July 29th, 2020


Book Review: The Catch

The Catch by T.M Logan

Ed meets Ryan, the boyfriend turned fiancee of his daughter Abbie. He hates Ryan on sight and is sure Ryan is a lying psycho. He's right of course, to his cost. His dumb bint wife and daughter ignore him and all the evidence that Ryan is a lying, animal abusing, faking, serial killing, psychopath.

Ed's boss is a bitch who deliberately sets out to humilate him. The police are useless. This book has so many negative aspects – it lacks narrative structure and is full of badly thought through decisions. There is no pleasure from reading this badly, catastrophically wrong mess.

This has draconian action, 'twists', unforseen issues, consequential stupidity, retaliatory measures, confrontations, an arsenal of accusations and a bevy of calamitously stupid women who are a disgrace to the nation. There is serious disagreement and stupid women actively interfering and overlooking outlandish lies.

Best Line:
“This Ryan fella wakes up in the dead of night with you and me at the end of his bed, baseball bats and balaclavas on, Milk Tray-Man style.”
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The Red Mother Issue 6 Reviewed

The heroine goes to London, there is no Covid just modern discontents and brutal treatment. Evil has perverse appetites. There are obsessive memories, evil limits the heroine's life cances. There is fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Disaster is in the making as the heroine goes off track and is unmoored from reality. Evil has aggressive methods and a culture of deception. There is an emotional maelstrom. This was just about plausible. I'm wondering if this is some kind of 'Hellrasier' tie-in.

Evil has a global conspiracy and there is a pub called The Blind Stag. What is a pint of bitter? The heroine is not wary of other people, she greets things with either horror or amusement. This was beguiling. Sinister forces gather and in fact, they are closer than the heroine realises. This was very good and creepy.

Best Lines:

“I'm writing a dissertation on street art and its impact on modern culture.”

“Incredibly interesting, I assure you.”

“Ya walk on! Bloody weirdo!”

“The trauma, the pain, the dark things...”

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Kylo Ren

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Semi-Detached' promo


'Hollyoaks' promo


'For All Mankind' season 2 trailer

War on the moon!

'Stargirl' 1x12 promo


'Camp Cretaceous' promo


Terry's Chocoalte Orange – okay.

There are pet masks?

My ex has astonishing indifference. I hope that the whore, seductress and temptress has an impending comeuppance. What I have had to put up with from my ex. I thought my ex was truly devoted. He doesn't seem moved. My ex didn't really care. My ex had an unhibited pursuit of happiness, at all costs and at any cost. My ex won't re-establish a relationship. My ex consciously chose to do what he did. I'm incensed by my ex. He's horrendous. My ex remains hostile and I anticapte police involvement in his future. My ex toyed with my affection. My ex is flippant and can sod off. My ex left me to love another and shattered my dreams. He was an unpleasant suprise. My ex was wholly unreliable and negatively impacted me.

Who read 'The Changeover', 'The Pet' or 'Vampire Express'?

I'll review 'Perfect Little Angels' and 'The Religion'.

I won't read 'Shadow Friend' or 'Harrow Lake'.

'Nazi In The Gaeltacht' Quotes:

“Folklore collector.”

“Serves as pasture for a few cows.”

“Their friendship didn't go unnoticed.”

“Approves of Irish whiskey.”

“Target countries.”

“Military geography.”

“These people were raided.”

“Named on air.”

“Mad nazi.”

“Donegal Irish.”

“Alarmed observers from the outside world.”

“Blackmail Europe.”

“Didn't die a happy man.”

“Europe dominating.”

'Louis Theroux's LA Stories: Edge Of Life' Quotes:

“They're not hearing me.”

“Dying process.”

“Leave out of here.”

“Manage expectations.”

“Journey of acceptance.”

“The treatments themselves are life threatening.”

“Just like fall off.”

“Heard people screaming in the night.”

“Comfort type of care.”

“Extreme illness.”

“No recovery.”

“Unfortunate existence.”

“What you would want done to you.”

“Garbage outcome.”

“Already not good.”

“Comfort measures.”

“Ethics discussions.”

“That I do notice.”

“Get into trouble less.”

“Scared of consequences.”

“Beloved one.”

“Got their miracle.”

'Fear City: New York v The Mafia' Quotes:

“Street rackets.”

“Wired up bushes.”

“Ended up dead for it.”

“The house is never empty.”

“Bad kid growing up.”

“Vicious, vicious people.”

“Do terrible things to society.”

“Beat up your kid.”

“Thrown out a 76th floor window.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Use public shaming.”

“Bite me nature!”

“Eco nerd!”

