December 23rd, 2020


Movie Review: The Midnight Sky (2020)

A post apoc George Clooney and Felicity Jones and Kyle Cahndler head for the abyss. Why am I reminded of 'Z Nation'? What event ruined the earth? Clooney has a beard and broods and stares. Why so many evac helicopters? One waits and waits for horrifying revelations. Something enormous and unthinkable and irreversible happened.

There are flashbacks and the ending 'twist' is so obvious. A habitable moon of Jupiter has been found. This was based on a book I've never heard of. Clooney directed. What happened to the space missions? Why was the ISS evacuated? One ship is still out there, the one that found the moonn.

Worlds of money wasted on this. Jones wandered on the fake looking moon off Jupiter. It was a dream. Or was it? Artifical gravity exists as do spaceships and holograms. This was trying and there is no high drama. The astronauts wonder why Earth has fallen silent. And why they can't contact a colony flight. A child lurks. Cue sap.

There is endless talking and no level of unease. Bad decisions blight this film. This was not robust. Clooney's scenes aren't that interesting. This was detestable and this was idiocy. This was an abject failure. There is no communication with the ship so Clooney has to find a way to contact it. This was an edifice.

There are crises and disregard this. Is humanity consigned to extinction? There is existential anxiety and this was terrible. Nobody has grave concerns. What scorched the Earth? Disaster hits the ship and there is chaos and mortal dangers and gloomy resignation.

Best Lines:

“RF pollution.”

“We hoped would be our future, things didn't quite turn out that way.”

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 20 + DCeased Dead Planet Issue 6 + Wonder Woman War Of The Gods

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 20

Xander has remberances of time wasted or so I presume as he's not in this issue. Anya and Willow chat. Jenny's frightening ordeal is ignored as nobody cares about it. Faith shows up. Anya gives Willow something tacky. Willow wears very tight trousers. Wesley shows up. This was definitely unnecessary and had ugly art.

Giles is dumb. Wesley is definitely pathetic. Jenny's still not dead. Do TPTB want us to feel sorry for the incel Xander? There is a cesspool of ambiguity and unpleasant people. This was not believable, inspired or gruesome. There is recrimination. Giles is fractious and venhemently opposed. Wesley mutters about the Irish. Willow obsesses over Xander. This does not leave you satisfied. There are situations I barely understand.

Willow has an unjustifiable position. There are now 3 slayers. There is talk of the council. Who is Morgan? Who is the monster? There is talk of time and I'm confused. I haven't read issue 19. People talk at Willow disapporvingly. Willow screams. Nobody is very well intentioned.

Best Lines:

“In need of something expensive.”

“I don't believe that. I don't think I want to believe that.”

“Didn't he go all—pointy teeth, kidnappy, scary boy?”

“Talking shrubs a normal thing here?”

“Anyone tells you otherwise is a fool or selling you something.”

“I think he just wants his friends back.”

“We have had a breach of trust as a group.”

DCeased Dead Planet Issue 6

Things happen in Australia. Penguin plots as did Ivo and Amazo. Cyborg's blood is recoded. There is talk of a cure and reclaiming the world. The zombies are wiped out. Dinah is selfish and the cure works. Constantine plots. Who is the Phantom Stranger? Jason Blood lurks. Trigon is coming and then he has come. Nightwing and Tim could have been saved as could everyone else. Why save the undead? Isn't Superman eating the sun? Wally West sped read to learn how to make a cure, okay then. Constatine steals Doctor Fate's helmet. How does Constantine have certain powers? Constantine will save the world, maybe. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“I am the sole commander of a super-powered artifically intelligent army that could destroy the very planet you're standing on. Maybe you should review your tone?”

“Part of me misses him.”

“I'm not going to lie. This is exactly as bad as it looks.”

“Take his first burning steps unpon the Earth.”

“Can you be less vague?”

“For a guy who claims he can't interfere, you sure stick your nose in a lot.”

