April 10th, 2020


Book Review: Bella At The Bar Book One, Part 1

This serial was originally published in 'Tammy & June' from June 22 1974 to Sept 7 1974 and from Mar 22 1975 to August 2 1975 and in the 1976 'Tammy' annual. Way before my time. This trade paperback was published in 2018 and so far there is no sign of Book Two.

Bella is working class, spirited, defiant and a self taught gymnast. She lives in a seedy terraced house and works as a window cleaner. Her aunt and uncle make her a servant and slap her around. Bella commits B&E and waves her bucket and gets offered lessons and obstacles pile up.

The bucket is stupid and Bella does gymnastics in her jeans. She's passionate about her purpose but doesn't know she needs to wear a leotard or perform to music. Bella is forced to perform in a music hall and is sneered at by absolutely horrendous people for being poor and abused. She's Tonya Harding and her life is a series of disputes. This irritated. What will poor Bella do now?

Best Lines:

“Bashed about,”

“The new trend of 'social realism' which was newly fashionable in UK drama and France's Cinema Verite.”

“Overtly violent background.”

“The old thing out in our backgarden.”

“Stupid monkey tricks.”

“That old bit of wood!”

“Get down 'fore I shake you off.”

“Blow! I thought uncle Jed'd still be in bed. It's only eleven.”

“20p a car.”

“Useless antics.”

“Not that sort here!”

“Come in and scrub the kitchen.”

“Gym capers.”

“I'm utterly disgusted.”

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Movie Reviews: Welcome To Mercy + The Post

Welcome To Mercy (2018)

A woman has her child on a lead as they head to Latvia. There is mumbling and she visits her harsh and onerous mother. There is no light and this goes spectacularly wrong. There is no unpredictable risk or threat. This was mortifying and dignity is long gone. There are no moral values. Are there valid motivations to people's help or do they have Machiavellian pretexts? There is a false dilemma. Tension does not simmer. This was calamitous.

The mother has a deep seated desire to be accepted and respected. There is weirdness. The grandmother has secrets. Things get feral in this disastrous 'horror'. She has stigmata or something. People make dire predictions and the mother is packed off to a convent. There is abnormal distress and this was appalling and people make vicious threats.

There are flashbacks and incidents in question and a cute kitten. Why did she submit to the priest's life usurping act? This was not feasible. There are destructive consequences. People stare blearily, this was spurious and this was not Proustian existentialism. The grandmother has more secrets. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“I don't need parenting advice from a woman who abandoned her child.”

“Struck here like the rest of us.”

“Causal clothes are not permitted.”

“They say you're cursed.”

“Others might feel threatened by you.”

“Old wounds can cause new ones.”

The Post (2017)

This was Oscar bait. Vietnam is happening. Swamp rock plays and Bruce Greenwood has shoe polish in his hair and the guy from 'The Americans' leaks papers. Nixon rants. Things are pestiferous looking. Maryl Streep is Meryl Streep. There is exposition and the frightful occupation of journalist is bigged up. Vietnam causes social shock. The plot is incoherent and dull. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks.

This was slight and there is no emotional traction and this was not nuanced. This causes not even modest satisfaction. This was ghastliness and all absurd stupefying predictability. There is sexism and the Washington Post is a family paper. This was nonsensical. People have ideological dominion and Lawrence Durrell is mentioned and people read papers.

Idiots are belligerent and people are impatient and embittered. Hippies riot. There is talking and typing and more talking. The US media is very up itself. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Just and peaceful world order.”

“Mighty mighty smug.”

“Knew we couldn't win in 65. That's 6 goddam years ago.”

“Lying about the Vietnam war for 30 years.”

“Street protests broke out today.”

“Are you important?”

“Knew we couldn't win.”

“Too afraid to be the one who loses the war.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Extraction' trailer

Chris Hemsworth kicks foreigners.

'Devs' promo


'Lincoln Rhyme: The Hunt For The Bone Collector' trailer

A remake of the movie which was based on a book. What is wrong with the heroine's lips? A serial killer kills. This looks good.

Best Line:

“Put me in this bed.”

'Motherland: Fort Salem' 1x05 promo

“All my fathers."

'Lost Relics Of The Knights Templar' promo


'Dark Side Of The Ring: Chris Benoit' was good.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Range Of expectations.”

'Moonbreaker' Quotes:

“You should be grateful you never knew them.”

“Just something that followed the Librarian home from the Asylum for the Criminally Insane.”

