April 24th, 2020

Pretty Smart

Star Trek Voyager 7x17 + The Time Tunnel 1x27 Reviewed

Workforce, part 2

The crew have lost their names, their own clothes and their individuality in this absolutely horrible ep. The whole issue of Janeway boffing and moving in with a stranger she's known for 2 weeks is shrugged off. Harry is egoless and nothing ever has any lasting effect. This was written by hack writers and the massively dramatic change is shrugged off. Aliens have evil and bad ways of living.

This was not brilliant and how do the aliens replace everything that was there before? This was grating and not right or good. This was a giant groundheave and it was also underlit, forced, stupid and not interesting.

Merlin The Magician

The idiot time travellers in their clean pressed clothes encounter Arthur and Merlin. This show is terrible and unwatchable.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Boys' clips

The plane! The baby! I think I'll watch this.

'Harrow' promo


'Time Trap' promo


'Motherland Fort Salem' 1x07 promo


Super sweet raspberry – yum.

Gluten free Cream Crunchies – tough as old boots.

The motor in our washer/dryer has died. FFS!

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Their life dreams may unfold.”

“Tricky press landscape.”

“If we wanted to hear talking, we'd spend time with our housebound families.”

“Goes into a pub only to be set upon by violent Albanians angry about mob crime, the Eurovision song contest and lazy sterotyping.”

“A huge filth-soaked man in underpants and wellies. I know that this isn't unusual these days – it's week five in a lockdown.”

“That provide the only access to and from the island.”

“Sudden desperate hard work.”

“Endure the endless empty calender of life on a rock in the middle of the ocean.”

“Complete repudiation.”

“Deliberately traumatised during their incarceration in order to ensire compliance,”

“Absolutely inviolable position,”


“Increase the level of fear and worry.”

“Contienence management.”

“Tax dumping.”

“Things we tolerated as a society-”

“Engender uncertainty and fear.”

“Incited violence against the family and the family home.”

“View every passing stranger as a biohazard.”

“Worse than any Stephen King novel you can imagine.”

'Pain, Pus & Poison' Quotes:

“The joy plant.”

“It sounds insanely dangerous.”

“Waiting for the applause, which never came.”

“Intellectual beverage.”


'Sky News' Quotes:

“It's a fact.”

“Yeah, sure it is.”

'Archaeology: A Secret History' Quotes:

“Scientific thought in action.”

“Distant epochs of time.”

“Mysterious cultures that came before.”

“Intellectual tensions.”

“Big men of science.”

“Failed to make it onto Noah's Ark.”

“Deep time.”

“Accepted truth.”

“Against established belief.”

'Snapped' Quotes:

“The way they used to be.”

“A family's dark suspicions.”

“Some ransacking done.”

“Visceral dislike.”

'King Arthur's Britian: The Truth Unearthed' Quotes:

“Recorded history stopped.”

“Lived to serve the empire.”

“600 years before his own time.”

“Far from local.”

“Fragments of a half remembered past.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quites:

“Doing the disappearing.”

“The that way.”

“Something uplifting.”

“Tells us you is.”

“The creative juices are the flowing now.”

“That is not the fair!”

“The louder!”

“That dungeon chic vibe.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Picking speeds.”

“Soft fruit belt.”

'Last Of The Summer Wine' Quotes:

“Give it a rest woman we're on holiday.”

“Great useless heaps.”

“Can't ruffle my iron self control.”

“Typical tory remark.”

“Certain standard of behaviour.”

Kylo Ren

Movie Reviews: The Rachel Divide + Time Trap

The Rachel Divide (2018)

A bizarre documentary about a bizarre faker who loves playing the victim. She's contentious and lies and wants to fulful the destiny she's laid out for herself: living as a black woman despite being white.

Rachel Dolezal is infamous and she does not care about loyalty, respect, trust or accountability. She lives her life in thrall to her lies. She writes a book and ignores how trust has been very badly damaged. She blames her parents and sticks to her lies. Her parents adopted other children. She has a suspension of moral judgement. Are any of her bitter accusations about her parents true?

