April 27th, 2020


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'Chaos' promo


'Ricky & Morty' promo

“I hate all of this.”

'Space Force' trailer

I thought this was a documentary.

Gluten free Tagliatelle – okay.

What is Elvis Juice?

What is a Memphis Rub?

I won't bother with any more 'Guilt' or 'Lost In Space'.

Who saw 'Semi-Tough'?

Recall the Fat Boys?

What is a shellac disc or magnetic wire?

There are quirky back lanes near me that I've always wanted to explore.

My ex's seeming indifference hurts. Our relationship's fate was unexpected, awful and crushing.

'Timeshift' Quote:

“Very depths of the universe.”

'Sneakers' Quotes:

Who doesn't seem to have a past.”

“You're the guys I hear breathing on the other end of my phone.”

“Government's taken away my home.”

“We all know what happened to him in there.”

“Don't say no.”

“No, I do not believe you.”

“A loathsome man.”

“Helped some nice older gentlemen make some free telephone calls.”

“The whole building says go away.”

“The world's most boring human.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Hemmed-in feeling.”

“Foundational love.”

“Too terrifying.”

“Controlled tragedy.”

“Awareness of her husband's “work” side by side with her diary entries listing frivolous cultural pursuits reaching a level of criminal denial that that makes for chilling reading.”

“Overcrowded hospitals turned away the dying.”

“Pessimistic reading.”

“The standard plague story is of inexorability, inescapability.”

“An indicator a threshold moment,”

“Warped ideas of love equalling constant sacrifice and endurance and pain.”

“Relationship seemed largely defined by your emotions and needs and boundaries being overlooked.”

“Hired an actor to sound terrifying.”

“Chillingly dismiss her with a suggestion that she is both jealous and lucky.”

“Perpetuating this dishonouring of your emotions.”

“Preserve an idealised idea of the relationship and your ex.”

“Cultural fallacy.”

“Not single film makes any significant acknowledgment of the conflict.”

“Exploited the sense of dread.”

“Pessimistic prophet.”

“You can't buy a pair of knickers now.”

“Narrative culture.”

“Terrible epilogue.”

“Rapidity that dulls the senses.”

“Eighteen and a bit years ago, columns such as this were awash with suggesitons that movies would, in the wake of 9/11, become kinder, gentler and more escapist.”

“The 2000s gave us Saw, 28 Days Later and The Dark Knight.”

“Whose ideal man would have “tattoos and a job”.”

“Whose idea of a long-term relationship is “four weeks”.”

“The only thing I do well is loom large. I do that better than anybody.”

“Frightening and plausible embodiment of mid-level establishment intolerance.”

“Gutted their revenue base.”

“Offered no explanation as to why he was there.”

“Cause hardship in his community.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“A spitfire fly-past is rumoured.”

“Crying girls in bathroom stalls, distressed by their boyfriends' intentions.”

“Non-communicative isolation.”

“A genius comeback album no one wanted.”

“Mass media anaesthetises empathy.”

“Blank untouchability and remoteness.”

“Chilly and cheap aesthetic.”

“A race to avert this silencing.”

“Obliterated by use.”

“Much of the world's audio heritage is at risk of becoming unlistenable without a few years – about 15, is the global consensus – due to a combination of physical degredation and technical obsolescence.”

“Cascading into obsolescence.”

“The passsing-on of their expertise becomes imperative.”


“Burly Americans who always seemed to be called Kyle or Brent-”

“Real threat always seemed to be other people.”

“One of the first serious sociological studies of almost anything-”

“Officals who fall out of windows at opportune (or inopportune) moments,”

“Obdurate insistence.”


“Predator within his own home,”

“Capable of extinguishing life on Earth almost entirely.”

“Little thought for its long-term future and an unhealthy appetite for risk.”

“Total extinction.”

“Humanity has quite literally a place among the stars.”

“End the evils of our world and build a society that is truly just.”

“Hated science.”

Fiona Apple Quote:

“Love is a hell you cannot hear.”

'A.P. Bio' Quotes:

Do not blast the dead baby pigs at my British nemesis.”

“Degree from a religious liberal arts college.”

“Cook in your mind oven.”

“I will pick a phone at random and start reading your search history out loud.”

“You ruin everything!”

“Hack off the snout.”

“Customers do not want that, unless they're French.”

“Hated all my ideas too.”

“Saddled with an unwanted child.”

“Worse than fish week.”

“All my ideas are bad.”

“Stick to the emotional crushing.”

“Set him up for rejection.”

“Permament virgin.”

“My numerous celebrity lovers.”

“My intellect will be worshipped by students.”

“You'll finally be taught by someone who couldn't get into med school.”

