July 10th, 2020

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Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Issue 4 Reviewed

There is a mention of Firefly and the fact that he burnt down Grayson's Flying Circus. Pernicious types lurk. There is a mention of Black Mask and Joker suffered repetitive abuse growing up and was charmless and pernicious and in perpetual combat.

Why is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, beating up the poor and mentally ill instead of trying to make a difference with his money? Joker has an intrinsic and unchangeable way of being. There is a headline about Bruce Wayne. There is a murder and rats. The Joker confronts Harley. What's he looking for? He's not elusive. This was brilliant and terrible. Why has Joker perpetrated grisly murders in such a celebratory atmosphere Why has he willingness to blame others for his deficiencies?

Joker's high school bully grew up to be a mob boss who married his high school girlfriend to her detriment. Why is Bruce an apologist for the system? Gotham is structurally corrupt and Joker does bad decision making and uses his ferocious intellect for evil. Will there be a moment of truth? Bullying and abuse were incredibly formative for Joker. Will there be a psychological cost for Harley? This was very good.

Best Lines:

“Too much money and not enough purpose.”

“I don't even know your real name.”

“It's only a mimeograph and some sections are illegible.”

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Movie Reviews: Daphne + The Old Guard

Daphne (2016)

This was underlit mumblecore. A slut is notoriously unreliable, she has incurosity and cannot be relatively courteous or show gratefulness. This was unbearably trite and painfully obvious. This was a thankless grind.

The Old Guard (2020)

Charlize Theron stars in this rubbish tale of immortals. They're not intimidating and there are guns and Chiwetel Ejiofor and things aren't clarified. This was not much anticipated and there is distaff violence. This was based on a comic with a magnificently silly premise. This was taken very seriously and is ghastly.

The immortals come from medieval England, Iron Age Asia, Belle Epoque Paris and now modern day America. This should be far better. There are engineered opportunities and Theron is aggressive and furtive. They fear terrible fates and mean bastards lurk. The world needs to be pacified and their civilising attempts (by way of being mercenaries) are devoid of meaning.

There is no melodrama and people degrade themselves morally in this vacuous mess. How do they have a psychic link? There is blatant disregard for logic in this farce which is a ridiculous folly. Civilised nations of modern times aren't so civilised. Some rich prat prats and there is dubious behaviour. This was magnificently disastrous.

This was relatively trivial and profoundly unimportant and absurd. People take unmitigated batterings and this has intractable problems. There is a spirit of solidarity amongst the immortals. This was appalling. Baddies loudly proclaim their badness. This does not demonstrate competence. There is no reprieve from this lousy film.

This was vaguely irritating and irresponsible baddies bore. This does not hint obliquely at menace with its dull characters. There is no tension maintained and the outbreaks of violence are deeply confusing in this pulpy contrivance. This was appalling hideousness that was displeasing. This was unappealing and gaff prone and it causes no endearing amazement.

1 of them died long ago. Another was a victim of the witch trials but didn't die – something horrific happened to her. The lost immortal cannot be found but she is part of the sequel hook. How do they get money? People do things to no good purpose. Wouldn't the iron box the lost immortal was locked in corrode in the ocean? The flashbacks are cheap looking and there is no enormous concern. This was not disturbing in intent. There is no guile and they're not untraceable and no perilous states.

Best Lines:

“Have you been watching the news lately? Some good means nothing.”

“Your team's the best I've ever seen.”

“What did it get us.”

“The world isn't getting any better!”

“They know what we are.”

“Holding her neck together.”

“How old are you?”


“We killed each other.”

“Many times.”

“Fight for what we think is right.”

“Met in the Crusades.”

“An army of 4?”

“Can you please not do that again?”

“You said you had answers.”

“I didn't say you'd like them.”

“For creatures such as you there is no salvation.”

“Spent decades searching for her.”

“Her pain, her rage.”

“500 years in a box at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Dread capture.”

“Time when I was worshipped as a god.”

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Pretty Smart

Reality Z 1x06 + TNG 2x20 + Mrs America (2020) 1x01&1x03 Reviewed

Wild Thing

Some of Levi's gang are still alive. The Olympus morons are all zombies now. Safety is unattainable. This goes beyond the plot of 'Dead Set'. The new lot have no resourcefulness. The enforced confinement of Olympus didn't last long. This was not distinctive. This can be compared unfavourably with 'Dead Set'.

Stupidity led to resultant suffering. This causes sheer frustration as there is no co-operative human behaviour. They cannot long endure. Their views are forever limited. There is bullying, intimidation and retaliation. Olympus smells. Where are all the flies? There is blood and a congresswoman kills a zombie with her shoe. The gang have to take back the studio.

The depressed woman created Olympus and is now increasingly assertive, until she isn't. Olympus is cleared if not cleaned. The 'heroine' of the previous story is now a biter. Some just sit on their asses. One watches with frustration. There is worst aid and this was inadeqaute. The outbreak cannot be contained.

Best Lines:

“One of those.”

“Changing the world by drinking their milk from happy cows.”

“Kill them before they kill us.”

“Brave enough to use it.”

