July 27th, 2020

Illya K

Batwoman 1x19 Reviewed

A Secret Kept From All The Rest

Kate confronts a thief. Alice plots in boring fashion. Tommy has become Hush. The British chick bores and lies and schemes against Kate. Jacob plans murder and has learned nothing. Luke rants, oh go away you boring useless character. Some bimbo is kidnapped. Piss off Mary. Sophie is useless. Will Luke shut up whining? This was terrible and Jacob doesn't recognise his own daughter when she is standing in front of him. What a loser.

Best Lines:

“Her betrayal deserves a reckoning!”

“Drenched in sewer water!”

“Snuff this homicidal bastard out!”

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Dceased Dead Planet Issue 1 Reviewed

How are Zatanna and Constatine chatting? Why are they chatting? Cyborg is alive on Earth, 5 years after the Arks left. On Earth2, Jon is now Superman and about 2 feet taller. Damian is now Batman and he's 3 feet taller. There's a new Wonder Woman. This was boring and aimless.

There are pueple aliens. Alfred is on Earth2. Lois Lane takes up space – they built a New Hall Of Justice, oh that was important. Green Arrow thinks Cyborg's distress call is a trap to lure them to Earth to finish them off – he's probably right. Dick and Tim and Kate don't rate a mention when the dead are listed. Dinah married Ollie? 'Arrow' did Dinah so dirty.

There's a Green Lantern quarantine zone around Earth. The sun hasn't gone out. Krypto is alive. Who's Cassie? Where did they get their new superhero outfits from? Earth is sepculchral, silent & creepy. This does not vividly capture the intensity or drama of an apocalypse. Ollie's boasty behaviour leads to him getting chewed on.

This absurdity does not trigger uneasiness. Damian doesn't seem to mourn his 'brothers'. Logic is sparse and inconsistent. Suspence and plot are in short supply. Zombie Wonder Woman attacks cos she's petulant. The knowledge of the cure is revealed. Stupidity results in ruin. Civilisation has been absolutely obliterated. There is no grand celestial imagery in space or on Earth2. This was lamentably ineffective and there are no heightened tensions.

Best Lines:

“John's friend had been infected by the anti-life equation and John had to set him on fire. You know, as you do.”

“Beyond saving.”

“Our doomed world.”

“We found him. Both parts of him.”

“Some monstrous hordes coming in.”

“What was that thud?”


“It sounded like a boot to a face.”

“Your dad's still eating a star, kid.”

“Monstrous hordes are about the worst kind of horde.”

“Epic songs should be written of your great feats.”

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Movie Reviews: BlacKKKlansman + Lemmy

BlacKKKlansman (2018)

Adam Driver, Topher Grace and John David Washington star in this Spike Lee movie. There are Alec Baldwin and Harry Belafonte cameos and clips from 'Gone With The Wind' and 'Birth Of A Nation'. This is a true story.

A black cop in Colarado (Washington, son of Denzel) sees powerful men weaponise their self pity and there are few dissenters from this. People are on enemies lists and awful people suffer no sanction whatsoever. There is no intrinsic meaning in this. The cop goes undercover in the KKK.

There is hysterical intolerance, deluded lackeys and demented fanaticism. There are opposing views, indignation and bitter and toxic stupidity. There is no ferocity just a heavy reliance on exposition. There is folly and bravado and no silliness or fun. This is not the acme of credibility.

Years have been spent ignoring a problem. Random things happen and nobody is reflective. There is unexplored darkness and there are contrarians. The cop infiltrates the KKK with the help of a fellow officer named Flip (Driver).

The cop is beholden to no one. The cultural language is explored. This was trivial and there is a David Bowie reference and an OJ reference. There is bombast and petulance and rather pathetic shady people. The cop faces outrageously unfair treatment and this was ephemeral. The undercover entree into the KKK is not seamless.

This was sprawling and long and there are frivolous grumblings. The KKK want money. People get irate and frustrated like they're watching 'Unsolved Mysteries' expecting Robert Stack and getting Dennis Farina. There is dated tech, a home lie detector tests, casual racism and a touch of comedy. There are stuggles and a narrative arc.

There is very clear motive for attempting such a unique work. There are many dramas. People have relentlessly cruel dominace and David Duke shows up played by Grace. A cop is a forseer of 2016. There is a hunger for sucess. There are resilence and unsubtle mentions of 45.