The parents are hated. One of her sons is actually her adopted brother whom she somehow got custody of. She postures. She will not apologise. She's been publically shamed and is only 37?!? She keeps claiming to be the victim of 'hate crimes'. There are more accusations and she was outed after a PI uncovered her lies. She made abuse accusations and lost credibility causing the collapse of a trial.

She cannot made constructive decisions. Her parents revel in her outing. She has an ex husband who is the father of her son. She badmouths him and she's covered in fake tan. She has a new baby and the father is not involved. There is no moral deliberation and she paints her self serving actions as motivated by duty and virtue.

Rachel tries to lie on the baby's birthcert. She constantly makes bad judgement calls and has a capacity for deceit. She fakes her hair and she has a father figure. She's snotty. Her book was rejected by multiple publishing houses and she keeps lying and provokes debate and she won't stop lying.

Her acting out has a negative effect on her brother and his college plans. Her sons resent her choices and she Twitter trolls and claims more hate crimes. Things are emotionally damaging and people don't like her. Her book flops and she's unacceptable and upseting and she still claims to be the victim. At the end she puts on a black woman's wig and changes her name – she's an awful old idiot. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“I don't need your disrespect.”

“Is a performance.”


“Birth story.”

“In need of earning love.”

“Was just wrong.”

“Deep disliking.”

“You done messed up.”

“Shut me out.”

“Led her away from the family.”

“Stop telling lies.”

“False and malicious fabrications.”

“Toxic family members.”

“Been there when nobody else was.”

“Is it going to be the same as last time?”

“Everything about her is a lie.”

“Not nice.”

“Race is a social construct.”

“Not normal thought process.”

“Backfire like everything else has backfired.”

“Pissing people off more than they already are.”

“Nothing that I want people to know.”

“In order to have more struggle by proxy.”

“Running out of patience for this.”

“Wearing Amish dresses.”

“Losing my community.”

“Attack and exclusion.”

Time Trap (2017)

A guy goes into a cave and irritating people yap. It is inherently difficult to care. An annoying kid tags along as the irritants look for the guy who went into the cave. There is talk of hippies and the fountain of youth. The cave looks like styrofoam. This was dull idleness and where is all the light in the cave coming from? There is no isolation and regret in this pointless film. The irritants finally notice that time passes differently in the cave.

This was pathetically fallacious and I've no idea what is going on in this unhappy story. This is a disppointment. There is no unease or terror and this was not deeply weird. There no murmuring tension. There is a pressing emergency and no growing sense of claustrophobia. People are morons.

The blighted cave has ominious secrets and there is a lack of grieving as bad things happen and the gang learn just how much time has passed on the outside. This has nothing new in the plot, tropes or stock type. There is bad VFX, a space man and absurd twists and exposition. There is no terrifying uncertainties and savages lurk in the cave (sigh). There is bad acting who were the people at the end? Who is in the ship? Was this a failed pilot? Why did TPTB forget about the air difference? WTF was this? It had an actual cavemen v astronaut fight.

Best Lines:

“You didn't get shot by any hunters? Awesome.”

“He plays rugby!”

“Is it imperative that he come?”

“House phone.”

“You haven't seen 'The Goonies'?!?”

“Climb freehand.”

“Went down the wrong hole.”

“Too much herbal fun in the 60s.”

“The wrath that is my mother.”

“Magic water healing story.”

“No one knows we're here.”

“No idea how to get back, no way to get back and no one's looking for me.”

“Everything we've known is gone.”

“Psycho Flintstones.”

“Space guy.”

“Grab the lightsaber thing!”

“Something's really really wrong here.”

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Scary Books

Book Review: Docile

Docile by K.M Szpara

There is no consent under capitalism.

In an uncaring debt ridden future – the US state of Maryland has devised a debt relief system where Debtors become Dociles. Which means they are essentially slaves to the trilionaires for a fixed term to pay off their debt. Dociles take the drug Dociline which ensures they do not recall their term of servitude. To pay off his family's debt farm boy Elisha agrees to become the Docile of Alexander Bishop III – whose family make Dociline.