“Did try to kill us a bit.”

“They're not getting any undeader.”

“A devil has come to scorch the Earth.”

“He had come to end everything.”

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Wonder Woman War Of The Gods

There is talk of Wonder Woman, Circe, Hecate and Shazam as gods of different pantheons fight, for reasons. America declares war on Themyscira, for reasons. Hecate corrupts Diana. A bat eared baddie gurns and lurks. Steve Trevor and Etta are killed off. This was incoherent and confusing. Fighter planes bomb Themyscira, for reasons.

Hippolyta dies. The bat eared guy is a god of fear. Where were the Justice League during all this? The dialogue sounds like it has been lifted from 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'. Who are the Bana-Mighdall sisters? Batman in full costume appears in court, okay then. Batman is held in high regard, why? Sexist men and sweet promises show up. War is incited. There is moral despair and unimaginable loss and emotioanl wounds. There is a terrible cost.

This was overwhelming in its negativity and seemingly irreversible. This was not quietly devastating, just bad. Unjust systems triumph. This was not profound. There is more death. The big fight at the end makes no sense. People do jazz hands at each other. This was piss poor.

Best Lines:

“Themyscira is revealed and delcared a hostile nation, her people enemeis of the American state. Chariots of war are loosed upon her shores.”


“Crass to behold.”

“Well it ain't good, that's for sure.”

“Burn this world to cinders and remake it in my image!”

“It was you who ushered in the end.”

“Bow your head and tremble in despair--”

“Remind man why he trembles in the dark...”

“You should have let the brooding one strike me down when you had the chance, fool.”

“We strike now, and we do not stop until either she is defeated or we are all dead!”

“Civilization? The word is posion.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Higlander' promo


'Excuse Me I Love You' promo


'Sweet Home' promo


'Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders' promo


Double big mac – mmm.

Garlic brie – nice.

Did my ex have confected niceness? I feel angry and resentful. My relationship had an abrupt cessation. My ex inflicted damage. My ex has wilful refusal to put any effort into fixing things and he remains resolute in this.

'South Park' Quote:

“Sleigh is down. Reindeer all dead.”

'Bad Education' Quote:

“Slighty stabby facade.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Reliant on the rest of the world for its food.”

“To demand schedule.”

'The Bay' Quotes:

Loud verbal noises.”

“How culpable he was for what was about to happen.”

“Serve no-one's benefit.”

“Not good at all.”

“Satanic cultism.”

“The flu shots and the vaccine.”

“Fish don't bite fish.”

“Tongues half gone.”

“There be cholera in there.”

“Not very good at all.”

“Get a sense of place here.”

“The nightmare underneath here.”

“Not the sea lice variety.”

“Why is that wise?”

“No-one's helping.”

“Is it really necessary for you to get video of this?”


“You don't do any of the work.”

“Where are we going to go?”

“Burrow its way into a submarine.”

“This couldn't be creepier.”

'Upstart Crow' Quotes:

“Sinister muffled voice.”

“Cultural theft.”

“A frenzied encounter with a naughty saucing demon might prove a distraction.”

“Bubonic plaguey beaks.”

“Utter arsing.”

“Pervy little snitching creep!”

“All hope gone.”


“Bum shank friendly.”

“Brutal plaguey lock-in.”


“Foul cream teas.”

“Collecting deadies.”

“Bum boils,”


“Saucy frolic.”

“That grim day be not yet here.”

“Least mourned man in Stratford.”

“Dense 3 hour verse dramas.”

“Foul whispers.”

“Vaulting ambition.”

“Brutal servitude to man.”

“Free to roam once more.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Range of alleged wrongs committed against him.”

“Threw out the CD player years ago and listens only to vinyl.”

“The good ended happily and the bad unhappily.”

“Mete out the justice.”

“Plenary indulgence.”

“Minion states.”

“Clear the cloud of disgrace that hangs over him.”

“Long abandoned.”

“Relativise his guilt and motives.”

