February 12th, 2021

Illya K

Movie Review: Red Dot + Alit Flyter 👎👎

Red Dot (2021)

This is a Swedish song. A couple go on a ski trip to a remote area. An idea that has lasting consequences. There is racism and a crazy creepy person lurks, there is a sniper and this was a bitter disappointment. The hubby yells rebukingly and they let things happen to them and can't make a positive choice. Who drags his pregnant wife into the snow? Politely demure from watching this. They don't establish a rapport. There is no increasing sense of alarm or awe.

There is no acclaim or shock. This was not grotesque, horrifying, repellent or gorgeous or extraordinarily bleak. There are no ominious moves. This was absurd and not normal. This was not disturbing. There is no intrinsic motivation or energy. This was shallow and there is no crazed excitment. This was not fascianting or ruthlessly exacting. The husband whines. This was not unflagging. There are cut off from society. There is weird bad behaviour.

This was baffling with a dumb twist. What sort of idiot kid runs into a road? The couple have a secret and people are anguished and left disconsolate.

Best Line:

“I would also want to kill us if I were you.”

Alit Flyter (2008)

Sweden's only all male syncronized swim team are formed in this woefully incompetent comedy. A middle aged man assembles other middle aged men in lyrca to splash in a pool. This was subtitled. The middle aged man is a jackass father with no job who alienates his family and he does not care about his daughter, at all.

The father is deliberetly incompetent and he's frustrating. This was vile as the father is obscence. The father is pernicious, self-pitying, frustrating and irritating. This was a debacle. The swimmers call themselves The Swans. There are debasing fools and this makes precious little impact. The father is a loser.

The loser tries to control the narrative. Even the mother is irritating. One is baffled by this. There are no dominant talents. It is increasingly difficult to dare. People dressed like Aquaman are seen at the swimming championships. The loser causes disappointment. There is no great enthusiasm for this. The father is an antagonising jerk. This was not a delight or anticipation just a trudge. This was a creative sapping disaster. Nuance can often be lost. This was not sincere.

Best Lines:

“It used to be called formation swimming.”

“Do you know these fools?”

“Was that job so damn important that you paid to get rid of me?”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Clarice' 1x02 promo


'Bloodlands' promo

An assassin, accents, doorkicking.

Why did my relationship have transience? My ex disappointed me. My ex has falsity and fecklessness. My ex did cold, calculated actions. It is bewildeirng and disconcerting how my ex behaved. He did a catastrophic moral failure. He has a lack of empathy or respect. I thought he was consistent and committed. My ex bitterly disappointed me. I'm forlorn.

I'd try elderflower vinegar.

'Buried By The Bernards' Quote:

“28 funeral homes in this city!”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“What it will take for people to listen.”

“Reasonable cause for suspicion.”

“Stop this behaviour.”

“Complicated factors.”

“Postcode war.”

“Living out of binbags.”

'Euronews' Quote:

“Sexual aggression.”

'King Rocker' Quotes:

“What was good about it?”

“Not very much.”

“Birmingham that King Kong left is no more.”

“Noses were stuffed with cocaine.”

“Acted sort of obnoxious.”

“Celebrate and interrogate.”

“Disputed memories.”

“Emotional through-line.”

“This is where I write words.”

“Sonically more interesting.”

“Mumble something over the top.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Participatory journalism.”

“Willy's Wonderland involves evil hicks, disembowelled teenagers and just a bit of grunty sex.”

“Happily never a phenomenon here-”

“Various disputes and confusions.”

“Unprocessed memories of carnage.”

“Deliberately sparking discorfancy.”

“Criticised their exclusion.”

“Fans will always love him.”

“Where almost everyone seemed to be against him.”

“Wanted him out.”

“Unlikely to be wanted there any more than he is now.”

“Can't unsay his spoken words.”

“Instinctively accept their accuracy and expertise.”

“Inhibited by its nostalgia.”

“Identify his ideal companion: a gargantuan white man with lavishly tattooed arms and a tee shirt riding high over an exposed belly, necking a bottle of Tesco-label vodka.”

“Whose weekend lives were spent rioting and fighting.”

“Vengefully punished.”

“Midnight retaliation.”

“Fight for their presence.”

“Still wasn't convinced that I wasn't a member of the CIA.”

“Gloomy predictions.”

“Inevitable tragedy.”

“Playing the victim card.”

“Endless round of apologies.”

“Mired in scandal.”

“Barely any time goes by without some negative new story coming to light.”

“It will cost what it will cost.”

“Complexity and embeddedness.”

“Keen for recognition and prestige.”

“Deeply embedded in their communities.”

“To little avail.”


“Their liberal-left assumptions must surely be shared by every sensible person in the land.”

“Feel left out and unheard.”

