April 8th, 2020

Sergio Balleseros

Book Review: The Higher Frontier

Star Trek The Original Series: The Higher Frontier by Christopher L. Bennett

This ineffectual novel takes several pieces of 'Trek' lore: Miranda Jones, Medusans, Gary Mitchell, New Humans and Aenar and mixes them up in a bizarre bitty plot. Add in a meta commentary on 'Trek' itself and an obscure reference to the cartoon show and talk of V'Ger and hippy new age crap and you get this dreck.

This is set between 'The Motion Picture' and 'Wrath Of Khan'. Baddies wreak their vengeance and there are vicious schisms and self serving lies and no accountability and messiness. This was not inventive and the author reflects unintelligently.

Best Lines:

“Fewer gratuitous fistfights.”

“Refused to listen or support me.”

“Remake history to their liking.”

“The third planet of a yellow star.”

“Making his presence known through distracting and generally uninformative banter.”

“Keep the speechifying to a minimum for once.”

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Supergirl 5x10+The Time Tunnel 1x15+The A List (2018) 1x01&1x13+Continuum 4x01&4x02 Reviewed 🏝🍾

The Bottle Episode

There is a cheesy DEO ad. Lex plots. Lena whines. Brainy and Nia bore. Reconciliation is hindered between Kara and Lena. There is excessive rage, talk of anti life and there is fierce antagonism and terrible choices. Brainy says the multiverse is dead. But it was restored wasn't it?

Kara plays at being a moral paragon and is alight with suspicion. Lex is perturbing. There is no dislocation or fatal peril. Lex veers between wheedling entreaties and threats. This subverted my expectations and sucked even harder. Lex does as he wills. Tales of misfortune abound and Lillian is back. Lena loathes her own vulnerability.

There is no Dean Cain. There is no boundless possibility. There is no formidable opponents. Lean catastophises and William shows up to bore. There is babble and disempowered hopelessness. Andrea bores and this is boring. Nobody wants Lena to go to the bad. Subjugation is plotted and there is blubbering and bad acting.

This was pathetically pedestrian and I fast forwarded through the Nia/Brainy breakup. William bores. I can recall how in 'Smallville': Clark's constant berating and verbal criticism of Lex made him the villain but not in the eyes of TPTB.

Best Lines:

“Cute and useless.”

“I miss what I had.”

“Not too late to make a different chocie.”

“Events progess on the same path.”

“It lead to catastrophe beyond imagining.”

“You bottled your world.”

“Sickening desperation.”

“No unnecessary homicide.”

“The Man Of Tomorrow.”


This show is not an inherent good. It's just prior to D-Day and the idiot duo end up in the hands of the Gestapo. Everyone speaks English. This makes absolutely no concession to good taste and how do the time travellers eat and pee and deal with the prolonged uncertainty? They walk off adverse impacts.

There is social unrest and no accument. People are dispondent. Isn't it fortuitous how they keep arriving at major turning points in history? There is no deeply personal threat. People do not comply with sense. There is no moral uplift and more stock footage, this time of the D-Day landings. Which was at the time of this show's making within living memory. Bring back 'Timeless' and preordained history plays on. This was not defining tv like the 1966 'Batman' or 'Star Trek' which were both better than this. This has no life changing moves.

Here She Is At Last

This BBC drama has wannabe 'scary' opening credits. Teens go on holiday in the 'outside'. Mia a queen bee is a Katie Holmes lookalike. There are no informed responsible decisions. An unreasonably vicious blonde girl named Amber steals Mia's bunk and her status as queen bee. There are shrill voices and what are Mia and Amber fighting about?

Teens are egregious and bicker uselessly. This was not deeply impressive. There is bad acting in this ill-conceived mess. Amber is a massive bitch and makes a girl cut all her hair off.

Best Lines:

“You're not very good at this are you?”

“Fall off a cliff, see if I care.”

“Drop the I'm so sweet act.”

“Always one like that.”

“I don't carry things.”

“That cow is going to be drama.”

“Tres sophisticated.”

“You're a social outcast.”

“Look at a bunch of flying rocks.”

