September 4th, 2020

Sergio Balleseros

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn Issue 1 Reviewed

I haven't read 'Ranger Slayer' yet. Drakkon's 'dead' but his legacy lives on. It was an inevitability that he had a plan. Drakkon was not just a disposable villain with a psychotic temper.

AU Adam and AU Scorpina spar. What's the deadlock? People have outright hatred. AU Kim storms a prison. There is no talk of damnation or god's mercy. Drakkon left a chaotic legacy. WTF is locked up in the prison? Who is that? Drakkon's negative consequences are grimly accepted. Drakkon was a formidable baddie. There is a flashback to being a psychopath. What message was sent? This was good.

Best Lines:

“The Pink Power Ranger turned Ranger Slayer.”

“I assumed you might want to impose some harsh punishment.”

“We shouldn't have to share oxygen with those traitorous bootlickers.”

“Weren't all true believers.”

“Ranger suit, shiny armor, lording over us little're just Drakkon by another name.”

“It's cute how you pretend to care about your soliders. Or, you know, anyone.”

“A secret only he wanted to keep.”

“We suspected even Lord Drakkon feared her.”

“Don't ever tell her that. It'll go right to her head.”

“I'll never understand why you let so many untrustworthy types so close to you.”

“Undo whatever that madman did.”

“Another ex-Ranger to boss us around.”

“A reminder of all my enemies and how they've fallen by my hand.”

“A message sent to the furthest reaches of the andromeda galaxy. Though I cannot be sure what dwells out there. I know that it is intelligent. Intelligent enough to understand basic human language anyway.”

“Maybe there was a time you could have been saved...But we're past that now.”


Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn cover by spidey0318 on DeviantArt
Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #1 to Return with New Printing - Previews  World

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn Comic Series To Release This Summer - The  Illuminerdi

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Harlots 2x01&2x02+TNG 7x05+Motherland: Fort Salem 1x03&1x04+Away (2020) 1x01 Reviewed


This ITV/Hulu drama is now being shown on the BBC. Liv Tyler and Julian Rhind-Tutt join the cast. There is a long bitter legacy of irredeemable sins. A preacher rants. Margaret feels jealous and she is all incompetence. Lucy and co ho away as Harriet is out on her ear. Justice Hunt shows up and targets Lydia.

Trouble is rumbling and Hunt has Lydia arrested. Violet is caught thieving. Margaret is selfish. Will is sick of Margaret's crap. Violet will be transported unless she works for Justice Hunt. Lydia's sent to the house of correction. Emily and Nancy chat. A reporter doesn't do much. Charlie, Lydiai's useless son, is useless. The preacher's daughter is a wet rag.

People are in more danger than they think they are. Have they recast Lucy? Lady Fitz (Tyler) has a secret. Margaret wants a baby gone. Why would Lady Fitz let Charlotte into her house? What is Lady Fitz's secret? Anne lurks. Fanny is fat. This was okay. Will they light the set properly? Kitty is killed off.

Best Lines:

“Fleshy chasm.”

“Embrace your wretchedness.”

“Haughty, sneering slut!”

“You shame us all!”

“Who put the sour plum up your arse?”

“A month of clink for scratching her muff in the street.”

“Vexes me so.”

“May she be bitten by a plaguey rat!”

“Your ma's in the clink for being a dirty bawd!”

“Brought her fate upon herself.”

“You could have walked among them.”

“Grub Street press.”

“Brazen strumpet.”

“Constant game of sham.”


The opening credits are bad. Margaret's got the wrong end of the stick, again. Charlotte is disowned by her useless drama queen pimp mother. Margaret heaves her bosoms. There are implied threats and Violet is put to work. Lydia disowns Charlie. There is a whore riot. Justice Hunt tries to exude gravity and solemnity. Margaret causes chaos and unwittingly causes problems. Will they light the damn set properly. This was bad. Nancy's flogged. Lady Fitz is on the hook. Harriet gets a job. Lydia gets a warning. Margaret is awful.

