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Movie Reviews: Belles Of St Trinian's + Blue Murder At St Trinian's + Chef 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

The Belles Of St Trinian's (1955)

There is racism, sexism, out of control horrors, cross dressing and gin soaked teachers in this dated film. The hellhole school sees students brew gin, the teachers are wanted criminals who have no qualifications. Sid James, Beryl Reid and Joan Sims co star in this film that is not compelling or timeless. There are no irresistible moments. The pupils terrify others for their pleasure and get away with their endless impropriety.

Best Lines:

“Wasn't expelled when she burnt down the gymnasium.”

“Heathen rabble.”

“Apperance of improvement.”

“Forged fivers, poison pen letters.”

“Suprised to hear the girls can write.”

Blue Murder At St Trinian's (1958)

The school song debuts: trample and on the weakest, glory in their plight. Flash Harry plans sexual slavery. There is more racism. This was not good.

Chef (2014)

A food truck 'comedy' that is bad.

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Atlanta's Missing And Murdered: The Lost Children (2020) 1x01&1x02+The Flash 6x15+Outer Banks 1x08


This documentary series about the 40 year old case has bad opening credits but it is good if bleak and depressing. There were 30 murders leading to conspiracy theories. This is a tale of risible ineptitude and frightening amorality.

Did the case have an implict conclusion? A man is in jail for the murders – but many don't accept his guilt. There is simmering rage and fantastical accusations and deep distress. Vintage footage shows just how awful it all was. There is forced optimism and cases remain forever unsolved. There are reminiscences about the alarming inactivity by the police and FBI.

Atlanta was a glorious and ugly city There is public speculation and profound discomfort and deep melancholy. This was evocative and it had poignancy. The Klan marched around in broad daylight in the 70s and a racist ran for mayor. There were anguished and pitiful cries, societal factors and a climate of fear.

We get background on the convicted killer and how he significantly negatively impacted many lives. There are contentious views and this is relentlessly downbeat sadcore. All human misery is here. Vintage footage from 1979 and 1980 is seen. A 'psychic' got involved as did the Guardian Angels. There was an incident at a daycare that isn't elaborated on.

Best Lines:

“Got in a fight with his daddy.”

“Getting away with it.”

“Take our community back.”

“Go missing all the time.”

“High homicide year.”

“Enjoyed killing people.”

“Oh yeah murder.”

“Will refuse to believe.”

“Crown jewel of the south.”

“Old feelings and old ways.”

“Modest neighbourhood.”

“Didn't become the story it should have been.”

“Wasn't the way I thought it would be.”


There is more vintage footage and the convicted killer, Wayne, is seen. He worked as a freelance photographer. There were self defence patrols and the police are not liked. There was a pervasive sense of dread and the POTUS got involved. There was sorrow and growing uncertainty and tangible fear and frank conversations.

There was moral judgement and forceful rejection of claims and things are highly emotionally charged. Things get particularly frustrating and there is disquiet and the victims were seen as particularly vulnerable. There was a priority list, they weeren't on. There is incredible earnestness and Wayne seems an irredeemable monster. Bill Cosby and Ali got invovled in the case.

There were bizarre theories and rumours. Events carried on into 1981 and there is talk of an arcade called the Omni. There were predators, porn, victim blaming and disturbing photos. Many don't believe Wayne is guilty and the families talk to him in jail. Anyone ever see the 1985 miniseries?

Best Lines:

“Never see an end to it.”

“Sources of authority.”

“Era of terror.”

“Insane series of acts.”

“Damn lie.”

“Explanation never came.”

“The hope is gone.”

“Bad dangeorus people.”

The Exorcism Of Nash Wells

Iris and some bints do bizarre stuff involing mirrors. Barry killed The Speed Force. There is a theatrical display of Barry's awful selfishness. Thawne has possessed Nash – how? Joe bores. This was not creative genius. Singh lurks. Thawne is not deliciously evil. Cisco is dumb. Thawne has crazed obsession. Barry finally recalls that Thawne killed the real Wells.

