April 29th, 2020


Movie Reviews: Geostorm + Acts Of Vengeance

Geostorm (2017)

This film was on the shelf since 2014. Gerard Butler stars in this 'troubled' film which has exposition, disaster and the US saving the world. Space junk called Dutch Boy encircles the Earth to keep the weather in check. Who built it and HOW? The name Dutch Boy sounds porno. The concept of weather as a danger to humanity is quaint.

This was megre. Jake (Butler) has hostile posture and the US government seeks to rasie tensions. People have sharp combative tones and you can't take the name Dutch Boy seriously. Jake has a useless younger brother named Max who fires him and ruins his life. 3 years pass and this has zero dramatic aspects. Even sensibly modest expectations are not met.

Snow accelerates the realisation that something has gone wrong with Dutch Boy (giggle). This is not a certain and volatile world. How did they build the 4th ISS with the huge Dutch Boy (chortle) array encircling the planet?!? The frat boy jerk Max and his Justin Bieber haircut has no remorse and smugs.

Ed Harris and Andy Garcia show up and have to have gravitas while using the phrase Dutch Boy (@@). The weather trouble that caused the creation of Dutch Boy (!!!!) should be embedded in memories but isn't. It should also have caused a profound shift but didn't. Max is no kind of brother. The US is handing Dutch Boy (@@) over to the international community in 3 weeks. Yeah right sure.

There is no love from Max and his verbal abuse of Jake is rampant. Jake built Dutch Boy (@@) and Max stole it and denied him his chosen path. There is profoundly worrying weather and escalating anxiety and Max is a goob. This is just one of many cultural representations of the end of the world. TPTB can't have people experiencing less comfortable lives.

There is a traitor on the ISS 4. These are the types of twists that only someone who has never watched a movie before or genuinely thinks this is what fighting looks like will have trouble foreseeing. There is artifical gravity on the ISS 4. Nobody mentions how that was invented. Max has no obligations of duty to Jake. As for Jake, his bratty 9 year old daughter talks like an adult.

Jake's misanthrophic and Max does not say sorry and mocks Jake's blue collar existence. Max cost Jake his job, sobriety, life's work, marriage, dog and custody of his child. Max can only smirk. Lord I hate him. I do not deem this film necessary. There is no glorious wonder or terrifying fear. I see a cat in 1 scene. Did it escape the weather disaster? Nobody lives with a permanent sense of dread in the pit of their stomach. Jake commits to righting wrongs.

The VFX is bad. Max's decisions are baffling and he deliberately evades an apology. There is no complexity and Max claims to be the unifying element in international order. There is more bad acting and this was absolutely awful. Max is a petulant child. There is no reassurance that he cares about Jake. Max is miserable and awful company and he has no inclination or desire to improve.

This was largely unnecessary and Max is uncaring. Max's woman is a Secret Service agent. Life has not changed utterly. This was ridiculous and Jake has resentments. Max = miserable. Max cannot stop being crap. Butler looks like he has had a stroke. Max is a jerk.

Max is a vicious hostile goob who is particularly reprehensible with no insight into the effects of his own actions. One is increaisngly impatient. Max sucks and blows. Jake uncovers a conspiracy. The dumb bint Secret Service agent bores. Why are there guns on the Iss 4?!? Only the POTUS has the kill codes for Dutch Boy (!!!!).

Killer hail somehow causes cars to flip, there is more intimidatory weather and birds and a plane fall out of the sky. The ISS 4 is in peril. Max and his bint kidnap the POTUS (Garcia). Red Square melts in a flurry of bad VFX and Jake's bitch ex is barely seen. The ISS has escape shuttles.

A tidal wave wipes out a poor camel. Where did the wave come from?!? Max is so stupid and the goob needs to STFU. Who is filming the ISS 4 as it blows up? Butler wiggles on wires in 'Zero G'. How is there still someone else on the ISS? Why is there a countdown to a geostorm? Why is there a self destruct on the ISS 4 at all?

There is a dog in peril and a shuttle is hit by lightening and explodes. Why does everything in this movie explode? Why are there lights and lasers on the satellites? Why is there sound in space? The Earth is surrounded by so much space junk now it should fill the space programme forever. There is an ass pull ending. Why is there an airlock and space for 2 people inside a WEATHER SATELLITE?!?

Did the escape shuttles make it down safely with all the space junk flying around? People cry. The weather satellite wasn't designed for re-entry and it has NO HEAT SHIELD! Why arent't Jake and his woman dead at the end? Where did the shuttle that saved them come from?!? There are various flags on the shuttle. There are no g forces. How do they dock with a weather satellite?!? The computer girl (Zazie Beetz) vanishes from the plot at random.

