July 24th, 2020

Kylo Ren

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Prodigal Son' promo

“Hunt people like my father.”

'Our Baby' promo


'Batman' (1989) teaser trailer


'The Unfamiliar' trailer


'The Beach House' trailer

Jake Weber v nature. Maybe.

'Greenland' trailer

Gerard Butler v a comet! A sky full of planes and people look for bunkers. Okay.

Best Lines:

“Sky's on fire.”

“Planet killers.”

'Bill & Ted Face The Music' trailer


My ex wasn't interested at all. My ex has blithe indifference and he is increaisngly malign and hasn't bothered to say sorry. I thought my ex was mutually supportive. I am still without reconciliation with my ex. I didn't get to pause and process my ex: he's truly appalling. I'm left completely unsupported by my ex.

It is 7 years since I shopped at my fav shop.

I won't read 'Garden Of Eldritch Delights'.

The 'Bill & Ted' sequel has gone to VOD.

'Empire Of The Tsars' Quotes:

“When their end came, it was astonishingly brutal.”

“Stone buildings were virtually unknown.”

“Cope with the social reality of serfdom.”

“Their property: to be bought or sold.”

“Captive work force.”

“Wait for his revenge.”

“Really not very nice at all.”

“Right nasty.”

“Rational orders.”

“City built on human bones.”

“Enormous human cost.”

“Admitted. As anyone would do.”

“Mysteriously dead.”

“War torn backwater.”

“Boundless vision.”

“Let nothing stand in his way.”

“Above all: a future.”

“Largest stone ever moved by human hands.”

“Hard to warm to him.”

“Treated them with no little compassion.”

'Something's Killing Me' Quote:

“That's what we call a clue.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Death free days.”

“Know very well about.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Struggling for motivation.”

“Negative and hostile media.”

“Wayward shrubs.”

“Digging a big ominious hole.”

“Weep with perversely chaste joy.”

“There is no god there.”

“Start living normally again.”

“Publicly decline to do so,”

“Could prejudice jurors for or against them.”

“Without exception,”

“Please wake up and let us know they care?”

“Fearful of a supposed divine wrath.”

“Failures of statesmanship.”

“Done what they care capable of: nothing.”

“Distant water fishing fleet.”

“Unsustinable rate.”

“Lost to this generation.”

“Famously aggressive.”

“Local animosity.”

“Said he is powerless to tell them to leave.”

“Trying to get people to take my money. Why could nobody take it?”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“No stranger to local police.”

“Sitting around his apartment laughing.”

'The Unexplained With William Shatner' Quotes:

“The same flood story.”

“One of the most feared.”

“Pre Mayan artefacts.”

“Figures out how to decrypt it.”

“Even his allies began to hate him.”

“Drenched in the blood of its prior owner.”

“Kingdom would be lost.”

“Curse legend.”

“Course of one's entire life has been predetermined.”

“Ancient archaic people who don't know anything about the world.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Retro desserts.”

“Cooking 70s food.”

“Thrown out of her accomadation.”

“Take my unborn kids off me!”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Choke on your lies!”

“Found you smouldering in the bushes!”

“My earnings remain unstolen.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Armed with a crab.”

“At worrying levels.”

“Disordered law.”

“Lack of rational anyalysis.”

“Huge digital queues.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Steph hasn't tried to do you in.”

“I'm off women, I don't need one.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“The great day.”

“Plain speaking accounts.”

Watched another 'Unsolved Mysteries' (2020) ep 'Berkshire UFO': there were peculiar cirumstances in a small town USA on sept 1 1969. People claim they were abducted and lost time. People had an encounter with something and damage was inflicted emotionally and reputationally. There was a different sort of threat and lost time and lights.

There is talk of swamp gas and a painful legacy of the ufo encounter. There are no records of it. There are no police or newspaper references. The ufo sighters are beleaguered. People dismissed it as baloney. There was precious little goodwill towards the ufo people. Reality is polarising. And the issue is contrnetious. Did it really happen? This was interesting.

Best Lines:

”Change their diet from a doughnut to a roast beef sandwhich.”

“6 generations.”

“America was really changing rapdily.”

“Steal cigarettes from our mom.”

“Followed home down this road by a pickup truck.”

“Get that foul.”

“Strange occurance.”

“Abductions that took place years ago.”

“Look at you kind of strange.”

“Scare the hell out of everybody.”

“Don't want to hear it.”

“Like I was the black plague or something.”

“Blame it on something.”

“Already outsiders to begin with so this wasn't obviously going to be received well.”

“Go badly.”

“Truth is truth.”

“Forever changed my life.”

“Mental telepathy I had just experienced.”

“Non-believer in any of that stuff.”

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TNG 3x09+The Disappearance (2017) 1x01+Mrs America 1x05&1x06+Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3x09 Reviewed

The Vengeance Factor

Riker and Picard come across badly in this ep as they take on space pirates known as The Gatherers. Yuta (Lisa Wilcox) turns out to be an immortal assassin. Riker pervs over and then kills Yuta who is a weaponised carrier of a destructive disease. The acting is horrendous. Picard sits idly by as Riker murders someone. There is overacting and dull suprise acting. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Clans battling clans.”

