November 4th, 2020


Spooks (2002 - 2011) 5x05 + The Twilight Zone 2x05 Reviewed

The Message

Harry, Ruth and Adam – all the useless characters – feature. Long forgotten transgressions are dug up and a plan becomes meanacingly clear. Harry and others plan the UK's social direction. This was preposterously muddled and clunkily solemn as malign indiduals close in.

There is talk of a prison fire and people reveal something insidous from deep inside. This was tiresome and something's terribly wrong. 7 of the country's most wanted men died in a prison fire and Harry is sure right is on his side and so absolutely anything justifies his means. This was lame garbage. There was exposition and this was undistinguished and less than outstanding. Harry is infuriating and has stoic determination.

The grim truth about a group called Axe Of Truth is revealed. Harry is confrontational. People have malevolent intent and are morally unconscionable. This was exceedingly stupid. Downright sinister types are dead. So? The characters are increasingly appalling and quietly smarmy and oblivious to how awful they are. A terrible reckoning cometh or something. There is absolute belief in their own verbal noise. The structures of civilization deteriorate.

There is toxic bombast and absurdity. These people are pitiless, pestiferous and given to authoritarian cruelty. There is a criminalisation of dissent by both sides. Secret cabals rule the world. There is subordination to a higher purpose. People needlessly and psychopathically pursue their own interests. People are no friend to the truth. This was preposterous. People are without compunction and there is normalisation of extreme cruelty.

Anything is morally feasible and this was outrageously bad. There are negative implications. There is no strong reaffirmation of core values. There are intrinsically wrong acts. There is no moral order and absolute moral norms are violated all around. Lies poison human society and there are infamies. Harry is personally opposed to the baddies du jour. People are shocked and disappointed. There are platitudes.

Wrongdoing is justified and excused. Ruth is a fool and bumptious. There is a significant source of streess. Nobody is ethically trained. There are violent hierarchies and exclusions. There is outrage and recrimination. The world is a cesspit and horrible toxic messages are spewed. There is negative attention and no emotional boundaries. Deaths were faked. There are talk of blacksites. Important stuff happens off screen. People intentionally disobey orders. This was regrettable.

Cotterdam prison is yelled about and Section D may or may not have a mole People struggle with life and social stigma and interpersonal difficulties and social challenges and mislaid blame. A men's association punch up has a detrimental impact. This was exasperating and irritating and frustrating. People get weirdly angry. The cast is almost 100% different than back in series 1. This does not viscerally explore the current issues. There was no reason for this ep to exist. The haplass Ruth plays at dark and cold.

People show horror at scepticism and there are vexing questions, furious rows and violent outbursts. There are ferocious rows and aggressive behaviour and intimidation. There is recklessness and malice. Oliver sneers, didn't he show up in the movie? There is bitter fallout and stuff is resolved off screen. Ruth is declared dead as a cover. She isn't dead, this time. There is inaction and distressing incidents. Harry is not an icon of democracy. Gugu Mbath-Raw has a thankless role as Adam's latest squeeze.

Best Lines:

“365 pages of action.”

“Write what they were told to.”

“Sleepwalking into vigilantism.”

“Call it an uncomfortable feeling.”

“Don't ask me for more.”

“I'm not sorry.”

“Don't think any of it makes sense.”

“Makes your orders null and void.”

“Can't do things the old way.”

“What is my choice?”

“Done it to too many people.”

“If you play fair, you should expect to lose.”

“Enough lies.”

“End of dark days.”

Among The Untrodden

There is bullying at a girls boarding school and psychic powers. This was not good

Best Line:

“Dumb nerd powers.”

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Movie Reviews: Beware The Slenderman + Assassination Nation + The Sound Of Fury

Beware The Slenderman (2016)

This HBO documentary is about how 2 12 year old girls stabbed a best friend 19 times. Tried as adults, they faced 65 years. There were useless detached mothers and defensive fathers and cats. The 2 12 year olds seem creepy and knowing and disturbed. Morgan and Anissa claimed to have tried to kill their victim because of the mythical Slenderman.

The victim is called Bella or Payton by various people which is confusing. A digital folklorist speaks. Slenderman was created in 2009. An infamous website is mentioned as is creepypasta. There are really bad slenderman poetry and fanart and fan videos out there. Richard Dawkins speaks and we see footage of planking, memes and the ice bucket challenge. They show vidoes of a bunny eating raspberries and the world's worst toaster. The would be killers accessed videos about are you a socipath and doomsday preppers and a serval.

Who is this Tyler who is interviewed? What was he in jail for? Who has a facebook fan account for a would be tween killer? A fat scout is seen. There are lots of shrinks and a diagnois of mental illness and asthma. Morgan claims to have had mental illness since age 3. Is she faking?

Morgan's father had the same mental illness. One girl was a 'Star Trek' fan and there were disturbing finds in their rooms. How did their parents not notice?!? Nothing from the victim and her family is said. Even a cat watches an ipad. This all took place in Waukesha. The woods look pretty but the scene of the attack wasd cleared. Someone made fanart of the would be killers. Morgan is put on anti-psychotics. If she's faking, she's doing it well. This was made before they were sentenced to decades in a mental hospital each. This was not amazing, but good.

