January 25th, 2021

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The Pembrokeshire Murders 1x02 + It's A Sin (2021) 1x01 + Wynonna Earp 1x05 + Quiz (2020) 1x01 😣😣

The Pembrokeshire Murders 1x02

Cooper bullies his wet rag wife and tells the police his disabled son is the killer. People whine. Why does Cooper's dumb bitch wife dance attendance on him? She ignored Cooper abusing their son. The old tv show 'Bullseye' had Cooper as a contestant in the 1980s! Cooper gets out. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The glove wearer in the family.”

“Charge threshold.”

It's A Sin (2021) 1x01

This starts in 1981 and is a typical Russell T Davis tv show: men shag each other and women clean up after them whilst either being a Cool Girl or a dull housewife. This was way overhyped and overpraised. As Ritchie leaves the Isle Of Wight for college his father gives him condoms, which he throws away – the fool will regret that. This was not even perfectly adequate. This tries for a melancholy sensibility and wistfulness. There are glum omens which Ritchie ignores.

This was not a mournful reflection on a lost era. Ritchie and co have lingering victim complexs. There are no stifled dreams or crushing despair. Ritchie is a brat and he has petulant conviction. Roscoe runs away from home. Colin is the boring one. They'll all be irrevocably changed by what they do and find in London. There is talk of a jotter.

A tailor is obssessed with washing. Neil Patrick Harris has a cameo. He overacts wildly. This was not powerfully conjured. Jill befriends Ritchie. There are numerous author tracts. There is nothing to like about Ritchie. There are hints of something coming. Colin has to put on protective gear to visit Harris in hospital. What happened to Juan Pablo?

How did Roscoe get to London? He may be working in a bar but how is Ritchie earning money? The 3 young men live in a house with Jill called the Pink Palace. They are idiots. Ritchie is warned about GRID by a woman and he is rude to her. Ritchie doesn't listen. This was deadly dull Ritchie has wanton hubris. GRID is mentioned in the paper. A year passes in this ep. Ritchie is willing to throw away college. Ritchie's family are awful. Harris dies and his bed is santisied. Nurses actually clean. Ritchie is horrible. Tracy-Ann Oberman guest stars. This was grubby and Ritchie and co try for insolence and larkiness. This was not feel good fun and Davis acts like quarantine and PPE are bad things. Jill is played by Lydia West who was Lucy in the 2020 'Dracula'.

Best Lines:

“No capacity for morals.”

“Fallen into the pit!”

“Not going to ruin my life too!”

“Dreaming of Steve Austin.”

“Ramp agent?”

“Shave his little hum.”

“I'll think you'll find you're not.”

“You are so pathetic.”

“Blooody argie!”

“I lock the front door at ten.”

“I had him.”

“Coming over here.”

Diggin Up Bones

The Earp sisters wear thrush inducing shorts. Will Willa show up alive already? This show is truly awful. There is no narrative or character. Malevolent demons lurk. Wynonna has scornful hauteur in another bad situation. Dolls lurks. This was lame and laughable and this was unimaginable awfulness.

This was tediously banal and duff and a dead loss that is painfully stilted. This was almost pointless and overfamiliar. Risk is avoided. This was bloated and creatively dead. Wynonna is not liked. She and her sister are idiot bimbos. Wynonna walks around with her big gun thinking she's tough. Doc Holliday walks around in old fashioned clothes with 2 guns and no one notices. Some tool named the Stone Witch bores. What is Doc Holliday? Wynonna shags Doc Holliday in the dirt. This was terrible.

Best Lines:

“Where the bad seeds end up.”

“Born bad.”

“They're bad people.”

Quiz (2020) 1x01

ITV's drama about the alleged 2001 'cheating' on a 2001 ep of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. The whole thing stinks of a scam. TPTB have money grabbing malicious intent. Michael Sheen plays Chris Tarrant. People try to game the show. There is wild overacting and over reactions and really bad form. This was silly.

Best Lines:

“Title's crap.”


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Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Pacific Heights + The Healer + Happy Death Day 2U 🥶🤬😡😰😠🤥

Pacific Heights (1990)

This is The Thing That Wouldn't Leave: The Movie. Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine, Michael Keaton, Laurie Metcalf, Carl Lumbly, Mako and Beverly D'Angelo star. A random woman gets her tits out and sucks on ice. The baddie (Keaton) is knocked into glass bricks and heads to San Fransisco.

The tech boom is still a thing of the future. A yuppie couple Patty and Drake (Griffith and Modine) buy a Victorian house built in 1886. It is a very nice house with 2 rental units that they will have to rent out to pay the rent. They paid $750,000 and need a home equity loan. The couple are tapped out and need the rental money to stay solvent.

