September 13th, 2020


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'Monsterland' trailer


Best Line:

“Far from human as they come.”

'A Teacher' trailer

Kate Mara is a teacher who likes a student.

'Brave New World' promo

Demi Moore? New London?

Recall 'Queen Of Swords', 'Roswell', 'Blood Ties' or 'Invasion'?

Everyone I know, goes away in the end.

A 'Scream 5'? Nah!

My ex wasn't capable of love. I feel agitation. My ex intentionally, maliciously hurt me. My ex was extradordinarily cruel and had total unreliability and I feel terrible sorrow. 👻

'The DNA Of Murder With Paul Holes' Quotes:

“Living a risky lifestyle.”

“Cultural profiles.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Weather dependent.”

“Pub league.”

'Great Continental Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“Hunger riots.”

“Ice bed.”

“Not very successful king.”

“World record in burning witches.”

“Sleep in a polar sleeping bag.”

“Polar research centre.”

“Arctic climate.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Tragic spring...difficult summer.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Steal from the homes that are now abandoned.”

'Malcolm In The Middle' Quotes:

“Usually by now he's eating cat food off of Mrs Harvey's porch!”

“Brought it on himself.”

“Remember me from last year's hearing.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Selling pills at the roller skating rink.”

“Stealing his aunt's minivan.”

“Legal stuff.”

“Throw a lot of lead.”

“A lot of people don't like me.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Threatening circumstances.”

“Infamous for its inferno.”

“Push back the biggest blaze.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I'm sick of being invisible to everybody.”

“Relies on the presence of an audience.”

“It's as if it's derelict.”

“Lounge boy.”

“The word 'quarantine' was coined here in the 15th century in response to the Black Death when plague-ridden ships had to wait 40 days – una quarantena in Italian – before being allowed to dock.”

“Visited by more than 20 outbreaks of plague, including a particularly vicious one in 1576 yhat killed half the population.”

“Prohibitively high.”

“Notorious escapade earned her both years of approbation.”

“Weekly acts of civil disobedience.”

“Tradtional notions of what is appropriate for your women,”

“Considerations of modesty.”

“Deep-rooted social norms.”

“A rejection by the established and famous of accountability for what they write.”

“Couldn't have been less fashionable at that point.”

“Performative ignorance.”

“Draw immovable conclusions about its quality.”

“Deliberate destruction of knowledge.”

“Mania for book-burning.”

“Archival integrity.”

“Delusion of loyalty.”

“Concocted issue.”

“Instantly made them prestigious and aspirational.”

“Ooooh, I'm going for that.”

“Fiscal practicality.”

“They're drinking cans in the middle of the afternoon.”

“St Roch, the patron saint of plague victims.”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“Doesn't do evil.”

“Digging up prison gardens.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Joy and peace had fled.”

'Batman: A Celebration' Quotes:

“So ineffably square that he has a sort of sui generis normality striclty his own.”

“Teenage girls swoon for him all right, but his mental processes (if any) are boyish.”

'Smallville' Quotes:

“What is part of who Lex is, is because of me? What if I gave up on him too soon?”

“You're the only real friend I've ever had Clark and somewhere along the way you saw me as your nemesis. Turned your back on me.”


Star Trek Deep Space Nine 4x07 Reviewed

Little Green Men

Nog is off to Starfleet Academy. Charles Napier and Connor O'Farrell guest star. Kira has a girly hairstyle and who did the Ferengi buy Warp technology from? The Ferengi (Quark, Rom and Nog) end up in Roswell 1947 via an accident.

There is smoking and would be comedy and silly dialogue. Truman is POTUS. This is just another life experience. There is a dog and politics and power relations. Quark whines about personal and institutional injustices. There is a negative outcome feared. This was a lost copportunity – too much Ferengi crap.

There is a troubling example of the military moron cliche. The Ferengi are obnoxious. This can't incentivise one to care. Understanding prevails. There is sexism and a sharp escalation of rhetoric. This was complete nonsense. The nurse and prof nod apprvingly and nonchalantly.

Best Lines:

“Unified global economy.”

“Primitive global economy.”

“Leaders of a vast interstellar Federation.”

“Have you ever heard of the Bell riots?”

“But doesn't this Gabriel Bell human look just like Captain Sisko?”

“All humans lookalike.”

“Trapped 400 years in the past.”