“Suspend the histrionics.”


“Obliterate history.”


“Ancestral lineage, their historical allegiances,”

“Resisted impositions.”

“No access to their past, to their family lineage and their cultural heritage.”

“These are the last people on Earth who deserve any sympathy.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Sweep the world.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“We could use force.”

“I knew I was walking out and he wasn't.”

“Couldn't be bad enough.”

“To be damned.”

'Dead Pixels' Quotes:

“Nervously eyeing the gentleman's trucheon.”

“2 cretins with notebooks.”

“Gamey or weird to talk about.”

“Grief him.”

“Griefing experience.”

“If I wanted to stand in line for 3 hours to have a fight, I'd go to a f**king nightclub!”

“Always lets me down.”

“Talking when 'Top Gear''s on.”

“Circle of healing.”

“Shoot magic arrows at an endangered species.”

“Shames them on Facebook, bless her.”

“Let him play with the fridge magnets.”

“Laying bait for your boyfriend?”

“Without opening up the whole feelings box.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Bacteria controls.”

“Exchanged heated letters.”

'Deargdhuil' Quotes:

“Vanished world.”

“A public that no longer exists.”

“His reason was to be feared for.”

“His desolation.”

“Win him repute.”

“His needs always came first.”

“No thought of marrying me.”

“Covent Dublin English.”

“A life that seemed would never falter.”

'Back' Quotes:

“Did they have Americans then?”

“I don't really know anything.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Low life skater friends.”

“Your actual intent is irrelevant.”

“Escalating conflict.”

On 'Hollyoaks': there is an exercise class during a pandemic. Ste threatens Nancy, he's a NF lout. Ste caused myriad cruelties, indignities and tantrums. He is disparaging of Nancy.

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It's A Sin 1x03 + Riverdale 5x04 + Castle Rock 2x01&2x02 Reviewed 📦📦📦😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

It's A Sin 1x03

The wildly untalented Ritchie auditions and shags. Jill mans a helpline – which is more than any of the alleged 'proud' men do. The infected don't go to doctors. Jill is in a show. Colin did a tailoring apprenticeship for 3 years now he works in a copy shop. Jill's show is a 'Les Mis' expy. Colin has seizures. There is a tv soap called 'Chimney Sweep' that is full of overacting. Ash barely features. The Pink Palace lot are rude to Colin's family.

The idiots scorn condoms. An MP (Stephen Fry) lurks in his underpants. Richie ignores all evidence of HIV. Colin is put in a locked ward. Rock Hudson's death is mentioned. Colin's mother is written as an idiot. Colin is locked up via court order as he is dangeorus to others. Which he is. Quarantine him. Richie is a jerk when Colin's diagnosis becomes public. Richie is still oblivious to sense.

Roscoe throws out Colin's stuff. Jill and co involve themselves in Colin's life. What is wrong with quarantine? The acting is laughably bad. Colin goes senile at age 24. Richie has a throwaway life. Ash and Roscoe are clean. Colin got HIV from his former landlady's son. Now they're both dying on the same ward. Colin dies. This was mediocre and Richie dosen't bother to show up for his HIV results. What a jackass he is.

Best Lines:

“I don't want to touch him!”

“Certainly not allowed out.”

“That cesspit.”

“Happy now are you? Happy now?!?”

“Don't go looking for some villain.”

“Public menace. That's what he is now.”

Chapter Eighty: Purgatorio

Archie returns to Riverdale and faces what has become of his humble hometown. Archie has a military/footbal mashup dream. Archie never had unflinching loyalty to Jughead. Archie heads home. The Riverdale sign is burnt, the malt shop is open and Archie shows off his day-glo orange hair in uniform.

Sense is not to be thought about. Toni signgs at a club called White Wyrm. Archie's dyed hair is dumb. Toni sings and Betty is an FBI agent with a 'Silence Of The Lambs' knockoff plot. Betty talks to a Dr Starling. What did she do wrong? Oh she got captured by TBK for 2 weeks.

TBK got away – is he or she the big bad for season 5? This was not noteworthy. Betty has a man and a cat. Veronica has a husband named Chad. This is not noteworthy or remotely interesting. This does viewers a disservice. Jughead has drink and girlfriend and writing issues. Archie fought with everybody. Jughead is washed up and fat.

Cheryl and Toni are exes. Cheryl has cracked up. Why is Archie absolutely forgiven for all his crap? Hiram slimes. People convienently forgot Archie's crap. Jughead was abandoned by his friends for years. Cheryl is a maple grove obsessed reculse. What happened behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Toni has a baby.

