September 28th, 2020


Book Review: Stage Fright 👎

Stage Fight by Garrett Boatman

This 1988 horror has been reprinted. It is a tale set in then future 1990s that has a WTC mention, an Apple word processor, a belt buckle tape recorder and a future technology that can beam images into your mind and it is called dreamies. White jeans are worn and the plot is utterly incoherent. Bad stuff happens because of the dreamies. There is a drug and a man who goes nuts. This was badly written and makes no logical sense.

Best Lines:

“One of my fans. They're not the most stable people in the world.”

“A maniac dressed in a bird costume.”

“Buy a dozen hot radios one of the neighborhood junkies was selling for a few bucks appiece.”

“Beget everlasting suffering.”

“His scrotum shrinks at the horror.”

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Movie Reviews: Enola Holmes +Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory+Visions+McQueen

Enola Holmes (2020)

This is based on a series of kids books about Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes' little sister who outwits them. Henry Cavill plays the great detective and there are no penny farthings. Enola rides a bike and don't get me started on the stupid Sherlock sister plot in 'Sherlock'.

The brothers left home and never visited or wrote and don't care about Enola. Where is Watson? Enola and her mother didn't have servants in their huge house apart from a cook? Enola is 16 and does direct addresses to camera. The mother goes missing. Mycroft and Sherlock show up and walk by Enola uncaring. They ignore her. Mycroft isn't fat and there is no carriage. Mycroft whines. The house is covered in ivy and the gardens are overgrown.

Mycroft and Sherlock insult their mother and do not look for her. Mycroft says it is his house and plans to send Enola to a finishing school run by Fiona Shaw. Enola gets a slap for not being dressed right or properly educated. Mycroft was cruel to his mother and Enola can't tolerate his world and is reprimanded.

Sherlock poses and acts like he is medicated. Mycroft is bitterly opposed to Enola and is vigorously awful to her and has acrimony. She's karate-adept and why was the mother always doing silly puzzles and clues? Enola finds a fistful of money and legs it.

There is pretty countryside and Enola falls in with a posh boy who fears attempted murder by a burk who was on 'Torchwood'. There is bad green screen and Mycroft is bitter as he's not as smart as Sherlock and Enola. Sherlock is told off for ditching his sister. Enola ends up in the great smoke which is fog and smoke free. The posh boy is a Viscount with a boy band haircut.

Enola ends up in a ratty lodging house and visits a tea room and a martial arts studio. People seem fine with Enola being abandoned in Victorian London. If Sherlock hasn't met John Watson yet than how is he famous? Their mother is a suffragette. Didn't Sherlock loathe the countryside? The posh boy has vile relatives and Lestrade shows up to rant. There is obvious ADR.

What is a new thinker? There are lots of ciphers and attempted murder and Enola winks at the camera. Mycroft (Sam Calafin) screams and sends Enola to that boarding school of horrors. Why are the students there dressed like puritans. Enola steals a car and what is the car running on? Where does she live after running away from the school and what is she living on? What about the Holmes estate? There is a sheep and the mother (Helena Bonham Carter) shows up to make lame excuses. The sky is too clear in London and it all fits together and this was good.

Best Lines:

“We were always together.”

“Not an ordinary mother.”

“She did not return.”

“She's left me too.”

“No passions or ambitions I was aware off.”

“Took no responsibility.”

“Make her acceptable for society.”

“I don't need friends.”

“Have educated out of you.”

“Would you have cared for my letters?”

“My life as it was!”

“By implication: affection.”

“Our future is up to us.”

“The game is afoot.”

“You think you look normal?”

“Endangered by this.”

“Knows nothing of the world.”

“You're supposed to say thank you!”

“For what?”

“Not entirely an idiot.”

“Hate every second of the rest of my life.”

“Obnoxious sort.”

“You never cared about her before.”

“Don't want anyone knowing her business.”

“England is going to pot.”

“Most devious.”

“Noisy bloody women.”

