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Book Review: Whisper Down The Lane 👿👿👿👿

Whisper Down The Lane by Clay McLeod Chapman

From the author of the crap 'The Remaking' comes this good tale of satanic panic injustice and how it poisons culture generation after generation. In 1983, Sean was 5 with a useless mother. Sean tells a lie that engulfs him, an unfortunate teacher and the entire nation.

In the present Richard is a loser 'art' teacher who tricked a single mother into marrying him – he takes responsibility for nothing, lies, ignores animal abuse and is an uncaring hateful jackass. It is no suprise that Richard is Sean all grown up. Sean told a lie that was foundational for a satanic panic tragedy. Richard does avoidance of culpability so when history repeats this time with Richard as the target – you long for him to get what he has coming. There is an unanswered quesiton: where are social workers when Richard's idiot wife lets him around her son?

Best Lines:

“Whether or not we believe, they most assurdely do.”

“Festering with speculation.”

“A replica of a bygone era.”

“Acted like something terrible was going to happen to him at any something.”

“They demanded to be heard. Reckoned with.”

“Something foul happening.”

“I gave him plenty of chances to be in this family and he never took a single one of them.”

“People were kind again.”

“To belong to the crowd rather than be its target.”

“Indoctrinating them into the ways of satan?”

“Profane legacy...”

“To make people despair.”

“Kowtows to nearly every demand these eco-moms and dads have.”

“Everyone around you is nothing but collateral damage to your lies.”

“Nobody took pity on me.”

“Scapegoat for all of your lies.”

“What did any of us do to deserve the hell you put us all through?”

“You never has to say you were sorry.”

“Asked a question that seemed to merit deep consideration.”

“The inner walls in the stalls of the boys bathroom look like a Motley Crue video.”

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