“Piano playing democrat.”

“Mankind will travel to the stars and take its place in a vast alliance of planets.”


“That idiot in Roswell who told the press we captured a flying saucer.”

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Teen Titans Annual 2 + Marvel Zombies Resurrection Issue 1 Reviewed

Teen Titans Annual 2

The Teen Titans are finished says Batman. So? Who does he think he is? What became of Starfire and Raven? Deathstroke is dead? Who are these Titans? Who is the blue guy? Batman's shocked, shocked that the vigilante Teen Titans are fascists. Deathstroke isn't dead. Sigh. Who is Red Arrow?

Batman tells the Teen Titans off. Hypocrite much? How does this tie in with the idiot Joker War story and the Ric crap? Why is Deathstroke feuding with a child aka Damien Wayne? Who is Djinn? There are many, many incoherent fight scenes. Red Arrow is Emiko? Just kill Deathstroke already! Emiko oddly isn't bleeding to death after Robin hits her with a sword.

Batman ignores his own moral bankrupcy and hypriocy. It's honestly not gonna get any better for Damien. For once Batman doesn't beat his Robin. Damien punches his dad. The Teen Titans stand around, watching Damien's tantrum. Alfred's dead and Dick got shot in the head and so Damien is sad. Dick got shot in the head and everyone in the Batfamily ignored him.

This was spectacle heavy. Damien saw Alfred killed in front of him? Was this when Bruce was punching Tim, ignoring Dick and his TBI and hanging out on a beach with Selina Kyle? Damien stomps off. Is Batman still married to Selina Kyle? Damien had hatred for his intractable mad dad and gets away with his crap. This was good.

Best Lines:

“They fear the Teen Titans now.”

“The only one afraid of you us.”

“Do not be intimidated by Batman's...theatrics.”

“And how can kill him again?”

“I thought we'd died and gone to hell. Again.”

“We both know how it always ends for Robins...”

“All that time being a good little boy......made you weak.”

“I do not need another one of those lectures in those empty halls.”

“I am the logical conclusion to the path you set yourself on years ago.”

Marvel Zombies Resurrection Issue 1

We get zombie Vulture and zombie Human Torch and who are these people? An alien cat named Chewie lurks. Who is Forge? What is a metaspawn? Zombie Nightcrawler attacks and there is a repurposed Sentinel. Peter is a whiny wet rag and the x-mansion is thrashed. Zombies are called respawned. Where is Sue? Who is Val? What happened to Franklin?

Cap, Iron Man and Thor are all gone. I'm concused. Did I miss zome Marvel Zombie Resurrection stories? There is exposition. There is talk of deadheads and someone recognises Spider-Man out of costume. There is graffiti.

This is confusing. It's YEARS since the previous special? There is talk of the Galactus Hive. Zombie Beast attacks. What is the legacy virus? Zombies can talk. What became of Reed Richards and Sue Storm? This is a hard and complicated situation. What is the Eighth Pillar? Where is the Galactus Hive? An undead giant alien stomping around is somehow hard to locate. Max and Bucky are mentioned. We know who Bucky is. Who is Max?

This was not wickedly murky. This is an undramatic cataclysm.This has no cohesive narrative. Peter has rancour. This was purgatorial. Peter has fulminations. There is general uncertainty. There is a social crisis. Ill fated decisions are made. There are grim facts.

Zombies do coercive intimidation. There is grim subject matter. We see the zombie Fantastic 4. What happened to Franklin's powers? Who is Moonstone? And how did she get infected between pages? Blade shows up. This was tedious trickery and this was a nightmare ordeal. The overarching theme is the search for hope in a time of despair. Oh piss off.

Best Lines:

“Where can we even go?”

“Do you seriously not care?”

“Enough food to last 500 years.”

“What, like a minefield?! Geez, man, this was a school!”

“I remmber this place getting bombed out like fifty times.”

“Kids used to eat lunch out here!”

“Sickos who used to worship the respawned.”

“Are the others gone?”

“You got no idea what lives here...what's comin' for you right now.”

“As low as it gets for me.”

“Your creepy monologuing.”

“For us there is no death.”

“You were stolen from us.”

“They were exposed to radiation unlike anything on Earth.”

“He whose hunger will cleanse all worlds. They wait for you.”

“He who hungers gathers his armies in the blackspring: the world behind the world, where the ending begins.”

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