“It feels like the statue is looking at us, and not in a good way.”

“What he could have done that was so bad even they couldn't stomach it.”

“Someone had to pay for what my life had become.”

“Nothing like giving the enemy a really good slapping to improve your day.”

'Loretta Lynn: Still A Mountain Girl' Quote:

“Drinking songs and cheating songs.”

'Pandemic: A Horizon Guide' (2009) Quotes:

“We have seen every one of worst predicitons confirmed.”


“Incredibly filthy.”

“Sinister hallmark.”

“Wipe the disease from our world.”

“One of the most contagious in existence.”

“Yet to be eradicated.”

“Freed from the enslaving fever.”

“Social fallout.”

“Organised civil government.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Life becomes miserable, relationships break, depression settles in.”

“The fatuous narrative that the plague is being brought to the hapless rural folk of Ireland by the perfidious city dweller?”

“Plough ahead, regardless of the pain.”

“Nor are they encouraged to seek advice.”

“Coercive powers.”

“Who allowed these people enter this country.”

“They might have no holiday homes to return to when the Covid-19 crisis is over.”

“Shaming power of social disapproval.”

“Willingness on the part of the public to accept it is necessary.”

“Perceived enemies.”

“Keep the real situation from the wider world.”

“The crisis was gratefully forgotten.”

“Behavioural dynamic approaches.”

“Displayed a complete lack of appreciation.”

“Onerous laws that people ignore, a musical chairs succession of weak governments,”

“Profound silence.”

“We don't need ro want these silly people that come around here that don't understand what we are trying to do-”

“No viable alternative option.”

“Appointment with history.”

“Paid the price of complete political irrelevance, something that was completely forseebale at the time.”

Sins & Secrets' Quotes:

“The excessive bloodloss suggest somehting terrible.”

“Weren't quite so beloved.”

“Alone and miserable.”

“Colder than a dead mackeral that had lain on the sidewalk for a week.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Creates grave consequences.”

“Not becoming.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Some awful people out there.”

“Normal life has become a distant dream.”

'The Interview' Quotes:

“After all the death camp sh*t.”

“That was John Kerry's office!”

“Forget that oak tree looking f**k!”

Kylo Ren

Arrow 8x09 + The Act (2019) 1x01 + The Time Tunnel 1x17 + Continuum 4x03&4x04 Reviewed 🏹🏹🏹🏹

Green Arrow & The Canaries

This is a backdoor pilot for a Mia spinoff. She clubs, Laurel shows up and hasn't aged and an idiot lurks. It is Star City 2040. Mia is the least welcoming person and is given to regretful ways of living. Mia lives in stately Queen manor. Where does William live? There is talk of a vigilante museum. There are virtual keyboards and where is William? JJ asks Mia to marry him.

William has always been inadequately recognised and valued. In 2041, Star City will become a hellhole. Laurel has bad hair. Dinah sings and she somehow owns a bar and lives in a clocktower. Dinah hasn't aged and has ringlets. 20 years after Oliver's funeral, Dinah Drake was erased from the timeline. YAY!

Dinah doesn't run the SCPD. There has been no real crime in 20 years. Bianca is the daughter of Helena. Laurel is a time traveller. Why do people have such aching fondness for Oliver? Dinah wears bad lipgloss. How does she own a bar if she doesn't exist? How did Laurel time travel? Zoe is alive and Mia wears bad eye lash jewellery and tiny skirts. JJ lumbers. William minces and Connor is out of rehab. There is a guy who seems to be called Travis but later on is called Trevor. Star City isn't a meritocracy.

Mia doesn't know Laurel or Dinah. There is no valid moral reason for this or legitimate motive. Where are Slade and his sons? Mia freaks out. There is no self calming. Laurel technobabbles. Bianca's missing and this will have a terrible outcome for Star City and Mia will be blamed. Mia shrugs off her natural domestic life to be Green Arrow.

There is no unsettling probabilities. Mia is said to destined for great things. Dinah was married? Bianca was adopted? Helena disappeared? Is this plot set up for the possible spinoff? There is unfair distress and who are these people Mia babbles to? There is biotech in 2040. Mia wears a coat with no sleeves. Laurel has a proposition or more accurately a demand. Ramirez is mayor. Laurel imposes herself on people. Mia makes a reluctant decision.