People are not accomplished purveyor of ambitious imaginatively rich storytelling. There is no complex kind of epic storytelling. This lacks authenticity. There is staggering discourtesy and the cop feels wronged often and has passive, saintly, benevolent acceptance of it. The KKK always have some effect, usually negative.

The KKK try to destory people's lives, livelihoods and reputations. They have no compassion or empathy and they are not sincere or honest. The case is nearly scuppered. The KKK do immediate vilification of the other. There is constant sweating. People are total misery guts and Flip has to become a Member In Good Standing.

There is tedium, pent up frustration and characters have never been strangers to paranoia. This offends across the spectrum. There is a torrent of abuse and talk of C4. People do not adequately parse things and there are bitter grudges, failings, actorly notions, shared opinions and some consider the police not to be a respectable profession.

Standards are not high and Duke is an ignorant pernicious menace. This was fanciful and there is no energy or devotion. People shamelessly attack and madness is generated. The KKK is infiltrated by stealth. This was iffy and lukewarm. The bourgeois elite are useless. Brazen vulgarians are unconvincing.

This was not dramatic, frightening or tragic. There is apparent normality yet strangness reamins. People are famously awkward. This was not dislocating or exhilarating. This was sorely lacking. There is no twinge of dread or anxiety. This was a reactionary bore. This was a terrible force that is shockingly bad. This was not tantalising. This was a very very strange time.

People are treated like criminals and are considered a danger. There is wince inducing urgency and this causes a massive sense of frustration. This was not passionate, irreverent or subversive. This was daft, expletive based and there is a sense of the ridiculous.

There is uncertainty, a plot and this was a sad business. 2 KKK members worked at NORAD?!?! There is a gloomy prognosis and justifiable laments. There is contemporaneous derision from the aggrieved. There is dissent and little do some care.

There is intent to endanger life and affronts to common sense. There is malign activity and Ryan Eggold of 'The Blacklist' is in this, looking nothing like Tom Keen. People face tirades of abuse and there is collective cringe and this was profoundly trite and frustrating.

Baddies make increasingly wild and nihilistic pronouncements and create their own moral universe and cause mayhem. This feels contrived with very forced meance. There is cultural despair and restorative nostalgia. There is fervency, psychotic delirum, dark joy, bitter reciminations but no profound emotional depth. There is cheerful blandness and this was truly awful.

The KKK and Duke have stealthy insidiousness. This was entirely useless and people are piercingly cruel. Duke is a witless fool. This has shortcomings and the cops are stymied. There is corrosive ambtion and no calm conversation. There is disparagement and unseen and unanticipated events. There are sad and difficult times.

There are confident assertions and intent to deceive. This was perfunctory. There is apocalyptic thinking, attacks on mainstream media, far right ideology, delusions and general paranoia about controlling forces distorting many people's opinions, mode of thinking and world views. Flip Zimmerman and Ron are in peril in this sensationally ridiculous, nebulous and outrageously ridiculous film.

There are conclusions, discombobulaiton, toxic distrust in institutions and an overwhelmingly portrayal. There are defiant responses and concerns cited and hubristic types whose intention is to escalate. There is a lack of compassion and competence. Things go on and not many have inner virtue. Things are perennially puzzling. There is an organisational triumph and a homage to events from 2017.

Best Lines:

“Army of commies.”

“Passing for a WASP.”

“Biblically inspired.”

“Raised me the right way.”

“Greatest intenral threat.”

“Your new redneck friends.”

“Christian Talk In The Morning.”

“Invisible Empire.”

“Cater to them.”

“Sell hate.”

“Get somebody in the White House that embodies him.”

“Now you're just being offensive.”

“Little 'Get Smart' bullsh*t.”

“I'm only friendly to my friends.”

“You think?”

“Let me see your dick!”

“Don't think gooder is a word.”

“In some basement denying it out loud.”

“Fear tactics.”

“Cleansing this country.”

“Giving me a purpose.”

“You won't see this on the news for obvious reasons.”

“What's that doing here?”


“Bring some to get some.”

“Can't be disputed.”

“History written with lightening.”

“See how we play.”

“Taking America back.”