Keaton is sinisterly handsome and calls himself Carter Hayes. The system turns out to be rigged against the couple. Things will soon get parlous. They DIY the house. It's an investment and their home. A white cat lurks. The cat survives the movie. This is the pre-internet and pre-mobile phone era. Patty and Drake see useless would be tenants. The interior design is very white. Their plan becomes unhappy.

There is an old fashioned alarm clock. Important mail is ignored. The couple are left distraight when Carter just moves in and pays no rent or security deposit. The couple are to be subjected to his extreme power. Things will lead to a grimly fitting denouement. Drake is angry and kind of racist. Nobody has curtains and the lovely house will be ruined by 'Carter'. There is rain. Carter says things that are plainly untrue and erroneous.

Carter does constant hammering and a gay pride flag is seen. Mr Drake Goodman does not live up to his name. Carter has a creepy friend who shows up and then vanishes from the film without explanation. A nail hits a wire. Carter stares at Patty and smokes in the garage in creepy horror movie fashion. Carter plays with a razor.

Patty works with horses and teaches riding and there is talk of her having a busted knee. Patty and Drake are not married. She's pregnant and there are weird nosies at night. There is staring and Carter changes the locks and Drake stomps on the resentment peddle and turns the heat and power off and does a victory dance in his robe. The police show up. Drake is a tool. There are animosities. Drake is ever angry. There is roaring. There is no moral credit. Drake faces reputational damage. A cop advises them to get a lawyer. This was doggedly earnest. Patty and Drake hire a lawyer (Metcalf) who has a thing for frogs.

We see shoe shiners and Carter steals their cat and neither Patty nor Drake react or demand their cat back. There is inward terror and falsity. There is dread of perdition. Carter gifts Patty a dollshouse and breeds and unleashes cockroaches whilst staring dead eyed at tv static. There are wide and bitter divisions. Carter obviously has deep visceral issues.

Nobody is morally correct. Carter's ex (D'Angelo) smokes and sneers and waits. Patty looks for loans. Carter seems unassilable. Patty wants to sell. Patty and Drake aren't resilient. Carter plays with his razor blade. Drake lurks in a crawlspace. Carter likes looking through the yellow pages. There is a fist fight. Why aren't Patty and Drake concerned about their cat? The nice Asian couple move out. There is conspicuous evil and court dates and it is confounding how the law is on Carter's side. His subsequent impact gets worse.

Carter fills the garage full of junk and plays angry music. Drake gets angry, again. There is no restitution. There is a shattered identity. Carter sucks the lifeforce out of Patty and Drake's realtionship. Drake dreams. Patty miscarries. There is poor moral condition. Drake didn't even change the sheets! Patty cries. There is an old phone. Carter is stoical and terrifying. There is no moral authority. Carter provokes.

Patty has a baby voice and Carter and Drake or rather 2 really obvious stunt doubles fight down a flight of stairs, through a glass door and down another flight of stairs. Drake ends up in the police car. How are Patty and Drake paying for the hospital visits and Carter's civil suit and the lawyer fees and the payments on their house? Why does Carter want the building? Carter wants a restraining order.

Who put up the wooden panel to hide the fight damage? How did Carter get into their apartment? Why does Patty stay in her house with Carter lurking below? Drake seems unconcerned about her being alone with the maniac. Carter shoot Drake – how are they paying for the numerous hospital visits? Carter leaves after thrashing the apartment and ripping out the fixtures. Patty cries and Carter even took the toilet! The renter Patty and Drake didn't rent to turns out to be a cop. Patty and Drake face foreclosure and lawsuits.

Patty wants vengeance and learns Carter's real name and that his family have estranged him and pay him out of a family trust. Carter welcomes their unhappiness. Patty chases Carter. How is she paying for it? Carter seeks out a new victim (Tippi Hedren!). Sax music plays. Rich people party on yachts. Patty gets into his hotel room and looks up a social directory. Carter likes to seek out estates to pillage. He stalks others and steals IDs. Patty tantrums.

Carter has piles of photos of himself and orders room service for 18 people on his credit card. His real hame is James Danforth and he was shut out of the family fortune for reasons. Patty's actions cause Carter's credit card to have issues as well his bank account and travellers cheques. Patty steals one of the chocolates on Carter's pillow. Carter walks right by her and doesn't notice. A hotel worker in a silly hat lurks. Carter chases Patty down the street.

Carter gets Tippi Hedren to pay his bail. Drake watches the shopping channel and sees a faux pony fur deskset. Who'd want that?!? Why don't Patty or Drake get a gun? The cat shows up safe and Patty calls it Kitty. They are useless pet owners! Carter beats up Drake and the blood flies and the cat is okay. The house is sold, was it built in 1883 or 1886? It was restored in the 1940s. Women have fried bad hair. Where are the neighbours? Patty wears mom jeans and the house is sold for $900,000. Guy Boyd, Jerry Hardin of 'The X Files', Dan Hedya, Miriam Margolyes, John diaz and O-Lan Jones star in this good film.