Tides receed leaving no mud just massive damage. There are so many shuttle pads. Jake will get some tonight. Max needs a good punch. How did they afford all this after a global disaster and how can they afford to rebuild it after ANOTHER GLOBAL DISASTER?!? Is there talk of a new ISS. Max talks about Jake heading back up. TO WHAT? THE ISS BLEW UP!!!!! We see a shuttle launch – what is it going? Why isn't humanity wiped out anyway as the Dutch Boy (@@) system that controlled the weather has been blown up?!? This film makes no sense and co stars Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Robert Sheehan, Richard Schiff and Mare Winningam.

Best Lines:

“Facing our own extinction.”

“The world came together as one.”

“It works, you're welcome.”

“That didn't go well at any point.”

“Keep believing that.”

“Very intentional.”

“Lying to me. Again.”

“God doesn't play so nice.”

“Bank disguised as a country.”

“Gravity threshold.”

“You say genocide, I say premptive strike.”

“Change the map of the world.”

“We thank you for your sacrifice.”

“Can't be reveresed.”

“My choice. God knows I haven't always made the right ones.”

“Hull rotation has termianted.”

“Beyond reapir or salvation.”

“Cycles down.”

“A miracle indeed.”

“This is so boring.”

“Relive a moment.”

“1 people, 1 planet.”

“Share 1 future.”


Acts Of Vengeance (2017)

To expect bad men not to do wrong is madness. Karl Urban is in this as the baddie, it's so obvious it's not a spoiler. This makes no real effort. There are brutal reprisals and doomed destinies. A man has downright unhappiness and how quickly all things disappear. A man ignored this wife and child. This looks dubbed and there is ongoing aggression.

Blithely ignoring his kin leads to sadness and their deaths. He now has a well signalled intent gain vengeacne. Civilians are caught in conflict. They died as a direct consequnce of him. The morals and message of this film are odd. This was witless. His father in law berates him and he has life threatening encounters and a craving for repetence. There is narration and a cop (Urban) shows up.

The widower is in the pit od despair and there is cage fighting and there is bitterness, hate and violence. There is an underground fight circut and there is a hooker and a traning montage and poor choices. This is a challening time. He makes a lady friend and Urban is revealed as the baddie due to his newspaper clippings of crazy. There is a violent conflict to end this bad interminable movie.

Best Lines:

“Do I look crazy to you”?

“I never saw what she saw in you.”

“Exonerate the scum of the Earth.”

“Empty words to appease.”

“Didn't want me around anymore.”

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Supergirl 5x13+The Flash 6x13 + Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For The Bone Collector 1x02+The Time Tunnel 1x30

It's A Super Life

Kara is offered a chance to see how things could have turned out differently. Kara claims Lex and Lena are planning something horrible. STFU. Why does Alex think Lena is planning to hurt people? STFU. Kara uses stupid nicknames. Kara's apparently caring nature and earnest promises are a lie. Lena belived Kara and co were her friends.

Alex and Kara are so convinved of their moral purity and see Lena as morally compromised. Kara found Lena's animosity hard to bear until she didn't. Lena has a distorted view of people's intentions. Sam aka Reign shows up. Kara's deterimental. Lena's unappreciated and there is no honesty or pain in this badly acted banal ep. This season is deliberately aimless.

Supergirl's sneers of derision and paranoid focus and unjust ongoing maligning of Lena went horribly wrong. This was the dreckiest dreck that ever drecked. Kara is remorselessly fascistic. Did Lex turn Lena to his own agenda? Kara's lack of investment of effort in Lena's friendship led to its irrevocable collapse. Mon-El shows up to orate. Lena did no worse than Kara and Kara failed Lena at a terrible cost. Mon-El the slaver frat boy jerkass plays the victim. Lord I hate him. Lena's pain and anger is obsessively consuming her to the point of apocalyptic pessimism.

Lena deserves love, respect and safety. In one possible timeline Reign killed Lena and Mon-el. Kara has no value. The unravelling of Kara and Lena was due to Kara thinking she is stalwart and with fundamental virtues. Supergirl and Lena become partners and save the world in another timeline. Kara still does unfair treatment of Lena which shows she's no connoisseur of empathy.

Chad Lowe shows up. As does Lockwood. Supergirl rescued Lena from the ravages of Lockwood at a price. Lena is revenge-bent and Lockwood and Otis plotted. Change becomes impossible to achieve for Kara. Lena had uncomplicated reverence for Kara in one timeline. TPTB fail to engage seriously. Winn lurked. There is no James.