Best Lines:

“No closed doors in this house!”

“Modern day boogeyman.”

“Windowless white van.”

“Urban legends on the internet.”

“Build a myth.”

“Understand too much culural context.”

“Youtube was the international hub.”

“Break their way into the myth.”

“Canon of slenderman.”

“People are captivated.”

“Gross things.”

“Private time up in her room.”

“Emotionally degrading.”

“Not to socialise with the family.”

“No one at school likes you.”

“Socially isolated.”

“Lose track of reality.”

“Psycopathic personality.”

“Use Vulcan mind control.”

“Delusional disorder.”

“Psychotic illness.”

“Eat jail food.”

“I don't know where she keeps her knives.”

“I don't like screaming.”

“Super fancy touchscreen.”

“Folk belief.”

“The moment you know about him, he knows about you.”

“No social life back then.”

“Virus of the mind.”

“Peer to peer horizontal transmission.”

“Make sure she's down.”

“Fairly rambling discussion.”

“Still dealing with the emotional damage.”

“Keep everybody in a positive place.”

“Who are not troublemakers, prior.”

“Afraid they would be taken from her.”

“Not allowed to have scissors.”

“I know the devil's not in the backseat!”

“She can't tolerate that.”

“It had to be done.”

“Fixed delusion.”

“Dangerous illness.”

“Still talks about her like they're friends.”

“Mandatory meeting about ipads.”

“Frankly vicious.”

“Regret the ipad.”

Assassination Nation (2018)

A massive hack exposes Salem's secrets. There is a voiceover and 4 teenage girls end up haivng an entire suburb out to get them. There are trigger warnings and people are not oblivious to criticism on social media. The girls walk around in short shorts with their asses hanging out. The 4 teens dress, talk and act porno. There are negative results like a cheerleader getting killed with a baseball bat by her so called best friend.

There is endless wearying indignity for everyone. Teens have an unwavering ability to annoy. This was an ardous film with a bizarre final image. There is no gracious magnanimity. This was inauthentic and stagey. The town is hacked by a calculated and vindictive hacker. The mayor is exposed leading to his death.

This was not profoundly significant. Aspersions are cast. There is no case for pride in what has happened. This was an utter catastrophe and there is no intensity of character and purpose. People mumble and this was hopeless incompetence and an absolute failure. Nobody is conciliatory. The ongoing hacks cause a commotion. There is unpleasant dishonest and violence. This does not leave you reasonably engaged. There is no amoral fabulousness. Teens are detestable in their bored entitlement.

There are feelings of dissatisfaction. People have parasitic cronies. The town has a hint of something darker beneath. Teens are irresponsible. There is negativity and there will be severe consequnces. People are inappropriate, wrong and foolish and make errors of judgment.

There is dire trouble and where are all the adults? The principle is exposed. The town is an unpleasant place. This was incongruous and ill considered decisions are made. There is contemptuous dismissal and no shame. There are catastrophic consequnces. This was lazy and demeaning. Who laptops on the loo? People are horrified and there is suspicion and distrust. There is no competence, honesty or credibility. There is a toxic climate and no openess, transparency or accountability. There is internal discord and socital expectations.

Things are destructive of trust. People get attiude adjustment sessions. There is aggression by shirtless angry teen boys. There is scant regard for the truth and spite and profound horrors. There is unity of purpose and a climate of mistrust. This was not devious and there is no subtlety. There is an arrest and blood and no reserves of dignity. There is enormous cultural upheaval and this was an absolute catastrophe.

This was depraved, manic and confusing. This was chaotic and freewheeling. It was not clever or vicious. Someone is thrown out of their house and there are revenge attacks. There are unscruplous and macabre reactions. This was serious and earnest. There is no suspension of disbelief. This was deeply unsettling and there are fantastic revelations.

There is no moral comfort. People are without clear motive. There is violence and conflict and deep concerns and tensions and provocations and incitement to hatred. Girls don red plastic raincoats. People get their 'Purge' on. There is meddling and uncertain fates and dissenting voices. Suki Waterhouse, Kathryn Erbe, Jennifer Morrison, Bill Skarsgard and Bella Thorne featured.

Best Lines:

“This is a 100% true story.”

“What I did that afternoon was really gross.”

“Sir rapesalot.”

“Latino Tom Cruise.”

“No one wants the real you.”

“Says they love you for being you.”

“Be hastag blessed.”

“Watching and waiting.”

“Every guy on Tindr wants to choke me on our first date.”

“Beautiful when you cry.”

“Nothing unites us like a good tragedy.”

“This isn't good.”

“Slut! Slut! Slut!”

“Rest of the world is laughing at us!”

“We're good people!”

“A life sentence is an absolute certainty.”

“Peoples lives were ruined.”

“For the lulz.”

Assassination Nation - Publicity still of Bella Thorne

The Sound Of Fury (1950)

Sexism, criminality, a brat kid and angry reporters. A mob develops. This was all rubbish.