Best Lines:

“Screwing everybody!”

“Vacancy rate.”

“At your income level.”

“Minority scam artists.”

“Phone instillation.”

“Did you let him in?”

“He was already in.”

“Sounds like your problem.”

“Locked himself into my goddam apartment!”

“Slowly drives you bankrupt and insane.”

“I don't like this guy.”

“I don't appreciate foul language.”

“I'd like you not to talk to me.”

“Do not harass him again.”

“If he's in, he's got rights.”

“He's take possession.”

“Protected by laws.”

“Pointy headed cretin.”

“Alternative tenders.”

“Pregnant with a blown knee.”

“I don't have to be pregnant.”

“Overall disgustiness factor.”

“Completeley pathological.”

“How are we supposed to pay for this?”

“Jerk chases me out of my own property.”

“Roach sucking unit.”

“I just need money desperetly.”

“They've got our cat down there.”

“Breeding cockroaches.”

“This is what he does for a living.”

“Lots of expence!”

“I owe him money?!?”

“Out of your building before he destroys your life.”

“I want him out of here.”

“You and me and this place.”

“Arresting the wrong man!”

“All happening to us in our home.”

“Out of control for a long time.”

“Legally severed from his family.”

“History of mutual animosity.”

“They're a nice couple.”

“Come to see you out.”

“Facilitate entry.”

“Our insurance was cancelled.”

“This is a sick individual.”

“You don't mean a thing to him leave it that way.”

“Be grateful he's out of your life.”

“Can or will be accountbale for his activities.”

“Send a bottle of champagne to everybody staying on the 10th floor.”

“Are you his type?”

“Sitting here waiting for him.”

“Don't even know his real name.”

“Pretty pathetic.”

“Look who's here and who's not.”

“Just chasing a shadow.”

“So glad you're home.”

“You're not.”

“God forbid he ever makes it personal.”

Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty sitting among paint cans

Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty scratching at door
Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty walking among paint cans
Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty outside
Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty running down stairs
Pacific Heights - longhaired white cat Kitty eating from paper plate on television

The Healer (2017)

Oliver Jackson-Cohen stars in this idiot film that isn't even strangely compelling. A handyman (Jackson-Cohen) meets a mean uncle. Is this a kids film? There is resentment, comedy accidents and the uncle is a nasty, mean person. This was appalling and he is bothered by local weirdos in Canada. This was bleak and full of shame. He's increasingly hostile and the uncle is cold and offhand.

Best Lines:

“Bounced 5 cheques.”

“Is this a joke?”

“It should be.”

“You're a disgrace to the family.”

Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

This was petty and silly and full of unpleasant people. What are hot pockets? A motely crew of characters are bothered. This was not consequential. A guy builds a quantum thingy that causes a new time warp. There is bitter disharmony and you can build time machines for your thesis? There is irritability and people obfuscate. This was not remarkably serious.

There is displacement of frustrations and astonishingly immature, arrogant and soul-mouthed types lurk. This doesn't exactly inpsire confidence. This was inadequate. There is talk of a time wrap and this was pretty grim. There are sardonic sneers and seething rage. There are talk of parallel dimensions and the multiverse. There are dramatic chords and differences. There are less noble motives and this was not quixotic. There is recklessness and misjudgment and negative feelings. Enough!

Best Lines:

“Smells like hot pockets and feet.”

“Turkish angora.”

“Why are you sneaking up on me?!?”

“Eeew. Who are these people?”

“It's not going to blow up. Again.”

“Our tuition dollars at work.”

Scary Books

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Godzilla v Kong' trailer

How did they get him off Skull Island?!??!?

'Nightbreed' promo


'Devils' promo


'Your Honor' promo

A judge's son kills the son of the head of a vicious crime family. Things go badly.

'Batwoman' 2x03 promo


'Honest Trailers: Wonder Woman 1984'


Rouille Bio au sel Marin – mmmm.

Rouille setoise – okay.

Crispy hearts – mmmmm.

Irish black butter – weird.

I feel fury, distress and resentment. Why are things irreconcilable? It was supposed to be us against the world. How come I couldn't make him stay? My ex had a facade of love. I feel rather uncared for. He chose to leave my life.

I think of my former classmates: bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches.

Guiliani was on 'Law & Order'.

I won't read 'The Night Agent'.

Watched part 1 of 'Lance' (2020) - “Get my hate on.”

What's a wild garlic caper?

I want a palmyre white gold and diamond necklace.

