December 11th, 2020

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Spooks 8x04+Arrow 1x10&1x11 rewatch+Harlots 3x08+The Mess You Leave Behind (2020) 1x01+DS9 3x05

Spooks 8x04
Ros killed Jo and laughs it off. Lucas has to meet up with his prison interrogator. We get flashbacks to Lucas' time in the clink and Lucas talks about his childhood. This whole thing was rendered pointless by series 9, thanks TPTB. Lucas has to hang out with Darshavin. Lucas shows off his arse. Darshavin wants a deal about an upcoming attack.

There is talk of a new world order. Ruth worries about an asset. How is Lucas still alive after 4 years of that? Lucas wanders around Waterstones. Lucas' bint girlfriend screws things up again. Her accent has changed and Lucas is yelled at. Lucas screams down a phone. Lucas was played – series 9 proved he was prone to that. Lucas yells about solitary and pain and is broken. This was good. Darshavin gets his. Lucas' woman is evil and throws a man off a really high ledge. Wouldn't Darshavin who claimed to know Lucas' mind have figured out that he wasn't the real Lucas North?!?! Thanks series 9 for that idiot Lucas retcon.

Best Lines:

“Most valulable intelligence catch in 20 years.”

“Social novelists.”

“Days of beatings.”

“This meeting in Switzerland troubles me.”

“Crave the beatings.”

“Pushing me to break.”

“I owe you nothing!”

“Dickens country.”

“Weird Russians in your apartment.”

“No one escapes.”

“We don't do deals.”

“Risk diplomatic meltdown.”

“Geek patriot.”

“Is that unusual.”



No one asked why Oliver is so well muscled after a 5 year stint on an island. I guess there was no shortage of food on the island. It's 6 weeks since 1x09. Oliver has an unmistakable air of sadness or is it gas? Malcolm kicked Oliver's ass in a rout. This was lustre free. Tommy and Laurel make out. Laurel and her hooker eye makeup won't let Tommy have a drawer. Laurel doesn't want to help a bereaved Joanna.

Laurel quietly seethes and steals her father's hood phone and contacts the hood and will hump anyone other than Oliver. Joanna would vanish after season 2. Oliver whines. Diggle takes his shirt off and Oliver is plain awful to Tommy for doing his nightclub job. Oliver is a jerk to Tommy. Laurel lies to her dad. Laurel and Oliver aren't remorseful as to how their behaviour really upset people. Oliver is menacing.

There is a dastardly baddie arsonist. Moira whines. Oliver is poisonous. Laurel lies to Tommy and I hate her. Oliver whines and Moira whines and Lance has a plan. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Hood up.”

“I am not exactly the best example for healthy grieving.”

“Second time in 5 years that the CEO of Queen Consilidated has vanished under mysterious cirumstances.”

“What was left of who I was.”

Trust But Verify

Oliver whines about lying to and hurting all the people he cares about, well stop doing it then! How is Moira qualified to be CEO? Is Lance the only cop in Starling City? Oliver stares appraisingly. Oliver gets his shirt off. Oliver has mendacity as he accuses Diggle's former commadning officer of being a baddie. Oliver won't admit he's wrong about the list or his insane revenge quest. Oliver pisses off Diggle as he tries to achieve Heathcliff-quality mean 'n' moody brroding.

Malcolm invites Tommy for dinner. Why did Malcolm never recruit Tommy into his insane revenge quest? Tommy does death stares and Diggle pulls a gun on Oliver. One is left engaged and intrigued. Oliver is wretched and Oliver sort of admits he wasn't on the island for 5 years. Why won't Oliver just talk?

Thea thinks Malcolm is screwing Moira – she's more right than she knows. Oliver is wrong and it is a tumultuous time. Moira mentions Robert cheated, but does not mention Emiko. What does the Merlyn Global Group do? Malcolm brings up his dead wife. What became of the free clinic? Tommy's sick of his lying, deceiving, bastard abusive dad.