“Engineered for murder.”

“Blood feuds.”


“I am the last of my line but my clan will outlive yours.”

Birthday Boy

Anthony is a sneaky kid who highly affronted his classmates by going through his entire neighbourhood's garbage. Peter Coyote of 'The Inside' plays Anthony's doting grandfather. Joanne Kelly of 'Warehouse 13' plays his aunt. The opening credits are dull and Anthony's parents are seperated and later divorced.

A teacher tut-tutted her disagreement of Anthony. One wonders if Anthony is autistic or just a budding psychopath. Anthony's useless father, Luke, of whom the grandfather is theatrically disdainful is useless and a deadbeat. Anthony created a wall of crazy that covers not only his wall but his ceiling. It's a map of his neighbourhood. Anthony still spies and commits B&E.

The mother, Helen, is shrill. The grandfather moved in next door to Luke and Luke has a litany of shortcomings. Anthony also has a litany of shortcomings and a litany of problems. Luke is combative and causes growing antagonism.

Luke whines. Who watches Anthony? Why does he get to wander and sneak unsupervised? The grandfather is a prosecutor turned judge and we see flashbacks of him and his bad wig. We learn how he met his wife and she was already pregnant. Was the baby Luke? Anthony is played by a bad child actor. Why did Anthony draw a cat post it? The grandfather arranges a treasure hunt for Anthony's birthday.

Anthony is a spoilt, indulged, entitled child. Peter Coyote manages to make the line "Happy Birthday" sound threatening. Anthony rides a ferry to school. Who was texting the teacher? The father does a radio show and the ex-wife has a new man. The aunt is a nurse. Did Anthony ever apologise for his sneaking?

The grandfather, Henry, indulges the brat. Anthony does not show up for his birthday party and the aunt, Katherine, is not overly worried. There is unexpressed unease and questionable assertions. Henry has barely disguised contempt for the cops. Anthony has vanished. Where is he? His bike is found. The party is abandoned. The case goes to Major Crimes. A friend of Henry's named Susan shows up. This was dull but a bit interesting.

Best Lines:

“It puts you in jail.”

“She's a dog, that's what they do.”

“Some rules you just have to follow.”

“My mom is mad at you.”

“He's fine! He's a happy secure kid!”

“You could have understood that.”

“I'll calm down when you bring Anthony home.”

Phyllis & Fred & Brenda & Marc

James Marsden, Adam Brody and someone playing Ruth Bader Ginsberg guest star. Phyllis has a morbidly overdeveloped conception of where the country of the socially, morally and psychologically acceptable ends and taboo begins. Phyllis is particularly unappetizing: vain, class conscious, money conscious, exhibitionstic and she has maddening complacency. She fears libbers, chaos, disorder and communism.

Gloria is an idiot. Several earnest, misguided, determined people with differing motivations and background yap. Ruth Bader Ginsberg doesn't like the limelight. There is bitter feeling and Phyllis has contained illwill. There is no logic or coherence. Nothing in the world is so hard to understand as a terror whose time has come and gone.

This show says disquieting things about the American male's response to women's liberation. Fred expects his dinner to be served to him. This is a social horror story. Phyllis has earnest intensity. Explosive social change is coming and Phyllis feels losing her son and cannot understand why or how it is happening.

Phyllis has almost bottomless conservatism and biogotry. This was heavy and turgid stuff. Women wait to be saved or damned by the actions of others. Phyllis is an awful, dreadful goblin. Fred mocks Phyllis and she lowers herself admirably to the occasion. Phyllis intones in all seriousness. Foul doings become fouler. This was boring. Brenda's life is an ever louder, ever more discordant medley of anxieties. Phyllis has frenzied intensity and Phyllis is not wary of hubris.

Brenda points out that Phyllis is a lobbyist and a liar. Phyllis warns her son. Fred expects compliance and Phyllis makes veiled allusions. She did all this to get to the centres of power and prestige.

Best Lines:

“This is what a marriage is!”

“This is why they hate us.”

“You can't reason with women like Phyllis.”

“Sparring in a Socratic fashion.”

“She is a very clever puppet for special interests.”

“Why isn't she more excited.”

“Can't blame me if you didn't do more with your law degree to save our country.”

“You are too old! Who applies to law school at 50?!?”

"Nothing is going well.”


It's 1975 and Phyllis is disgusting and Jill gets some power and yet she isn't paid. Phyllis has an iron will to win and she is an obvious inspiration for Serena Joy. Why can't Fred fix his own damn drink? There is talk of Reagan and Ford is POTUS. Phyllis is jealous of Jill and Pamela is abused by her husband. Bella plans a National Convention. Phyllis shouts down a public phone and makes gratuitous attempts at insults. Phyllis' gang reach out to other religions and call it the Eagle Forum.

Phyllis went to Harvard. This is not gotta see tv. Phyllis hates Kissenger. This was irritating and pointless and Phyllis has the YUCH factor. Bella's awful. Jill's husband lets her down. Phyllis makes allies and is dedicated to the preservation of the status quo. This is a seriocomic panorama of hell. Phyllis is horrified about her son.