Cheryl cries. Archie's house isn't sold just rented out. Archie rang Betty first? What a piece of crap he is. The gym is ruined. The town is more threatening. The firestation is burnt out. There is no funding and the town is lawless and it has 1 cop and an overgrown park. Only the poor and stray rabid dogs remain. There is no bus, but Archie arrived on a bus! Why does Toni stay in town? Hiram wants to build a turnpike to a new rich person town. Archie's old house is trashed.

This was botched. Toni is finally invited to the booth. There are negative impacts. This was punitive and full of stupidity and it was a massive failure. New boring characters lurk. This was complete crap. Archie has impunity and is disingenuous. This was full of blunders. Who gets into a truck with a skeleton tied to it? Archie doesn't regret the damage he has done.

Best Lines:

“Migrating serial killer.”

“The trashbag killer.”

“I've seen the movie with Helen Mirren.”

“Painful horrific fates.”

“Doomed to a life of unhappiness.”

“Do you regret that?”

“Serial killer brother.”

“What's wrong with your life?”

“Toxic relationship.”

“Only thing you care about anyway.”

“Rich folk.”

“See if any of them actually came.”

“Probably going to regret asking.”

“Where is everybody?”

“Sketch alley.”

“Bad things happen here after dark. They call this the lonely highway.”

“Why destory an entire town?”


“To her friends, not that she has many.”

“I'm perfectly fine, do I appear to be otherwise?”

Let The River Run

Is this a dark multiverse? Annie Wilkes is in Castle Rock. What was in the box in her flashback? Annie likes pigs and steals pills. She steals anti-psychotics and has a daughter named Joy. Annie moves form state to state and sings. Salem's Lot is seen and mentioned. How does Annie have a licence plate collection? She uses a fake name. Shawshank reopens. Lizzy Caplan and Tim Robbins star. 3/4 of the season 1 cast are gone without explanation.

Ace Merrill lurks. There is a trash to treasure place called the Emporium Galorium which deals with scrap, surplus and sundries. We see a trainline. Ace was originally played by Kiefer Sutherland. There are race issues in Salem's Lot because of Somali refugees. There are no vampires or needful things. There is talk of community and business centre being built in Salem's Lot.

Annie is young and thin. Ace is a motel landlord. Ace has dimestore hood friends. Joy wants friends. Annie is right to call Castle Rock a bad place. Annie is hired as a temp RN. She uses a fake name and ID. She works in Salem's Lot. Castle Rock is apparently full of junkies and the hospital has a locked drug room. What'll happen to Joy? There is a cold chain storage room. The Merriil's scare the cops. Pop Merrill is a bad man (Robbins).

Joy makes friends and has no phone. There is weird decor in town. Is there an observatory at the motel? Ace is on to Annie. Who is Joy's father? Annie never blinks. Annie has a laptop? She is wanted by the FBI for murder. Who'd she kill? Annie does good work according to Dr H. Pop is Dr H's adoptive dad and he is sick. Dr H went to Harvard. Ace starts trouble. Annie steals and Dr H unwisely helps her.

There is dwindling interest. Annie is grim faced. There is chaos and madness in this uninteresting endeavour. Annie lies. Joy gets a phone from her friend. Ace confronts Annie so she kills him with an ice cream scoop! There is blood and something gets out of a construction site. This is not incredibly efficient.

Best Lines:

“To the laughing place.”

“Who'd want to leave you?”

“You'd be wise not to bring that up again.”

“All the damn junkies.”

“We don't even get a thank you.”

“I got you some 2 towns ago.”

“No heroes. No real men.”

“Searchers and settlers.”

“Even her own daughter looks afraid of her.”

“She's running from something.”

“Awful false thing that passes as life.”

“Make you trash! Their trash!”

“Blood on christmas!”

“Some KKK sh*t.”

“This town is not a good place...he's the roach you can see, the rest are in the walls.”

New Jerusalem

Annie fell down a big whole of weird. Didn't the construction team notice the big hole of weird? Annie climbs down a storm drain. What on earth has she found? We see the Marsten House!!! How does Annie have a truck? She lost her necklace. Who's Chris? Does Ace have a brother? There is an accident and a flashback to 1994.

Why did Pop help refugees? Castle Rock once had satanists. Pop looks for Ace. Dr H learns stuff about Annie from Joy. Annie cleans Joy's teeth. Pop fostered and later adopted 2 refugee kids. There is an appopriate level of seriousness. Didn't anybody notice the big hole of weird? Annie's necklace will come back into play at some point I'm sure? What killed the junkie and one of Abdi's men? Who is the axe wielder?

Joy figures out Siri. Pop's on to Annie. There is a flashback to 2014. Annie stirs the pot. Moths flap. Ace nearly burning Dr H's house down in 2x01 goes unremarked or noticed. Annie drawn to dark places.

Best Lines:

“Heroin junkies.”

“Witch groupies.”

“Made a bad deal with the wrong hombre.”

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