July 1st, 2020

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'Dark Man' promo


'The Trouble With Maggie Cole' 1x05 promo


'Stargirl' 1x08 promo


Lemongrass paste – nice.

Polish milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts – nice.

Chocolate flavoured soay – mmm.

Jack Daniel's Tennesse Sour Mash Whiskey & coke – okay.

There is no hope for reconciliation with my ex. He was a shocking disappointment.

The Radio 4 drama 'Suffer Little Children' was not good.

I won't read 'Blood Orange' or 'The Cutting Room'.

Saw a 'Murder She Wrote' ep with Cynthia Nixon, Margot Kidder and David Soul. It was okay.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Local anger simmers.”

“Next few difficult months.”

“Real life version of Hannibal Lecter.”

“New and strange circumstances.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quote:

“One of the animals you people think is magic.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Cultural condescension.”

“Become an obstacle to policy success.”

“Seeming too easily upset.”

“That attiude was toxic in the Midwest.”

“Endlessly held to account for her husband's infidelity.”

“Repeatedly give the face that she didn't leave her husband as a reason not to like her-”

“Not legally feasible.”

“Legally unimplementable.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Many urgent needs may therefore be overlooked.”

“Melancholy and nostalgia for a time and place that doesn't exist.”

“Wreckage of a dead civilisation.”

“Decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.”

“Human civilisation does not need a guiding religion or ideology to make moral progress or to overcome existential threats.”

“Unite on worthy projects.”

“Increasingly deprived of the opportunities to acquire assets.”

“Geological, not human timescale.”

“Cannot easily undo our past mistakes.”

“No obligation to bring them home.”

“A lecture on public morality.”

“The future she never had.”

“Could find nothing similar to this.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Shielding measures.”

'Tvnow' Quote:

“Stars that never were.”

'Arranged' Quotes:

“She's my woman!”

“He's wrong but you're more wrong!”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

Hope you get in a carwreck and die.”

“Hurt beyond belief.”

“Loves his beer more.”

“People don't like to be around him.”

“Life is not going to be an easy one.”

“Caused by the acts of another.”

“Don't want him angry with me.”

“I don't know what sober people do.”

“Not your rational self talking.”

“That's for god to judge.”

“Feels judged by you.”

“Scary side.”

“Require more of him.”

“Reclaim your life.”

'Eastenders' Quotes:

“Shut your mouth you dirty cow!”

“You slut!”

“Happy, miserable and homicidal.”

“Worse than this?!?”

“Wasn't much better himself.”

'Art Of Persia' Quotes:

“Swept away the Chinese empire.”

“Terrible rumours.”

“Fell prey to pride and ambition.”

“Reached a hand across the centuries.”


“Pyramids of skulls.”

“Continual invasion.”

“Religions, kingdoms and dynasties had risen and fallen.”

“In extreme form.”

“That alternative future was not to be.”

“Vaulting ambition.”

“Cause of their own downfall.”

“Over-reaching ambition.”

“The scale of his lavish dreams.”

“Completely misunderstood.”


“Pagan past.”

“Seek refuge from the present.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“A legacy of poor care.”

“Being forced to listen.”

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Movie Reviews: Women In Love + Insurgent

Woman In Love (1969)

Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed star in this tale set in the 1920s which was directed by Ken Russell. People look 1970s and discourse on figs. This was increasingly lurid and full of disconnected scenes. Oliver Reed is a creepy staring animal abusing jackass.

This was not enticing and full of intellectual laziness. There are cows and dancing and this was stilted and OTT. There is an infamous naked wrestling scene where Reed and his BFF grunt and roll around in front of a roaring fire. It's hilarious and oddly disturbing.

This was primitive and there is a mad old biddy. Reed has ferocity. This was fervent and does not leave you rapt. This was exceptionally bad and terrible and weirdly unnerving.

Best Lines:

“Masterpiece of performance.”

“You're doing catkins.”

“What a liberty!”

“They hate him for it.”

“Nothing more to improve.”

“Where does his go, go to?”

“The vulgar way.”

“Even goats won't taste it.”

“I don't like trooping off in a gang.”

“I live because I'm living.”

“Forbidden from utterance.”

“Stopped the widows coal.”

“Their hate is better than your love.”

“Unpardonable liberty.”

“Some little type.”

“Most awfully jolly.”

“Pity we aren't madder.”

“I always think I'm going to be loved, then I'm let down.”

“Cling to the living and won't let go.”

“I don't want love.”

“I'm bored by the rest.”

“Greed for self importance and love.”

“Go away, there's nothing for you here.”

“Lucky's vulgar.”

“Accursed present.”

“I don't want old things.”

Insurgent (2015)

This was different from the horrible book but still horrible. It has factions, war, Tris, Theo James being hot, exposition and law. This was still horrible. The 4th film in this series 'Ascendant' was supposed to be made in 2017 but was cancelled. I can see why, this film was nigh unwatchable.

