January 1st, 2021

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Movie Reviews: Taking Of Pelham 123+Thief Of Time+Capricorn One+Spree+Papillon+Hope Gap+Firestorm

The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)

A subway train is taken hostage. This was okay and starred Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Hector Elizondo, Jerry Stiller and Doris Roberts.

Best Lines:

“Keep dreaming maniac!”

“20 buck a trick hooker!”

Thief Of Time (2004)

A sacred burial site is looted. Wes Studi stars with Peter Fonda. This was based on a novel. There is bad acting and a woman with dyed orange hair and hot pants for reasons.

Best Lines:

“Threw a bag of potato chips.”

“Has to be a conspiracy.”

“Grassy knoll theory.”

“A pot thief.”

“Semi-retired loser.”

Capricorn One (1977)

This is a wildly OTT, over acted stealth parody of moon landing conspiracy nutters. A mission to Mars is faked and Elliot Gould, OJ Simpson, Sam Waterston and James Brolin yell and run and yell and run.

Best Lines:

“Managing to ruin the country.”

“What about the slums?”

“Talking about reaching the stars.”

“Big tall white thing over there.”

“Put crazy people into space.”

Spree (2020)

Thirsting for the social media fame that eludes him, a ride-share driver livestreams his killing spree from his car. David Arquette plays the nutter's dad. Kurt, said nutter, has a livestream called Kurt's World. There is swearing and his views and engagment rarely reach double digits.

Kurt has a scarring effect and finally goes viral. This was not exceptional. Kurt is cringe inducing as he seeks mythical status. He gets adulation by murdering people in his car. This does not work satisfactorily. There is no intensity and this has no interesting aspects. This was not a great achievement.

Kurt resolutely wants to be infamous. He's consistent and resolute in his determination to murder with grit, resolve and enduring determination. He plots fatally but meets his match. This was an wannabe indictment of fame seeking wannabes. There are no awful realisations.

There are ominious promises and a gun is waved and fame is won but not by Kurt. He is inciteful and inappropriate. This was not a good look. This doesn't bring anything of use. This was not vast and unsettling. The ending is funny. This is a mockery. Kurt knowingly did wrong. This was not hugely engaging. Kurt has an extremist position. Someone gets insta famous. Kurt never did anything original. But he does have fans despite being completely condemend.

Best Lines:

“Completely honest about their lifestory.”

“Double dip my stream.”

“That can be frustrating.”

“Don't go anywhere.”

“It's my house!”

“Close out.”

“You're about to know me.”

“If you're not documenting yourself, it's simple: you don't exist.”

“Screen sharing.”

“Smart. Unlike you.”

“You're a streamer?”

“Full time.”

“Knows she's getting away with something.”

Papillon (1973)

Steve McQueen starred as a French petty crook sent to Devil's Island. This was grim, men are in the nip and Dustin Hoffman is in this too. Fancy women lurk. What year is this? They are to be isolated from any avenue of escape. There are no positive lifestyle decisions. 40% die in the first year.

The endless boat trip sees violence and death and bad hygiene. There is a sucide and death and fake blood. How do they hide a knife? There is indignity and work camps and pith helmets and prisoners turned colonists. There is punishment for trying to escape: 2 years in solitary for the 1st attempt, 5 years for the second attempt and death for another. They're chained to their bedding and this was so grim.

Best Lines:

“The bastards gave you life.”

“You are the property of the penal administration.”

“As for France. The nation has disposed of you.”

“No place to run to.”

“Buy your way out.”

“Nobody's innocent.”

“Hose down.”

“Almost unbearable isn't it.”

“Decent jail with bribeable guards.”

“Make the best of what we offer you.”

“Suffer less than you deserve.”

“Known in all the wrong places.”

Hope Gap (2020)

Bill Nighy and Annette Bening and Josh O'Connor of 'The Crown' star in this slow UK tale of how on a couple's 29th anniversary – the hubby walks out on his wife for another woman. He is ghastly, egocentric and selfish and not sorry. Bening has a fake UK accent.