Best Lines:

“Be as good as she thinks I am.”

“Beasts with buckled shoes.”

“You show no gratitude at all.”

“Port on your mumma's rug!”

“Information I guard for you.”

“Honour in righteous poverty.”

“Never to hand out kindness freely.”


Data dreams. This ep has debatable attributes. The dreamscape is an unnerving domain. Or rather tries to be. Remember the whole warp speed limitations crap? Data talks to holo-Freud. Data stabs Troi. Worf minds Spot and whines about Alexander liking jazz. The stabbing was for Troi's own good – no really. TPTB go there. Troi gives Data cake. No.

Best Line:
"All night! Every night!"

A Biddy's Life

Male witches show up. This was directed by Amanda Tapping. There is mumbling and a swimming pool spell. There is bad acting and an egg. Raelle is thick. Apples rot. There is a magic flag. There is a feud over a 2 century year old battle. Draft dodgers are called dodgers. Raelle's father is not a witch. There is talk of witch hunters. One of Sarah's biddies dies. This was greviously dull. The biddies aren't actually old. There is another death.

Best Lines:

“We object. Again.”

“Witch father.”


“Did she fall in combat?”

Hail Beltane

Scylla is a lying liar who lies. This was dreadful. There is a dance routine, like this was 'She's All That'.

Best Lines:

“Pleasure you will have.”

“Death current.”


Haven't they done this show before with 'Mars' and Sean Penn? Hilary Swank has 2 oscars. 2! Yet she is reduced to this. There is bad VFX and a crew plan to lauch to Mars from Lunar Base Alpha. Wouldn't she be in quarantine?

This is a 5 nations Mars mission. America has the finanical burden and the commander is Emma (Swank). There is exposition and talk of botany and chemistry and the mission will take 3 years. Her husband is meant to be in mission control. Emma is self doubting and she has no emotional honesty. There is cultural pessimsim. One needs to understand this show's reasoning.

There is phone coverage on the moon. People are culturally, politically and ideologically motivated. What is CCM disorder? Emma's hubby is played by Josh Charles. This was ruinously dull. What's a T38? The prevailing dogma is that the crew hate Emma. This was a bland miasma of meaninglessness. The crew's anti-Emma stories don't match up.

There is stated misbehaviour and social dislocation. People are aggrieved and there are revelations and misplaced priorities. This was absurd and there is no vigorous debate. Matt had a stroke on the kitchen floor. There are unhappy realities. What year is this? This was inadequate. Emma and Matt's daughter saw her father faceplant.

This had disjointedness and it was not plausible. Utterly naive people whine. Emma's going to Mars, sick husband or no sick husband. There is discontent and this won't be wildly popular. There is no considerable affection. This was spuriously contrived and mundane. There is self destructive behaviour and an excursion. There is no escalating tension. This was not an electrifying experience. There are no explosive confrontations and this was borderline bland. There is no uncertainty or dread. This was frustrating and obtuse and artistically barren.

Best Lines:

“Taking this job demands terrible sacrifices.”

“Social imperatives.”

“Talking mutiny.”

“Daughter I abandoned.”

“Crew that thinks I tried to kill them.”

“NASA drama.”

Kylo Ren

Book Reviews: Survivor Song + F.O.X.E.S 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay

An intractable super-rabies spreads in this book from the author of the okay 'A Head Full Of Ghosts' and the terrible 'The Cabin At The End Of The World'. The super rabies spreads irrevocably in New England. The 8 months pregnant Natalie is bitten, she asks her doctor friend Ramola for help.

The area is ruined and utterly desolate. This is a harrowing tale of paranoia, pestilence, desperate longing and a cruelly implacable disease. This story takes a sad turn and people with conspiratorial mindsets and predictably incendiary views lurk in deeply unwelcome ways. This was very good and unflinching and darkly compelling. There is resilence, repudiation and nothing goes fortuitously. This book should be deservedly adored even if it is not conducive to joy.