“Camera corridor.”

“Godness of manipulation.”

“Take my palace back.”

The Emissary

The crew play poker in their cheap uniforms. There is no emotional evolution. Picard is a stiff, stoic jackass who reacts with fury when called on his crap. There is exposition and unintended comedy and yelling, lots and lots of yelling. A UFP dignitary named K'Ehleyr shows up. Picard is hopelessly ill-prepared to do his job. There is no capacity for wonder.

The interesting female character (who would naturally be killed off in her next appearance) wears catsuits, for reasons. There are no believable motivations just utter falsity. Pulaski (in her old woman uniform) is truculent. This ep is all calamour and yelling. Pulaski was unpalatable and this doesn't distract one's attention. Did TPTB ever address the fact that Gates McFadden was kicked off the show for season 2 due to harassement by a crew member?

The emissary is a Klingon/human hybrid – she and Worf would have a son: Alexander. Oddly Alexander's human heritage was never mentioned. Worf harangues and acts increasingly belligerently.

A 75 year old Klingon sleeper ship shows up. The UFP/Klingon war is mentioned. Troi uses the phrase human to encompass the UFP. Picard's thick as mince and Pulaski acts like she's never see a hybrid before. Troi (who is a human/Betazoid hybrid herself) acts like the idea of a human/Klingon hybrid is impossible.

Troi babbles. Worf is reticent and incensed and incites and makes incessant demands. This was stupid. Worf is dismissive and has ferocity. The emissary is caked in fake tan – no comment. Picard is strangely unconcerned. This ep was mortifying.

There is BAD acting and Worf mouths off to Riker. Is there no privacy setting on the holodeck? Who cleans the holodeck after Worf and the emissary do it inside? There is no acceptable reason for this ep. Of course Worf and his ex shed caution and hooked up. Worf screeches like an abuser and this ep is such a sausage fest. There is rancour and what became of the cyrosleep Klingons? Diedrich Bader has a small role in this.

Best Lines:

“Klingons of that era were rasied to despise humans.”


“They may be reasonable.”


This is a miniseries about the ERA and its defeat. This has an all star cast. Phyllis (Cate Blanchett) sees the Equal Rights Amendment as a implicit threat. Phyllis parades in a swimsuit at a fundrasier for a politican! Men leer. WTF? It is 1971! This has nice opening credits and Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Banks, Melanie Lynskey, John Slattery, Tracey Ullman, Sarah Paulson, Margo Martindale and Jeanne Tripplenhorn costar.

There is no philosophical thought for Phyllis, she wants the anti ERA movement to be all about her. She wants to get up the ladder of power and then pull it up behind her. Phyllis is a fervent advocate for herself and is opportunistic. She takes advantage of her unmarried unhappy sister in law and kowtows to men who brush off and patronise her.

Phyllis is not at all concerend with race. Feminists champion causes perceived as radical. Phyllis has her own idea of nation building despite having a difficult background. She's political, has a useless jerk husband named Fred and 6 children who she leaves to her sister in law and the maid to rasie. Naturally the maid is black.

Fred needs to sign a charge card applicaiton. Phyllis is worried about the cultural impact of the ERA and wants to go to congress. Fred has criticism and does not want her to do that. The housewives Phyllis organises worry about women being subject to the draft and no more alimony. Men doing things to organise domestic stuff or caring about domestic stuff is dismissed. Phyllis feels a sense of urgency. Men aren't engaged fathers.

Fred is dismissive of his wife. There is a Bob Dole mention. The ERA could ahve passed if not for Phyllis, even if she was treated like a secretary by the men. Being married and a mother was important to her. There was sexism. Phyllis manipulates the narrative even as sex is demanded by Fred. People talk down Nixon's visits to China and Russia. Phyllis is hideously earnest. Phyllis hates 'The Feminine Mystique'. In 1972, the feminists dismiss Phyllis to their cost. James Marsden shows up as a pervy politican.

Best Lines:

“Mostly just sits there.”

“I don't know what all the fuss is about.”

“Thank you Gloria Steinem.”

“She's so pretty. How could she not find a husband?”

“Right wing nut.”

“Didn't try hard enough.”

“Libbers don't wear dresses?”

“Steer their daughters away from me.”

“No one wanted to marry me!”

“I'm not moving our family to that lefty, godless, swampland.”


Gloira Steinem launches 'Ms'. Betty Friedan (Ullman) yells and is not liked. Phyllis works out in front of the tv and opposes the ERA. She also has no concept of sisterhood. The feminists still feel no frisson of unease about Phyllis. American feminists are obsessed with abortion. Phyllis steamrolls everyone. Her sister in law opposed 'Hair'. We never see Phyllis mothering. She thinks feminism is an irrelevance. She goes on 'Phil Donahue' and HE calls her on her lack of facts. Phyllis compares the ERA to Lenin. This ep goes cretinously. Phyllis does not do any housework, that's her black maid's job. Phyllis and co fear losing the love and protection of men and do a relentless assault on the ERA.

Best Lines:

“Unisex bathrooms!”

“No one likes feminists, even liberals.”