“I'll miss you least of all.”

“Get revenge on the drum corps!”

“Took a sharp turn to anger.”

“A powerline got him.”

“The cash for gold guy is on line 3.”

“Drums slightly off tempo.”

“I cannot douse a teenage girl in blood.”

“That's not a good website.”

“Head fire.”

“My good looks and my uh wit and my charm. But you guys don't have that.”

“My sketchy neighbour breeds snakes.”

“Sounds sucky.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Angels on Earth.”

“Toilet situation.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Suspicions were gathering around her.”

“Blood doesn't turn corners.”

“Psycho woman.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“My last solid food was an ice cube. My tv is a milk crate with a squirrel in it!”

“There's a doctor for your teeth?”

'Star Trek' Quote:

“It would be interesting captain to return to that world in a 100 years and learn what crop had sprung from the seed you planeted today.”

'Ringsend and Her Sister Villages' Quotes:

“Ragged squalid tenantry.”

“Critical and uncomplimentary.”


“Vile, filthy and disgraceful-looking.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“The other grandad misses going to the bookies.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Constructive tensions.

'RT' Quote:

“Still insist today.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Define their white trash image.”

“Hushed civility.”

“Manageable ambition.”

“Man toys.”

“Effect on his life has been devastating.”

“Only more hated.”

“Sees his life as a series of savage challenges.”

“School isn't to be enjoyed, it is to be suffered.”

“Filled with misery and showdowns and awful arguments.”

“The burglary at Christmas where you accosted two burglars with a shotgun that had been made into a lampshade and the police nearly arrested you.”

“Financial undermining.”

“Looks like the man who shouts at people outside the supermarket?”

“Your turds won't end up in a manta ray.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“T-shirts all talk to me.”

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Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Denial + The Big Short + Back To The Future III + Maternal Instinct

Denial (2016)

Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson star in this true story takedown of David Irving. A woman says criticism does not have to be listened to. Public intellectuals are always finding their way to the centre of dramatic moments. I question the value of this. There are conflicting moral values and exposition.

People have crazed looks in this oppressively boring movie. Irving files a libel suit (he did not learn from Oscar Wilde). This was generally awful and not fascinating or unsettling. Irving wields his corrosive power and is not thrillingly ghastly – he has a malign effect. The court has to acknowledge the unavoidable.

Diana is mentioned. Byzantine threads of deceit are alleged by Irving, when he is the one guilty of deceit. Irving has avoided a reckoning until now. He's a malign narcissist who wilfully malevolently vindictively lied. There is outlandish idiocy and Irving is cruelly, persistenly malign.

There is staunch and unyielding determinaiton. There is mundanity and emotionally worded speeches. This was remarkably self serious and portentous. The heroine, Deborah, is plaintive and accusatory. There is a pursuit of notoriety by Irving who has unthinkable callousness and insufferable pretension. How quickly Irving's success ended.

Deborah wants to stop Irving's creeping narrative of denial. This was not not a vivid warning. Irving loses his veneer of decency. There is seriousness of purpose and Deborah is a moral flagship. Irving loses the trial mostly by lying and representing himself.

Best Lines:

“Concerted worldwide conspriacy.”

“Brilliant maverick.”

“England's a club.”

“The price you pay for winning.”

“Coming for me.”

“Designated a pariah.”

“Motives for lying.”

“All kinds of assorted riff raff.”

“We've lived with worse.”

“Destroy the evidence of what they did here.”

“Oddly impressive.”

“You jog the same way every day. Don't.”

“Falling away from me.”

The Big Short (2015)

There is no unreasoning fear of going bust just greed in this incoherence.

Back To The Future III (1990)

This was not entirely likabale. Biff's ancestors have an aptitude for random violence. This film is a petty annoyance to the point of ridicule. There is screaming and exposition and why is Doc always hanging out with a teenage boy?!? This was not funny and it was a miserable existence. Clara's dumb and people put on silly accents and this was not an enduring draw.

Best Lines:

“Losing your judgement.”

“Clint Eastwood.”

“What kind of a stupid name is that?”

Maternal Instinct (2017)

A cop ends up with a teen who can't act due to a crime. This was dumb as hell.

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Book Review: Edward & Mrs Simpson

Edward & Mrs Simpson by S.C.H Smith

This 1978 tv tie-in is a novelisation of an Edward Fox tv series about Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. This was badly written and full of sexism and classism and racism. This was not an edifying read and it was not thematically groundbreaking.This was only 191 pages long. This was dated. Edward VIII's many moral lapses are excused. He and Wallis were broth ghastly people.

Edward and Mrs Simpson | Television Heaven

Best Lines:

“Pained sulking.”


