April 15th, 2020

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'The Betty Broderick Story' promo

I'm there.

'Outer Banks' trailer

Teens live on an island. There is a wreck and a mystery and 400 million and this looks good.

Best Lines:

“You either have 2 jobs or 2 houses.”

“A good time all the time.”

'Charmed' 2x18 promo


Henry Cavill and Marc Warren were in 'Hellraiser' movies!

I will review 'Geostorm'.

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“That was the fun.”

“Word proof.”

“Straight up disgusting.”

“The lactations of the dairy cow.”

“Hot salad water.”

“Hot leaf water.”

'Den Of Geek' Quote:


'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Usually by asking (without malice) you can uncover the truth of the situation and then deal with the real issues.”

“Enjoy a good reputation in my profession.”

“Interference from his family.”

“Didn't speak to me for a month when she discovered i earn more than her son.”

“Absolutely no compromise on the matter.”

“Social dissonance,”

“Struggles for friendship.”

“I don't have a lot of friends.”

“Adopt the lying down position on the sofa – sitting is so pre-pandemic.”

“Everything the doctors warned us about has happened.”

“Functioning member of a society that is no longer properly functioning.”

“Breathes too loud.”

“Vastly lowered our tolerance for our co-habitants.”

“My patience has gone now.”

“Standing in the middle of my galley kitchen, blocking access to the fridge, cooker, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine-”

“Assuming you know what someone thinks about you. Too often the assumption is they are thinking something negative.”

“Check that I obey.”

“Imprisoned in my home,”

“Can be of no assistance.”

“Lost control of my own life.”

“Why do you people look for problems?”

“Outside a bar he claimed to live in.”

“Waved it threateningly,”

“People kept jumping into the bush to get away.”

“If you force me to beat I will beat you as long as I know I'm doing it for your own good.”

“With all the ensuing consequences.”

“If we depend on others, it is more by choice than by strict necessity.”

“Apt comments.”

“Extreme erudition.”


“Imaginative thinking.”

“Terrified population struggling to make sense of our dystopian daily life during the crisis.”

“Had no idea what a permit might be.”

“Not one of the permitted activities.”


“Major public traumas.”

“Whenever there is a huge event people want a big dramatic explanation for it.”

“State narrative.”

“Helplines remain ominiously quiet,”

“Try not to make up your own version of what they are thinking.”

“Lose some of his authority and position if he is not in charge of the family name?”

'Louis Theroux America's Most Dangeorus Pets' Quotes:

“We don't encourage that.”

“Life they know.”

“You're his.”

“Don't want to touch her bum that much.”

“I refuse to trust and respect.”

“It's not friendly is it?”

“Grew unmanageable.”

“Tear people up.”

“Soak em good.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Cause bad consequences.”

“You are a failure.”

“You're not talking the truth.”

“I'm not talking to you, respect that please.”

“I hate all of you!”

“I tried to love you!”

“Curious where these parents think this is headed.”

'Arranged' Quote:

“Cry face.”

'Sins & Secrets' Quotes:

“Gaudy toupees.”

“Wasn't a normal way of life at all.”

“Success can be fickle in the mid market tv biz.”

'Moonbreaker' Quotes:

“Looked like they were still expecting me to slaughter everyone within reach, even though they'd surrendered, because that was Droods did in this world.”

“It's our duty, to protect the world from people like you.”

“His wrath would be a terrible thing.”

“Wipe the world clean of this family once and for all.”

“Hated by the whole world!”

“They haven't found this world yet.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Vomit stained mattresses.”

“Did I ask you to speak?”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Death count.”

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Pretty Smart

Book Review: Bella At The Bar Book One, Part 3

Bella's grotesque guardians abuse her and sabotage her gymnastics. Officaldom overlooks abuse and Bella gets a nursing home job. There is more bizarre behaviour and bullying and Bella tries for the British team. She is kidnapped by her ghastly aunt and uncle and literally chained to the floor. Then there is an injury and people flip from allies to enemies from page to page.

Bella's fellow gymnasts protest her presence and are fire hosed. Bella's coaches bully her and ignore her. Someone gets Asiatic flu – WTF? Bella is abandoned in a foregign country by the British team. Seriously? Bella is ditched with no money and nowhere to live in Poland in 1975?!?!

One is incensed at the casual child abuse and series of disputes. Bella is subjected to unrelenting cruetly. There is vulgarism and many soul tearing dilemnias for Bella. She spends much time wishing it were otherwise. I fail to see how this was so enduringly popular. The abuse is an almost unbearable burden for Bella. She craves approval and people have inflexibility and she's not a priority for anybody.

Bella has a passport? Bella knew Russian? Bella has to steal and suffers from food poverty in Poland. She's still on the team but nobody believes in her and she suffers an injury. This leads into Book Two which shows no sign of being published. The media 'forgive' Bella and only one person apologises. The annual story sees Bella back with her relatives (when is it set?) and park keeepers chase her. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“'Let them boo – I'm great.' says Bella Barlow.”

“Someone they calls a ghost writer did all the rest.”

“Somehow I'll make them believe me.”

“Do that, and you'll never do gymnastics again – I'll jump on yer hands!”

“Listen to her lying-”

“He needn't have altered his tone when he came to me.”

“It will be an evil day if we ever have to use her in the team.”

“She just goes on behavin' bad.”

“The disgrace wot she's brought upon us.”

“Continues her unrepentant career.”

“Made it plain she is unforgiven...”

“Put the welfare lot on us.”

“Showin' orf down there.”

“If she does get into the team, it'll be against all common decency.”

“You are being typically awkward, Bella.”