“Why are you dressed like a powder puff?”

“Useless boy. But I rid myself of him.”

“Fight combat.”

“Widows scare them. No better disguise than fear.”

“Make you leave.”

“Over-thought my outfit.”

“You walk away anyway.”

“Extremely banned bookshelves.”

“Fatally boring.”

“No wife. No friends. Just a strange occupation.”

“Ignorant and woefully so.”

“I'll murder you myself.”

“People don't seem to want us.”

“Coming to mean something in this country.”

“Speak as we tell you to.”

“Threatened me with a teapot.”

“This is what my mother made me for!”

“Facts don't distract from hope.”

“I left for you.”

“Couldn't bear to have this world be your future.”

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory (2011)

They get out. Dull.

Visions (2015)

Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons, Anson Mount, Joanna Cassidy, Eva Longoria and John de Lanice slum it in this Blumhouse dreck. A couple move to a vineyard. Fisher has a helium voice and wears tiny shorts. This was ineffectual. She killed someone's baby in a car wreck. This comes back on her. She makes a friend who is nothing of the sort. There are weird events and no poverty pit for them. People have a disturbing tendency to elevate grievances.

Tthere is an ideological clevage point and an illusion of explanatory depth. I've no idea what is going on or why. Fisher looks suitably gloomy. She's emplifying concerns and things are made devastatingly clear. This was daft and inadequate and terrible and pretty disastrous and ghastly. The twist was obvious. It is a threatening, hostile time and there was a manipulation of loneliness and isolation.

There were tensions and antagonistic women. As well as frightening and hostile women. This went into precipitous decline. There was animosity and one abhorres this. There is a vicious attack and this was not compelling.

Best Lines:

“These wine people.”

“What if they're cooking crystal meth right next door?”

“Mommy sense.”

“Ruins behind the house.”

“That's right! It was me!!”

McQueen (2018)

This was a documentary about the designer. It showed his rise to fame and ill treatment of his alleged friend Isabella Blow. He was a whiny jerk and then he died. The end. This was dull and he deliberately manipulated others.

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Trailers Quotes & 24 Tape Tales

'A Wilderness Of Error' trailer

In 1970 he killed his family and people still support him. FFS.

L'mon & lime sparkling citrus drink – nice.

Snickers crisp – nice.

Darkmilk roasted almond – yum.

Gatito = kitten.

What's ajo blanco?

Cleared out 24 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

Andrew Scott makes the 'Sherlock' ep 'The Great Game' unwatchable.

Who saw 'Pink String And Sealing Wax', 'All The King's Men' or 'King Of New York'?

I want a jasmine candle and tourmaline, garnet, amethyst and diamond earrings.

I detest my ex. I feel social isolation and a sense of abandonment. My ex = sad bastard. My ex = charmless boor. My ex did an outright rejection and has a notable lack of care.

Cauliflower steak is a thing?

I'd try a steak trencher and goat's cheese and confit garlic on toasted sourdough. I'd try grilled apple and rosemary fool. I'd try salted peanut, caramel and chocolate tart.

Roger from the 'Doctor Who' ep 'Unicorn And The Wasp' was on 'The Fix'!

'BBC News' Quote:

“Hero rat.”

'Malcolm In the Middle' Quotes:

“Smoking teeth.”

“Tracking devices in our filings.”

“Miserable hag.”

“Go go pills.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Staple a flag to your butt and mail you to Iran!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“That time many never return.”

“Ideological conformity.”

“Live three generations in a house.”

“Popular narrative.”

“Feckless poor.”

“Would really irritate people.”

“Mountain unicycling.”

“Prioriting intellectual prowess.”


“Those willing to engage.”


“Relational nature.”

“Sociocultural framing.”

“Unresolved family strife.

“Feared the experience as a future eventuality.”


“Adversarial combat.”

“Despite opposition from the local community.”


“Routine verbal attacks.”

“Determined to seek redress.”

“Less than helpful.”

