February 25th, 2021

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'SAS: Red Notice' promo

No lofty line of thought just Ruby Rose as a baddie. Guns, an enclosed space, maybe.

'Superman & Lois' `1x02 promo

Orange chocolate ganache – yum.

Sticky toffeee choc – yum.

Simply chocolate – okay.

Fry's peppermint cream – nice.

I won't review 'Castle Rock' 2x07&2x08 'The Word' and 'Dirty'.

My ex has not the remotest interest in me. My ex caused pain and grief. Why am I so easy to ignore?


'Revelation 6:8'

“...Behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him...”

'Reasonable Doubt' Quotes:

No 3rd possibility.”

“Likely? Not very.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Christian Fellowship Expo.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Our privacy is gone.”

“A long lost sheep.”

“Massive loss of sunshine.”

“We will never see that again.”

'Angel' Quotes:

“Bleat at me no longer.”

“I worship you.”

“Yes I know. Worship.”

“Army of doom.”

'Dallas Buyers Club' Quote:

“Are you ashamed of me? Cos I hadn't realised that.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Cutting up the furniture with a razor blade.”

“Believe it's never going to happen again. Until it does.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Does Facebook think conquering a continent is a sure-fire step to quelling pesky rebellions worldwide.”

“Public feud.”

“Heart-breaking and enraging.”

“Obsessed with the past.”

“Create and curate the public memory.”

“Personal and historical value.”

“Consequences of this neglect.”


“It's as if the internet, email and websites had never happened.”

“Own official memory.”

“Societal responses,”

“Ominious background noises.”

“Only one person can be first.”

“Fame doesn't work like that anymore.”

“Watched a lot of VHS footage growing up.”

“One of history's most notorious figures.”

“Tired patina of a Freudian trope.”

“Least attractive features: authoritative personality, arrogance, pig-headness, and contempt for the church, science and the nobility.”

“Shared contempt of school knowledge.”

“Difficult and hostile.”

“Takes a catastrophic turn.”

“Societal achievements.”

“Asking the question that they had decided was going to get them the most publicity.”

“Did not see the arrival of electricity until the 1970s.”

“For whom else does the CNN international feed break from regular programming to go live to a car wreck?”

“Could not be reached for comment as he was in jail.”

“No written record exists to settle the dispute.”

“Golf courses hundreds of years old have to be changed because of Tiger Woods and everything he did.”

“Those old names.”

“Will never win a popularity contest and contrary to popular belief, he does care about that aspect.”

“Cultural impact, playing style and persoanlity.”

“10,000 word New York Times piece on watching him play as a religious experience.”

“America has never warmed to him at all.”

“Came too late to the party for the public's affection.

“Winning matches didn't bring with it the hearts of the public.”

“Booing his queries to the umpire.”

“Combat sports.”

“Playing the role of a cultured man.”

“Fate remains unknown.”

“Uncritical coverage.”

“Public rant.”

“Responding rhetoric.”

“Deliberate, prolonged, malicious and concerted effort.”

“Interrogation of our classic canon.”

“A direct threat intended to intimidate.”

“Secretive and cunning.”

“The effects of which have yet to fully reveal themselves.”

“Advocacy of hatred.”

“Change the courage of your life.”

“People pretty much wanted to fight me in the call room,”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Rebuild his career. Again.”

“Driving-related woes.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Can we define what on and off really is?”

'Made For Murder' Quotes:

What had being going on in Missouri was not good.”

“All adults were the enemy.”

“Armed criminal action.”

“I'm not sure how sorry she really is.”

'Blitz Spirit With Lucy Worsley' Quotes:

“Various standards of shelter protection.”

“Nation of pet killers.”

“Writing folk.”

“Be my ruin.”

“Heavy rescue squad.”

“Wretched looking woman.”

“Blast dust.”

“Didn't morally collapse.”

Where shall we go? Where can we go?”

'If I Disappear' Quotes:

“You understand what it is to be a woman in a world that wants you to disappear.”

“The sheer majesty of it, the car-commerical, Reese Withersppoon-in-Wild, Instagram-is-not enough expanse.”

'Timewatch' Quotes:

“The Stuart dynasty is not yet 4 years old.”

“Simple ordered life will be thrown in chaos.”

“Folklore of the flood.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Malicious and concerted effort.”

“Her resignation would be expected.”

“Street thuggery.”

“Liberal tears.”

“Wrong fonts.”

“Antifa hunting permit.”


'South Park' Quote:

“Sick cult fanatic bastards!”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Complex regional pain syndrome.”

'The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' Quotes:

“Have a good day at the office.”

