July 3rd, 2020

Scary Books

Movie Review: Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

A bad sequel. The fundamental structure of this film annoys. People express antipathy and are particularly irresponsible idiots. There is no innovation or competence. The characters are self serving fools and there is no uncertain mood and this does not sound an ominious note.

Dead people are not of the greatest concern and is not found quite alarming. There is unfavourable treatment and there was no creative, innovative thinkers in this anathema. There is overweening hubris and this was wrong in principle and contrary to values and the characters are particularly irresponsible idiots.

People take personal umbrage and there is immaturity and egocentricity and inane babble and hysterical reponses. TPTB are breathtakingly dismissive of logic. There is no bloody complexity and this was not dynamic and a burk plays the victim card. There is posturing and no sinister features. There is moral revulsion. Cyber cafes are still a thing apparently and a burk stole someone's laptop.

There is mumbling and secret files on the laptop and bad guys looking for it and murder victims. There is also talk of a crypto currency account with 10 million in it. Dark web sickos lurk and this was simplistic and unworkable and it causes irritation and not amusment. There are murder files and I abhorred this. There are no social mores and there are no outbursts of camaraderie. This was not extremely interesting and one is throughly repulsed.

There is mad ferment and ugly pettiness and this was useless and the dork burk barely registers his galpal's presence and is unpleasant and sneering. There is ill feeling, rage and miserbale social realism. There is awful idiocy and pulp hokum and ghastly hyper amoral people. There is static, sepulchral gloom and this was unconvincing. Why does this thing exist? This was just awful, it is aimless and meanders and it was not captivating or fascinating.

This was not made in realist mode and there was lying. This was not dizzyingly dense and characters are congential morons. This was banality and was unjustifiable and unnecessary. There are dejected expressions and this was not genuinely upsetting and the burk is perpetually panic stricken and there is reputational risk. There is no growing concern and a credibility issue. People are not jocular and there is no extreme upset. This tests patience and credibility and has many unresolved problems.

Best Lines:

“Say that louder.”

“You're the product!”

“Sharks swimming below you.”

“You 2 aren't roommates.”

“I can't watch that.”

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Sergio Balleseros

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Boys' season 2 trailer

Gore and Black Noir and a bunny. Ha?

Best Lines:

“Casulty allowance.”

“That is a good catchphrase.”

'Yellowstone' promo

Kevin Costner v Danny Huston. Mmmmm.

'The Plot Against America' promo


Jack Daniel's original recipe Tennesse Honey liqueur with lemonade – nice.

Dealcholised wine – nice.

Bella Italia has gone bust. RIP the former Bella Pasta.

Rochdale town hall has peregrines.

23 years since the Hong Kong handover.

'Make Me Famous' – no.

Who saw 'Rhodes'?

I won't read 'Agents Of Influence'.

Christian Slater plays Dan Broderick in the latest take on Betty Broderick!

'Jailed In America' was sad.

Best Lines:

“Meant to live like.”

“Once you're in, you're in.”

“Unending procession of probation and court appearances.”

“His paycheque depends on him not understanding.”

“Respected community member.”

“Entered the door of no return.”

“Path to jail.”

'Weclome To Chechnya' was shocking.

Best Lines:

“A completely closed society with its own customs and language.”

“Noble cause.”

“Why are you creating problems for us.”

“Delivered to their families in sacks.”

“And now there is no going back.”

'Murder In The Car Park' Quote:

“Continue to walk free today.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Convulses in disgust.”

“Pre-booked drinking.”

“Shouting will frowned upon.”

“Top level of criminality.”

“Street valium.”

“Barred from observing.”

“Operated from the back of a car.”

“Never to forget their sacrifice.”

“A post Covid world order is taking shape.”

'Women In Love' Quotes:

“Want me a little less.”

“Break me and waste me.”

“Go where I wish.”

“Oh I wish.”

“Why are the English so inept in argument?”

'The French Lieutant's Woman' Quotes:

“Fallen in love with?”

“Worse than that.”

“Waiting for him to return.”

“How banal.”

'Crime Stories' Quotes:

“A life heavily defined by violent crime.”