“Fortunately born,”

“Ghastly government sahibs and their stringy wives and spotty daughters gawping at you like crocodiles.”

“Shielded him from contact with any cultivated mind, any advanced thinking.”

“By my order and my father's before me.”

“A shabby abandonment of duty.”

“One is so perpetually disappointed.”

“Hideous discourtesy.”


Batwoman 1x05 + Outer Banks 1x04 Reviewed 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

Mine Is A Long And A Sad Tale

Alice steals skin from the dead. Jacob should feel immense shame and a torment of anxiety for his horribly unwise voluntary abandonment of Beth. Alice has a lack of empathy. A horrifying series of events happened to Beth after the crash. Jacob does not listen. Kate learns Catherine faked Beth's death. Alice is nihilistic. Why isn't Jacob divorcing Catherine?

Beth was 'rescued' by a creepy man and keep prisoner by him and his creepy son. These tragic cirumstances helped make her into Alice. Sophie is the worst, the worst! Alice's voice drips with contempt. In the comics, Jacob admitted that Beth was always his favourite.

Mary's an idiot. Jacob has no measured sorrowful conviction. Mary learns how awful her mother is. There is bad acting and wanton stupidity. Jacob has defiance of reason. Beth was kept behind tightly closed doors. This was not entirely convincing. Neither Jacob or Sophie come across as pleasant. There are many non-ominious flashbacks and a mention of Bludhaven. This not particularly creative or loopily grim.

Alice sporadically looks sad for she has a tragic past. This was not disturbing or enthralling. Luke bores and Mary has eternal martyrdom. Jacob still won't say Alice is Beth until she whips out a knife. Sophie is engaged in betryal. This was not horribly evocative and some scenes are intolerably dark. This was not properly frightening. Jacob was and is unencumbered by any obligation or sense of urgency about Beth. Kate is drugged and in peril.

Alice apportions blame. There is a brief reference to the 'Elseworlds' crossover. This was not really unsettling. Alice has particular venom and Jacob only intensifies Alice's distain. Jacob adheres to a narrow ghastly definition of masculinity. The plot is of the familiar sort. There is talk of an attack that is coming. This was an irrelevance. Alice embodies bottomless rage. Is there incalculable darkenss gathering on the horizon of the future?

Best Lines:

“Too sick even for her.”

“Sadistic even for you.”

“Funeral for Bambi.”

“First worse day of my life.”

“If I say yes will you leave?”

“That was just the first day.”

“Wicked witch of Gotham.”

“Do you think she killed that deer too?”

“Bat in a bra.”

“Why was there a face in a sink?”

Spy Games

John B's supervision free home life is over. This was okay if not resonant and it has no emotional heft. There is no sign of the treasure on the wreck. People long ago judged John B. There is no pschological realism. John B and co are greviously disappointed. John B's social worker wants to put him in foster care. John B is stupid and makes a negative impression.

What are the motivations for people taking an interest in John B? Sarah bitches and the pathetic John B steals and is destined for a fall from grace. Insurance won't cover the sunken boat. There is shirtlessness and Sarah is such a bitch. John B learns of a mystery surrounding a previously unknown survivor of the HMS Royal Merchant.

People sin collectively. This has no unrivalled merit. JJ waves the stolen gun. This was not innovative. This was staggeringly daft. The cop from 1x01 finally resurfaces. The female cop ponders. Sarah is onerous as she and John B head for the mainland. John B has a catastrophic impact on himself. The rich are racists and John B has justified bitterness and needs to defend himself from his own incompetence and inadequate responses.

Things are not confronted and framed with the gravity and urgency required. Sarah is such a ho. Sarah says her dad was born poor and goes shopping with John B. Sarah, John B, Pope and co are all 16?!? There is no reassurance. The compass has been stolen. Sarah and her fellow rich people have bad actions, behaviour and attiudes. There is a fist fight and firestarting.

The rich are awful and behave aggressively and have angry responses. John B is never wary. John B learns of a letter written in a lost language. Pope faces charges because the rich are vile. Sarah is a bitch, Pope is arrested and does a perp walk. JJ fake confesses to save Pope. John B kisses Sarah, this is enjoyable soap opera that reminds me of 'Hidden Palms'.

Best Lines:

“Eclipse rare.”

“Boyfriend with his frosted tips.”

“Lost Creole language.”

“Posse's coming for him.”

“Why is this my fault?”

“Because it usually is.”

“It's always my fault, no matter what.”

“Enough of the regret.”

“From off, didn't know the currents.”

“Stepped up to the big leagues.”

“Stupid yacht clubs filled with hollow people.”

“Not everything's my fault.”

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