Elisha exercises his right to refuse Dociline angering Alex who only cares about being CEO of his family's company. Alex could care less about debt resolution or Elisha. He only cares about making Elisha into the perfect Docile without Dociline. The fatally possessive and selfish Alex will teach Elisha submission.

Questions remain: why are there so many trillionaries in Baltimore?!? Why does nobody ever raise the obvious fact that the Docile system is just an excuse for trillionaries to abuse the poor? Also why is it legal for children to become Dociles?

There are many ghastly characters in this book: the selfish Alex, his evil family and friends, Elisha's terrible father who mocks his son for falling prey to Alex's 'behavioural incentives' and being sexully, physically and emotionally abused by him. Then there is the SJW group Empower Maryland who say they want to 'rescue' Elisha from his entrapment in debt and physical and sexual violence but only hurt him more. None of them face any consequences. The brainwashed Elisha is coerced into unprotected sex and is stuck in a lifetime master/slave violent relationship with Alex and sees bedwork as 'love'. It is with unseemly haste Elisha embraces being facedown and ass up for Alex. Elisha is reduced to just (literally) crawling around with nothing to do except please his owner.

This was good. Alex never says sorry even when outright called a rapist. The issue of historical slavery is never once addressed. The Docile system is just accepted in this chillingly normalised world. Elisha ends up despondent and Alex sees their transactional, pornagraphic and violent sex and breaking Elisha's will to go on as his right.

There is little public discourse on the Docile system only escalating sexual demands on Elisha. Alex does not care about Elisha only his desire to live the life of a society gent. Elisha is scared by Alex's reponses to him. Alex wants to control and have power over Elsiha and wields his money and power over Elisha like a weapon.

Anything Elisha asks for basic loyalty or respect, he is gaslit and taught he has no right to his feelings, his experience of the world or of any say in their 'relationship'. Alex causes Elisha pain and it is unshakeable opinion that it is his right to do so. Any attempt by Elisha to start a conversation about the brutalities that have been inflicted on him is to begin an argument that will have no resolution.

Elisha is in a cycle of panic and neglect as he has to constnatly understand what Alex wants and has to provide it in order that Alex might continue to 'love' him and not subject him to punishment. Elisha's present and possible future are a palimpset of failure, self loathing, despair and Alex's legal control of him.

How is there social coherence in such an unequal world? Alex abuses his Docile and others even though it cannot be guaranteed their consent to become Dociles was given voluntarily. There are no moral objections to the social expectations about the public abuse of Dociles. Alex is obsessed with his ambition, image and his alleged class and is an active participant in abuse which leads to the court case that ends the novel. There is no real moral ruminaiton by Alex, no thought of those irreparably harmed by the rich's strategy of manipulation and forcing the poor to live lives of abuse.

The ending pushes the boundaries of good taste as it is clear Alex and Elisa are forever interconnected and Elisha may be unable to shrug off the many cruelties he has been subjected to. This is not the damning indictment it thinks it is. What shaped this culture, values and social relations? Why does Elisha continue to love the person who demeaned him? One fears for Elisha and his shattered confidence at the end. One also doubts Alex's sincerity at the end.

At the end, Alex wants a 'relationship' with Elisha but Elisha can't really also want that. It's untenable. On such a bittersweet and ambiguous note this book ends. There's no one there to help Elisha and nothing is definitively won.

Best Lines:

“He's mine to do with as I please.”

“No one ever notices we exist until we owe them money.”

“He's whatever I made him.”

“I only know the person I made him into.”

“Trust someone is asking my consent as if I had a choice.”

“Alex has conditioned you to behave the way he wants you to. To follow his rules. To speak and act in the manner that suits his lifestyle. You're not the person you used to be.”

“I wonder how much goodwill that will earn me.”

“You never chose my friendship.”

“Assuming we were friends when you didn't have a choice in the matter.”

“Choices I've been fooled into thinking were my own.”

“How could I say no,”

“How could I consent when I had no choice but to say yes?”

“Enforce corporal and emotional punishment.”

“His behaviour was forcibly modified.”

“Terrified of losing them – not as they are but as I want them to be.”

“Never refused me and did whatever he was told.”

“No one believed us or helped us,”

“Refused to see or care.”

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