This was forgettable. Phyllis is a hideous piece of work. This was utterly inane. Phyllis is hideocomically terrible and this was a miserable failure. Beefy choleric men are sexist tools.

Best Lines:

“Does that sound like winning to you?”

“Breaking off and forming a National Conservative Party.”

“No authority and no money.”

“We are the party of Lincoln!”

“Wicked witch of the midwest.”

“She's 6, you shouldn't trust her.”

“Even managed to dress myself this morning.”

“What exactly do you do?”

“They won't mistake you for a secretary.”

“Can't support a radical lib agenda and show my face in Ohio.”

“Reminds me of my frat days.”

“Do you want perverts teaching in our schools?”

“Complain about their miserable lives.”

“None on libbers.”

“Nobody expected Reagan to win.”

“I threw an ashtray at him.”

“Sexual favours are an expected part of the job.”

“Women Who Want To Be Women.”

“All serve the same lord.”

“Roses not rights.”

“Honor the martyrdom of the unborn.”

“I wrote it all myself.”

“Those kind of women.”

“Men go off to do the interesting things.”

“Reagan is our Moses.”

“I am not convinced he is a true believer.”

“There will be concessions.”

Don't you have a gameshow to host?”

“Reagan has inspired the rightwing religious nuts to come of the woodwork.”

The Wish

Buffy, Xander and Willow ignore the terrible pain Xander's cheating caused Cordelia. Willow DEMANDS that Oz forgive her. Anya debuts. Cordy ends up in a hellhole AU where vamps rule. Joss Whedon has Cordy killed and dumped in an incinerator. And that is enough of that. No.

Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Searching + The Other Lamb 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Searching (2018)

John Chou and Debra Messing star in this 'Unfriended' knockoff about a man looking for his missing daughter. David (Chou) traces his missing daughter's last digital steps. The mother, Pamela, died and David has weaponised disappointment. The daughter, Margot, has a secret life and David thought their family was relatively happy: he was wrong.

David's emotions are so heavily invested in Margot. He's barely functional and this is a movie about lost opportunities and extreme distress. Times have never been more challenging for David. Margot cancelled her piano lessons 6 months ago and skips class and he doesn't know her friends. Her social media is private and she does not seem to have any friends.

I haven't seen something this lame since the Teri Hatcher/Charlize Theron catfight in '2 Days In The Valley'. David uncovers lies and he needs a serious reassessment. Is he using a Windows 98 PC? There are no damaging long term consequences to anything in this film. This was not ambitious or visionary. David's increasingly gormless.

David is disenchanted and there is exposition and wild accusations and the daughter may have been riddled with a misguided sense of entitlment. David has displeasure and there is no declaration of intent and this film has a concealed plemic edge. Margot was recalcitrant and there is unquestioning comfort with tech. David looks up yahoo mail and he hacks her social media. This had a loosely structured narrative shape.

There is artifice and this tries to be basically serious. David seems friendless and yells. Damning things are uncovered and this film does not make a positive contribution to society. There is no fascinating speculation and the plot is not effectively reduced down to ideas about loss. Willing participants must accept the consequences of their actions.

This was not extraordinary, engrossing or strangely moving. David wants to know what she did with her piano money. Various traumas are uncovered and the mystery is not tantalising. Some ghastly teens whine. Online is a indecently immoral environment. There is uninteresting muttering in shadows and a Bieber joke.

The plot is insufficently developed. People hide so many of their motivations and this was wonky. He strives, others scheme. One is not scared or nervous. This was not chillingly relevant . David stares at Facebook, not Twitter. He stares at YouCast and David is not calmingly serene. This is a crazy hell. Margot was left out and ungenerous remarks are made. Margot fared more and more ominiously. She's 15?!? This was not a heartbreaking crisis. There is a still simmering crisis and this was innocuous. Where is South Bay? This is set in Santa Cruz. Reddit is visited and there is an abhorrent 'twist'.

Best Lines:

“Healthy and organic jar of orgeno.”

“Ground investigation.”

“Define friends.”

“Did people invite her to things?”

“I'm in regular.”

“Look into her behaviour also.”

“Terrifying development.”

“Angry neighbour starts banging on the door.”

“Nobody was actually her friend.”

“What is the tumblr?!?”

“Acting like a total different person.”

The Other Lamb (2020)

Women live in a cult. There is only 1 man in this cult, the women are all his wives and daughters. What is with all the threads strung through the trees? There's a hut and so much mumbling. This was painfully unimaginative. There are sheep, sheep, sheep. What happened to the geese? Nobody notices the cult burning the body of a dead member? Where did the dog come from? The idiot bimbo rebels. The plot is oddly like that of season 2 'Helix'. The ending is wack. This was filmed in Ireland but takes place in the USA.

Best Lines:

“Broken place made by broken people.”


“His attention is like the sun.”

“Still a favoured wife.”

“Cursed wife.”

“Born wrong.”

“Only 1 ram in the flock.”

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