February 1st, 2021


It's A Sin 1x02 Reviewed

Ritchie acts nefariously as the shadow of ever present doom comes closer. There is perennial wretchedness. Jill doesn't get to do much beyond react to events. Ritchie is intolerable. This was not unabashedly nostalgic. Ritchie tests social constraints to their limits. Ritchie is a reckless slut. It is now 1984 and there is no warmth or decency.

Roscoe is banned from a family wedding. Ritchie is incomparably depraved and unpleasant. Men in their underpants walk around. People lack personal morals and are ludicrously, wilfully destructive. This was not compellingly awful. This was not an ostensibly idyllic time. People won't listen to AIDS warnings. Ritchie spews conspiracy theories and is in denial and is wildly irresponsible.

Jill has to help a friend who has it. There is no gratitude or appreciation for Jill. Objective evidence is ignored. Colin ends up consequently excluded from his job. Ritchie is verbally vicious and spews false assurances and vehemently denies knowledge.

Jill is overtly giving. This is emblematic of all that is wrong. Only Jill is concerned, she's the notable exception. All other 80s socio-political shocks are ignored. Ritchie has strategic incompetence. Profound despair is coming. Roscoe is awful. Colin's creepy ex-boss gets busted in a public bog. A dreadful family 'help' the sick man. This was not seriously fantastic. Jill points out the risks, Ritchie won't listen.

Jill works and only she cares. After the sick man dies, his family burn everything of his: bedding, photos, a videotape and baby photos in the back garden. The gang go on living promiscuously and excessively.

Best Lines:

“Happening in silence.”

“Stayed in a better class of hotel.”

“Walks around all day in despair.”

“Do some work for once in your life!”

“What's going to save you?”

“You're not employed anymore.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Deliver Us' promo

A local psycho goes unpunished.

'Batwoman' 2x04 promo

A batmission. Sigh.

I may watch 'The Dig' where Ralph Fiennes looks at Carey Mulligan's hole.

Oil paints take half a century to dry completely?

My ex did a great abandonment. There is acute loneliness. My ex had no loyalty, fidelity or commitment. How did things get tumultuous? My ex = really awful. Am I regrettable to my ex? My ex is not conciliatory. He did deliberate misrepresentation. I feel a deep and abiding hatred. My ex = fundamentally terrible. My ex did venal and lowdown behaviour. There is no satisfactory explanation from my ex. My ex = unspeakably unfair.

I want a vintage yellow cushion cut sapphire and diamond ring and coloured beakers.

I saw frost patterns.

On 'Reign': Kenna was a slut who made catastrophic mistake after catastrophic mistake. She endured the consequences. She was utterly false.

What is cultured butter? What is smoked oil or deer sauce? What is raw sheep milk fudge? What is roasted koji butter? Or apple balsamic?

I'd try onion and cider soup with cheddar toast.

It's a plague blighted land.

Who saw 'The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford'?

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Incredible act of hostility.”

“Digital communications forum.”

“Weaponise the distress.”

“Largely a mystery.”

“So far, so normal.”

“Bedroom based traders.”

“Power not profit.”

“Built up anger and resentment.”

'48 Hours' Quote:

“Grim headlines they became.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Vaccine bar.”

“Contaminated land unusable.”

“Leak detection systems.”

'Reign' Quotes:

“12 corpses. All lifeless.”

“It hurt him and it hurt me to see it.”

“Fitting he died among the lowborn.”

“Betray your very dangerous friend.”

“Full scale rebellion can mean the end of your reign.”

“Knowingly abandoned me to a nightmare.”

“Left behind. Alone.”

“No longer regret that I loved you.”

“Massive war debts.”

“You look displeased.”

“Barren and unmarried.”

“Henchmen of the devil.”

“Smells fraud.”

“Lawful cycle of rule and succession.”

“Don't flaunt your bountiful womb to me.”

“Act of a mad king.”

“Didn't hurt or throw mud at her.”

“You know what happens to disposable queens? They are disposed of. Brutally.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Terrible lack of a long-term vision.”

“Before we dismiss their question as verging on hyperbole, it's worth noting that I am not the only one asking it.”

“Failure to understand diversification of risk.”

“Erroneously assumed.”


“Study in sorrow.”

“Little nuanced concern.”

