March 21st, 2021


Book Review: Celebrity

Celebrity by Thomas Thompson

This early 1980s doorstepper of a novel is a boring and wildly offensive tale of social history and 3 racist sexist 1950 high school friends who graduate, commit a gang rape and murder and grow up. Their sins find them out but somehow they escape all consequences. This has wild author tracts.

The 3 teenagers turned men have no guilt, they engage in wild victim blaming and none of them have any concern for the victim. The 'twist' ending is dumb and this book is full of dirty, vile types. This is from the author of 'Blood & Money'. This novel is operatically staged and wildly overwritten. The 3 men are addicted to affirmation and I don't buy into this soap opera. Cataclysmic ends unfold as 1 of the 3 publically messes up.

There is so much dumb ass patriotism and ranting about the changing morals of America. The 3 ex-friends become respectively an actor, a crap reporter and a homeless loser turned conman preacher. This was made into a miniseries back in the day.

The author engages in many author tracts and old man shouting at clouds rants about the counterculture and the author seems terrified of the civil rights movement and the women's lib movement. This book is full of violence and was facile drivel. Sex crimes are shrugged off, spousal abuse is shrugged off and the phrase 'computer-printed' is used. The ending is idiotic and this book has no sincerity of spirit. Abuse is not a shaming matter to this author.

The author later in the book turns his attention to the rise of ultraconservatism, despair and hate. This was absolutely vile and there is no justice. The domination by white men is permanent and eternal.

Best Lines:

“Nut city.”

“Cinematic legacy.”

“There are always people out there who wish celebrities to view their private parts, usually because no one else wishes to.”

“And on the television set in a language she could not understand was the accusation that her husband had committed the century's most shattering murder.”


“Beggers die, there are no comets seen;”

“Celebrity is by my definition a ghastly accomplishment.”

“Evoked little sympathy.”

“Men with no feelings worth caring about.”

“Where wealthy drug addicts were seperated from their habits.”

“Damn hippie face.”

“Earned him favor and attention.”

“Malcontents leading unexamined lives.”

“The patrons of bowling alleys and K-Marts...”

“Moral determination.”

“Attempts to extricate her.”

“Tried, rather poignantly, to pass for a thirty-three-year-old hippie just so he could peddle inferior Mexican marijuana to the genuine young and morally disenchanted.”

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Pretty Smart

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The College Admissions Scandal' trailer

“What people will say on the phone.”

'Superman & Lois' 1x05 promo


Black chocolate with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt – yum.

Apple juice – nice.

Relationships fractured beyond repair and there is no gladness or gratitude. One is exhausted and overwhelmed. People wilfully ignore. I feel aggrieved. People are not benevolent. The devastating results of learning what people are like when personal tragedy hits. People have closed existences and one bemoans it. Screw people and their feckless brazen nasty attiudes and malicious intentions.

What are Kentucky burgers? Or salted honey cake?

Poor mountain hares.

'Elizabeth R' Quotes:

“A plague upon your honour!”

“Bully my honest citizens.”

“More lying tales.”

“That orange grower.”

“You are always wrong.”

“Spawn of an infamous courtesan!”

“Depraved usurper!”

“Strike those braggards down.”

“Born for the preservation of your country.”

“How many holy friars have you aboard?”

“No common whores.”

“Profane oaths.”

“Foul gales.”

“Devout and honest men.”

“Aware of your intentions.”

“Be good enough to tell me why I should consider your opinion?!?”

“God's hand is against them.”

“I recall her father.”

“Streets are barred with chains.”

“You have always betrayed me.”

“Provoke me to cruel words.”

“Pretty boy is he not?”

“Blustering like a bully.”

“What has befallen my fleet?”

“Depart gloriously.”

“Brings bitter repentance.”

“Sick of your sour face.”

'Upstart Crows' Quotes:

“Liquid turding malady.”

“Loudly and manly voice.”

“Fatuous drivelling.”

“A moral victory.”

“Fake history masquerading as truth.”

“Nelly no mates.”

“Strange, brooding and malevolent presence.”

“Generally wicked.”

“Rather hear my dog bark at a crow.”

“Dirty old pervington!”

“Crappage and common like!”

“Gleeful eagerness.”


“Goblin's scrouting sack.”

“Non sex defined.”

“Mob players.”

“Man who wobbles the thunder sheet.”

“Strutty shouty boy.”

“Trouser trumpet.”

“Ironic repetition.”

“Goraning ditches.”

“Shunned by all.”