Lemmy: The Movie (2010)

A documentary about the Motorhead singer. Kat Von D and her burdensome rep for being a satan worshipping neo nazi anti-vax racist features. Lemmy talks about his sons and drives a tank. There are a lot of talking heads heaping praise on Motorhead. Joan Jett is 1 of only 2 other women who are talking heads in this. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Tank killer.”

“Trash band.”

“I don't think of subtlety.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Buried Worlds' promo

No. Maybe.

'Spree' trailer

An indie film about a rideshare drive who wants a social media following. Don't trust him, he's a nutter. We'll see if this makes public impact.

'Fear City: New York vs The Mafia' trailer

The 70s. Organised crime controlled unions, construction, judges, docks and ships and ceaselessly tormented people. Interested.

Best Lines:

“Indict all 5 families. At the same time.”

“Having a torrid affair witn his maid.”

“Had 27 guys killed.”

“So many creative uses of the F word.”

Fruit jellies – okay.

I'd try lime icecream. I'd try Alabama white barbecue sauce. I'd try rosemary aioli.

Who saw 'Salvador'?

I want a Bulgari Barocko cabochon exuberance necklace in yellow gold.

When did my relationship with go so terribly, terribly wrong? When did my ex become an embittered tormentor? My ex immensely disappointed me. I feel bitterness and resentment. I was deceived. My ex has contemptuous silence. Did he find me burdensome? My ex erased me from his life. I thought my ex was a loving partner and protector. I feel ruefulness and angry frustration. My ex has fickleness and life is arbitrariness and vagaries and I had perceived irrelevance to my ex. My ex cut all ties. I used to be held dear, my ex did a sour litany of wrongs. My ex has changed my life, possibly for good. I feel devoid of purpose. My ex is particularly callous – he did a shattering thing. I feel unspeakably sad and desperate. My ex commited an act of perfidy, stupidity and betrayal. My ex decided our relationship was over, without actually discussing it with me. This provoked my ire. Why such negative assumptions? My ex does no introspection and takes no responsibility in this matter. I feel inner rage. My ex needs to address my grievances and he gave me no meaningful consideration.


Who else saw Jonathan the St Helena's tortoise?!?

I'd try pickled peach and prosiutto panzanella and rose poached apricots with lavenfer shortbread.

'Fear City' Quotes:

“Horrible acts of violence.”

“Foot long knife.”

“Frightening time.”

“A lot of guys waiting in the wings to take their place.”

“Polyesther waffleweave bellbottoms.”

“Ran virtually unfettered.”

“Turned the city over to organised crime.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“That's a bit troubling.”

“Warning sign to the world.”

“Open provocation to the civilised world.”

“Church of holy wisdom.”

“Reclaming the building as theirs.”

“Hidden for the first time in almost 90 years.”

“Heartbreak of a nation.”

“Triumph over this new tyranny.”

“Up to no good.”

“We must not contine it.”

“Raging virus infections.”

“Horrible disease.”

“Blame the old foe.”

“Restore law and order to the streets.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Out of the sketchy area.”

“Just grieved.”

“Street criminal.”

“Turned on him.”

“Rich people doing dumb things.”

“Physical consequnces.”

“Murder scenario.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Worrying trend.”

“Needlessly provocative.”

“Agree with the whole world.”

'RT' Quote:

“Toleratimg this type of activity.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Trusted very few members of the royal household.”

“Cast out.”

“Whining account.”

“Uninvited presence.”

“Vipers within.”

“Purposefully chose not to.”

“Most unpleasant.”

“Infighting, suspicion.”


“Weren't being listened to.”

“Huge amount of attention.”

“Distant politeness.”

“Hugely disrespectful.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Largely indoors affairs,”

“Rail against the very considerable changes to their pre-pandemic routine.”


“Encountered suprisingly little negative reaction.”

“Constructed dependency.”

“An umbrella conspiracy that shelters many other conspiracies.”

“Social distance floor markings.”

“Fail again. Fail better.”

“The rock critic's graveyard.”


“False doctrines of personal liberty.”

“Failure to give uncritical support to their martyred leader.”

“Demanding total submission.”

“Fascistic annihilation.”


Passionate and obsessive interest.”


“We're trying not to create taboos around certain words in case it makes them more attractive to them.”

“That's not music, that's just shouting.”

“Ruled mainstream media.”

“The business of another century.”

“Didn't give them what they already knew they wanted.”

“Impressive collective response.”