“Made to feel more unwanted than ever-”

“Belt me for spite.”

“She got me slung out of Russia.”

“We're all thoroughly disgusted.”

“They've got an even worse opinion of me now!”

“The climax to everything I've fought for.”

“This is more like Colditz than a window-cleaning job.”

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Supergirl 5x11 + Continuum 4x05 + Outer Banks (2020) 1x01 Reviewed

Back From The Future, Part 1

This was unforgivably dull. Winn is back. Yawn. Kara fawns over Nia. Lex is much maligned and Kara has set herself up in opposition to him. Jon Cryer guest stars. Lena raises her opposition and Kara creates divisions. There's an evil Winn. Kara acts like she's unimpeachable. There is mischance.

Lex is not a chilling foreboding figure. Brainy works with Lex. This was gut grindingly awful. TPTB squander potential. Lex has an action figure but no clinical intelligent malevolence or clinical menace or glacial cruelty. TPTB force William on viewers and Kara has total moral certainty. There are no nuanced responses. TPTB have a fearfulness to engage with deeper truths and uncomfortable observations. Real Winn and his dumb mask prances.

The cosy tone is dumb. There is no vibrancy. Real Winn has a wife and child. He's absolutely distraught and selfish. Kara has no beneficence. There is no universal likeability and no moral reasoning. Kara is demeaning. The Legion is still a thing. Lena and Andrea are vulnerable to negative consequences. There is no fierce urgency. Where is Max Lord? This was ill-received. Kara can't be nonjudgemental. Alex has no purpose. The phrase Hall Of Justice is used. The Tower is set up.

This ep is not even competent or pleasingly effective or even occasionally fascinating. Evil Winn does 'threatening beahaviour'. This is utterly terrible and Evil Winn has a following. There is much bad acting. Real Winn is selfish and evil Winn is horrendously amoral. This was not gruesomely effective. This was nonsence and Kara is not fair or logical.

Real Winn is wanted as an assassin, bomber, mass murderer and terrorist (aka evil Winn's sins). TPTB have the characters utter author tracts. Nia is fawned over and real Winn boasts about his Legion adventures. Kara and William refuse to do their jobs and snark at Andrea. FFS. I had greater expectations of post-Crisis stories. Winn as a man of consequence is a joke. Oh piss off TPTB. Kara's stupid and this is a mess of a town. Lex is much maligned and Brainy wails and there is bad acting and Kara and her obnoxious friends party loudly and exclude and ignore Lena. Lex steals some demonic rubik's cube. This was truly awful

Best Lines:


“Super friends.”

“Lena killed Lex? And then he came back to life?”

“So unfairly wronged.”

“With such distain.”

“Anti trolling legislation.”

“Chaos incarnate.”

“Becoming the bad guy.”

The Desperate Hours

Kiera's done awful, unforgivable things and now she's done a great wrong. People mumble and Carlos is fat. There is ruthless strategy by the boring Brad. Dillion blathers and Kiera's awful and selfish and plain dumb. There is social pain and death. This adds to the negative narrative. Carlos is sick of Kiera's lies and glares disapprovingly. This was all failed grandeur and Brad is man trash.

Best Lines:

“You have other choices.”

“Home probably isn't there.”

“You choose you.”

“Built a legacy.”

“All of this will be for nothing.”


I liked this drama and will watch more. On a North Carolina island divided by wealth there is no middle class. You're either a have or a have not. Working class teens do stuff. There is JJ (shirtless idiot), Kiara (hippie), Pope (the smart one) and John B (the shirtless feral leader who has a missing dad and is homeless). John B does narration. A hurricane stirs things up.

Tiny shorts are worn by girls. The hurricane uncovers a wrecked boat and there is a connection to a famous shipwreck from 1820 which is full of gold. Bad guys encroach and the teens have no idea how much peril they are in. A dead body floats and rich people whine about their pool, wifi and birds and yell that they might as well be in Nicaragua. This was good.

The Coast Guard Hurriance Response shows up. There is avoidable disruption and the rich are the de facto rulers of all they survey. Only some people have loving attentive relatives. The teens are unwittingly damned together. A cop (Adina Porter of 'Cult', 'Apocalypse' and 'Ronoake') makes bleak threats. People have suspicious eyes and there is no deepening sadness.

John B is vulnerable, not matter how much he denies it. Friends have a capacity for solidarity and there is mystery. The island is a self contained bubble of mystery. The teens steal a gun and money unaware of what they are now mixed up in. There is no moral growth and the teens have profound vulnerability to each other's beahaviour and choices. They lie and are compelled to make chocies unmoored from any well defined morals.

The teens suspect smuggling and John B worries about his missing father. Where is John B's uncle? What's on the wreck? Where is the famous 1829 shipwreck? There is interesting social ecology on the island. People are moral monsters and there is a fight and gunfire and John B lives in a very big shack for an abandoned homeless high school dropout. Who are the heavies? What is going on? What will go on? I'm interested.

Best Lines:

“Working class derelicts.”

“This used to be a turtle habitat.”

“Japanese toilets with towel warmers.”

“Natural enemies.”

“The rich side of the island.”

“We're ignored and neglected.”

“Actually thought I was going to be happy to hear that.”

“Dirtbag Reno rat.”

“Begging for change.”

“They don't do that stuff.”

“I heard that you little bastard.”

“A gun was involved.”

“Clean your dirty ass room!”

“Beer in my hiar!”

“Full of bad ideas.”

“You surfed the surge?”

“Vanish for a bit.”

“Psycho friends.”

“Living the nightmare.”

“Safety stop.”

“They could come looking for it.”

“Who disappears at sea these days?”