There is no igenuity or effort. Barry responds with fury to everything. It is difficult for Barry to stay relevant. Barry's selfish and reponds harshly and has a descent into malevolence. Why is Joe slurring his lines? Is the actor sick? Barry is a selfish ego maniac with special glee. This was a failure. Barry shows no consideration. There is shouting and talk of Nora. TPTB don't even have a basic grasp of the creative process. Mirror woman is not an effective challenge. This was absurd and unsubstantial. There is no fundamental interest in the story of a lunatic fringe body of eccentrics playing at super-heroing.

Best Lines:

“Linda Blair-ed our pal Nash.”

“Murder the hell out of us.”

“Speed steroids.”

“Not pretty.”

“Invasion of psychic starfish.”

“Tricked us again.”

“Needs help not maiming.”

The Runway

Sarah's dad turns into a rant raving loon. Which is not a shocking truth. John B's reckless disregard and cosmic ignorance have led to this. Why doesn't he have a shirt on during the wholly unconvincing fight? John B is incapable of grasping rigorous argument. Sarah's dad is exhilaratingly contemptuous of John B who steals a jetski. This was absurdity and John B has to swim to land. There is empty rhetoric and John B throws a tantrum. This was not momentous and there is simmering discontent and exposition.

One looks on incredulously. Pope's dad is angry and John B is dreadfully exposed for a limitless peroid and his supposed betters are awful. There is a flashback, unhelpful discourse and greed. There is a widespread bad perception of John B. There is no urgency and gold provokes false enchantment.

A finger of blame points and the gold hunt is a futile quest. John B causes a plane wreck and John B will be a demonised figure for his reckless behaviour. Sarah's bitch stepmother is greedy. How did Sarah's dad get the gold out of the hole? Pope blabs about his scholarship interview, which he blows. Sarah and John B's 'bond' is built on a lie. She's a chronic liar. There are coercive measures and John B is in trouble for a limitless period. John B feels very hard done by.

John B is terribly miffed. Sarah's useless stealing lying violent drug dealing brother murders someone. This is a missed opportunity. John B acts like a street thug and there is death and a growing perception that John B is a criminal. Sarah is on about her dad's admirable generosity and she engages in a deliberate policy of twattery.

There are unsubstantiated opinions and Pope's an idiot. John B is dangerous and unpredictable and his own acts contribute to a growing sense of fear toward him. There is delinquency, insecurity, a lack of services and John B is always people's priority despite being a white trash loser. John B creates a terrible public image, validating judgements of him.

There is bad acting and John B is seen as ungrateful. He has a bad reputation and is in a bad way. There is a tough response and an unravelling and an old fight. Pope's sick of John B and then he isn't. Sarah's family has a Bahama house. Sarah's useless loser siblings hang out. There is empty rhetoric in this absurd and complete failure of an ep.

Best Lines:

“You should care.”

“Hell no it ain't right!”

“He's a thief!”

“Aren't they all.”

“Least favourite daughter.”

“What legal assurances?”

“Stabbed me in the arm with a spear!”

“John B why do you have a gun?”

“Insane things.”

“Why is it always about John B?”

“Bring it down.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Breakout' trailer


'Chronicle' (1979) opening credits


'Magic Magic' trailer


'Dead Man Down' trailer

Revenge. No.

Best Line:

“Beg me for wouldn't get it anyway.”

'Doom' promo


'Bad Samaritan' promo


'Stargirl' promos

Injustice society? Maybe.

Chuao Torrefaction Moyenne Con Chage Court Sans Lecithine de Soja – nice.

Passionfruit/pineapple spritz – okay.

I want to read 'Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor'.

I feel profound loneliness.

I am sick of curtailed social experiences.

I watched the 'Trial By Media' (2020) ep about the 'Subway Vigilante': in 1984 there was a contentious shooting on the subway. The Guardian Angels leader speaks, a lot. The shooter turned himself in. Was he dull and needy? People are critical and righteous and there is overwhelming rage. The shooting suggests a level of fear and judgement. The shooter is in receipt of reaction and there is a negative impact. Was it in cold blood? Who is Goetz?

There are deeply complex issues and the city was seething with discontent. There was social unrest and highly erratic behaviour. Crime causes anxiety. He's hugely famous and acquitted. There are unnecessary psychological burdens and this case was fraught with existential anguish. People are terribly disappointed. In 1996, one of the victims sued Goetz.

People are treated with abuse and there are consistent failures and personalised abuse and disappointment and sheer frustration. Goetz proved unreliable and there were ramifications beyond the individual.