Best Lines:

“The truth will go unheeded by some, as it invariably does.”

“He shouldn't walk so loudly;”

“Bright light could possibly attract infected animals or people.”

“As soon as it started getting bad.”

“Meant-to-be-broken promise?”

“Terribly and irreparably ill.”

“Medical point of no return.”

“Why no one is out here helping them.”

“Purposefully loud.”

“Ominious weight of both possibility and inevitability;”

“Cry-shaming you.”

“Inundated with people wo believe the virus is airborne, who believe this is some kind of zombie apocalypse, thinking their headaches and colds are proof of infection, or that they caught it because their dog sneezed on them.”

“The speed with which this virus infects is terrifying.”

“The federal government has yet to enact an emergency vaccine-production protocol.”

“Where are you keeping infected patients?”

“Third floor.”

“Any particular department?”

“The entire third floor.”

“Given the level of violence that infected patients present.”

“Inarticulate shouting.”

“A combative person with a weapon.”

“No longer capable of making good decisions.”

“A Fury Road wasteland.”

“No one came to help.”

“Coyote Cujo.”

“Divine nihilistic meaning.”

“Portent of terrible things to come.”

“They know there is no future.”

“Narcissistic purposeful fools.”

“Not do they dare acknowledge the implications of their questions.”

“Terrible price of that silence.”

“The horrible future.”

“Farmers would clear the impossibly rocky soil and used the stones to build over 100,000 miles of walls throughout New England.”

“Too clueless to fully appreciate the situation into which they've inserted themselves.”


“Cannot be negotiated or bargained with.”

“Miasma of unease.”

“The loss of who Ramola used to be and who she will never be again.”

F.O.X.E.S. By M.A. Bennett

After 'S.T.A.G.S' and 'D.O.G.S' – Greer is still drawn to the allure of privilege in this darkly compelling book. There is no absolute finality, another sequel is set up. Greer thinks the not dead Henry is doing a Kylo Ren. The upper class death cult goes on and Henry lurks. A 4th book is set up and Greer realises just how high up the conspiracy goes. Greer is inextricably linked to the death cult and finds a curious recurrence of links to classical works as well as a relentless pursuit of the non-u.

Best Lines:

“Leave it, ee's not wurf it.”

“My day fishing with Henry. It was one of the most fun days of my life – right up until the bit where he pushed me in the lake.”

“What do they teach you at that school?”

“Unquestioning priviledge.”

“I didn't care any more for Pier's good opinion,”

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Trailers, Quotes & a Tale Of 21 Tapes 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

'Containment' promo

Will this be repeated?

'FBI: Most Wanted' promo

Julian McMahon.

'The Craft' trailer

Better than the movie.

'The Glorias' trailer


'No Time To Die' trailer


'Open 24 Hours' trailer


Ready Salted potato rings – nice.

Baileys doughnut – yum.

Oh Henry! Bar – yum.

My ex = unrepentant jerk. But my ex was terribly disappointing. My ex caused despair and disappointment. I was once regarded with some affection. My ex does not care for me. My ex = endlessly negative and indefensibly wrong. My ex ignores me as though I had never existed. My ex has a lack of willingness to say sorry for his whimsical cruelty. I feel lamentably overlooked and I'm dwelling on my ex's faults.

I cleared out 21 videotapes. 'Threshold' had causal racism, looked dated and wasted promise and wasn't even good. I'll never forgive 'Spooks' for what they did to Lucas North. On 'Angel': what happened to Phantom Dennis? Why didn't TPTB see how stupid the whole 'dark and tough' Wesley plot arc was? 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

Anyone recall E4's 'Wasted' with the neckbeard and the druggies?

'The DNA Of Murder With Paul Holes' Quotes:

“Lifestyle choices.”

“Post crime behaviours.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“They don't appear to care at all.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Serial incompetence.”