“I won't.”

“That's a horrid thing to say.”

“Use my Venezuelan trade supplement.”


“3 years and she's a bitch.”

“Are you in?”

“Exotic ices project.”

“What's for supper?”

“Liver and bacon.”

“Zip horror.”

“Euro rhubarb.”

“Had any dreams about naked sportswomen?”


“Let's see what the day brings forth.”

“Positive hostility.”

“Latent hostility.”

“What sort of a sex angle are we going for?”

“I can't be bothered with all this. Life's too short.”

“His 3rd rate ideas.”

“This lime's bleeding diabolical!”

On 'Hollyoaks': we learn way too much info about George and JP's sex life. George manipulates the stupid JP. No masks are worn and if they are, people take them off to talk to each other. Where is Grace's son? JP is so eager to slack off work – he's pernicious and misguided. Brody pants over Summer's cooter. This is a nadir of imbecility. JP makes no show of pleasure from his job. This is chaotic silliness and the less pleasant corners of JP's personality are on show again.

George is not playful. Warren plans to murder someone, again. George is conniving. There is no escalating tension. Where is James? I'm sure JP and George's 'romance' is set to end catastrophically. George entices JP. What does George see in JP? George, JP and Courtney get pissed instead of going into work. JP drunkenly mocks Sally who witnesses this. JP is increasingly tiresome and wearying.

The loft is a club again. Nobody social distances. Sally lectures JP who rolls his eyes. What a jerk JP is. Where is Courtney's child? JP is obsessed with George. Summer's true nature emerges. Who has an art competion during a global pandemic? Is George living at the pub? So much for the Nightingale clan. JP paints George naked save for a very large leaf for a children's art competition. FFS. George walks into a door. Summer shoots Sienna. Where are Sienna's twins?

Sienna's not dead. Brody left Sienna alone to fawn over Summer who is not arrested. George's 'injured' nose sees him in casualty. During a global pandemic. Peri is led to think JP did it. JP somehow still has a job and thinks he can be a school head despite having violence against a pupil on his record and a prison record. George is remarkabaly unconcerned about Sienna being shot.

Peri acts like she's in mortal anguish over George's nose. George wears a dumb bandage. Peri violates medical ethics. JP overacts and how is Summer allowed to visit Sienna? There are misconstruals. George has barely contained anger. Where are Sienna's twins?

Best Lines:

“Serious Jon Snow vibes.”

“I was lead astray.”

“This sadness will last forever.”

“Who leaves a cupboard door open?”

“Stop worrying? I've been shot.”

“Getting drunk all the time.”

“Went after George's ex, sliced up his tent with a pair of scissors.”

“Uses the cupboard line.”

“I get how dodgy that sounds.”

“Attacked Robbie Roscoe years ago.”


Book Review: Blood And Money

Blood And Money: A True story Of Murder, Passion, And Power by Thomas Thompson

This 1976 true crime novel tells of the mysterious and never explained death of heiress, socialite and famous horsewoman Joan Robinson Hill. Her father, Ash, viciously pursued her widower John Hill as the murderer. Then John died violently and more legal shennigans involving thieves, whores, drugs, scumbags, ignored racism, ignored sexism, dated attiudes and a rich man with impunity unfolded.

John had been Joan's 3rd husband. After her death John married twice more very very quickly. John was never the husband he always ought to have been. This was sad. A woman in court is described as wearing a naughty skirt and her account of John trying to murder her is shrugged off. Another woman in court testifies how her mother allowed her to be abused and is dismissed as a prostitute by people.

Joan never got justice and her death caused serious repercussions and wildly irresponsible speculation. This was full of dark souls and the case unfolded over years in horrific ways. Did John kill Joan? Well, he only got her a tombstone a week before his trial for her murder began – so one says yes. This was a good account of deaths for whom no one took responsibility. Nobody had a value system.

Best Lines:

“Fatally left his apartment via his window.”

“Failed to furnish the deceased with said food,”

“Potential for scandal.”

“An inexorable end to this drama, one forewritten.”

“No longer cared very much.”

“Removed from the possibility of rational thought.”

“Rightful place in society.”

“Born to sit attentively in drawing rooms,”

“Gross inattention.”

“Of sinister origin.”


“Not very content.”

“Not worthy of belief.”

“Am intensely loyal to anything I own.”

“Street rumour.”

“Trick name.”

“Despairing circumstance.”

“The constriction of what society dictated was a normal life,”

“Penitentiary offence.”

“Ominious prospect.”

“Family she had so eagerly abandoned.”

“Glowered in the corner.”