“Their civilisation is superior and thus deserves to be on top of a world hierarchy-”

“Abandon procedural or legal niceties to achive desired outcomes.”

“Seizing opportunities.”

“Seemingly continual need to aggrandise himself at the expense of his collaborators, as if their contributions were not as important as his.”

“Considered an engima even in antiquity.”

“Reclaim the voices of the dead.”

“Horrific facts.”

“Made this problem.”

“Ugly need to cover up mistakes.”

“Legacy lost.”

“This was not redemption.”

“A player for whom hardly any clubs can pay.”

“Once big name stars.”

“Instinct for self-mythology.”

“Statement of truth.”

“Whatever shiny thing caught his eye.”

“Projected arc.”

“An act of charity for which recipients should be grateful.”

“Every serious relationship I've had in my life has been just horrendous.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Nothing to escape.”

'The Fugitive' Quote:

“There's never any way of knowing.”

'The Alaksa Triangle' Quote:

“Dare set foot here.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“This symbol of middle class meicority.”

“Allergic to off brand foods.”

“John Goodman bomb shelter movie.”

“Living with the defecit of being born into this family.”

“Mind family.”

“Let a hobo braid my hair.”

“Trick them into thinking I'm a good person.”

“Take a ride in his van afterwards.”

“Crawling through our neighbour's doggy door to use their steam shower.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Remain silent with them,”

“Negative comments or conduct.”

“You have virtually no right to speak freely and keep your job.”

“Forgotten experience.”

“The vast majority of American's drive-ins had closed. But I've seen them in the movies.”

“A cool new joint called McDonald's.”

“Ideological conformity.”

“Dire professional consequnces.”

“Resentment at progesssive initatives.”

“Countless less fortunate country-house dwellers.”

“Cross the lines of morality.”

“An attachment to land that will be surrounded and defended by a wall.”

“Tangible reminder of her early promise.”

“Largely abandoned after most of its employees are killed in the first world war.”

“Replacing people of talent and principles with mediocrites who will do anything for success.”

“Soon became its black sheep.”

“Social behaviour.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quotes:

“Online network of searchers.”

“Offically weird.”

“Notorious character in a city known for them.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Barricade incident.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Rich person mail.”

'Skeletons Of The Mary Rose' Quotes:

“Fixing battle damage.”

“World of wood.”

“Growth plates.”


“17 generations.”

“Defended the nation.”

'Welcome To Killer Town' Quote:

“Smashing a window with his toybox.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Stunned reactions.”

“Controlled fury.”

“We barely knew him. He was a stranger to us.”

“Exuding masculine menace.”

“Went upstairs, packed up my typewriter and left.”

“Smile that wants you to like her.”

“Most favoured child.”

“Taffeta feminity.”

“Dissonance of character.”

“Vibrating with anger and bitterness. Talking with her was hard work.”

“He and his siblings too turns wearing shoes.”

“How hard she tried to get him to lover her, notice her, to recognise her.”

“Steely implaccability.”

“The one thing that validated her existence:”

“Toxic control.”

“A lifestyle she felt she deserved.”

“Compromised any morals she might have had.”

“Tough, shady men.”

“They seemed normal to her.”

“Corrosive relationship.”

“Something she never got over.”

“Saw in them what her father could have been.”

“Abyssal zone.”

“Assume that the future course of events depends primarily on US decisions or plans.”

“Dangerous nonsense.”

“Staggering sucess.”


“Scurrilous allegations.”

“Caused serious discord in the community.”


“Forever tainted by their association with a terrible crime.”

“Une marginal-”

“His award and early promise than a memory.”

“Drunk and raving incoherently.”

“Enfant maudit.”

“On a good path.”

“Raw rage.”

“Needless drama, drama, drama.”

“No powers of reason.”

“Constantly bemoaned her various imagined illnesses.”

“Evil forces out to get us.”

“Secret society in a hostile culture.”

“Societal disapproval.”

“Ethically repellent.”

“Inexhaustible source of controversy,”

“Ethnic techniques.”

“Unless a woman of a certain age stirs a pot with vigour.”

“Benevolent, romantic constructs.”

“Always hoped that the great proclamations about back to the moon, or off to Mars, come true.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Social embarrassment and disconnection.”

'Young & Damned & Fair' Quote:

“Everyone he had ever known, liked, promoted, or loved.”

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