Kara misled Lena intentionally. There is no Cat. Kara is profoundly ungrateful and mean to Lena in the end. Lena is lonely. Kara is detrimental and Kara claims to deeply regret hurting Lena but at the end does it again! In one timeline a dark Lena ruled due to being driven mad by the actions of Lex and Lillian who made her into Metallo. This was futility. I wish Mon-El would go away. Kara has serious resolve and strong opposition to Lena at the end. Lena's accent slips.

There is talk of a magic hat. Reign rampages and an evil Brainy lurks. Kara bullies Lena some more. Why does Lena leave her doors open? Kara does serious damage. Lena craves esteem. Kara allows no deviation from her way. Kara is not accountable for her own actions yet calls Lena a baddie to her face and goes off to party with her friends.

Kara loves to be right merry at Lena's expense. Bitch. I hate her. I forecast calamity. There is sap. The cumulative effect of Kara's crap will lead to trouble. Lena's haunted and everyone offers themselves to Kara as emotional support but Lena has no one as Kara committed another vilest betrayal.

Best Lines:

Thinks that she is your enemy.”

“Made your best friend feel like a big dumb idiot.”

“I'm awful!”

“Supergirl was so horrible.”

“So much exposition.”

“Powerful help.”

“Give Lena the credibility her last name never could.”

“Hides in plain sight as a human.”

“Surrender the imp or die!”

“Get the hat!”

“You'll die screaming.”

“I was liked.”

“I'm done blaming myself for your bad decisions.”

Grood Friended Me

Who are these new people? Barry does not care that Earth 2, Harry and Jesse were all wiped out. Barry whines about the Crisis changes which include Pied Piper being a boring meta thief now. There is a new title card. Barry ignores the crap he pulled with Flashpoint and Barry's careless and a whiner. It's always all about Barry isn't it? Iris yells at some random woman. A Wells talks to some random bint.

People are extremely acrimonious and openly provoke. I do not know what is going on and do not care. There is no startingly intensity. The bint needs to shut up. Barry whines about things being ineffably different and alien. There are unspoken tragedies and a psychological and emotional adjustment. Barry whines and there is no narrative context. Ronnie built the pipeline and this ep wasn't loved. Stupidity is a consistent feature. Barry and co do vituperative diatribes.

Joe is still a patronising ass – die already. Grodd's back. Barry's impatient and intolerant and Lord I hate him. Barry is an animal abusing twit. One watches with horrified fascination at how crap this show is now. Barry won't listen to dissenting opinions. Iris isn't Iris but a fake? Barry needs to STFU. Gorilla City is on Earth Prime. Barry is a bigoted moron who needs to STFU. Barry whines about the changing world that he doesn't like. What is Eva? Is Thawne back?

Best Lines:

“Epically cold.”

“He can fly now.”

“Since when was there a train here?”

“Know and can barely stand.”

“Science words.”

God Complex

The Bone Collector has a family and is a foresnics tech. There is another killer killing to the tune of Greek myth or something. Rhyme shames a murder victim and orates. I've no idea what happened in this ep.

Town Of Terror

An alien shows up wearing a terrible mask in this terrible ep.

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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'The Innocence Project' promo

What happened to her law degree?


There is nothing that my ex ever told me that I now believe.

'Arranged' Quote:

“Chair guy.”

'The Seventies' Quotes:

“Sick and threatening letters.”

“Felt apocalyptic.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“It's not the plague.”

“Up for mention.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Contain your impatience.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Prophetic witness.”

“What was suffered, neglected, evaded.”

“Fed up and restless.”

“They do not have a home in the Republic to be more than 2km from.”

“Wrongly disparaging.”

“Essentially corrupt.”

“Dubious claims.”

“Expressly prohibited.”


“Solemn obligations.”

“Not arguable.”

“Access to something they don't.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“International men.

'Snapped' Quotes:

“Something went on in that house and it's not right.”

“Tell big stories.”

“Moved into our town.”

“Things that did not look normal.”

“Magic dust.”

“That plan failed twice.”

“Is an awful person.”

“Coldly doing nothing.”

“I'm not happy over the whole situation.”

'The Romulan Way' Quotes:

“Whose inability to make powerful friends – or more correctly from what she had seen, to make friends at all-”

“The lost dream of one who had never been anything worthy of note.”

“Poisonous taint of intrigue about it,”


“Met the fate that he deserved.”


'SG1' Quote:

“Telling me what to believe.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Dumb bro ways.”

“The shameful!”

“That ain't a world worth living in.”

STAR TREK: THE ROMULAN WAY, Diane Duane & Peter Morwood UK pb 87 ...Dreams of the Raven : Carmen Carter : 9780907610939Crossroad | Memory Alpha | Fandom