Why are people uncritical endorsers of the system? So many people have mental issues. Why is there a wall? Who built the wall? I hate the book so little was expected. Why did people agree definitively to their own humilation? To place themselves in the straitjacket of the faction system? To confine whatever tiny movements they are then capable of to a walled ruined city?

Actors mumble and there is no joyful release and what are they protecting for future generations? Situations are aggravated and Kate Winslet obsesses over a relic. This was a grave error. Who makes the clothes? The shoes? The tech? Who runs the power plant? Who grows the food and where is it sold? What upended society? There are looming consequences.

Everyone is very tan. This was overwrought and there is new and non-terrifying terrain. Tris wants to murder Kate Winslet. Who styles hair? There is no shapeless unease just staring and Tris fixates on a single course and refuses to look beyond it. There are negative consequences.

This was non tumultuous and fights ensue because people are untoward. This does not echo powerfully and there is no significant disorder and pieces of tech are waved. Kate Winslet puts ambition ahead of everything. This does not foster creativity and innovation and people make assumptions. Some smarmy guy smarms. It's been a while since I read the first 2 books and saw 'Divergent' and so I've forgotten who everyone is.

Who makes the guns, bullets and uniforms? People behave egregiously. Who maintains the train and the tracks and how is the train powered? The factionless lurk. There is bad acting and useless fights. WTF is going on? There is no common interest or insight. There is no reality. This corresponds to no need. Why are people looking for Four?

There are unresolved challenges and hysteria over people who live their lives a little bit differently. Four's mother shows up and she looks the same age as him! This was non-essential. Four's real name is Tobias. Four's mother was a crap mom who ran away and left him with his abusive dad. This was particularly painful and awful and Tris is increasingly defined by her opposition.

James broods and there is no real and persistent threat. There is willingness to take human life in pursuit of aims. Four's creepy mom stares. I assume Four and Tris are sexing. This was inadequate and there is no fortitude or dignity just semi-murderous dissent. This is unfavoured. Nobody cleared the ruins?

There is no distinction or principles or integrity. What wreaked havoc on the community? Gloria ab intus. Tris is desperate and foolish. Rowdy groups of lads lad around. There are no complicated conflicts and things will only happen on Kate Winslet's say so.

Maggie Q shows up briefly and there is increased level of public disorder. Jai Courtney, Mekhi Phifer, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Octavia Spencer, Zoe Kravitz, Ray Stevenson, Naomi Watts, Suki Waterhouse, Janet McTeer and Daniel Dae Kim star. This was unwatchable. Tris' brother Caleb colludes in a myth. People talk of a feared cataclysm. This is stupid and endless VFX. There is a message and a twist. This was unviable. People think this was a valid philosphical way to live? There are ancient enmities and tragic reponses that are not sensible. There is a nice song and visual toward the end but that is the only good bit. There is a sequel hook.

Best Lines:

“Social order.”

“Posion us from within.”

“Civilization's last hope.”

“One true enemy.”

“Terms of your sanctuary here.”

“Take whatever power you think you have away.”

“Stealing our charity.”

“Nothing she isn't capable of.”

“Ready for war.”

“Made his own choice.”

“Factional law.”

“Where's your scary boyfriend?”

“I come from outside the wall.”

“Designed your city as an experiment.”

“We were never the problem.”

“”No one sees it. Ever.”

“Because you're so popular?”

“Who knows whats out there.”

“You'll never find out.”

“Emerge from your isolation and rejoin is. We've allowed you to believe you're the last of us. But you're not. Mankind waits for you, with hope, beyond the wall.”

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Prodigal Son 1x05&1x06 + The Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x04 + The Boys 1x04-1x06 Reviewed

The Trip

Martin is as mad as a bad of badgers and Malcolm is not far off. Malcolm has racing, intrusive thoughts and altered assumptions as well as contending with his serial killer psycho dad. The girl in the box is the season arc and Jessica sneers. Why does Malcolm wear 3 piece suits? Dani broods. Did Jessica divorce her husband? Jessica isn't warm and caring. People deny Malcolm's experience of and perceptions of his own life. Everything is a grim reminder of his childhood and the sister's obsession with psycho dad grows. Is something more sinister there? Molly dealers die. Why does Malcolm have such trusting guilelessness with his psycho dad? He should be wary of any interaction with psycho dad.

There was melodrama and Malcolm is opposing psycho dad's legacy. There is no overall of positivity. How profound an influence was psycho dad on Malcolm? Gangs lurk. This was underlit and Malcolm is preoccupied with psycho dad. This was next to useless and Jessica's shunned by the charity mafia. She still has her married name. Eve shows up. Jessica says Martin is her ex. Eve can't act.

Dani talks of her undercover days. Malcolm trips. Why does he have 6 axes? Jessica burnt all of psycho dad's photos and momentos. Malcolm had a secret box as a child. Jessica claims she burnt it, but she didn't. Where are Jessica's family the Miltons? Malcolm's secret box shows up. Who feeds his birds? Who took the photo of psycho dad and Malcolm by the psycho-mobile? Malcolm loves a good root through a shoebox.

Best Lines:

“I need a murder.”

“Nothing deviant at all.”

“Off the charts manic thing you do.”