“Intent of undoing.”

“Failure in the wake of yet another crisis will have consequences.”

“Leaders have yet again failed them.”

“Outstanding services to humanity.”

“Not kind reports.”

“Broke, alone and unpopular.”

“Damning correspondence.”

“Media bile.”

“Enduring perception.”

“Afraid of what the future holds.”

“What will happen to the big retailers on whom the life of the city centre depends?”

“People will live, work and shop within their own area,”


“A place to be forsaken or a resource to be ruthlessly exploited.”

“Not the capital of a sovereign state.”

“Pre-Georgian 17th-century streetscape.”

“Brutal reality.”


“Rescued from ruin.”

“Your whole table eats for free.”

“Ten years later, complete strangers still shout that at me in the street.”

“It's nice to be remembered for something.”

“The one in the afternoon was a crier. We had to call a hostage negotiator.”

“Not necessarily our purpose.”

“A last bastion for humanity as Earth is laid waste by a nuclear winter.”

“To fulfil public purpose.”

“Voluntary outcast.”

“Rage at the presumption of urbanites.”

“Ordered a couple to drain their pond after neighbours' complaints about incessant frog croaking.”

“Sensory heritage.”

“Unsuccessfully sued by a new comer neighbour fed up with the babbling of the ducks and geese in her back garden.”

“Reciprocity-based duty.”

“May be the last government of the United Kingdom.”

“The depth of unchecked power social media companies hold over the public debate and public safety.”

“Not altogether convincingly,”

“Abandoned and forgotten for decades.”

“Information on the applicants.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“A genius unmatched in human history.”

“Those dark ages aren't ever coming back.”


“Free plague leeches.”

“No secular art.”

“My foot hands.”

“Monarchs love challenges to the established order.”

“He's biting his way in.”

“Lives in that house you come out of every night.”

“I disavow that and welcome it.”

“Spit on your talent.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“Doing some very bad things.”

“Histroic yet suspicious acquittal.”

“Disastrous downfall.”

“Good guys doing dumb things.”

“Attention they didn't want.”

'Made For Murder' Quotes:

“Awared a trip on concorde.”

“Psychologically barren.”

“Praised in the local community.”

“Meaningful emotional communication.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“My very sad and melodramatic backstory.”

“There's a sad part too!”

“Please feel sorry for me!”

“You like me? Right?”

“Sweet little balls of the fur!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Something was amiss with my motivations.”

“Common integrity.”

“Relative academic obscurity,”

“Dispensing bracing advice.”

“Uproar and adoration followed,”

“Intellectually at best.”

“Breathless melodrama that becomes increasngly exhausting to follow.”

“The one thing of which I'm certain is that, were I as close to death as she assures me her father repeatedly was, this is not the person I would entrust with saving my life.”

“Surprising numbers regard YouTube as a viable substitute for medical school.”

“Happened to me, continually for, like, three years.”

“Insane protesters.”

“Concerned for my reputation.”

“Specious allegations.”

“Awestruck wonder,”

“Need a profound meaning in their life because their lives are difficult.”

“Most famous public intellectual on the planet.”

“Order and self-discipline,”

“Hunkered down in a bunker with his family against the world.”

“Allow your suffering to make you resentful.”

“Wondered who or what he was angry with.”

“Intolerable stress.”

“Plenty of temptation to become resentful about what's happened to me over the last two years,”

“What sort of offence could possibly warrant such punishment?”

“No longer carry the consequence of a backlash.”

“Incipent creep of Fancy Ways.”

“Presumed accent.”


“Active, direct hate.”

“All manner of trials, bravely born.”

“Unyielding to the point of arrogance.”

“Refused to compromise.”

“Taking umbrage.”

“Felt our collective wrath.”

“Certainty of ruin,”

“Usual establishment creeps-”

“Didn't have any capacity for friendship.”

“Padlocked the door to the larder until he broke the lock.”

“Meow pathetically.”

“Discordant note.”

“Astonishing and wrong claim.”

“Apparently without considering the implicaitons.”

“Avert serious societal difficulties.”

“Played down assertions that threats were made in return.”


“Incident would not be forgotten.”

“That's not a threat, it is a statement of fact.”

“Unwilling – for the moment at least – to repeat his act of defiance.”

“Intimidating aura.”