Thea's sick of the secrets and lies. Malcolm abandoned Tommy for 2 years when he was 8. Child neglect! Laurel is a bitch. Thea is arrested. There are adverse outcomes.

Best Lines:

“Not a stick up man!”

“Told me that I was a loser.”

“Arrow cave.”

“Things will end badly for you.”

“Not going to let you William Tell an innocent man.”

“He left me.”

“Thanks to him, I can't afford a fence.”

“My word isn't enough?”

“Knocking is not just a suggestion.”

“She's hooking up with Tommy's dad!”

“Mom and Mr Merlyn are back at it.”

“Because he's a Merlyn.”

“The idle rich are hard to entertain.”

“Stopped letting you disappoint me.”

Harlots 3x08

A baby is stolen and Isabella kisses Nancy and Lucy's been taken to the fleet and Blayne orders Lydia to let him kill Kate. Emily is in peril. Lydia blackmails. Lucy screeches and needs a good slap. Isabella wants to see her idiot daughter. The vile evil pimp has no shame. The bitch daughter does not wish to see Isabella. Someone is stupid and 2 people are apparently deaf as their molly house is raided. A baby is sold. Blayne does something cruel to his baby mama. Isabella reveals her darkest truth. The prince won't hear a word against Blayne until he does. Blayne is fired and Isabella's daughter goes home. Lucy gets out of jail. Lydia screams at Kate. Emily's thick. Havoc is wrought. Lucy's dumb. Lydia stabs Blayne who yells his death throes in a menacing manner and Lucy joins in the stabbing. Emily has the evil pimp press ganged. Lucy goes into business with Lydia and this ends. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“No more vengeance.”

“Displeased your plaything and it has made a fuss.”

“Throwing your love.”

“What witchery have you hissed in his ear?”

“Like a piece of furniture in my house.”

“He's the enemy. He always has been.”

“Damaging whispers of kidnap in society.”

“Your infamy precedes you.”

“Earned the wrath of a vindictive man.”

“Why do you keep fearing him?”

“Fawning creature.”

Into The Lion's Den

This is a Spanish limited series. Issues are not addressed in a sustainable way. There is no reassurance or certainity. The name Viruca is yelled a lot. There are a litany of grievances in this dire ep. Angry brutal students are dysfucntional. This was utterly toothless and given to primal screams of anguish. This was so bad as to be almost unbelievable. Spanish songs play. This gets even worse. Faults are magnified

People are unwilling or incapable of fixing things. This was grotesque absurdity. There is a traumatic vigil. There is no big heartedness and students have disregard. Raquel and her himbo husband move. This was outright nonsense. There is talk of cocaine and this was not nuanced. This was full of whiny women.

There are vehement expressions and students negatively impact their teachers. There is genuine astonishement at this crap. Nasty people are absolutely negative. Why isn't the blonde bitch exeplled for being a bitchy bully? A woman hopes to feel useful. This was all artifice. One is baffled that this got made. Students ladle scorn on their teachers. Raquel rants and is tedious and accusatory. This causes frustrations and people have visions. A student is called Iago. This was constant torment.

Best Lines:

“Dial down your excitment.”

“Sniff out your fear.”

“We have to enjoy life at some point.”

“I don't see the rush or reason for joy.”

“You went to the bathroom 4 times. Even your brother noticed.”

“Don't you know you're dead?”

“Wouldn't act like a cliche out of a bad fiction.”

Second Skin

There are a reckless set of choices as Kira is told she is a Cardassain deep cover agent. This storyline lead to a running plot in the novels that TPTB naturally messed up. There is a twist and this was okay in parts.

Best Line:

“Purge the government of all disloyalty.”

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Movie Reviews: Only The Animals + Drunk Wedding

Only The Animals (2019)

A French movie that opens with a man who has a goat tied to his back. There is snow and this was abhorrent. This was inadequate and subtitled and not a harrowing account. There are sinsiter places.