Best Lines:

“Looking for some big city excitment.”

“Surrounded by more bodyguards than Prince.”

“Threatening situation.”

“Meant to do him ill will.”

“Meancing by their presense.”

“Journey through the criminal justice system.”

“Ultimate macho maniacal fight back guy.”

“New York was horrific.”

“Just who is really the victim.”

“Regret what?”

“Safety patrols.”

“Mad dogging him and eye fornicating him.”

“Forces of government.”

“I knew what their intentions were.”

“Do physical interventions.”

“Turf dispute.”

“Quiet frail scientist.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Vaccine that could save the world.”

“No one really feels safe.”

'The Da Vinci Code: The Greatest Story Ever Told' Quote:

“All those silly women.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The great over-washed.”

“Imprisoned to keep the public safe.”

“Each was reviled for their endangerment of healthy people.”

“Everything is a conpiracy for you,”

“Logical thought and considered action.”

“Retaliatory focus.”

“We are entitled to insights into how and why decisions were taken.”

“Show our gratitude.”

“If Damon is disturbed by this image he doesn't show it.”

“Just by talking to experts and asking how this would look.”

“Little balls of twittering feather.”

“Who was to blame for their misfortune.”

“Acquired an unfortunate habit of being ambushed by controversies.”

“Sustained abuse on social media.”

“Spreading fatal ignorance.”

“Peddling comforting lies for money.”

“No individual on the planet has done more to undermine public trust in scientific warnings of the threats facing humanity.”

“Lack of social engagement.”

“Signifying understanding.”

“Talk about their fears or concerns.”

“Over relies on you.”

“A sense of loss or at least bewilderment.”

“Change has come suddently, for some brutally.”

“A bad precedent which none should follow.”

“Ignorant of the jargon of an age preceding tehir own.”

“Channel the anger that should be unleashed against them into a conspiracy theory.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Crisis enveloped the world.”

“Toilet access will be made avalibale on request.”

“Drought scenario.”

'Lucy Worsley's Royal Photo Album' Quote:

“Arch enemy of pheasants.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Seeing me as the enemy.”

“Life long bitterness.”

“I'm watching 'Game Of Thrones' and so is the baby!”

“Emotional breakthrough.”

“I look forward to your 6 part Netflix series.”

“My high school bully is dead.”

“Put it someplace you don't want it.”

“Drinking coffee and yelling at us for being ungrateful monsters.”

'Bloodthirst' Quotes:

“Under no cirumstances are we to respond.”

“The thought did not strike McCoy as a pleasant one.”

'Elegance And Decadence: The Age Of The Regency' Quote:

“An indecent foreign dance.”

'Cold Justice' Quotes:

“Nice churchgoing lady.”

“Secret he asked her to keep.”

“On the surface does seem admirable.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“She is the wrong crowd.”

“Ganged up.”

“Made every reasonable attempt.”

“Grandiose rantings.”

“Some kind of street thug.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quotes:

“Moral decline of the youth.”

“Moral breakdown of the youth.”

“Walking messiah.”

“Groupie that never left.”

'Dreams Of The Raven' Quote:

“Somehow, depsite his medical duties, McCoy had become an unofficial member of the bridge personnel,”

'Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project' Quote:

“Terrifying numbers.”

“Was there ever even a choice?”

'My Dark Vanessa' Quotes:

“He's somewhere else, living a life that I know, infuriratingly little about.”

“Futility of choice.”

“Both seem to point to an inclination toward bad decision-making.”

“No one has coke here.”

“Discarded again at the first opportunity,”

“Living, breathing evidence of the worst thing he's ever done.”

'Star Trek' Quotes:

“Be a lesser target.”

“I hate this thing.”

“Made you captain.”

“Ordered full duration.”

Unusual course of action.”

“I do not threaten.”

“Terror must be maintained.”

“Wiped out of existence.”

“Am I your woman?”

“You're the Captain's Woman until he says you're not.”

“Galactic revolt.”

“Willing part of it.”

'David Stratton's Stories Of Australian Cinema' Quotes:

“Mocking peer group.”

“Getting arrested at weddings.”

“Judged by society as religious freaks.”

“A hostile land in which they have no place.”