“Angry loner.”

“Felt like a stranger in my own life.”

“Feel your disapporoval.”

“Let go of your judgment.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Issues start.”

“Message of reassurance.”

“Salad processing plant.”

'The Goes Wrong Show Nativity' Quotes:

That came out very sinister.”

“Round sparkly hat.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Current disease trends.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Dumbest bitches I've ever met.”

“A year in the making.”

“Hanging out with the wrong group of friends.”

“Not going to be found dead in a ditch.”

“Screen reported.”

“I'm taking you down! Big!”

“School rant.”

“Who was you intended audience?”

“Keep on making bad decisions and end up dead in ditches!”

'Sex, Lies and Murder' Quotes:

“Argued every day and they argued loud.”

“None of those reasons are usually good.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Not a crisis of their making.”

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Tiny Pretty Things 1x04+The Feed 1x02+Mother Love (1989) part 1 rewatch+Star Trek Picard 1x06 🩰👎

Dance Dance Revolution

Ramon's ballet is trashed by critics. People cut class with no punishment. This was not good enough. Where are Cassie's family? Bette needs painkillers. June stares into the abyss of getting a job. June's not exceptional or talented. Oren's aggressive and bullish. This is not a great narrative.

There is no intellectual ambition. Shane doesn't mourn over the love that couldn't be. Nabil has an uncertain nature. This was an absolute clunker. The ballet has sleazy costumes. This was very, very dull and there is endless sex and the weary plodding progress of time. Oren is wilfully obscure. Oren wears tight underpants. There is the utter nothingness of existence.

Nabil approaches every line as though he's doing Henry V. Bette's injury is unsustainable. There's a level of distrust with Ramon who shows off his cruellest aspects. The students are controlled by society's expectations. There is abjection. Ramon disdains his dancers and has animosity and yells.

This was inadequate. There is no usefulness or relevancy. Bette is so earnest. Ramon blithey insists on his own genius and is cruel and arbitrary. This is an appalling vista. Ramon smashes a mirror in a rage. Ramon has a catastrophic impact on people. June babbles.

Caution is urged. Ramon gravely offends and is a perpetrator. Bette points out they wear pointe shoes invented in the 18th century. June questions her own ability. Madam and the self interested Ramon punish students if they don't behave. Ramon plays a cruel game. Ramon is an awful swine. There is randomness and this was absolute nonsence.

Ramon thinks he's more important than he really is. Ramon does planned provocations. Ramon is appalling and has failed in his endeavours. This was whimsical. Nobody wants to address grievances. Nobody reduces tensions and cuts negative impacts. Nabil is so rude.

This was done incredibly seriously. Why is there such unwavering support for Ramon? Caleb shags madam – oh gorss. One notes grimly how infuritating this is. TPTB are increasingly desperate. This was outlandish. Oren eats in the toilet – hazardous hygiene. Oren insults Shane. Oren is cruel and absurd and has no logical thought process and smirks at his own 'wit'.

There is bad singing and Bette thinks her rough arse friend can get her pain pills and he does. This was not very plausible. There is an abyss for Bette. This was not entirely satisfactory. This was an unmitigated disaster and an epic failure. June is quite sad and there is bad acting. June steadfastly refuses to stop doing that stupid fake accent. People dream. Ramon screams at Bette. Ramon hooked up with Cassie. Bette's sister is a selfish bitch and dresses like a hooker.

People are deplorable. Dancers are desperate to get rid of the horrible, dangerous, unscrupulous Ramon. Bette taunts Shane. Ramon is a pig. June's mother threatens to disown her. Ramon tantrums. Bette dances on a fracture. June is cut off. Bette prances in her underwear and she and Oren do it on Shane's bed. Icky. Sick. Ramon is a tangible threat and launches a counterattack and Ramon causes serious despair.

Best Lines:

“Scary foreign guy.”

“Satin and canvas.”

“Go dance contemporary!”

“No innocent person does that.”