“Solving! Not doing!”

“Human snowglobe.”

“Contested section.”

“I didn't do this.”

“Little dreams.”

“Churches are safe spaces.”

“Come for you.”

“Friends become enemies overnight in this business.”

“People who lurk behind giant windows in nightclubs are up to no good.”

“Bad guy window.”

“Pretending to be hard because drug dealers are scary.”

“What we need is context.”

“How did you sleep?”

“On a counter.”

“Back to normal?”

“His version of it.”

“See you around.”

“Better hope not.”

All Souls And Sadists

Malcolm's obsessed with the psycho-mobile. It's one week since 1x04. Ainsley wants to interview psycho dad. Ainsley lacks cool dispassion. Psycho dad mocks SJW. Ainsley is mired in resentment that she's not the favourite child. Malcolm looks for the psycho-mobile. It has lots of space for a body. He freaks out a car salesman. Ainsley has a boyfriend and a big glass apartment.

Malcolm's shrink worries about his faded impressions of life and does ominious warnings. It's coming up to Halloween. Malcolm is scared of psycho dad and psycho dad has given Malcolm good reason to be. Ainsley isn't scared and she isn't his priority. A stab victim is found in the woods.

Ainsley annoys and Malcolm hallcinates psycho dad. What is psycho dad doing in a loony bin doing group thearpy with no restraints? Psycho dad annoys unsparingly. Gil broods and Malcolm goes on about a jocasta complex. There are implications and a storm of anger. Malcolm has an uncompromising stance as he probes the darkest recesses of his memory. Someone has sheer anger and this was not utterly endearing.

Jessica has no sense of boundaries. The psycho-mobile is found. Ainsley whines that she was never a debutante. This was improbable. The obvious twist is obvious and it finally shows up. Malcolm runs around the city with a plastic bag containing a victim of a 12 year old nutjob. Why is the 12 year old left with his mother's boyfriend? There are negative connotations and this didn't go well. This was completely irritating and Malcolm had the wrong perspective. The 12 year old has no future.

Best Lines:

“As a white man. We're terrible.”

“You're my concern.”

“Seriously aggressive texting.”

“Something bad happened in this station wagon.”

“Follow your trauma to its source.”

“To not be okay.”

“Very very dangerous.”

“What's in the bag Bright?”

“Taught me so many things.”

“We defend to the end.”

“Inflict so much pain and damage.”

“Maximum aggression.”

“Did you love us? Or was it just some psychopathic act?”

“Everything I do makes his life worse.”

“Border on bleak.”

“Mess you up real good.”

“Tell is what's in your backyard or do I have to open this?”

“Conduct disorder.”

“Could you at least try to sound disturbed by that?”

The Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x04

Maggie causes havoc on her family yet thinks she she makes friends wherever she goes. It is dispirting beyond measure that Maggie thinks her 'community contribution' should be forgotten and she has indifference to her own racism and snobbery.

Maggie whines about her pariah status as though she had nothing to do with it. She's not contrite and rubbish gangsters lurk. The bitchy secretary bitches and Maggie has no competence or empthay. Maggie waxes indignantly, frequently and at considerable length about her 'victim' status. Maggue has unbelievable petulance and is tearful. This was not gloriously gloomy and she has intended complacency.

One doesn't care about Maggie's dramatic fall from grace. Unpopular decisions are made and things are falsely ascribed. A jerkass plots. Maggie is shamed in public. WTF is she being shamed for?

Best Lines:

“Drugged up workshy waste of space.”

“Made me chop down the plum tree.”

“It's like 'The Wicker Man'.”

The Female Of The Species

We get flashbacks to a happy naked Butcher. The Deep whines. Random edgelord stuff that I DO NOT CARE ABOUT happens. Butcher blathers, people lurk and Homelander and Queen Maeve do something gross involing a hijacked plane. I've no idea what this ep was about. The Deep does something stupid involving a dolphin. People are epically untrustworthy and this was crap. Homelander is a psychopath.

Good For The Soul

A-Train is vile and murders Popclaw. Nobody adapts their behaviour to avoid conflict and chaos. Hughie and Starlight continue their boring relationship. Elisabeth Shue is orange. Hughie is dumb. Queen Maeve has a drink problem? Stargirl does a speech. Butcher uncovers the supes' secrets and uses a baby as a weapon. Stargirl is such a bitch. Homelander gets more disturbing. This was crap.

Best Lines:

“I miss you.”

“You don't get to say that to me.”

The Innocents

There is a terribly cheesy ad for The Seven. Homelander is vile some more. Queen Maeve is really awful. Butcher gets angry. The Deep is kicked out of The Seven. Seth Rogen has a cameo. We see a hasbeen supe hanging out with other hasbeens like Tara Reid and Billy Zane. Haley Joel Osment plays the hasbeen supe! Butcher does feelings. How DO you defeat an invincible lunatic like Homelander who grew up in a cell? Melrose from 'GLOW' is in this ep. The supes are creating their own super-villains to fight. This was okish.

Best Line:
"Nice decor: 80s serial killer."

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