“An ordeal in itself.”

“Find this attiude most unreasonable.”

“Socially advisable.”

“Legally obligatory.”

“Inevitably devisive.”

“Implied a political urgency that did not actually exist.”

“Unyielding loyalty.”

“Barricade incidents.”

“Cannot afford to have culture,”

“Making exaggerated claims about emotional problems to generate sympathy from others.”

“So afraid that society would collapse.”

“That period of my life is a secret garden that I never enter,”

“Led to certain assumptions being made.”

“Ordered out of the house.”

“Standards are going to pot.”

“Bad-girl glamour.”

“To be underestimated at your peril.”

“Dismantling people's happy memories.”

“Suburban, mundane way.”

“A huge watershed moment in global culture that was being misunderstood.”

“So disillusioned by what it became.”

“Remembered yet unknown.”

'Die Standing' Quotes:

“She had conquered many worlds, but there were so many yet to go.”

“Theirs was a high culture, once.”

“Inside every one of us is an emperor waiting to rule.”

'Doctor Who' Quotes:

“What are you doing with that lead piping?”

“Deserve a decent thrashing.”

“Couldn't agree more sir.”

'SG1' Quote:

“If you guys would just believe I'm still on your side.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Which has survived world wars, the end of empire, Wallis Simpson and much else.”

“Curbs on social interaction.”

“Lack of normal relationships...”

“Poisoned history.”

“Tragic, romanticised reputation.”

“Truculent relations.”

“What you are, you owe to chance and birth.”

“Unheard-of level of fame.”

“Generational schism.”

“Prevailing image of the genre as white, male and imperialist.”

“A hostile world that wants nothing but the worst for them.”

“Strong feelings of commitment, cohesion and camaraderie.”

“Solicting dissent.”

“Standing around the world was then not all he wished.”

“Asserted your right to be there.”

“Urban belonging.”

“Cautiously celibate.”

“Ruptures the fabric of the family for decades to come.”

“Unloved at home.”

“Brings it own grim consequences.”

“Gripe about their lack of riches.”

“Cranking up his mystique.”

“Crass showing off.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Dead stock.”

'Cold Justice' Quote:

“Brain infect in the brain.”

'Travels With My Father' Quotes:

“Place you'd take a prostitue.”

“Snitches live in ditches.”

“Having a moo.”

“Rip you open with its feet.”

“Steal my parents love. And inheiritance.”

“Get a bigger entrance!”

“Make oil for daddy's gout.”

“Portable hole.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Hannibal Lecter's sister.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Flagrant disregard for veracity.”

“Star Trek, which has been running in one form or another since 1966.”

The version of the distant future.”

“Controlling legislation.”

“Self-penned future scenes of your life.”

“His garbage behaviour.”

“No understanding of or respect for what we'd created.”

“The outcome was disastrous.”


“Cognitive susceptibility.”

“Unconcerned by social etiwuette.”

“Not normal enough.”

“Find meaningful belonging.”

“The bond of biology was not as unifying or as benevolent, as he expected.”

"The days of paper address books.”

“Desperate to beloved and craves approval.”

“Not good enough.”

“Essentially trash genre.”

“Sold grot as glamour.”

“Ecological piety.”

“No one would support or believe me.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“This apocalyptic situation.”

“But honestly that's on the very low end of worrying behaviour.”

“What is to blame for society's ills.”

'Sunday Independent' Quotes:

“Emotional deference.”

“Intend to confront this person face to face.”

“Utter gullibility.”

“Really ugly interaction.”

“It's The Karate Kid 37 years later.”

“Closed to all foreigners.”

“Socialised on a very specific class level.”

“Libelling a chicken farm on Twitter.”

'Sherlock' Quotes:

“The wall had it coming.”

“I'm never bored.”

“Delightfully interesting.”

“You've met him. How many friends do you imagine he has?”

“I'm glad no one saw ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.”