“Come to relish being pointed out in a crowd.”

“Preacher words.”

“Of them, Marcia had nothing further to say.”

“Not to wear emotions for public view, or for the servants in the house.”

“Oath of the soul.”

“Venomous condemnation.”

“A militant woman's libber.”

“Gun-slinging menace.”

“He has no claim on my life any more.”

“The way people who had roles in this case kept dying.”

“Particularly damning.”

“Bitter recollection.”

“Worrisome men of dubious repute.”

“For Post Office Street in Galveston was to prostitution what New York's Bowery is to bums.”


“Fled from those trying to hurt her.”

“Snide allusions to rental property?”

“Widow lady.”

“The word “vice” bore too notorious a connection.”

“Terrible hate.”

“I don't think she has much future.”

“Why did she use her maiden name when she was sworn in? How many of your women jurors still use your maiden names?”

“It did his case no harm to turn a kind phrase in memory of the vicitm. It was time someone in this town did.”

“Designing the annihilation of John Hill.”

“Some depraved ski mask bandit...”

“Malicious information.”

“The murky waters of the Joan Robinson Hill case and its tempestuous aftermath.”


Movie Reviews: Late Night + People In The Sun + Suspicion + Margot 👎👎👎🩰👎👎👎

Late Night (2019)

A tv host with low ratings and a diversity hire with no experience. Mindy Kaling and John Lithgow and the terminally twee Emma Thompson star. The tv host has an all male writers room. The tv host is the 1st female late night talk show host and she's too content with the status quo. This is not immensely entertaining. The host is accused of hating other women. The new hire faces sexism as the host faces the axe. There is no authentic vulnerability.

The host is enragedly accused of being boring and the show is called 'Tonight' – how original. The host faces declining ratings. This is a dire situation and the host has a doomed way of life and intractable problems. The host has never been celebrated as the warmest of women. This was not delightful. People are un-conciliatory. The new hire faces racism and people rage at the dying of the old media light. This was not entirely convincing.

This was antiquated. This film has already faded from popular culture. There is uncalled for unfriendlessness. The new hire is naive and desperate. This was damning. The snooty writers have a complete lack of accountability. This was not fit for purpose. The tv show is a closed, defensive minded organisation built around the needs of decades ago and struggling to cope with the disparate and complex challenges it faces.

The show is overhauled. This was not a societal achievement. The workplace is a dreadful place. There are ludicrous situations. The tv host does an interview that goes badly. The tv host wilfully ignores logic and she's trite, condescending and ill informed. She's openly, publicly disparaged and humiliated.

This was not harrowing. There is no legal reprisal. There is no appropriate sensitivity by self-deluded people who are self serving tools. There is mistreatment and a lack of understanding, compassion and grace. There are ugly displays of petulance. This was an abject failure full of profound and almost pathological refusal to listen. What this does is essentially nothing. This was inertia.

Simply and starkly, this is pretty dire. There is no moral duty just arrogance. The host faces entirely justified criticism. People are cautious of change and people bond over their mutual liberal outlook. There are derogatory natures and societal writing. There are negative coping mechanisms and hopelessness and helplessness and victimisation. This was fairly horrendous and superficial. There are no wonderful moments and this was of limited benefit. The host, Katherine and the new hire, Molly, bond. Hugh Dancy is in this somwhere.

Best Lines:

“I only wish she'd been an Avenger instead of writing books about Abraham Lincoln.”

“They washed a sheepdog together.”

“Is Martin Shaw dead?”

“I'm in hell.”

“He sends his love? How sick do people think I am?”

“Majored in name dropping.”

“My child's like a drug problem?”

“You're fired. Obviously.”

“This show sucks and it has for years.”

“Boring old broads.”

“Charm is wearing off.”

“You won't even try to appeal to a mainsteam audience.”

“The show hasn't been good for years.”

“I thought you knew and didn't care.”

“Person sitting on a trashcan.”

“The show is bad and I don't know why.”

“Nepotism hire.”

“Were you close?”

“With my father?”

“Went viral in a bad way!”

“I've been told I have no charisma.”

“One of the greats.”

“You're not dead yet, but they don't want you to come in.”

“Be useful.”

“Funny is funny.”

“White male and from an elite college right, because that's all your writing staff is composed of.”

“Refers to the writers by number.”

“I take no pleasure in this.”

“T-shirt of a man.”

“Frat boy persona.”

“I stand for excellence without compromise.”

“They found that corpse there.”

“Somalian f**king warlords have more job stability!”

“You want an Oscar? Fight a bear!”

People In The Sun (2011)

A Norwegian film about the end of the world. This was subtitled and no.