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To Light The Way To Bed

Quotes & A Tale Of 5 Tapes

Garlic & thyme olivers – nice.

Garlic mayo – mmm.

Med Skalet Kvar – extra krispiga Grill – yum.

Strawberry chewits – yum.

Vension pate – nice.

On 'Arrow': the Earth2 Malcolm, Tommy and Adrian were more bearable than Mia and Felicity.

I'd try roast garlic and red wine dinner sausages and avocado & lemon sorbet.

'Blade: Trinity' was not good.

'Castle Rock' cancelled – so?

'These Woods Are Haunted' – WTF?

WTF is tofu scramble?

So Stryper are still around?

RIP John Sessions.

Cleared out 5 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼

The 'Sherlock' TPTB HATED their own fans!

My ex has no profound regret. Solitary years.

Got ghost chilli sauce!

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Enforced closures.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Threatened by a terrorist doll!”

“Get on all fours in the bushes and just wait for some weirdo to arrive.”

“No one's gonna fall for this!”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“GP community.”

“Badly let down.”

'City In Fear' Quotes:

“The most feared man in the USA.”

“Taken his place in infamy.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Faith based attacks.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“That usage is long outdated.”

“Led the most recent military coup.”

“Once one of their own.”

“Return to order.”

“Alarming as it is anachronistic.”

“Orderly obedient populace.”

“Growing chasm in understanding recent history.”

“Closed to public scrutiny.”

“Devoid of our perceived commmon purpose.”

“Revisits a case long closed.”

“Opinion leaders.”

“Not fitting in and not being accepted.”

“Unloved stories from outside the mainstream, and contrarian, sometimes fringe viewpoints.”

“Overt ideology.”

“Learn friendship skills.”

“A lot of their interactions are based around what isn't said.”

“Approaching shopping trolleys with suspicion.”

“Take on entire personalities of other people to fit in,”

“Didn't play with toys in a typical way.”

“Would find noise and just being outside the house massively overwhelming.”

“Trying to make someone do something they obviously aren't willing to do seems ridiculous, not to mention futile, as very often the person is deliberately not doing it.”

'Blade: Trinity' Quote:

“Like I care.”

'Food Unwrapped Investigates' Quotes:

“Killed from eating tainted food in hospitals.”

“To die from food.”

“Last one shouldn't have happened.”

“Does not meet basic nutritional levels.”

“Mass scale catering.”

“Legal responsibility.”

“Raw meat room.”

'Tvnow' Quotes:

“Grimy reality of life on the streets.”

“Staff answering the door and outside catering on hand.”

“Had nothing she could offer to match what was being donated.”

“Want to maintain the school's worthy, diverse reputation but they don't really want to have to socialise with the people who are receving that support.”

“Reluctant acceptance of what is to come.”

“Even with all the murdering.”

“There is no more that can be done to cure – or even treat -”

“Hit his limit.”

“Chasing this false hope.”

“Deliberately tacky.”

“Protestations of innocence.”

“Blackmail doll.”

“Life-changing series of events.”

'American Nightmare' Quotes:

“Spend 4 dollars on a loaf of bread.”

“Don't want me to work.”

“Something called curbside pick up.”

“Pictures I can't get again.”

“Really all I do.”

“Foodbank and community centre.”

“Continue to grow as learners.”

“Sometimes learn.”

“Held back in kindergarten.”

“Made it something to fear”

“Away from you.”

“Suburb type community.”

“Hoping to hell it don't burn down to the ground.”

“I live in a packed bag.”

'Totally Dublin' Quotes:

“You really are irrelevant if you are not hand-crafting your own knives these days.”


“Reusing and recyling quotes and images from other sources to comment on their own experiences.”

“Clearly inaccurate.”

“The hard drive was discovered at a commerical printers in Dublin's Bluebell Industrial Estate.”

“Questionable content not fit for print.”

“Parodically middle-aged.”

“Ever-expanding cultural reach.”

“Grave of dead traditions.”

“Other aspects of her artistry,”

“Out of mind of those who are bound to protect them.”

“Predatorial act.”

“Exisitng as an independent print magazine isn't easy,”

“Repeated cycle of trauma with their communities,”

“Trappings of his lifestyle.”

“Few are aware it's happening, and even fewer are critically challenging it.”

“Shadows of the future fall more darkly across the present.”

'Sherlock' Quotes:

“Loads of smackheads in there.”

“Are all of them still inside?”

“Animals grown for the battlefield.”

'Arrow' Quotes:

“You are a true friend, thnak you.”

“Thank god she didn't cook.”


“The people you want there the most: aren't. You taught me that: multiple times.”

'The X Files' Quotes:

“Your unimaginative necktie design.”

“Another bald headed jigsaw puzzle tattooed naked guy.”

“Human piranaha act.”

“Abhors normality.”

“Went all wiggy.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Something improper or perhaps even criminal.”

“Leeks not leaks.”


“Motives corrupted.”

'Drakon' Quote:

“What had survived the airblasts and half a millennium of weather and roots.”

#batman from Jacob Edgar: Comic Book Artist