Drunk Wedding (2015)


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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Murder On Middle Beach' promo

“Had secrets. Dark secrets.”

'Zerozerozero' promo


'Loki' promo


'What If?' promo

Zombies, Peggy Carter and more.

'Cobra Kai' season 3 promo

Oh come on.

'Transplant' promo


'Batwoman' season 2 promo

What happened to Kate?

'Riverdale' season 5 promo

Uh what?

'Roald & Beatrix' promo


'The Mess You Leave Behind' trailer

A Spanish drama with rude students.

'Christmas Crossfire' trailer

A German comedy.

Best Line:

“Don't you dare break my sauna!”

'Murder Me Monster' trailer


Peanutbutter Snickers – nice.

Pheasant pate – nice.

Chestnut cake – okay.

Who saw 'Barfly' or '10 Rillington Place'?

I'll review 'Black Panther' and 'Black Narcissus'.

They are rebooting 'True Blood'?

I won't review 'Charmed' 2x13 'Breaking The Cycle' or 'Summerwater' or 'Charmed' 2x14 'Sudden Death'.

There is Ben&Jerry's chocolate cherry garcia.

I will review 'The Sleeper Lies' and 'Axiom's End'.

There is apple slaw? Gator nuggets?

Turkey flavour crisps exist!

My ex has a lack of compassion and kindness. My ex broke promises.

I'd try peach chutney and hot sauce jellybeans and eggnog pannacotta with crystalised cranberries.

'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' Quote:

“Old finger method.”

'Gilmore Girls' Quote:

“He treats you like dirt and everyone hates him! But that was your choice!”

'Charmed' Quote:

“I want out of that corner.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quotes:

“I found this pizza flyer in your fence.”

“I was never on a starship but pretending I was bought me this house.”

“Mean old crank.”

'Knightfall' Quotes:

“Remain fixed in my doubt.”

“Grab a sack and get in line.”

“God's enemies.”

“Never listen to the fools that surround you. This world only responds to the closed fist, not the open hand.”

“Vile and wretched world.”

“Worked so hard to put you here.”

“France was not kind to queens.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No solid proof of that assertion has yet been produced.”

“Wronged by the system.”

“Lack of fertility control.”

“Senseless tragedy.”

“Ignoring the public is not an option.”

“Reduced to playing northern clubs to cover tax bills.”

“Overwhelm its reputation.”

“Bulky, beige desktop computers.”

“Dial-up connections were too slow.”

“The public would be in man-the-barricades mode.”

“Threatening norms.”

“Inter-generational fairness.”

“Formal co-operation in evil.”

“Does not signify moral approval.”

“Ideological polarisation.”

“Means to indicate which political doctrine you adhere to.”

“Eminently rational being.”

“Incapable of grasping the simple reality.”

“About as unhelpful an intervention conceivable.”

“Those who disagree with them are not only stupid but deserve to have that pointed out to them.”

“Turn their backs even further,”

“Foolish and malign.”

“Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclinaiton to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Empty the box within 90 seconds.”

“Negative 80.”

“Reduced choices.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Regime without compassion.”

“Escalate concern.”

“Cruel, heartless mistreatment.”

“Death figures.”

“Yet behave like this.”

“Food, worship and methadone treatment.”

'Tudor Monastery Farm' Quotes:

“Turkey didn't become popular until the late 18th century.”

“Hunted to extinction.”

“Stuffed with meat.”

“Think of it in its cultural context.”

“Tudors cooked everything on wooden fires.”

“Raisin paste.”

“Oxcart load.”

“Wouldn't fell holly trees.”

“Traded hand to hand.”

“Fence building skills.”

“Waste gses.”

“Come out the same hole.”

“But in a nice way.”

“Grosser meats.”

“Modern dining techniques.”

“Out there life is still going on.”

'A Wedding And A Muder' Quotes:

“Passport fraud leads to other things.”

“Comes as a huge shock to the local boating community.”

