March 3rd, 2021

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Movie Reviews: Sorg Og Glaede + How To Be Really Bad + Hattie 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Sorg Og Glaede (2013)

This was Danish and subtitled and full of overacting, upheaval, uncertainty, death and horrified and dismayed people. This was dreary and dispiriting and a wife and mother had rising hostility leading to tragedy and a bitter blow. This was moribund.

Best Line:

“All gone terribly wrong.”

How To Be Really Bad (2018)

This German, subtitled film was misconceived and entirely without merit. A teen antichrist bores. No.

Hattie (2011)

A boring BBC4 film about how the matronly woman from the 'Carry On' films shagged a driver who looked like Aiden Turner.

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'Murder Among The Mormons' promo


Best Lines:

“Secrets just can't be kept.”

“Lying for the lord?”

'The Flash' 7x02 promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x07 promo

What has Catherine Zeta-Jones done to her face?

'Prodigal Son' 2x02 promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x03 promo

Bright had bad school days. Didn't everyone?

'Prodigal Son' 2x04 promo

Why isn't the sister locked up for murdering someone?

'Prodigal Son' 2x05 promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x06 promo

An AU already?

'Debris' 1x02 promo


Cured cheese flavoured premium potato chips – mmm.

Peanut butter caramel milk chocolate – mmmm.

Garlic butter mint potato – okay.

Garlic stuffed olives – nice.

Black pepper salami – okay.

Creamy gianduja chocolate with crunchy whole Italian hazelnuts – yum.

Who saw 'Gregory's Two Girls' or 'Murder On Flight 502' or 'Jabberwocky'?

Why did my ex cause an irreconcilable rift? My ex has no respect and isn't truly sorry. My ex hasn't profoundly apologised. He's totally hopeless. My ex = reticent. Does anyone really care? I have a sense of betrayal and anger. My ex caused a seismic blow. I'm regretful and lonely and isolated. My ex = crass, distasteful, insensitive and indefensible. I'm aggrieved at his negative treatment. My ex = unreasonable and irrational.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Cannot apologise enough.”

“Of serious concern.”

“Piling up unused.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

Variant of concern.”

“Stunning fall from grace.”

“Brought so low.”

“Corruption pact.”

“Damning and politically dramatic.”

“Patient journey board.”

“Hounded by the law.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“I will never forgive you!”

“Said some pretty shocking things.”

“Unfortunate things.”

“Letting their woes be know.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Most eerily prescient movies of recent decades.”

'JAG' Quote:

“Why were you carrying live ammunition through a national forest?”

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nines' Quotes:

“In the old days operations officers wore red. Command officers wore gold.”

“And women wore less.”

“One of the most famous men in Starfleet history.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A stark fall and a bleak final few years.”

“Underlying viciousness.”

“Bewildered, ruined.”

“Soulful and anguished.”


“It was a reasonable question.”

“Intense inescapable fame and adulation.”


“Rumbled through cinema and popular culture for decades.”

“Controversy dated to half a century earlier.”

“Paranoia was feverish.”

“Does the unthinkable for the greater good.”

“Towering creative force.”

“Stony faced.”

“Failed to meet the threshold of establishing an arguable case.”

“Extraordinarily grave.”

“If spurned or displeased,”

“Drive by frustration.”

“Soured opinion.”

“Public hesitancy.”

“Disastrous mess.”

“The learnings.”

“Retreated further and further from the outside world.”

“Indefinable something.”

“Conventional politeness.”

“Spiritually dead.”

“Essentially hostile.”

“Colossal public reaction.”

“Entitled to dignity.”

“Range of motivations.”

“The choices made by previous generations regarding what records to archive have influenced the history we recall today.”

“He believes he loves me.”

“A man whom I was sure was fighting just as hard for our future.”

“Experience of your disapproval.”

“Emotional and philosophical wreckage.”

“Disruptive families.”

“Chaotic home lives.”

“Sighs of vindication.”

“Casual defiance.”

“Multigenerational empires.”

“Victimhood of followers.”

“Anxiety is a great tormentor of the bladder.”

“May not have their best interests at heart.”

“A narrow corridor of acceptable opinion.”

“Singularly failed to raises issues of substance.”

“Contempuous behaviour.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Tiny enemy.”

“Undesirable guests.”

“That claim is not based in any fact.”

“Unfairly accused of plotting against him.”

'Murder Comes To Town' Quote:

“Small town where people notice these sort of things.”

'Killer Couples' Quote:

“Making a troubling discovery in a bedroom closet.”

'The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes' Quote:
"So far down queer street, he'll never find his way back again."

On 'Hollyoaks': Sally tries to tell everybody how awful George is. James looks aged. JP still wants to be with George. WHY? Ollie wants drugs. Luke's dumb and fat and sweaty. Sally annoys. George's vindictive campaign goes on. JP's devotion to George is unshakeable. Why? Sid is called hopalong. When did George blow up those balloons and get the banner printed? Why isn't anyone at work? Sally has seen through George's pretence. George is enraged by the ever-bumbling Sally. George's true nature is unnoticed by those close to JP, apart from Sally. George plots retaliation and says disgusting words.

Moment Luke GIF by Hollyoaks

Sally is opening a very dark door. Ollie reaches new lows. A drug dealer meances Sid. Why is JP so stupid? Why have TPTB ruined Ollie? Sally is so pathetic. Recall when Sally was menaced by Mac? James never got an apology from his wretched siblings. What does JP see in George? Luke is ashamed of Ollie. Where is Ollie's mother when he's doing ket? Luke throws Ollie out, again.

Best Lines:

“Something's making me uneasy about you two.”

“Under questionable circumstances.”

“Volatile relationship.”

“Endless family drama.”

“It's not like you haven't chosen terrible boyfriends in the past now is it?”

The CinemaScope Cat: Murder On Flight 502 (1975)
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Sergio Balleseros

Swamp Thing 1x10 Reviewed 🌿☘🌿🦦

Loose Ends

This was underlit as Abby tries to shag a plant. This was very green. The boring nut doctor nuts. Avery rants. Who are these people? So many plot threads are left hanging. Avery's wife is left raving in the nut ward. Avery runs out of friends. People mumble. This show started out so promisingly and turned pig thick. There is gunfire and random acts of violence. This was a confusing farce. There are brutal attiudes. Did Avery kill his side ho? There is bitter personal experience. Avery is petulant and arrogant. Is Matt dead? This was horrible. This was absurd, Swamp Thing doesn't want to be Alec. This was sheer nonsense.