“Glorify a serial killer.”

“Ooze sexual interest.”

“Stop dance walking.”

“All wrong.”

“Psycho killer's not here either.”

“Make the impossible appear effortless.”

“The best and you hated her for it.”

“Protect her dreams.”

“Acting super sketch.”

“Early onset dad bod.”

“Stop playing dress up in tutus.”

“Ballet is a real job.”

“Not for you.”

“Made it look beautiful.”

“Do that with gratitude.”

“Unforgiving wood of a stage floor.”

“Believe hard enough.”

“Too scared to kick me out.”

“Asleep in her vodka.”

“The critics win.”

“Dance for me.”

“You smell like your sister.”

“Don't need an education on what grief can do.”

“She thinks she's replaceable.”

“Validation of strangers.”

“Your pervy ballet.”

“Crazy ass murder ballet.”

“Rampant with abuse.”

“Serial gropers.”

“Lose your true north.”

“I'm nothing here.”

“Only thing you're good for.”

“Point made! Now dance!”

“Angry mob of teenagers.”

“They're not worthy of me!”

“You think I'm poor?!?”

The Feed 1x02

The guy who was Craig on 'Hollyoaks' stares. There are pervs in the feed. I've no idea what is going on or why. People plot and spy. There is death and incoherence.

Best Lines:

“Need to behave normally.”

“Always has reasons, just never the right one.”

“Off liners.”

“Shame cakes.”

“Watching people in their loos.”

Mother Love (1989) part 1

Diana Rigg died and so the BBC finally repeat this drama, it was originally 4 parts but now it is 2. There are BAD child actors. There are dated clothes. Angela is to marry mummy's boy Kit. Angela's family are tools. Kit's awful mother Helena (Rigg) has no job and lives on lifelong alimony from her ex Alex. Angela learns Kit lies to his mother and throws a strop. Angela needs a good smack.

Helena is crazy. Racist comments are made about Japan. Alex yells at one of his bastards and is played by David McCallum. Alex's 2nd wife was a mistress and brushes off cheating and lying and how it took 2 years for Alex to ditch Helena and marry her. Helena's skidekick George is in on Alex's lies too. Angela correctly points out that all this lying to Helena will end badly. Rigg is filmed in badly made up closeup. Helena's maiden name was Batt, no comment. Why didn't Alex get custody of Kit from Helena?

Angela's wedding dress is hideous. Alex can't get off his ass and go to the wedding. Kit and Angela are shovel faced bores. Kit and Angela suddenly have a baby. Helena acts like she is over the hill at 50. Alex calls the new born baby a fatty. Charming. Alex gets a knighthood. Ruth being compared to Diane Arbus is hilarious. Alex's house is full of people, noise and fun – sounds like hell. Helena finds out about George's deception and bad things go down. Alex is terrible. Angela talks all the time, hag be quiet. Alex and Ruth's kids were brats. This was okay. But like all cheating lying scum Alex and Ruth justify themselves.

Best Lines:

“The way that tart with a camera took my husband.”

“Serious intent all over her face.”

“No difficult moments?”

“The bluff Kit can't afford to call.”

“Never forgiven him or me.”

The Impossible Box

Soji whines. One is not endlessly fascinated. The Romulan brother and sister do their weird stuff. Raffi does a favour for Picard and destroys a friendship in the progress. Raffi whines about about how Picard ruined her life. Soji freaks out. Picard screams and heavy breathes and reunites with Hugh – who he wanted to murder in 'I, Borg'. Hugh is a UFP citizen. So is he human? He runs the Borg reclaimation helping ex-Borg. Hugh says the ex-Borg are the most hated beings in the galaxy. The Romulan wonder twins try to kill Soji. This was a yawner with a call back to an old 'VOY' ep.

Best Lines:

“My last visit to a Borg cube was not voluntary.”

“Pretending not to be asking questions.”

“The collective do not forget one of their own.”

“Nobody I'll ever know.”

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