The Last Dove

Amber has made things all 'Lord Of The Flies'. People wear silly masks and Amber is a possessed witch or something. There is bad acting and talk of formulas. There are murky circumstances and where are the adults? This was dubious. Amber has secrets. This was disastrous. This is all a bullying metaphor or something. There is social disapporoval and this is not a nasty suprise. There is a cliffhanger.

Best Lines:

“Nobody found me.”

“You're nothing to me anymore.”

“No one cares about you.”

“No one cared if she was there or not.”

“Now you're nothing too.”

“The lonely girl without any friends.”

Lost Hour

Super soliders from the future shoot up the place. No one wonder this was axed. Big league hardball is threatened. The future soliders are so boring and dumb. Liber8 yap.

Best Lines:

“Never build the broken future that I came from.”

“Shapes history his way.”

Rush Hour

Brad bores. What is the point of him? Alec's slut is kidnapped. Oh piss off. Kiera is inept. Carlos is inept. Dillion is alive and covered in bad scar make up. This is actively unpleasant. There is fountain dunking and violence.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Supergirl' 5x17 promo
Lex v Kara.

'Nationwide' promo

“Eco bog walk.”

'Malory Towers' opening credits


Raspberry & Blackcurrent spritz – nice.

I feel sad and unloved.

Recall Mr Motivator?

'ESPN: Catching Hell' was boring. Baseball is just rounders FFS!

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Who can do no wrong.”

“Perceived loyalty and ideological purity.”

“I would do some yard work without a shirt and my wife would get offended and yell at me to put something on.”

“Justifications you have given yourself for years.”

“Reads, if not as avidly as she once did.”

“Became denormalised.”

“Wrongfully influencing.”

“Manipulated their mother out of their lives.”

“Forceful, controlling figure.”

“Absolutely nobody in the cinemas.”

“28 Days Later, a cheery tale about the breakdown of society after the spread of a deadly virus.”

“Nobody wants to be left out.”

“Met with widespread public disapproval.”

“Apologised after fierce criticism.”

“Succumb to the pressure to choose sides.”

“Changed into quite an angry person.”

“Appreciated the enormity of his statement.”

“Ongoing implications,”

“Darker aspects of life.”

“Lose purpose.”


“Deliverance in the time of perstilence.”

“Withdraw the scourge of his wrath.”

“Sends pestilences to force them into repentance.”

'Malory Towers' Quotes:

“She's just the sort of girl mother warned me about.”

“I know your type! No pudding for a week!”

'Alma's Not Normal' Quotes:

“Thinks he's Jesus.”

“Another one?”

“Be quiet making a racket.”

“Expression of interest.”

“I had my own key by the age of 5.”

“The baby from 'Trainspotting'. If she'd lived.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Travelling without a reasonable excuse.”

“There to be used.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“A brain shovel.”

“I hid in the bathroom for 24 hours waiting for proof of this sickness. It never came.”

'My Left Nut' Quote:

“Sick in the keyhole.”

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Movie Reviews: Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials + The Decline + Area 51

Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials (2019)

This is an okay documentary about the infamous McMartin case. This all began in 1983 with an allegation of abuse. Kee, the puppet lady, got children to make wild allegations of abuse. A doctor backed her up. A reporter who was dating Kee broke the case. Nobody had ethics.

There were hundreds of alleged victims. Pre-school teachers were accused and the it was devastating and shocking. What the McMartins had already endured was nothing compared to what they would endure in the years to come. Politics got involved in the case as wild accusations involving satanism flew.

Did DAs pursuse the case due to political ambtions? The McMartin's respectability, decorum and discretion was gone. People had absolute certainty of guilt and there was powerful intimidation by the legal system. This lead to potentially devastating consequences.

In 1984 there was a bail hearing and legitimate debate was stifled. Accountability wasn't sought and prosecutors showboated. There was a betrayal of the sanctity of the school. Nobody got bail and one wonders if there was reasonable suspicion. There was public disquiet and things went horribly wrong. If there was any truth to the case, it was overshadowed by incompetence, leading questions and over charging.