“Rejected by the mob.”

“Needs kindness and protection.”

“Absolute crappage.”

“Smutty poems.”

“Eaten up with resentment and jealously.”

“Oikish milking slap.”

“Wryly amused.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Leads him not into a gutter.”

“Down to chaotic fate.”

“Unswerving belief.”

“Somehow stumbles into a position of immence cultural importance.”


“Loud, brash and absolutely full of itself.”

“Increasingly paranoid isolation.”

“Smilingly psychotic.”

“Exploiting and abusing him.”

“Oozes danger.”

“Trapped in hellish surroundings.”

“Emotional tension.”

“Keep all the narrative options open for far longer than should be credible.”

“Playfully mysterious.”

“Overburdened plot.”

“Disastriously disjointed.”

“Overburdened plot.”

“Sat dormant for centuries.”

“Blanketed the skies of Europe.”

'Absolutely Fabulous' Quote:

“Go and be unhappy somehwee else.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Distributed on the basis of the greatest need.”

“This paranoia was not entirely the stuff of fantasy.”

“A respite from modern Ireland.”

“Cultural commentators.”

“Mocked minority.”

“Purge their friends list.”

“Suspiciously quiet.”

“Calming and cheerful presence.”


“Celebratory moment.”

“Too jealous and bitter.”

“The opportunities that I didn't even see.”

“So loud and relentless.”

“His life was deleted,”

“Why would you choose to be out here in the murk and the cold when you could be, you know, not?”

“The remnants of a commune, living in a strange abandoned town, alongside the fading presence of cult leader Koan,”

“Not totally satisfyingly evil.”

“Fabricating the systems of control.”

“Frequently maligned and mocked.”

“Emotive solace.”

“Particularly loathsome.”

“Cultivating despair.”

“Despair narrative.”

“Moment of salvation has long passed.”

“Ramped up intrigue.”

“Sinister, manipulative pair.”

“Construct standards from old stories.”

“Agreeable, low maintenance, chill.”

“Survived wars that have toppled nations.”

“Impossible to wear [his clothes] on a bus.”

“Why did her husband burn her papers? What exactly was in that archive?”

“Strangely anticipated.”

“Museum of Disappearing Sounds.”

“Furious at being tenants in their own country; unfailingly loyal.”

“Sense of exclusion.”

“Life nets.”


'Disappeared' Quote:

“Never heard anything good said about him.”

'Girls' Quotes:

“Control your animal!”

“Accepting of my brand of difficult.”

“Can't even begin to follow this thread of logic.”

“Please don't sit on that chair if you're not wearing underwear.”

“Meant to remain in your past.”

'The Secret Science Of Sewage' Quotes:

“Horror hatch.”


“Unmentionable it.”

“Disgusting torrent.”

“Socially evolved behaviour.”

“Complex and unexplored universe.”

“Targeted hunt.”



“Lives in us and on us.”

'Law & Order: SVU' Quote:

“Excuse me if I don't bust out weeping.”

'The Atlantic' Quotes:

“Shakespearean levels of malice and envy.”

“Solemn commitment.”

“Lost out on almost everything they had presumed was theirs.”

“Sound of shrieks and wailing filled the air.”

“Borderline unconvincing.”

“Duplicity and distortion.”

“Apparent senselessness of it.”

“A type of suffering to which people would pay attention.”

“Successive versions of a person's life story.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“I love your contempt for things that don't matter.”

“All is horror!”

“Bart and she-Bart.”

“Great Expositions.”

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Scary Books

Movie Review: Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal (2021)

A documentary about colleges that breeed entitlement and entrench inequality and how Rick Singer got rich parents an unearned spot at top universitys for their spoilt children. For the right price. Matthew Modine plays the fixer in the re-enactments. People did not get into the Ivy League on pure merit. This is an okay tale of absolutely terrible rich people who sired thickos and robbed people of places.

It's so hard to get into elite colleges that people game the system. Rick Singer was a fixer who helped prepare rich kids for elite colleges silly overdone applications. There are many re-enactments. Rick Singer (Modine) preens shirtless and engages in casual dress as he coaches kids for getting into college. There is no profound truth. This was not explosively brilliant.

Singer did deliberately misleading actions that led to unwelcome and unpredictable consequences. Singer and co did glaringly unfair actions. There were glee-inducingly forseeable outcomes. Singer oversaw 'donations' that were bribes and he was petty and absurd. Over 25 million was payed.