I rewatched 'Last Resort' 1x11 and 1x12

'Damn The Torpedoes'

Chaplin tries to be implausibly impressive. The crew don't like the repercussions of the choices they're making. Why did Kendal go back to the island? Kendal emotes. The Chinese send a supply ship. Chaplin and go are on a downhill road. Kendal is in obvious torment. The amount of misery caused by the choices that were made in 1x01 grows. Conditions are worsening. Kendal has had a defining traumatic transformation. The CIA mole is revealed.

Chaplin's continued defiance makes things worse. How did James and Kendal get back to the island? Kendal has a shredded reputation and this causes resentment. Ernie Hudson guest stars. The island is under interdiction. The coup planning is going down about as well as you'd expect. No one seems to care Pakistan has been nuked. Chaplin has begrudgery and ignores Kendal's psychological stress. Chaplin is icy and controlling.

One isn't fascinated by the intrigue. This show was oddly prophetic and Kendal goes erratic and dangerous. Chaplin and the Chinese rep have an earnest-off. There are calculated exchanges and an innate preposterousness. This was not a tale of human alienation in the grim machine age. Kylie sucks so hard and her acting is blatantly bad.

People are seditious and have dangeorus opinions. There is talk of rare earth minerals. The island criminal has delusions of grandeur. Sophie's entire existence is absurdity and ludicrous projections of the ego. This was not appealing or exciting. The COB sits around doing illicit and covert manoeuvrings. This was underlit. The truth is masked. Is there a medic on the sub?

Best Lines:

“The oil of the future.”

“Get the mud out of my buttcrack!”

“Go to tailgate parties.”

“Broken beyond all repair.”

“Combat patrol mission.”

“King of some 3rd rate banana republic.”

“Friends in low places.”

'The Poiny End Of The Sphere'

Kendal's incoherent but not enough to make Chaplin worry. Nobody lives actual fulfilling lives. Kylie lazy and insincere and Chaplin has meanness. Kendal's earned the right to some performative melodrama. Kylie admits she's just a gun salesman. Kendal is vengeful and things are untenable. Kendal has shattered illusions.

There are bad VFX and the crew face an uncertain future. There is a sense of the preposterous and Chaplin alienates Kendal, who is vulnerable to his distain. The COB and Serrat plot. Kendal has a bleak existence and the still unseen POTUS has taken compassion out of leadership and mercy out of judgment. Chaplin has a mole in the COB's gang. This was unsatisfying.

Chaplin has utter righteous rage. This was not indisputably brilliant. Kendal warns against the negative consequences and plots something potentially ruinous with forced nonchalance. Prospects are grim and Kendal is no longer a self-doubting eager-pleaser. There is no moral law and there are ideological stances and the crew's respect for Chaplin can easily tip into fear. What would ordinarily be a deeply unsettling conversation between Chaplin and Kendal could escalate. The coup goes horribly wrong and Grace is dim.

Best Lines:

“Nuclear teeth.”

“End of want.”

“Doesn't usually lead to good things.”

“Turn rat.”

“Get messy, real messy.”

“Accident accident or murder accident?”

“How long can fear be the only currency you possess?”

I watched 2 more 'Star Trek: The Animated Series' eps:

'The Slaver Weapon'

Written by Larry Niven and based on a story of his. There is talk of the slavers, a long gone race. Only Sulu, Uhura and Spock apepar in this ep. They are in peril from a race with moral myopia. They are wholly without support. There is no great urgency in this utter tosh. This was dumb. Nobody is silently traumatised and there is unknowable stress and savagely demanding baddies du jour.

Best Lines:

“Life support belts.”

“A race now dead.”

“War computer.”

“A billion years means nothing in there.”

“It will not be pleasant.”

“Think of eating a raw vegetable.”

“Try to look harmless.”

“You are meat for our tables.”

'Eye Of The Beholder'

This was a load of rubbish and dafter than ever. McCoy makes intemperate negative observations. There are aggressive declarations. Kirk, Spock and McCoy look for a lost crew. This was not profound art and it was superficial and sad. Aliens intend to provoke and the trio are in peril. There is no explosive escalation. The trio end up in a zoo. Aliens stoke alarm and Shatner hams it up even as a caroon. This was supurious.

Best Lines:

“I don't like it Jim.”

“Form a thought screen.”

“Their centuries not ours.”