“Guilty secret is the bond that ties them.”

“Letter of amnesty.”

“Mad cow disease. Who gets that? In Houston? On a boat.?”

“She was the alleged talent, of which she had none.”

'How To Get Away With Murder' Quotes:

“We can't keep expecting to get away with things.”

“We all deserve hell.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“Her life is forgotten.”

“Loner turns friend.”

“Frightening individual.”

“Where's the head?”

“Do the hippy thing.”

“Rich hippy lifestyle.”

“Pay for you to live in the woods.”

“Why didn't you get up and beat him up?”

“Dead under mysterious circumstances.”

“Investigate aggressively.”

“It's midnight, let's go dig up his garbage.”

“Notorious region of New Jersey.”

“Get away from being who I was.”

“Hated by everyone who met him.”

“Caught stealing a sandwich.”

“Incapable of staying out of trouble.”

“Passed over and estranged.”

'Good Morning Europe' Quotes:

“Very nasty legacy.”

“Historical memory.”

'Reign' Quotes:

“His attetnion drifted to you and now it's drifting elsewhere.”

“Your first, never said of how many.”

“Not take kindly to.”

“Problems of reputation.”

“Happy. For a time.”

“Wasn't yours to save.”

“This is my court, not yours.”

"Blood priest.”

“Practice my father's religion as do you.”

“Live here at your father's will.”

“Even the laws of your chosen faith are clear on that.”

“Family I couldn't pick.”

To Light The Way To Bed

Punchline Issue 1 + Power Rangers Issue 1 Reviewed

Punchline Issue 1

This one-shot tells the origin story of the Joker's lastest big breasted sidekick with mental health issues and a liking for slutty clothes. How did student Alexis Kane become Punchline? She is on trial for a massive amount of charges. Who is Bluebird? Since when is Dr Thompkins a shrink? There are lots of Joker minions out there. Punchline has a podcast.

Punchline became radicalised. Arkham's revolving door is brought up. Who's Cullen? Punchline has fans and thinks the Joker has a message. This was very good.

Best Lines:

“I got grades just good enough that they didn't turn any heads.”

“Got dragged into a world too violent to escape from.”

“Trauma stuff.”

“Every night is a blast when you can't leave your apartment because someone dressed like a Halloween store clearance rack might decide it's a good time to burn down the city.”

“I didn't kill anyone but I didn't stop him from doing it either...”

“They didn't understand what they were dealing with. Not yet.”

“They sell a plush of the Joker fish in the aquarium gift shop.”

“Do you honestly think she's a good person?”

“She's a victim of someone who Batman could have stopped a hundred times by now, didn't.”

“It's like the only way you're allowed to try and make Gotham a better place is if you name yourself after a stupid bird.”

“People tend to stop listening if they think you're crazy.”

“They're going to see who you really are.”

Power Rangers Issue 1

The Omega Rangers and their various sidekicks hang out. Where did the giant alien tiget come from? Angel Grove has a beach? What is a Empyreal? Drakkon's locked up and how is he not dead? Drakkon has a new look. Jason, Zack and Trni are smug liars who betray their friends. Zordon gets angry and Bulk and Skull whine. Tommy's right about Drakkon. The idea of an internatioanl teen peace confrence is so dumb. Trini justifies and Rocky whines. Jason and co's betrayal better have consequences. This was good. Jason's arrogant and a jackass.

Best Lines:

“That's quite enough educational damage.”

“This universe is full of dark things in dark corners.”

“The world ravagers.”

“Someone has some serious self-hate issues, don't they?”

“I have been protecting the universe for over ten-thoussand years----and Drakkon is the closest I've ever gotten to losing it.”

“The pacifier patrol.”

“The new green ranger.”

“Everyone he hurts is on you.”

“All you've ever done is make bad decisions.”

“I will not hesitate to unleash everything at my disposal to stop you.”

“Your way is not the only way, Zordon.”

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