“Wearing your ditch digging clothes.”

“Helped my mom a lot. She blinks now.”

“I have to move my animal cemetary, I'm putting in a pool.”

“Something the poors do like family game night and voting.”

“It went away.”

“Time to get god involved.”

“Go get the lotion Kevin!”

The Irish Times' Quote:

“Rejected all our all requests.”

“A project for the future of humanity.”

“Senseless havoc.”

“The handshake is now firmly a thing of the past,”

“Risk is simply not treated with the respect it deserves-”

“Months of dersion in the media.”

“An aeon in terms of this country's social progess.”

“Always excluded from any social event that went on,”

“They are friendly but she will never hear from them again.”

“Legally disallowed.”

“Fear. We need more of it.”

“Notoriety went national.”

“Social convention.”

“Imposed with no warning, no planning.”

“Life occasions.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“More than concerning.”

“Use to get things.”

“Behave out there in the world.”

“Yell your way to some sort of desired outcome.”

“Tyrannical suicidal alcholic.”

“Professionally ruined.”

“Something broadcasting from my cecling fan.”

“Harm her and her family.”

“Ludicrous, crazy delusions.”

“Part of a secret plan against her.”

“Spews venom on the internet.”

“Locksmith story.”

“Hey locksmith!”

“Drugged you with cornflakes.”

“Target of a worldwide conspiracy.”

“Defamation attempt, again.”

“So erratic and troubling.”

“Last good memory.”

“Repaid with damaging allegations and abuse.”

“Why are you believing these things?”

“Delusional disorder.”

'Tvnow' Quote:

“Forced out of the community.”

'Murder Comes To Town' Quotes:

“A bag of candy couldn't be accounted for.”

“Missing candy and root beer.”

“The VCR is missing from the living room.”

“Portends another kind of storm brewing.”

“Posessed by dark thoughts.”

“Cassette door had broken off.”

“Be on the lookout for the VCR.”

“He had not heeded.”

“Horse run.”

“Brings his holy terror.”

“Dark side of good deeds.”

“Hits Bonne Terre like a late summer twister.”

“Get a lot more shocking.”

“Plan type situation.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Trying to prevent the virus from being brought back.”

'Marple' Quotes:

“Mr policeman.”

“Had married properly.”

“What the other lot do!”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Judges of fact.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Toxic recrimination.”

“Unjustified error.”

“Reputation destroying article.”

“Sniffing dogs...digging machines.”

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Quotes:

“Something that a subliterate that's repeated 12th grade 3 times has and you don't.”

“Oh I'm up, I'm suddenly very up, it's just, um, I've never been up with people before.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Forgo flicked food.”


'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Threw a grenade in his already fragile life.”

“Right to feel unsafe.”

“Go and live your life and sort your own problems out.”

“Hurling carrots and sweet potatos from the sky.”

'The Fugitive' Quotes:

“Picked me out of the gutter.”

“Filthy joke of the town.”

On 'Hollyoaks' (which was a 90s classic rerun): Cindy had a boyfriend who beat toddler Holly. Cindy didn't care – where were social services? Someone called Kurt is dead. Lucy can't act. Tony has Beckham hair. Someone named Rob shows up with a massively complex revenge plot. This was not emotionally wrenching.


Prodigal Son 1x13&1x14 + TNG 6x03 + The Twilight Zone (2019-?) 1x01 Reviewed

Wait & Hope

Would you trust the son of a serial killer? Bug eyed Malcolm has dad issues of a horrifying nature, inappropriately jaunty humour and a studided poise. Psycho dad dispatched people in inventive ways and Malcolm has complex PTSD and narcissistic tendencies and heavy meds as a result. The script is the usual bumper of cliches and psycho dad drips with malice, glee, neediness and gile. This is not particularly appealing. There is no narrative tension and one has negative opinions of psycho dad and junior.

Psycho dad is not scarily intense and he whines even in his dreams. Malcolm does not have my pity. Malcom whines about psycho dad turning his life Pinterishly upside down. Psycho dad has patients: this show is so predictable: crime, red herring, twist. Malcolm does yoga and psycho dad does intentional acts. Much is unresolved. Malcolm plans to go on holiday and wears a white suit.

Malcolm has significant discontent due to psycho dad's profound impact. The long hidden consequences of psycho dad's past actions go on. Psycho dad's legacy is tainted and questionable. This was moribiund and Malcolm has cultivated a reputation for making dramatic decisions. This was farcical and mindnumbing and makes no sense.