The gormless son is gormless. The father cheated and moves in with his fancy woman. This was not hugely significant. The father absolutely destroyed his family and leaves his wife in a highly agitated state. His mistress is ugly and bitchy.

Best Lines:

“Or if she was happy.”

“You don't do you?”

“Awful place you chose last year.”


“Making everything into a problem.”

“I have tried for 29 years.”

“She wants to make a scene.”

“A left woman.”

“Poisoned all my memories.”

Firestorm: Last Stand At Yellowstone (2006)

Richard Burgi stars and fights a superfire. Yawn.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'A Teacher' promo


'The Terror' promo


'Swamp Thing' promo

“All kinds of awful.”

I'll review 'A Teacher', 'Captive Prince', 'Swamp Thing', 'Go Go Power Rangers Volume 8', '33 Women' and 'The Terror'.

A 'Contagion' sequel?

Am curious about the tv show 'Pandora'.

I'm sick of lockdown.

I have low frustration tolerance.

There is a new book from the author of 'Docile'.

Fixed some LJ issues.

The exact reasons why my ex did all this – unknown. My ex caused dashed hopes. My ex turned on me, fast. He did not give me the life promised.

'50 Years A Prince' Quote:

“Not that we had phones then.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Far too much fawning over him,”

“Once-in-a-lifetime talent.”

“Pitch allocation.”

“Their right not to be offended.”

“Digging the graves of their appeal.”

“Will not ring in the new year for the first time in living memory and possibly in centuries.”

“Little common experience.”

“Seemed to possess an unshakeable belief that this was a great act of service.”

“Multi-celebrity car-crash pop anthem.”

“Fundamental change it involves.”

“Affection for trash culture of earlier generations.”

“Yelled dialogue.”

Shapes their opportunities and how people behave toward them.”

“Honestly-held belief.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quotes:

“Ghastly sight.”

“Took a bad turn when he met Regina.”

“God help the world.”

'The Office' Quote:

“I don't think that's vomit.”

'Angel' Quote:

“Good old Wes. Always count on him to tackle a bad situation and amke it worse.”

'Uncle Vanya' Quotes:

“Everything's the same as ever, except worse.”

“What life?”

“I didn't force him to achieve nothing.”

“All live under sufferance.”

“Rehearsed these views many times.”

“Go where? With what?”

“Lose the right to exist.”

“You're from the past and the past is gone.”

“Pander to that behaviour.”

“Like 2 sad old tramps.”

'Life' Quotes:

“Willing to settle for ordinary dreams.”

“There is a joy in a daughter, but there is power in a son.”

“Disruptive and belligerent.”

“This is what my son used to be,...And this is what he is now.”

“Had friends, disturbing ones.”

“Charged him with being incorrigible.”

“Wanting desperately to be accepted.”

“”Straights” and “heads”.”

“Heavy pill scene-”

“It was rarely discussed. Perhaps it should have been.”

“Developing enemies.”

'The New York Times' Quotes:

“Expressed no remorse over what he had done.”

“Smug suburban town.”


“Could not reconcile himself to his son's ways.”

“Hoped the killing taught them a good lesson.”

“Conservative political enmity.”

“Desperation and hopelessness, tormented loneliness.”

“Find no purpose in life, no way to live other than unhappily.”

“They always laugh.”

“Powerful indictment.”

Gerard Butler Quote:

“An axe if you don't like the neighbour.”

'Britian's Bestselling Toys' Quotes:

“Magic came into our home.”

“Couldn't be part of the magic.”


On 'Hollyoaks': Mercedes hates to ever admit she is wrong. Darren will soon have the awful realisation he left Nancy for a ho. Mandy, said ho, plans to let Darren's son take the fall for the nasty incident/murder that her daughter Ella committed. Silas monologues. Ste is back. Mercedes ignores the whole county lines/murder sitch to talk about herself. Why is her son on a flight during a global pandemic? Goodwill is fast dissipating. These people are unconscionable.

