March 9th, 2020

Kylo Ren

Undiscovered Country Issue 4 Reviewed

Daniel betrayed people. There is incoherence and a reporter. The boring cruel and brutal world is absolute hell. Daniel is awful. We see a space shuttle and zepplins. Daniel's whole plan makes no sense in light of the revelation at the end of issue 3.

This is not always that profound. This causes growing frustration. There is no audience engagement and this was awful hellish absurdity. This was absolutely terrible. Issues 2&3 raised a lot of fascinating questions that have not been fully addressed. There is dominace and male entitlement. This is losing credibility.

Best Lines:

“In the Crawling Place of the Destiny Man.”

“Oral history of The Sealing.”

“Crying Sky soon enough just like the rest of the world.”

“I had a hundred better journalists in my phone's contacts –not that most of them would return my calls.”

“None of us should be here. Not one of us.”

“They couldn't have chosen worse people if they tried.”

“We are terrible choices for that.”

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Movie Reviews: The Row + Matriach

The Row (2018)

Slutty sorority chicks feature in this incoherence that is the destroyer of all happiness. This is a satanic abomination of male gaze crap that is awful old boring nonsence. This film is disturbning in various ways. But never dramatically interesting. This was woeful. This is worse than 'The Final Girls' and 'Rush Week'!.

Matriach (2019)

There is lurking danger and casually cruel yokels in this UK 'horror'. There is horror, bad acting, dumbness, cold fury and this was never dramatically charged or memorably disconcerting.

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The Fix 1x09 + Star Trek Voyager 6x10 Reviewed


Maya's stalker lurks. So much for vigilance. Matthew's useless. The stalker legs it. Wolf's back at work with a cane. Louise Lombard and Erik Palladino and Sprague Grayden guest star. The new lawyer has quit. Wolf decides to quit gambling and Sevvy wants to look for a 'clue'. Star threw Gabe under the bus. Maya bigs up her hair.

There is no moral shame. Gabe's credibility is undermined and Wolf gets Sevvy to leave LA to look for the 'clue'. There is inevitable futility but no chilly satisfaction. Matthew's wife shows up – I thought she was his girlfriend. Matthew is given cold advice.

There is relentless brutality and no unmistakable significance. Wolf has been banned from numerous casinos. The stalker plot ends. Nobody cares. CJ leaves. Star's a prat. This was ridiculously stupid and there is a relentless barage of dumb. The ex has deliberate calculation. There is urban misery.

Wolf and Sevvy have paid no price for their deeds, they likely never will. There is a proposal which results in the mancandy leaving in a sulk. Star rants. This ep is reduced to irrelevance. Star is completely irrational and Wolf has a daughter who he doesn't talk to.

Why was Jessica at a gun range? There is a seeping realization of doom. Sevvy rants. What was Jessica planning? Are we meant to pity Sevvy? Secrets come out. Where is Jessica's sister? Who was Jessica really? Maya stares at a laptop. Wolf has a stunned realization. Who was Jessica? Did she set Sevvy up? Who was Jessica really?

Best Lines:

“You stare, you're unemployed.”

“Done a number on Gabe's credibility.”

“Defied being controlled.”

“I'm paid quite a lot to be realistic and blunt.”

“Murder kit in the basement.”

“Did you think I wouldn't catch you? Again?”

“I'm not hearing yes.”

“This whole family is toxic!”

“You actually might be innocent.”


Dwight Schultz and Richard Herd and Marina Sirtis guest star in this awful ep. There is a bad wig and talk of the MIDAS array and Admiral Paris. This was full of very wrong terrible decisions. There is droning, bad acting and technobabble. There is no frantic necessity just shouting. Contact is made with Starfleet HQ, again.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Project Blue Book' season 2 promo


'The Time Tunnel' promo

The 60s classic.

'Misbehaviour' tv spot


'Black Widow' trailer

Ross. Widows. Violence. Yes.

Double chocolate caramel cups – ok.

Bitter orange 70% cacao fine dark choc – ok.

I thought one day my ex would fix it. I have no idea who he is. My ex did an unkind act, his motivations never explained. I don't know what went wrong with my ex – he erased me from existence.

Who saw 'Emerald Forest'?

I won't review 'Continuum' seasons 3&4 after all.

RIP Max Von Sydow.

I want a Constance bag and a microbag and a Dauphine bag. I want a Tiffant t circle pendant and a Rose Celeste necklace and a sunset necklace and an Enchanted Lotus necklace.

'The Last Man On The Moon' was uninspiring.

Best Line:

“Helplessly trapped inside their spacecraft.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Giant vessels of indulgence.”

“Unnecessary gatherings of workers.”