“Object of her anger.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Drinky drinky motion.”

“Guilty is spelled wrong.”

“Oh right, that thing.”

'Strike' Quotes:

“We run things.”

“Got him barred from everywhere.”

“Did something really nasty.”

“What a lick-arse he was around posh kids.”

“Were horrible.”

“Terrible officer.”

“His medical was bollocks.”

“4 children. Only 1 worth a damn and he's dead.”

“Might's no good.”

“Arty girl on the houseboat.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Street painting.”

“Does not exist in French law.”

“Violent mobs.”

“Faces ruin.”

“Lose all of our money.”

“Usually seen jumping out of burning buildings.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quote:

“The lingering presence of the lives that once inhabited the space.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Strategically dispose.”


“Decided not to have that decency.”

“The legacy was largely wasted.”

“Unenforceable penalties.”

“The Famous Five bankrupted the farmers' wives of Dorset with their Louis XIV-style picnics.”

“Testimony is the most damning to ever emerge.”

“Not attracted attention.”

“Far more ominious is the change in the subject of national discourse.”

“Incite violent unrest.”

“Posing a military threat.”

“Deep structural problems.”

“This is Berlin, it's going to look grotty within a week.”

“Judiciary archives.”

“Person who was listened to.”

“Historical pespectives.”

“Avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.”

“Constant public scrutiny.”


“Detailed forknowledge.”

“The sight of all that geometry, the protractor, the compass, gives me haives. I spent years never quite managing to learn to use them properly.”

“No culture of dating.”

“Courage to fail better.”

“Regard the value of cultural tradition as of no merit.”



“Anti-alcohol activism.”

“Under no obligation to comply.”

“Sharing personal content.”


“Salvaged the situation.”

“Bargaining power imbalance.”

“Social engineering.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“No let up in it.”

“Dragged into the gutter.”

“Collective crass stupidity or arrogant delusion.”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“Expose my shame.”

“Overheard hard words.”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“Impress me with your ability to talk your way out of this.”

“If you're lying to me, you won't get so much as a funeral.”

“How's the nervous system?”

'Threshold' Quotes:

“Stripper problem.”

“Definition of dead just changed.”

“I've been thinking.”


“It can't be good for the human race.”

“We can assume nothing.”

“Very real possibility of a global pandemic involving a highly pathogenic SARs virus.”

“I don't remember reading and on the 8th day God created Klingons.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Want this drama out of my house and my life.”

“I'm not afraid of jail.”

“Made threats about knives.”

'The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments' Quotes:

“Female body concern.”

“Well better.”

“I just want it gone.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“If Melanie's 30, I'm Vanilla Ice.”


'Flashforward' Quote:

“Find him before he does something worse.”

'Wasted' Quotes:

“Like the time he melted all your Warhammer figures?”

“Yeah, to teach me how sad they were.”

“I say new, I got it off ebay so it may be a bit wonky.”

“She'll disconnect my Sky box.”

“What kind of mould grows on Ecstasy?”

“Dance wall.”

“Love her with all of my soul.”

“Your fly's undone.”

"Yeah. I know.”

“Street dump.”

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Quote:

“You don't even try!”

“He's going to sing and play acoustic guitar. For hours.”

Watched an '(Un)Well' ep 'Bee Sting Therapy': people are imperturbable. There are claims made about bee venom regarding skin care and youth. The royals are mentioned. Things are ominiously idyllic. People/con artists perpetuate the myth.

Frauds do a fervent defence of their claims. People do refuting. A 'chronically ill' woman distrusts doctors, has her nails done and claims to have late stage lyme disease. There is talk of chronic lyme disease and this was not delightfully reassuring. People find structure and social interaction hanging out with con artists. People are not ethical and have no fiduciary responsibility.