“Knows the end will come at some point – and that it might not come very pleasantly.”

“Swivel-eyed ranting.”

“Order far less than it could have.”

“Woefully ill-informed.”

“Level of discontent with Brussels.”

“If something goes wrong it's everyone else's fault.”

“Determinedly courteous.”

“Cataclysmic row.”


“Things like this will be remembered.”

“Mood booster.”


“Whose legitimacy relies on its perceived efficiency.”


“A household name that technology would banish to the dustbin of history.”

“Losses are potentially infinite-”

“Rural halfwits-”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Pose a threat to the traditional social order.”

“Fall under suspicion and surveillance.”

“Final devastating revealtion.”

“Who they were and what had happened to them was already less important than what their disapperance meant to the status of the people left behind.”

“Erased his old life after his disgrace.”

“The world will be a better place to live, by virtue of his existence and his presence,”

“National overreaction.”

“A moral descent.”

“Fetishisation of vinyl.”

“Just as friends forgave Capote's excesses – until they didn't.”


“Creeping and snooping.”

“A mysterious couple in the vicinity at the time period failed to come forward despite numerous appeals.”

“What they cannot forgive they will find ways to ignore.”

“You don't get to act like that in German-occupied territory unless you've made friends with a few Nazis.”

“Deceiver's charm.”

“Lost homeland.”

“The sane one in a deluded world, or about to lose it with the garden shears.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Needed to be loved more.”

'Mary Queen Of Scots' Quote:

“We advise her endlessly sir, not that she heeds it.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:


“Not exactly a towering intellectual.”

“Please. Go Away.”

“Hurts her mother in ways that are almost too calculated and evil to comprehend.”

“Parked outside the home of her ex-husband fox and their daughter, Violet, gazing in on the perfect picture of domesticity – now with the addition of a new wife and baby boy.”

“Cultural cues.”

“Given a baby doll and told to love it as her own.”

“Far older than anyone suspects.”

“Future is clouded in shadow.”

“An ancient grave is opened.”

“Places ordinary people in a metaphysical world beyond their comprehension and watches them navigate their way out.”

'Killer In Question' Quotes:

“Not welcome there.”

“Think bad about me.”

“No good son.”

“My name's ruined.”

'Killer Women' Quotes:

“Not the most reputable person.”

“In light of certain events.”

“Ridiclious terms of plausibility.”

“The community was not kind.”

“Haven't seen the light of day since.”

On 'Hollyoaks': nobody lives an imaginative, idealistic life. Ollie gets beat up by Sid. Schools are still open oddly enough. Only 1 person wears a mask. JP is a horrible loser. George's ex Dean is a bigger loser and looks like a crazy hobo.

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Movie Reviews: Lowlife + Deadpool 2 + The Homesman

Lowlife (2017)


Deadpool 2 (2018)

Ryan Reynolds thinks he is a movie star. Deadpool kills people and a cab driver wants to be a contract killer. People are purposefully awful. Deadpool's girlfriend dies. Deadpool does manipulation tools. Another X-Man shows up. There is an unfunny cameo. There is sap and bordeom and finally Cable (Josh Brolin) shows up.

An annoying kid is violent and annoying. People get sick of Deadpool. There is swearing and this was boring. This was completely pointless. This was not compelling. People mumble. X-Force show up briefly. Dominio has luck as a superpower.

There is violence and death. Wade should let the annoying terrorist kid die. Deadpool time travels. I did not like this. I am so over superhero films.

Best Lines:

“I'll never not picture that.”

“No killing anyone. Ever.”

“Prison wallet.”

“A dated metaphor for racism in the 60s.”

“Winter Soldier arm.”

“Define chance.”

“An annoying clown dressed up as a sextoy.”

“Why are you dressed like the unabomber?”

“Zip it Thanos!”

“Black Black Widow.”

“I'm sorry you said that while making heavy eye contact and applying lip balm.”

“Which 'Sharknado' are we on?”

“You're not the revenge type.”

“Gimme your best shot one eyed willie!”

“Cried when they cancelled 'Felicity'.”

“So dark. Are you sure you're not from the DC universe?”

“Shut your goddam trash mouth.”

“A guy who can't draw feet!”

The Homesman (2014)

Boring ass Western with Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary 'has 2 Oscars' Swank.

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