“Phone tree.”

“Fairness Doctrine.”

“She cut it out? With actual scissors?”

“Runs her mouth off.”

“We're nobodies.”

“Last gasp of the patriarchy.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Yellowstone' promo


'First Wave' promo

“You believe the antichrist is coming?”

Cherries = yum.

Mint hot choc = yum.
Peanut butter bar = yum.

I'll review 'The Catch' and 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume Eleven'.

Poor Naya Rivera.

The new 'Batwoman' looks interesting.

'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' to end.

I thought my ex had unquestioning attachment, instead he relinquished me.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Competence or commitment.”

“Legal objections.”

“Swept away from their mothers.”

“Putting them beyond his reach.”

“Entirely unprovoked attack upon her good name.”


“Grevious sin.”

“Promoting distrust.”

“Tolerate low standards.”

“What if your lawn was food?”

“The implicit notion that Americans are the goodies and that America is still the future.”

“Also prey, in his declining years, to such nameless vices as conceiving an admiration for Mrs Thatcher.”

“Whos reputation – always shaky – fell conclusively.”

“A fan base that will never accept any of the allegations against him;”

“In danger of eclipsing the president's lacklustre figures.”

“Resolve the chaos.”

“Pray the country was delivered from the disease.”

“Intellectual authority.”

“Avoiding interactions.”

“Did not provide a reasonable prospect of conviction for any offence.”

“Clinging to an archaic version of the land of their ancestors.”

“Determines who gets to be 'let in' to philosophy, and 'what counts' as philosophical.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Manipulate the narrative.”

“Exclusion list.”

'BBC News' Quote:

Stand a chance of shooting them down.”

'Little Disasters' Quotes:

“Toxic thoughts.”

“Thoughts she can barely acknowledge, let alone express, about the desire – just for a moment – for this child to be silent always.”

“Glazed with boredom.”

“Whose fights have turned a bit nasty.”

“Turning away ambulances.”

“White hospital crocs: good for running. Easy to wash when splattered with blood.”

“Here to do a job and do it well.”

“'He'll be doing all the nappies too,' she says, and she doesn't appear to be joking.”

“Has absolutely no intention of taking on board what I'm saying.”

“Can do terrible things in a moment of frustration.”

“Impact dramatically on this family.”

“View him with suspicion.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Bullied in school.”

“But she's 58.”

“Teeth are bleeding.”

“Get off the cross, it's occupied.”

“Genius at getting to do nothing.”

“Gargoyles from France.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“I'm going to hurt you again.”

“The odd job man.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Sector is in chaos.”

“By god, we're unlucky.”

“Long and violent confrontation.”

“Over promising.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“What a wonderful film about horrible people.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Apparently unconvinced.”

“Pant away.”

“Loyalty problem.”

“Deeply worrying.”

“Don't see any sufficient response to it.”

“Imported Afghan marble.”

'Summer Food + Drink' Quotes:

“80 per cent of his retail business came from south co Dublin – an area not short of good wine shops.”

“Always sold sliced and then fried until shatteringly crisp.”

“Irish bacon comes from a different part of the pig – back rather than the belly, which makes it a different product.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quote:

“His home is a sewer!”

Watched the 'Unsolved Mysteries' (2020) ep '13 Minutes' about Patrice Endres. Her son Pistol speaks. There is a homage to Robert Stack in the opening credits. Patrice was a hairdresser with a vile husband named Rob. Poor Pistol has extreme loneliness after his mother went missing and was murdered in 2004. Rob was 20 years older than his late wife. Her disappearance was worrying.

It's obvious Rob's intentions weren't benevolent. Rob has hostility to Pistol and wasn't welcoming. Rob did not build affinity with his stepson. Rob is egregious and a failure. Patrice vanished in a 13 minute window of time. Pistol was 15 when his mother vanished. There is a dark and disturbing picture of Pistol's plight and Rob's deep issues. Rob caused constant anxiety and Rob hates Pistol.

There is a very dark picture of the snide Rob who seems jealous and controlling. The marriage (which took place in 1997) was unhappy. Rob lies and Patrice wanted a divorce. Rob changed the locks the day Patrice vanished and wouldn't let Pistol in to get his or his mother's stuff. Why wasn't Rob charged for neglect? Pistol's father took care of him.

Rob is callous and to this day has made no restitution of Pistol's property. The family was destroyed. Rob has no moral standing and Pistol says Rob killed his mother. Rob has an 'alibi' and Patrice's murder was targeted, personal and grotesquely intimate.

Rob makes gross comments and is an attention seeking trashfire. He might as well have GUILTY tattoed on his face. Rob is unembarrassed. He was weird about the body and slept with her ashes. Rob is unambiguously harmful and keeps her ashes in a dirty box in a closet. He waves her ashes onscreen and gloats about keeping them from Pistol. The son has no photos of his mother and no justice, yet.

Best Lines:

“Community loved Patrice.”

“Life was not as happy.”

“Something's not right here.”

“Her and I type situation.”

“No one would come.”

“Go stay somewhere else.”

“Hunts for people.”