Suspicion (1941)

Nigel Bruce, Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine star in this Hitchcock film. Is Cary Grant a gold digging murderer? Sadly no to the latter. Fontaine is a whiny idiot. This was not good at all.

Best Line:

“Not very wifey.”

Margot (2009)

A drama about Margot Fonteyn. This was dull and everyone is beastly to her.

Best Lines:

“A beast to dance.”

“Everyone's always wonderful to you.”


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Dirty Money: The Maple Syrup Heist+Riverdale 5x06+The Blacklist 8x04 Reviewed 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

Dirty Money: The Maple Syrup Heist

The Federation of maple syrup producers are accused of acting like the mafia. No really. There are maple heists in Quebec. There are global strategic reserves of maple syrup?!? Maple syrup is pricey and syrup is stolen and what is '16x9'? There is talk of a maple syrup black market. This was done with dead seriousness and there are figures of mockery.

There are no beloved figures, apart from when we see mounties. This was not unrelenting brilliance. There is deep concern and notoriety. Maple syrup rebels are revered by some. A disaffected population talks big talk. Events played out in the shadow of maple syrup. There are court fights and an insular and exclusive industry. This was not a punchline. This case was never ordinary and there is adversity. There are escapades.

Maple syrup was the centre of the story for all the wrong reasons. This has seriousness and maple syrup was an ever-divisive subject. There were irreparable rifts and divisions. The Federation was cosseted. There were disastrous consequences. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It's an insult in Canada to serve fake maple syrup on the table.”


“The maple wars.”

“The Saudi of maple syrup. The Federation is essentially stable.”

“Enforced quota.”

“Maple syrup conferences.”

“Maple syrup dude.”

“Sugar shack in the bush.”

“Remove any fight they have in them.”

“What you gave to your wife as alimoney.”

“They said I plotted, but I never plotted.”

“Controlled economy.”

“Everybody's angry.”

“La mafia du sirop frappe.”

Chapter Eighty-Two: Back To School

A song from 'Grease 2' plays as the gang head off to teach. Covid is not mentioned. The gang are back at Riverdale to teach. Veronica teaches economics in a crop top. Archie teaches ROTC. Archie and Jughead have a chequered relationship. Betty teaches shop. Hiram eats Doritos and Veronica worked with diamonds? She plans turn a video store into a shop.

This was increidbly tiresome. Archie and Betty screw and are vociferously awful. This was unnecessary guff. There are extremely shameful acts. The gang endured far too much too young. Archie and Betty take puerile delight in being gross. This was demented. Riverdale High is set on fire. Archie is a buffon. Riverdale has had a precipitous fall from grace. This was vile nonsence. There are specious allegations.

There is malfeasance and this was risible. People do not like realisaitons. This is an unhinged fantasy. Veronica's unloved hubby shows up. Why did she marry him if she hates him? Cheryl's broke and bitchy. This was beyond ludicrous. Archie needs $20,000 for a football team. Archie's hair is silly. There is talk of mothmen. There have been vertiginous changes in Riverdale.

Hiram and Reggie plan enemy action. Veronica's unloved hubby tries for patrician benevolence. He is the subject of derision. He's meddling and this has no aesthetic values. There is a cultural power play. This was frivolous. There is no societal evolution. This was not emotionally risky. What's jingle jangle? Betty's hostile and Toni brings back the Vixens cheerleaders. Cheryl and Hiram have a spy in the school.

There are adverse impacts. This show has long been slipping into decline. There is still no covid mention. Why does Cheryl act like she's 12? Why is she obsessed with the Vixens? Veronica hates her hubby and leaves him. This maddens. Archie's house is set on fire with him and Jughead inside.

Best Lines:

“The town will grow back around it like a weed.”

“Attract truckers.”

“Night jogging.”

“Reggie! You scumbag!”

“Now I'm angry.”

“Tad sleazy at the moment.”

“I just interviewed a guy who wants to abducted by mothmen aliens.”

“Hooking up with truckers.”

“Sketchy truck stop.”


“Great personal coast.”

“Begone and never darken the doors of Thornhill again!”

Elizabeth Keen

The downfall of Reddington is plotted. Tom is seen in flashback. Why are the FBI looking for Keen on Red's say so? Ressler is not dead. Red is a Russian spy? I'm confused. Agnes is seen. Keen ditches Agnes and then she doesn't. There is a goat. Why is there a goat? How did Keen steal $41 million of Red's ill gotten gains? Did Ressler and Keen boff? Red goes on about allegations no-one believes. This was not believable or enjoyable.