this on any level.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Batwoman' 2x09 promo


'Four Good Days' trailer


What's an eco beach?

I'd try chermoula and pickled red onion. I'd try semolina cake, apple and mint tea and pistachio, orange and cardamon shortbread cookies.

I want a Balloon bleude cartier watch in rose gold and a Calatava pilot travel time 5524R watch in rose gold by patek philippe and an Oyster perpetual submariner date watch in oystersteel and yellow gold.

There are sad, dark moments. People have callous disregard and a repeated pattern of concerning behaviour. I'm not accepting it without challenge. My future looks different because of others choices. Things are an emotionally charged chasm. I've made emotional pleas. Any remaining bond could be severed. People are conspicuously absent and people have an over-fondness for being jerks. Platitudinous oiks. I have simmering personal tension. I feel largely ignored and people have a lack of accountability and a sense of impunity. People need to simply be grateful.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Mumbled moronic stuff.”

“Which even then in television terms was not much.”

“The countdown was a big thing when the music charts meant something. They don't mean anything now.”

“If you spoke to them but you weren't talking about them, their eyes glazed over.”

“Interesting cultural phenomenon.”

“Frumpy countryside B&B.”

“In Wetherspoon's loo territory.”

“Unapologetic flamboyance.”

“Street-style edge.”

“No one is born to hate anyone-”

“Revenge spending.”

“Seem resistent to understanding who he is.”

“It wouldn't be as good as you imagined. It never is.”

“Values tradition.”

“Monarchy HQ.”

“Doing a middle-class role, hanging out with ordinary people.”

“Expectations in the media.”

“Visceral determination.”

“Fury and frustration.”

“These are not the best of times.”

“Damning charge.”

“Restrained fury.”

“Completely reliant.”

“Searched for something familiar.”


“There would be no going back.”

“There were only a handful of people in the world who had even tried.”

“Deteriorate emotionally.”


“Nuisance payment.”

“Feral ferocity.”

“Massive sociological shifts.”

“Knowingly artifiical.”


“Out being naughty.”

“Untouched since the 1950s.”

“Accomplish wonders.”

“Pop-Wagnerian ponderousness.”

“Forensic fascination.”

“Bathe in your fear.”

“Hint of derangement.”

“Hobbies include standing on wave-smashed piers watching the water droplets atomise in slo-mo, while Nick Cave sings of kings and lost kingdoms.”


“Unfailingly amused.”

“Discern profound insights.”

“Seems averse to delivering dramatic suprises. Very little happens in any one episode:"

“Disclosures and conflicts do occur but not very often, and rarely without weeks of forewarning.”

“Strange and tedious.”

“Delivering medicore to dreadful.”

“Quickly disappeared from the public consciousness.”

“Unsated need to create.”

“Increasingly obsessive nostalgia.”

“Tireless policing of his own reputation.”

“Grand-canvas social novels that made readers feel educated and edified and affirmed in their political beliefs.”

“Grim truthfulness.”

“Odious partner.”

“Serious historical proposition.”

“Imprimatur of respectability.”

“The sinister abounds.”

“Life half-hidden in the shadows of history.”

“Echoes of seasons past.”

“Recalling event sin wildly different ways.”

“Not everyone comes of it well.”

“Well-earned reputation.”

“Bitter conflict in a trivial support.”

“Moral instruction.”


“Persistent and ongoing non-compliance.”

“Less trusting of society.”

“Giggle at what we once took seriously.”


“Moral purge.”

“Madly eccentric and improbable.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Reveres his name.”

“Haunted by the devastating reason that they are not allowed beyond the school limits, but also constrained by the biological purposes for which they have been created.”

“Tragic inevitability.”

“Options in life are limited.”

“Went into decay.”

“Lies beyond the reach of human disruption.”


“Bleak outlook.”

“Wants him gone for good.”

“The price they paid for it.”

“Permanently bewildered.”

“Ideology has become a trap.”

'My Father And Me' Quotes:

“Anti school attiude.”

“Breakdown of human intellect.”

“A world that has long since vanished.”

“Feels his disappointment.”

'Murder In Slow Motion' Quotes:

“Long and deserved prison sentence.”

“Wasn't victim focused enough.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Intrinsic moral evil.”

“Perhaps inevitable he should find himself in this situation.”

“Rigid dogma.”

“Television images showed huge pyres of carcasses burning,”

“Already-seeded virus.”

“Eerie silence.”

“Leadership during a dark hour.”

“Never had a seat at the cool kids table.”

“Look of infinite patience, tolerance and condescension.”

“Last candidate standing.”

“Public imperative.”

“Baffling and concerning decision.”

“Yet to ignite popular enthusiasm.”

“Felt that his reputation as an officer and a gentleman was in ruins.”

“Global and personal circumstances changed.”

“Moral victory.”

'The Missing' Quotes:

“Lack of answers.”

“I can't go nowhere.”

Vibes (1988) on RCA/Columbia Pictures (United Kingdom Betamax, VHS  videotape)

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