Is bee venom fit for the purpose it is being used for? People have persistent concerns and there is no social care. People treat MS with bee venom? This is not a stinging insight as dodgy people exploit desperate patients. People have terminal stupidity. People find things arguable. This is incessantly, exhaustively depressing. There is social solidarity among the woo woo brigade. There are grevious failings and secrecy. People have sad demeanours and cringe inducing self sabotage. This was not sincere. People are unaccountable.

Con artists are fascinating in their condescension. People have fortitude and a clear belief. People are egregiously misled. There is considerable uncertainty as to the efficacy and efficiency of bee venom. There is wellness speak. This defies transparency and understanding. An epi-pen is needed.

This was fanciful and a utopian different society is wanted. Economically vulnerable people have a collective response. There is hope for physical and mental well being. People can develop an allergy to bee venom. Danger is inextricable when you use bee venom for a protracted period and people are deeply invested. This causes disillusionment.

There are false claims and expenditure and talk of recovery journeys. There is hypocrisy and unjustifiable distortion of logic. People act irresponsibly.

Best Lines:

“Fringe treatments.”

“Restore yourself to where you were.”

“False hope.”

“I would not be here today without the bees.”

“Culture of belief.”

“Wonder cure.”

“Natural botox.”

“Skin goes younger.”

“Asia beauty venom.”

“Placenta was also a talking point.”

“Put my trust into the bees.”

“Destroyed my digestive system.”

“Lost hope.”

“60 to 80 dollars a bottle.”

“My existence for the rest of my life.”

“Carry this dread.”

“Universe reaching back to her.”

“Bee venom retreat.”

“2,500 dollars.”

“Take their health into their own hands.”

“Owning their own health.”

“Take healing into your own hands.”

“Paleo bakery business.”

“Shopping at Whole Foods.”

“Acupuncture school.”

“Immune point.”

“Lyme disase and its co-infections.”

“Nature doesn't care about people.”

“Seemed highly implausible to me.”

“Very unconvincing.”

“All there to cause you pain and harm.”

“63 chemicals meant to be destructive and pain causing.”

“People that love you most.”

“Social prison.”

“Bees are freee.”

“Nothing's working.”

“Western trained.”

Illya K

Movie Review: Spaceship+D.A.R.Y.L+Dudley Do-Right+Drowning By Numbers+Get Duked!+The Vast Of Night

Spaceship (2016)

This was not brilliantly vapid. There is no sinking dread. This leaves one in a confusional state. There is no supposed payoff. A girl's woe is wearying as is her obvious disconnection. This was hugely frustrating. A brat teen is a malicious hoaxer and attention crazed. This was unwatchable and witless.

D.A.R.Y.L (1985)

Collen Camp features in this kids film in which randos interact with a boy unaware he is a robot. At one point Daryl steals and flies a fighter plane. This was goofy.

Best Line:

“He irons his own clothes.”

Dudley Do-Right (1999)

Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eric Idle and Alfred Molina star in this career killer. A pitiless dictator (Molina) prances as a mountie (Fraser) is thick. There is narration and this was stupid with no fascinating aspects. This was tedious and a cringing embarrassment. This was unedifying and incontrovertibaly absurd. This was of very low standard and it was sub-mediocre and total serial incompetence.

Best Lines:

“Mountie store.”

“Bad guy friends.”

“Not so secret hideout.”

“Horrid example of a human being.”

Drowning By Numbers (1986)


Get Duked! (2019)

Chavs get hunted by Eddie Izzard. The chavs are stupid and violent. Rich toffs cull the wrong sort of youth. Idiot cops bumble. People are fake street and can't ennunciate. This was BAD.

Best Lines:

“Barn that looks like its owned by a serial killer.”

“Had to spread jam on a dog biscuit!”

“Wearing satanic animal skulls.”

The Vast Of Night (2019)

There is babbling in a New Mexico town in the 50s. There is a weird sound and idiots investigate. This bored.

Best Lines:

“Critter bones.”

"No one listens to us."

"I don't need your judgment right now!"

"Something in the sky."

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