There is talk of capitalism and patriarchy and people ready to potentially sacrifice integrity. There was an urgency to get rich kids into elite colleges that they really weren't smart enough to attend. Some didn't even want to be in college. There are horrific truths and no virtuous benefits. There was a logical conclusion: public shaming.

The rich kids knew what was going on. They had fake photos of them taken faking being involved in sport. It is agonising how the world works. Singer and co were uncompromising about their vision. This was baloney, a trade in nonsense. People engaged in all knowing pontifications. This was nonsense with no intellectual density. Singer was reassuring and realiable. This was peoples own choice. There is talk of elite colleges and their preposterous expectations. This was unnecessary and ludicrous. There is some clarity. The rich parents had insidiousness and perfifiousness. There were contrivances, coincidences and glowering.

There was damaged morality and dystopian exigencies and grievances. There were errant actions and the promised accountability finally comes. This was banality. This was not hidden. It was not endearing or thought provoking. Rich people are cynical, sneering and generally appalling. There was a prolonged moment of crisis for the rich parents.

The difficulties of getting into college has increased exponentially. Rich people inveigled their way into the most receptive colleges. People speak in benign tones. There was egoism and this was not astoundingly good. This was a vacuous tale of manipulation. This was all nullity and pointless mundanity. This becomes marginally less interesting as it goes on. The rich are repulsive and their dynamics and tensions are increasingly infuriating. Their kids are wasters. There is not wistful affection.

This has no relevance. Singer was forceful. The rich have unpleasant demeanours. People are unsparing in their fulsome criticism. Singer did all this for 24 years. This was not a haunting true story. This was not a fascinating insight. This was boisterous. People contrived successfully at self delusion. Injustice was a scourge. There were shallow motivations. Students take advanced classes they don't care about to get into college and have pressure.

There is talk of spoilt influencer daughters who got into USC and who hated it. This was full of wicked spite, conspiratorial relationships and was emblematic of all that is wrong with Aemrica. There was complexity and the spoilt influencers wanted to drop out of school and not go to USC until an inquisitive person blew the case wide open.

The Feds have a cause for consternation. There were turning points and challenges and comeuppance. There were witty asides and a murky system. This was turgid and there was mounting controversy due to awareness of what was going on. Exposure was most undesirable. Singer lied about SAT results and in farcical fashion paid people to sit the SAT exams for other people.

There was a hierarchy of options and a reckoning finally came. There were misgivings and public perception has shifted. Rich people had aggressive self-righteousness. Things got deep and horrible. The rich had wounded tones and rich parents were agitated. There was anxious severity and whose agenda is being served here? The parents wailed about an ordeal of persecution and cruel ingenuity. They were not selfless. This restrospective narrative goes on.

There are vested interests and a victimhood narrative. There are value-judgements and humane responses. People were resentful. There were pejorative connotations and retaliation and insolence. This was a macabre spectacle. This was terribleness and repeated cautions. There is talk of the rigid social hierarchy of elite colleges. Singer turned informer on his customers.

There was outrageous affrontery and rich people acquiesced to crap. There was disrnchantment and a grim dejected outlook and cheating of great magnitude. This was a farcical situation and acquiescence to crap. Rich people had blatant disregard and hypocrisy and harm was inflicted. This was full of woeful stupidity. There were grevious insults and rich parents reacted angrily and had fearsome denial and were ill-tempered. Nobody ever questioned Singer's veracity? There was giddy chaos and things got increasingly tense. People had quiet persistence and certain famous actress wanted backlash. Reasonable objective observers undermined public confidence. There was discontent. This was sinister banality.

Best Lines:

“Access to certain spaces.”

“He knows the rules.”

“Apply money to the problem.”

“Independent college counsellor.”

“Faciliated their admission.”

“Didn't do it, you would regret it.”

“Economic fraud.”

“All about bragging rights.”

“Prestige is actually a French word...means deceit.”

“Play niche sports.”

“Seemed like a good upstanding guy.”

“Impact the rest of my life.”

“A water polo player who didn't play waterpolo.”

“Far too many students.”

“I'm not interested in it at all.”


“Reveal and announce.”

“Very interested in what college could give her.”

“The weasel to meddle.”

“Ruin or get in the way of their opportunities.”

“Respond approprietly.”

“Trust in other people.”

“Over 3000 colleges.”

“Least culpable.”

“Target No 1 for public outrage.”

“Up to no good.”

“Weird family dynamics.”

“Had so much already.”

“No filter on the phone.”

“Fake tennis recruit.”

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