March 8th, 2021


Movie Reviews: Poly Styrene – I Am A Cliche + Krull

Poly Styrene – I Am A Cliche (2021)

The punk icon's daughter made this documentary. Her daughter, Celeste Bell, wants attention. This has a 1970s retro vibe and the nostalgia economy is booming. Ruth Negga reads Poly Styrene's diaries in voiceover. We see vintage footage and Hastings pier. Poly Styrene came out of New Wave Music.

She was no stranger to media attention. The daughter talks of her Somali grandfather and his interesting life story. Who is the daughter's father? It is never made clear. We see footage of the Roxy club and her manager who was named Falcon. Jonathan Ross of all people is one of those who talk about Poly Styrene's talent and influence. This was demanding and ferocious.

A song called 'Oh Bondage Up Yours' is sung. The magazine 'Spare Rib' is mentioned. This was energising. There is a sense of sorrow, loss and pain. This is a good exploration of undergorund culture. Fame made Poly Styrene insecure about how she was perceived. Happiness seemed unattainable. Drugs became part of her life. What is disco candy?

The band X-Ray Spex had a following and she was a touchstone for the Riot Grrrl and Afropunk movements. We see her staring at an ad for a pocket weather radio. Sid Vicious that disgusting stain on humanity bullied her and locked her a cupboard. She became bitter and NY and mental illness blew her apart. We have to listent to loud guitars.

She had growing anxiety and this was affecting and it told tales of internalised shame, conflict of ethnicity, nationality and culture. She hated insincerity and predicted the future. This was attention grabbing.

Best Lines:

“My mother was a punk rock icon.”

“Every romance she had ended in tears. She longed to be loved.”

“This famous person.”

“Only me now.”

“Gone and left me.”

“Things of value and cultural importance.”

“Who she'd been before me.”

“Ordinary tough kid from an ordinary tough street.”

“Wasn't used to male attention.”

“Came to resent.”

“Dreary soggy.”

“See that ancient land.”

“Outsider looking in.”

“Matching mother and daughter Laura Ashley phase.”

“Banality of daily life.”

“Nothing much going on.”


“World she was creating through her lyrics.”

“Unthinking mean regard for you.”

“Neglected my needs.”

“That is bondage in itself.”

“Lacked the means to protect herself from it.”

“Changed my mum as a person.”

“Live in a world we made.”

“Plastic things.”

“For them it wasn't a joke, it was how they lived.”

“Final triumph of everything that's fake.”

“Monolithic cruel place.”

“Stinky toilet of a place.”

Krull (1983)

This was a box office bomb. This stars Ken Marshall of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' and Lysette Anthony of 'Hollyoaks' who is dubbed by Lindsay Crouse. Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane show up in this. The Beast is the big bad.

The acting is bland. The planet Krull is strangely empty and untouched by civilization. Anthony has a big fluffy 80s perm. This is full of malevolent architecture and serves absolutely no purpose. It has 80s charm and is deathly oblivious to how there is nothing original in this. The VFX is so dated but this was okay. Francesca Annis has a cameo. There are fire mares.

Best Lines:

“Girl of ancient name.”

“We sent to you for help! None came!”

“Many lunatics wandering through the countryside claiming to be kings.”

“Not impressive but adequate.”

“None who go there return.”

“She had another name once.”

“Wouldn't follow my own father to the Black Fortress!”

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'Vampire Week' promo

“And you know this how?”


Lamb Rogan Josh – nice.

People have ingratitude and awfulness. There's not a lot of empathy towards me. It's not a nice atmosphere. Does my ex feel any shame about his behaviour? I faced a brutal rejection. My ex has no contrition or honesty. I need to be placated. My ex and others have behaved appallingly. It's a tragic and distressing time. People feel no allegiance. I'm unsupported. I have silent sadness.

Recall tamagotchis?

I'd try ribeye tagliata with salsa verde, cannellini beans, spinach and roasted tomatoes. I'd try a hand painted vegan valrhona manjari madagascan dark chocolate egg studded with crushed pistachios. I'd try smokey lemon hot sauce and I'd try chocolate and lavender teacakes. I'd try chocolate spelt brownie.

I want a satin skirt.

'Timeshift' Quote:

“National will and ability.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Dumb gimmickry are growing meances throughout TV.”

“Masterpiece of futility.”

“Rendered shrill and jittery.”

“Palpable fear.”

“Conveyed with authority.”

“Wraparound video wall.”

“Reliable digest.”

“Plaintive whimpering.”

“Visual babble.”

“Wearying convention.”

“Devaluing its reputation.”

“Insidious forces.”

“Agent of mass distraction.”