Sergio Balleseros

Biohackers 1x06 + 911: Lone Star (2020-?) 1x01 + Veronica Mars 4x06&4x07 Reviewed


Season 1 of this show comes to an end. There is no incredible uncertainty. Jasper has a lack of understanding. That's why he did an inflammatory act namely he committed an act of bio-terrorism on a train. Mia aka Emma is not sick due to her super immune system. Dr Petra lurks. There is a perfect storm of circumstances and psycho social problems.

Jasper was irate and had aggro and did this. There is psychological fatigue and no altruism. There is also no end in sight. Mia asks her bimbo roommates for help There is widespread gloom and psychological fatigue. Mia's idiot roommates are morons. There is anger, fear, conspiracy theories and dangerous anti-science ideas.

There is anger and upset and no collective creativity. There is no concept of low profile. Mia wrestles with destiny. There are modifications to DNA. Jasper has gone psycho and he and Mia fight. There is nobody pragmatic or sensible. The roommates are arrested and then they are not. There is intellectual fascism and horrible revelations. There is no resonance. Jasper did unpardonable acts out of rage and baleful ignorance.

The world has gone toxic. There are no moral values. Everything is for show. There is wokefishing and Mia curated herself. This was pure drivel. There is no enduring fascination. There is obstinance. This was sheer banality. There is a poisonous atmosphere and toxic divisions. Jasper after trying to strangle Niklas and committing an act of bio terror on a train, learns the doctor is bad. People have their own self image and moral vanity and malignanty.

The doctor throws Jasper under the bus. The largely unhappy Mia thought she was the botherer in chief. The doctor has no embarrassment about anything she has done. Is Mia still going to college? There is no loss, tragedy or emotion. Jasper somehow gets away and emails Mia info. Where is he? Isn't he a wanted terrorist? He threw away his future and source of treatment and for what?

Mia talks to a journlaist and is grabbed and ends up in white van with the doctor. Now what? Who's behind this? Is there a bigger threat or bad? There were misperceptions and tormentors and low morals and the coda is ominious. People were ego driven and there is a sinister social climate.

Best Line:

“Greater than you and your life.”

Biohackers, TV Series, 2019-2020 | Crew United

Biohackers ending explained: Examining that twisted Season 1 finale


So much bad cosmetic surgery on this show. Rob Lowe survived 9/11 and now he moves to Texas to rebuild a firehouse after a tragedy and get his junkie son away from drugs. He recruits various losers and crazies to rebuild the firehouse. Liv Tyler is an EMS with a missing sister. She bothers her brother in law. A baby in a car seat is flung into a tree after a crash but is saved. This was sap.

Best Lines:

“Allergic to poor leadership.”

“Stupid manure fire in Texas.”

Entering A World Of Pain

Is Veronica on drugs? Beaver is mentioned, sorta. Veronica steals evidence. Logan gets thearpy, Veronica mocks him. Vinnie sneers. Veronica is a bully. Weevil yells at the vile racist bully Veronica. She has degrees from Colombia and Stanford that she does not use. Where is Celeste Kane? Veronica is such a racist, she calls Weevil weak. This was boring. Logan leaves. Veronica tries to cheat with Leo. Clarence shows up.

Best Lines:

“Done listening to you!”

“Toilet bomb.”

“You run a business out of a strip club.”

“V chip.”

“I'm standing at the urinal.”

“This place has a champagne room?”

“Gimpy old bald guy.”

Gods Of War

Wallace shows up. Veronica is awful to Logan, so awful that one feels sorry for him. Veronica spies on her 'friend'. Veronica and Keith suspect the pizza guy. Veronica is the worst. Matty bores. Big Dick and his henchman have issues. Veronica and Keith have a theory. Pizza guy is bothered. Weevil saves the useless racist bitch Veronica. Pizza guy is mocked, weird real life parallels. Keith is done. Logan is back. Veronica is a ho. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“How low is the bar for you?”

“Worse than Fyre Festival.”

"I will run you over in the parking lot after your acquittal!"

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