There were massive implications and the case was essentially absurd. This is a damning assessment of the US legal system. Accusations went so far beyond anything sane and rational, that the case got even more contentious. There were unfair assumptions and talk of tunnels.

The media was irresponsible. People had anxiety and did some horrible unspecified event happen? This was insightful and ignorant assumptions were made. There was obsessive madness and dark claims and no evidence was ever found. There was no protective action. This was a moral inquisition and escalation and no critical examination.

There is an inescapable impression of hysteria. CII is talked about. Nothing is substaintiated. Teachers in a position of trust lost it all. This happened in Manhatten Beach and the leading questions of Kee were finallly addressed.

Kee had no qualifications and was not an expert. Defence lawyers speak. The trial was long and expensive. In 1985 testimoney began. We see 80s hair. In 1986 one of the prosecutors resigned in disgust. In 1987 the trial began and the original accuser drank herself to death before her testimony. Charges were dropped agaisnt some and the rest were found innocent. But it wasn't seen as exoneration.

The medical expert says her case was valid. In 1990 crazy parents dug up the McMartin school looking for tunnels. There was a retrial in 1990. The new prosecutor went to McMartin! There are talk of recordings and the retrial ended in a mistrial. Charges were dropped and the trials cost 15 million.

Best Lines:

“This is happening. These are horrible people.”

“Presumed guilt.”

“Appearance of utter depravity.”

“Major perp walk.”

“Pervasive and unending.”

“She didn't have a driver's licence. She was 2 1/2.”

“Factually innocent.”

“Looking for tunnels.”

“I have no credibility.”

“He ran out of informant gas.”

“Menacing tattoos.”

“What kind of a person he was.”

“Cult aspect.”

“Get a real job now.”

“Clearly had an agenda.”

“Anything she said was taken as gospel.”

“Social contagion.”

“Lost everything they had.”

“Hired a tunnel expert.”

“Shameful retrospect.”

The Decline (2020)

This French-Canadian film is a dubbed 'horror' about survivalists. The dubbing is bad. This film is oddly prophetic. People watch prepper Youtube videoes. This was unfulfilling and people go to a prepper gathering. This has an unerring ability to bore. A man goes on about propane, solar panels, wood, his generator, his greenhouse, his poultry, apple trees, deer and maple trees, all located on his compound.

When talking about how society will fail, nobody mentions an epidemic. The makers want us to see the preppers as seeing an imaginary scary future and having scary thoughts. They were right! There is no catastrophising aka latching onto unpleasant possibilities and spinning them into waking nightmares.

There is talk of beets and future planning and deliberate awareness and dark imaginings about the future. There are dead rabbits. This was a woeful effort. There is an accident, a cover up and a widespread lack of empthy. People are negatively impacted. People have problematic attidues and there are unthinkable decisions. This was not necessary and there is daft solemnity and this was disheartening and it had no grim urgent focus.

Best Lines:

“If you forget your turtle, we leave it behind.”

“Chaos and fighting.”

“Able to eat this rice in 20 years.”

“Lots of hungry people but not us.”

“Keeps the world out.”

“Evacuation trails.”

Retaking my land.”

“It'll be a social crisis.”

“My grandmother taught me.”

Area 51 (2015) ReWatch

This is a found footage film about dude bro idiots who plan to break into Area 51. This is not powerful or brilliant, but it was okay. The idiots will get to Area 51 and they will never leave. Why did the nut's friends assent to breaking into Area 51 with him? What are ammonia sensors? They commit a home invasion and make absurd leaps of logic and Area 51 has a well deserved evil reputation.

They find labs, white blood, an anti-grav ship and uncover secrets in the restricted confines of Area 51 which leads to an abrupt dismisal of hopes. Who assembled this footage? There is a creepy downer ending and the post credits scene is just mean. Area 51 remains an eternally dark shameful secret. People are discomfitied. Trying to ascertain the truth must be seen to carry serious consequences.

Best Lines:

“This is where people get killed.”

“Right out of 'Psycho'.”

“This is where people make meth.”

“Told you he wasn't weird.”

“Freon suit.”

“Better hope they never get out.”

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