Turbands are a thing?

400,0000 dogs and cats were put down by their owners in London in the 1st 4 days of WW2 because pets weren't allowed into bomb shelters. Bastards.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I wouldn't even walk into a room if I thought the news was on in there.”

“Uniquely aware of what they see as the truth.”

“Talked himself into prison.”


“Ethical protocols.”

“Coerced family seperation and secrecy.”

“Dreadful to be so completeley abandoned.”

“Can help but feel resentful.”

“Added bitterness of an old friend.”

“Source of shame and stigma.”

“Indifferently understood past.”

“Resented his lack of recognition?”

“Shatter and change your perspective on life,”

“Long been exiled from decent company.”

“Old blokes failing to rekindle earlier glories:”

“Lot of misery to unpack-”

“Mutterings on the street of something dreaful slouching its way from San Francisco and New York.”

“Socially produced trauma.”

“Help a community survive when those in power abandoned them.”

“Four hippopotamuses escaped, becoming feral, and have been spotted occasionally in lakes in the surrounding countryside...these hippos and their descedants are thriving in the Colombian jungle.”

'History Of Swear Words' Quotes:

“Gravy spigot.”

“Does anti-social things.”

'Discovering Tommy Lee Jones' Quote:

“Digging graves in the back yard didn't bring any.”

'The Case Died With Her' Quotes:

“Justice goes unserved.”

“Making up lies.”

“Young lady of ill repute.”

“Punishment range.”

'Top Marks For Murder' Quotes:

“You just have to get used to being like the rest of us.”

“But I'm not like the rest of us.”

“What sort of foreign?”

“Why, a woman would have to be dead to leave a hat from a Paris atelier behind!”

“Rather common-looking.”

“Her mother is “off learning mysticism in India”, which is exactly the sort of thing you would say if you'd just killed her in the woods.”

'Supergirl' Quote:

“Your justice will burn the world of men.”

Supergirl: Who is Reign and What Does She Want? | DC

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“My prize psychopath.”

“Going shopping for lewd pottery.”

“Slipping and falling back first onto a knife.”

“My slaves hate me for some reason.”

“What more do you want?”

'Made For Murder' Quote:

“Someone to avoid.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Culture of servitude and inequality.”

“So long forgotten.”

“Not the same as it was.”

“I heard you can read.”

“Romero style vision of hazmat suits and rapidly rising infections.”

“Selfless determination.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Simultaneously hilarious and unsettling eperience.”

“Dominant culture.”

“Private fantasy worlds?”

“Gripping saga.”

“Hounded off social media.”

“Why such a furious response to what is just a fame?”

“Sold a vision of something that doesn't really exist.”

“Ferocity of this response.”

“Creative darkness.”

“Insincere and empty delight.”

“Resigned despair.”

“Near-dystopian horror-”

“Murderous instincts.”

“Penthouse eyries of their bosses.”

“Facade of loathing?”

“Bleak confrontation.”


“Relentless indoctrination.”

“Ideological reasons.”

“Who must have fancied themselves serious historical actors, have ended up in the dustbin of history.”

“Suffused with distain.”

“What they did not longer matters much, except to their victims.”

“Sanctimonious idealists.”

“Grim months.”

“Quiet acquiescence.”

“Severe distress.”

“Vile young rake.”

“Sinister details.”

“Despairing epitaph.”


“Theologically abusive.”

“Whether willingly or unwillingly no one knows.”

“Dead-eyed ruthlessness.”

“Look of distain.”

“Consistently misread.”

“Wilful ignorance.”

“Huge emotional impact,”

“Just some blogger.”

“Malevolent behaviour.”

“Lack of retaliation.”

“There's nothing more soul-sapping than to go back to a beloved place to find it saddened, diminished - or worse, a pastiche of itself.”

“Which civilisation collapse I was going for,”

“Contempt industry.”

“Malign genius.”

“Interloper in his own country.”

“Opposite of his intention.”

“Dispatch inconvenient claims to the family farm.”

“Shamed girls.”

“Nicer convents, respectable schools.”

“Hopeless, loveless circumstances.”

“Less rapturous.”

“Social issues.”

“Kicked her out of Dubai in the 1970s.”

“Satan's drink.”

“Took little notice of the 1960s-”

“Purposefully artifical.”

'Killer In Question' Quote:

“Image of self importance.”

'Sex, Lies And Murder' Quotes:

“Death of her ex husband in her garage.”

“Jealously, rage and an axe.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

A society that only one generation ago, was unrecognisably inhumane and craven.”

“Noise and improbability.”

“Commitment was absolute.”

“Tepid and petrified men trying to remake the world in their own faded image.”

“Portents of things to come.”

“Dreadful consequnces for those who step out of line.”

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