Lessons were tragically learned. This ep was pretty routine. Malcolm has no holiday and liked 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' as a child which is good as the nutter du jour is using the book as a murder guide. Malcolm ends up a 1950s Russian mine for, reasons. Is JT necessary? The whole plot makes no damn sense!

Best Lines:

“My entire life disappeared.”

“Everyone's your best friend until they find out you're a serial killer.”

“Enacts his vengeance on them all.”

“You're making jokes.”

“What you did to me.”

“Sick lunatic living in a delusion.”

“Last time I had to fly commerical, I felt like I was on the last chopper out of Vietnam.”

“What's up Miami Vice?”

“Dates back to the 1730s. I have 2.”

“Who brought their coke dealer?”

Eye Of The Needle

Ainsley bores. Malcolm had a vacation between 1x13 and 1x14. There's misguided anger and a killer has personal animus against Jessica. People condone moronic actions. Jessica's selfish and stupid and faces retribution. There is no incredible intensity and this was not wildly imaginative. There are assertions and psycho dad was arrested in 1998.

Psycho dad calls into his daughter's show and the NYPD. There is no pleasurable anticipation. Psycho dad is repulsive and ludicrous and sneering and supercilious. There is no horrified fascination. This was feeble and tiresome and overburdened with dastardly villains and vapid characters and Deadly Secrets.

Jessica is told to stab psycho dad. So? This was disastrous and there is a Regis reference. There is sinister intrigue and Jessica's thick as mince. There is diabolic, growing insanity and sinister meanings in perfectly innocent activities. Psycho dad admits trying to kill Malcolm.

Best Lines:

“Bash your skull into the table.”

“My meddling son.”

“Never imagined my opinion of you could drop any lower.”

“Learned what he is.”

“You're not! A good person!”

“She looks like the carpet at the DMV!”

“Clay time.”

“They insisted on a jury trial and lost.”

“Let him ramble.”

“I went to Colombia J school.”

“Haven't hired new guards there in years.”

Man Of The People

Some John Lithgow looking actor plays an ambassador who has a secret. He also a geriatric mother who rants and can't act, then she dies. Troi acts vain, weird and slutty and ages. The ambassador is a predator. Riker is a patronising, slut shaming man ape. Die Riker die. This was okay but Troi and Crusher's wigs are painfully evident.

Best Line:

“Psychic waste.”

The Comedian

A bad failed stand up comedian does stuff. The opening credits are BAD. The comedian erases people. Why do people laugh? He's not funny and is a life ruiner. This was BAD.

Best Lines:

“Argument classes.”

“If you go on a murder rampage, can you try not to do it when I'm here please?”

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Sergio Balleseros

Movie Reviews: Sorry + The Believers (1987) + Killer Workout

Sorry (2019)

This is a good short film about a bright new star who falls victim to cancel culture as she is driven to the premier of her movie. The gravity of the crisis is hilarious and showcases a far darker reality and the resulting surge of desperation.

Best Lines:

“Is this an apology video for the terrible tweet?”

“Thousands of death threats.”


The Believers (1987)

A Martin Sheen movie based on an alleged classic 1970s horror novel. Cal's wife dies in a freak accident involving spilt milk and a faulty coffee machine. Helen Shaver plays his new landlady/love interest. Cal is a terrible inattentive father. The kid is creepy. Jimmy Smits and Robert Loggia feature. Smits is tied to a chair and ranting in a nut ward.

The son is a horrible child actor and deserves being smacked. There is nice music and wild overacting. Weird stuff happens. Cal learns about human sacrifice. People are driven to their deaths. Spiders crawl out of a woman's face and Cal (Sheen) learns he can't trust his 'friends'. The final scene is creepy and this was good.

Best Lines:

“Don't break nothing!”

“Don't call cutting up chickens a religion.”

“Psycho cop?”

“What are you people so afraid of?”

“Your ignorance.”

“8 year old's don't usually OD.”

“What they suggested seemed unthinkable.”

“Strike down the enemies of our faith!”

“Give our sons to wars in the name of peace.”

“Create a world of our choosing...destroy those who oppose us.”


Killer Workout (1987)

There is 80s fashion and workouts and the male gaze, did Eric Prydz watch this? Awesomely silly, half witted and creatively bankrupt things happen. A woman wears a skimpy leotard that'll probably give her a uti and a yeast infection. There is a mean cop and this was bad and everyone mumbles and this was full of no names.

Best Lines:
"You want to feel? Try Hollywood Boulevard!"

"Next time I'm going to finish you!"

Killer Workout (1987) - IMDb

I wish I'd been watching this 80s slasher instead:

Killer Party (1986) on MGM/UA (United Kingdom Betamax, VHS videotape)

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