“Very wicked man.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Rail against their exclusion.”

“Burden sharing.”

“No one wants to help me.”

“Owe him and his family a great debt of gratitude.”

“Dominate the media narrative.”

“Making attempts to better herself.”

“React against the conformity it engenders.”

“Did much violence to history and perspective.”

“Forced removal.”

“Indifference of his compatriots.”

“Said they had sufficent reserves for now, through they were weighing options for when those might be exhausted.”

“Felt like shouting at the radio.”

“He did not say how he knew this to be true, and offered nothing by way of evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that it was.”

“Production of a samurai sword while committing the offence in the course of a dispute.”

“Resort to a channel beloved of those who may otherwise be voiceless to vent.”

'The Order' Quotes:

“I saved you.”


“Drop the merciful god routine.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“No active intervention.”

'RT' Quote:

“Deserves just criticism.”

'Madame de Pompadour' Quotes:

“Felt to gratitude to her.”

“Cause of all the stupidities he commits.”

“A world in which ridicule was death.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Murderous plants.”

“Jazz hippies.”

“Jerk Off League.”

“Balding gremlin.”

“Second rate clown with a cheap dye job.”

“War crazed lunatics.”

“That wasn't awful.”

“Sucking dick under a bridge.”

“Indiscriminate smashing of other people's property.”

“Murdering her on purpose.”

“I hate you more than you'll ever know.”

“We don't live in a Disney movie.”

“Not even that was fun.”

“That's a lot of zeroes.”

“How deeply unfun being with you was.”

“I've fallen in acid enough times to know there should be a splash.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Constructive opposition.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quotes:

“This is your son and I'm wearing him as a dress!”

“Put your neck in my mouth.”

“What is the plan again?”

“Run away.”

“I have gone by so many names. All of them feared.”

Watched a classic 'Hollyoaks': during Max and Steph's wedding (WHO?) Myra made a scene and yelled at the priest for shagging the man slut John Paul. Who invites the McQueen's anywhere? They are trash! Where is Myra these days? Nothing is being lost from the world with her being gone.

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Kylo Ren

TNG 2x15 + The Order (2019-?) 1x01&1x02 + Proven Innocent (2019) 1x01&1x13 Reviewed ⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖

Pen Pals

Riker is an ass, Picard is cold and Data talks to an underage alien child via subspace. Troi exists to watch Picard do stuff. Dr Pulaski annoys and Riker tutors Welsey. Nikki Cox plays the alien child. Picard rides a pony: WTF? Picard doesn't care about a doomed planet and the pre first contact race who are equally doomed. Worf and Picard's genocidal dismissal of a endangered race is gross. Riker and Picard are jerkasses in this ep. Data saves the child, the race and her planet. Picard wants to mindwipe a child. WTF? This was terrible.

Best Line:

“Geology not malevolence. These planets live fast and die hard.”

Hell Week: Part 1

Why do Americans talk to graves? There is talk of a blue rose society. Women bitch. There is a mmm title card. A boy and his grandfather live near actual train tracks. His grandfather once played Max Headroom. They hate his absent dad Edward. The boy gets a scholarship to a college and after a few steps on campus, he's jumped.

There is appalling acting and the boy, Jack, is maligned and unwanted by angry fratboys. There are no fear reaching implications. Jack suffers hostility and animosity from some who resent decisions made. The grandfather wanted Jack to go to that college. One can happily ignore this. There is only one class taught: ethics.

Some annoying guy dies. There is an annoying cop. This was implausible and dumbness is a perpetual feature as are bad manners and contempt. Weirdoes in masks lurk. This was incredibly complex. There is no moral obligation and hostile people mock snowflakes. This was incredibly infuriating. There is a giant chess set, a map, a chess piece kicker, a restricted area, a disturbing thing in a box and asshats.

More students get slashed. There is a lying blonde and this was a failure. Jack wears double denium. Nobody is gravely concerned about the murders. This was muddled and Jack sees magic using an eyeball take place. The grandfather has a post it that says: ancient proof? There is talk of strange rituals, bluster and talk of ruining Edward's life. How did Jack get back to his grandfather's house? What did Edward do to Jack?