Best Lines:

“Abandoned us all.”

“You went to filthy drug dens.”

“All kicking off big time.”

Sergio Balleseros

Black Narcissus 1x03 + Star Trek Picard 1x07 Reviewed 👎👎

Black Narcissus 1x03

Dilip Rai and Kanchi are caught together. Nuns confront their desires with tragic consequences. There is current and continuing evil, maybe. There is a negative impact and lost faith. Clodasgh has intransigence. There are negative issues and one is impressed. Gina McKee shows up. The nuns are terribly at odds and unresilient.

Why are they questioning children about the queen? A nun kicks an idol. What about the constant wind? Ruth has a snide voice and mad eyes. Tension is not alleviated. There is not so secet contempt. This was crapola.

Clodagh's position does not denote wisdom. There is a lack of enthusiasm. There are constructive relationships just antipathy and cultural catastrophe. There is chastening and consternation. Where are the cats? Everything is utterly condemned and provoking recrimination. Dreadful events will unfold, eventually. People are disconcerted. Clodagh's not shaving her head. Fingerless gloves are worn in Nepal. Clodagh did something or other at some point.

A girl is to be cast out but Clodagh stands up for her. One worries about their behaviour and decisions. There is overwrought soap opera acting. What is the bloody point? What is Gina McKee's accent? The nuns are vilified for a sick baby. Sister Blanche made an error. They're not deeply embedded into the community. Did Mr Dean fight in WW1? Clodagh was forced into the convent after a love affair.

Mr Dean and Clodagh have issues. Ruth freaks out. How do they wash? Ruth dresses up. Where did she get the dress and the lipstick? A cat is seen. Where is the light in Mr Dean's shack coming from? This was not devastating. There is attempted murder and suicide. The nuns leave. A horse has a ribbon in its tail. Mr Dean and Clodagh say a fond farewell, her name is Catherine. How was Sister Ruth's body found? No thank you.

Best Lines:

“Determined to make an enemy of me.”

“Not an easy personality.”

“No place for the troubled or the difficult.”

“God must surely have come to her assistance.”

“Rather well sent up.”

“Created order from chaos.”

“There are distractions.”

“Spiritual health of what you're building here.”

“Stand down your spoon.”

“Ever so kind.”

“Invited to the funeral of Queen Victoria as well as the last couple of coronations.”

“Make speed to save us.”

“Fallen into bad ways.”

“Strayed into sin.”

“Of the lowest caste.”

“What Mr Dean said is of no consequence.”

“Brings order to the world.”

“I did not like it.”

“Likes so much to play the rebel.”

“That wasn't right.”

“All privilege, no responsibility.”

“If you spared the rod occasionally, there wouldn't have been an uprising.”

“Knows what you are.”

“Mr Dean sees what you're like!”

“A grievance that festers infects us all.”

“Listen without distraction to our inner conversation with god.”

“Must follow the will of god.”

“World's a harsh place.”

“Hates me. They all do.”

“Do as she pleases with what's left behind.”

“No judge of anything.”

“Desire belongs to men.”

“Shabby little story to tell.”

“Whatever promises you'd made.”

“Love turned to hate.”

“Madness of love was in her.”

“I learned how to shoot in China.”

“I fear this is a wicked place.”


Oh messed with Jurati. How can a Romulan mind meld? Oh babbles about a terrible sacrifice. People yell. Hugh dies. Riker, Troi and their daughter Kestra are visited by Picard. Poor Hugh. Rios is useless. Narek and his useless sister bore. Riker can't act. Troi and her fillers can't act. Riker finally calls Picard on his arrogance and TPTB no longer hide how tall Riker really is. The AI whines – oh piss off bitch. Is Kestra's hair a bad wig? One is incredibly negative about this.

Best Lines:

“I blame you for this!”

“Tractor locked!”

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