They motorbike. The canaries use their sonic screams, finally. I'm not eexactly waiting the coming spectacle of the Mia spinoff. There is talk of a chemical which I'm sure is set up for the spinoff. The Green Arrow/Canary logo is okay. Deathstroke shows up. Who is under the mask? The clothes in 2040 are so slutty. Poo coloured bronzer is still a thing.

William barely features in this. Who is undermining public security? JJ is regarded as an untrustworthy adversary/homicidal maniac and disreputable. This was not laubable. Who gave JJ his pre-Crisis memories? This was not laudable. JJ Wails. William is a tech impresario. Laurel is bony. We see a photo of Oliver, glowering. There is no fondness. Mia suits up. There are meta-dampners and a dramatic entrance and who is Trevor?

Trevor is a wussy bore who has zero intimidarting powers. This is not quietly ferocious. A stupid song plays. Laurel is all: why do I have to force you? There are killer plants and who is Trevor's boss? Trevor mouth breathes. Heroines zipline and Oliver's multiple murders are shrugged off. Mia wants to protect Oliver's legacy. Vigilantism is a game for rich people to play with.

Mia quickly yields to the vigilante life. This was not impeccable and Laurel has a future revealing tablet. Laurel lies and what did Mia do in 2041? People wonder if William is the Green Arrow. Oliver never bothered to train him. Oliver's rock has a connection to Trevor's noss. William is kidanpped and there is a cliffhanger. We'll see if this show gets picked up. Is William okay? Mia got chucked through a table pre-Crisis. I preferred the 'Birds Of Prey' tv show and movie.

Best Lines:

“City's safe.”

“Doesn't stay that way.”

“The city falls.”

“Singing to drunk hipsters in your bar.”

“Not having an identity.”

“What would your dad think about your life choices?”

“Time for emotions later.”

“Canary club.”

“3 of them went to Harvard.”

“That's awesome.”

“I'm not supposed to be a hero.”

“This version of the future.”

“Oh god are you crying?”

“Thank god for morons.”

“Use for fancy brain.”

“Cool masks, very 2020.”

“Who are you bitches?”

“Can't stop what's coming”

“That could have gone better.”

La Maison Du Bon Reve

This is based on the shocking true story of Dee Dee and Gypsy. Dee Dee washes Gypsy in the sink and treats her as a child. She shaves Gypsy's head and has a cupboard full of pills. How were the pills paid for? Gypsy talks in a squeaky baby voice and apparently has a lot of illnesses.

Gypsy acts euphorically but is forced into submission by her mother. Dee Dee has toxic notions and Dee Dee is fiercely possessive not protective and forces disciplined obedience. Gypsy is coerced into doing things she doesn't want to. Dee Dee has absolute authority over her daughter and a neighbourhood mom wears booty shorts. Dee Dee acts like Gypsy is a continued worry but wants Gypsy completely reliant on her. The truth is devastating, Gypsy hasn't realised the truth, yet. Gypsy has to endure Dee Dee. Gypsy's existence is not precarious.

Gypsy is terrified that if she says no, her mother will hurt her more. Dee Dee absorbs the acclaim of being a good mom. Gypsy hasn't fully realised the abuse, yet. Dee Dee is aware of her stnading in the national regard and it seems as if they co-ordinate their behaviour.

Gypsy doesn't want to anger Dee Dee, she'll have to self rescue. She's tired of having to show undying gratitude and of being utterly reliant on her mother and of having to show deference. It's not lifelong devotion Dee Dee has, she has derailed Gypsy's life. This was okay and an absolutely chilling portrait of a family relationship based on coercive control. The Casey Anthony case takes place in the background. They shoplift. There will be far reaching consequences to Dee Dee blocking off escape routes. Gypsy begins to have deep suspicion of her mother. She has no escape, yet. Patricia Arquette and Chloe Sevigny star.

Best Lines:

“Tell if somebody's no good.”

“Use mine with me there.”

“Don't sass me.”

“I like you special.”

“She's wonderful.”

“No she ain't!”

Kill Two By Two

One of them is injured. It is WW2 and this gets racist.

Power Hour

Kyra Zadorsky of 'Helix' guest stars. People mumble and Liber8 bore and Carlos is useless. Brad needs to go. Kiera's an idiot. Die show die.

Zero Hour

Brad screams and gets violent. Get this oaf off this dying show! There is stalking and murderous wrath and babble. Old Alec lurks. I've no idea what is going on. Old Alec has a son?!? Carlos is sick of the lies. This show rips off 'The Crossing'! Why is Kiera fawning over the murdeorus Brad?

Best Line:

“Changed time to be with her.”

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