There is no uncertainty and worry. An annoying frat boy named Kyle annoys. A werewolf shows up and Jack hits Kyle with a shovel and gets drooled on by the werewolf. This stars a lot of no names and Matt Frewer and Katharine Isabelle.

Best Lines:

“Isn't order material.”

“The boy's a deliquent.”

“He's student body president.”

“Living allowance.”

“Cold keeps me focused.”

“Incredibly disturbing advice.”

“Popularity is so important?”

“More than you'll ever know.”

“I had Hep C after a trip to Mexico. It's all cleaned up now.”

“Why we exist?”

“Pants on Clay, we're coming in!”

“Male, female and non binary bathroom locations.”

“How not to rape pamphlet.”

“Don't want any trouble.”

“Too late.”

“Smells like stupidity.”

“Best enemies.”

“For those of you who can read: the library is this way.”

“And you are?”


“'Star Wars' bedsheets.”

“Thought experiment.”

“Necromancy. How disgusting.”

“Why aren't you suprised?”

“Is it worth it?”

“At first no.”

“It'll be worth it.”


“You should be very afraid of me!”

Hell Week: Part 2

The grandfather, Pops, is crazy. One is not ecstatic about this. People are all so stupid. The blonde bitch Alyssa does not listen. Things didn't go well for Jack. Kyle is without so much as a thank you. There is no benevolence. People laugh, mock and bully Jack. This has no creativity and there are magicians on campus. There are hostilities and people pretend to misunderstand motivations.

There is no moral background and Alyssa bitches and reamins silent. There is no ethical thought and Jack fares worse and has assertiveness. There is a preoccupation with stupid rules and there needs to be a recognition that there was wrongdoing. There is talk of unresolved murders in the 90s. There needs to be an apology and Jack and Pops plot.

Alyssa goes on about attacks going back to the 1800s. There are enormous difficulties and people peddling a myth. There is a twist, stupid maks and silly rituals. Jack is angry that his own dad shows up and doesn't know him or recognise him. Jack and his pops wanted to use the magical Order as a weapon against Edward. Now Edward is his boss in the Order. What is Jack's plan? Pops has walls of crazy. Edward is an assclown. Edward does not know Jack exists. Jack's mother is dead.

There is potential trouble and too many enemies are being made. A bitchy blonde is tied to a chair and a handsaw is produced. Edward looks like a serial killer. There is lamenting and a house in the woods. This was absolutely appalling and an argument that is not popular is advanced. There is a creepy basement and a killer fur coat and Max Martini is Edward. There is no overriding vision.

Best Lines:

“Single greatest bromance in cinematic history.”

“Who needs ethics when you've got a trust fund?”

“You ruin everything!”

“Not yours to command.”


Madeline works for a law firm that works with wrongful convictions. She's been a lawyer for 4 years. She and her brother Levi were convicted for murdering her BFF Rosemary. We get flashbacks to Madeline and Levi's trial. Madeline got a degree in jail and then went to Yale law school. How did she get into Yale and how did she pay for it? Madeline wants to defend a woman convicted of burning down her house to kill her child, the convicted arsonist is less popular than Manson. Madeline fears the DA wants to become Governor and says he demonised her in the media as a drunk party girl. Levi is fired from his job due to Rosemary's family. This was okay. A reporter targets Madeline.

Best Lines:

“Can't kill your way out of this one.”

“Stunningly dishonest.”

“White knight.”

"Satanic goth queen."

"Psycho who set her kid on fire!"

"What is wrong with you people!"

"No one wants you here!"

"Satanic public image."

"Christmas tree fires: they called it charcoal christmas."

"I've been off oxy for years!"

"World that is waiting for her."

In Defense Of Madeline Scott part 2

A woman dubbed Amanda Knox with a law degree is rearrested and tried again for murder. She spent 10 years in jail for killing her BFF and was released. Kelsey Grammer plays the corrut DA who put her away before and wants to put her away again.

There is talk of a sex cultist. The retrial ends in acquittal. There is a twist. The DA murders someone and becomes Attorney General. This was okay.

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