“Irrevevent observations.”

“Cruelty I neither understood nor accepted.”

“Oddly uninvolving.”

“Furore erupted.”

“Smut merchant.”

“Cultural provocateur.”

“Made drunken appearances on French TV talk shows.”

“Imaging your own funeral just to see your enemies missing you.”

“Simple profound emotions.”

“Shouty zealots.”

“Stagey quarrels.”

“Irreconcilable opinions.”

“Unexpected concord.”

“Weary dismay.”

“Affronted sensibilities.”

“Grandiose posturing.”

“Shockingly inept.”

“React to what is normal at the time.”

“What they thought audiences wanted.”

“Celebrated outright hostility.”

“Cultural dialogue.”

“Little nuance.”

“Cosy familiarity.”

“Excited to revisit.”

“Fulminating in the darkness.”

“Desperate absurdity.”



“Berlin's Twenties transvestite life.”

“Fascinated horror.”

“Enjoyed myself quite wildly.”

“Democracy is absurd.”

“Hopelessly middle class.”

“Known to regard as friends.”

“Use-or-lose dilemma.”

“Sullen revenge.”

“Cold-hearted brutality.”

“Possibly sinister.”

“Eight children by several women, not all of whom talk to him?”

“Prove very unpopular.”

“Wrong time of fame.”

“Villainous reputation.”

“I'm kind of avoiding that narrative.”


“Need someone to shame in public.”

“Prison's strict lingere requirements.”

“Tailored to your exact tastes,”

“Variously terrible.”

“Image activist.”

“Bleak incident.”

“Reckless disregard.”

“Prompted rage.”

“His belligerance was instant.”

“Sincerely worried.”

“Resentful, pathological.”

“Murmur of disquiet.”

“War on the past.”

“Dubious utopian cause.”


“Accepting people saying no to you.”

“Rational clarity.”

“Just committed to the wrong relationship.”

“Just a horrible man.”

“False promise of a future.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Struggles to make friends or form deep connections.”

“Bored by other people.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Hanging out with this kind of a person.”

“Still my man.”

'The Lake Erie Murders' Quotes:

“Spice Girls power pose.”

“Stranger on stranger.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Put an end to this nonsense.”

“First, he married a Kennedy. Then he behaved like one.”

“When your boss transgresses, your response could very well determine whether you keep your job.”


“Ideological grounds.”

“Not automatically believed.”

“Perceived edginess.”

“Evoking nostalgia.”

“Hidden in our history and many of their achievements are ignored.”

“Lost in memory.”

“Long for a future that never comes to pass.”

“Culture becomes a nostalgia prison.”

Sergio Balleseros

Bloodlands 1x03 + Murder Among The Mormons 1x03 Reviewed

Bloodlands 1x03

Is Tom Goliath? Tom hangs out with Lisa Dwan. Tom rants like a loon and seems to be framing his boss. Tom has limitless hunger for being awful. I've no idea what is going on or why.

Murder Among The Mormons 1x03

Mark Hofmann confessed to everything. His motive? He had no faith just debts. There was no openess or honesty, just repugnant behaviour. Mark did bad things with maniacal zeal. There was fumbling and deceiving. This whole case was deeply unsettling for the church. This case causes weariness due to all the arrogance, corruption and self-dealing.

Mark Hofmann had lasting impact on people and whipped up hostility with inevitable results. Terrible accusations were made. This final ep was insufficient. Mark Hofmann only exacerbated problems. No logical decisions were made as Mark Hofmann consistently failed. He was an extremely difficult awful man with non-existent logic.

There was inefficiency and insufficient funds. People had to bear the consequences. There were fundamental problems and a complete absence of any accountability. There were unimaginable levels of deceit and virtue exhaustion and a serious lack of ethical standards.

There were statements of intent and a gleefully cruel man. There were concerted attacks and endless uncertainty and the devastation that results from selfishness. This was superficial. There was no fairness or decency. There were crises and this raises serious questions. Mark Hofmann came up with a way to beat lie detectors years before the bombings. He did unacceptable things and what is with Mark Hofmann's voice? There was injury and this was lurid, cartoonish and wilfully obscure. This was near parodic. We see Mark Hofmann's prison mugshots and the past haunts the present.

Best Lines:

“Violently dangeorus person.”

“Looked like complete despair.”

“The hammer was coming down.”

“There was nothing in there.”

“Most sinister light possible.”

“Was everything they said he was.”

“Soul crushing.”

“No redemption at the end of the story.”

“Cut off contact.”

“Psychotic or something.”

“Awful what he did.”

“Sending threatening messages.”

“Never atone for those sins. EVER!”

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