“Not tolerate any dissent.”

“Forced to resign on television.”

“Afraid of the mundane.”

'The Domination' Quotes:

“Terrible rumours about what lay beyond.”

“Surrender is annihilation.”

“Restart civilization – our civilization.”

'48 Hours' Quote:

“As threatening as they sounded.”

“Did the clown say anything?”

“Used car salesman stepfather.”

“What if her patience runs out?”

“Nobody ever brought her name up again.”

“Remained umimpressed.”

'Blockers' Quote:

“Do so much stuff to you.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Trauma-informed approach,”

“Perceptive to argument.”

“Fierce public criticism.”

“Intellectual void.”

“They will pass comment if they see you with money.”

“No rivals remain to challege his succession to the throne.”

“Fuelled resentment.”

“Psychologically incapable.”

“Discharged in ignomey.”


“Increasingly rejected.”

“Prove their practical value on a daily basis.”

“We exist to be made useful.”

“Gained dangerous traction.”

“Real and frightening threat.”

“Stultifying consensus that brooked no debate or discussion on the issue.”

“Final-straw reponse.”

“Become angry if he was not let do as he wished,”

“Seen wandering the road in a dishevelled state eating dog faeces.”

“Negative allegations.”

“Fist fights outside pharmacies.”

“Safety lies in restricting their behaviour.”

“Completely different criteria about what constituted a space we wanted to be in.”

“Getting beaten up was a rite of passage.”

“Categorically hostile.”

“I'd prefer not to.”

“Failure to bear King Henry VIII's heir.”

“Discards wives and advisers.”

“A queen's blood on the Tower Of London flagstones is of little consequence.”

“Lady Bastard.”

'Law & Order SVU' Quote:

“You weren't asking him questions. You were yelling at him.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Opened the doorway to disbelief.”

“Seriously, are any of them good?”

“You see that too?”

“Why did you marry me?”

“To piss off my mother! And it worked!”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Bag of meth.”

“Controlled by her expectations.”

“Smoked lightbulbs.”

“Looks like a north Philly crackhouse.”

“Salad box full of money.”

'The Sunday Time's Quotes:

“Insidiously normalised.”

“Multifarious social problems.”

“Infamously antagonistic.”

“Deluded fools.”

“Ignited public rage.”

“Moral commitment.”

“Malign dictatorship that stifles all opposition and independent thought.”

“Would not see any particular.”

“Celebrations of national destiny.”

“Shown no leniency.”

“Desperate not to draw attention to himself.”

“They have not had an apology and unless something changes radically in the next few years, they never will.”

“Catastrophic decision.”

“Advanced egotistical tendencies.”

“Escaping defeat.”

“Turning into the adult my parents expected me to become.”

“Social assumtions.”

“Not even an acknowledgment of the terrible wrong that was done to them.”

“Ranted incoherently.”

“Overrun with vagrants.”

“Not willing to accept the things they accepted before.”

“Social hatred.”

“Very angry about absolutely everything.”

“The term is tainted.”

'Daughters Of Chivalry' Quotes:

“Switched sides no less than five times,”

“Primed to perceive slights.”

“The fourteen days it took four young pages to collect the candles required for the event,”

“Became so incensed by the unruly behaviour of a young squire, that he beat him with a stick.”

“Could not fathom the absurdity of putting a carpet on the floor.”

'Return To Wolf Hall' Quotes:

“History robbed of its inevitability.”

“Make himself part of the wallpaper.”

“Devil's turd.”

“Never ran out of words.”

“Far darker.”

“A limit to what silence can do.”

“I won't have this.”

“Trouble will come.”

“Quite ignorant.”

“Diabolical being.”

“Giggle at our miscalculations.”

“That is not how life works.”

'Urban Legend' Quotes:

“You have a frat party to commerate a massacre?”

“Another ecoli crisis in the cafeteria.”

“Wonders how you got into college in the first place.”

“Lunatic on campus?”

“What if there is a lunatic on campus?”

“Ram a gerbil up a celebrity's ass!”

“Shacked up at some motel with a girl or a guy, farm animal, whatever.”

Image result for rush week vhs uk cover
Image result for rush week vhs uk cover


Book Review: The Stone Dogs

The Stone Dogs by S.M. Stirling

This has a Space Force, a weaponised form of AIDS and morally unthinkable things happen. There is technobabble explanations of how the Draka conquered the world. The Draka seek humanity's ultimate extermination and replacement with the Master Race they created with their biotech.

I've read 'Drakon' and 'The Domination'. I've never read this 3rd 'Draka' novel in its unedited form before. The slave empire of the Domination of the Draka is growing. The few remaining free countries, the Alliance, are ideologically opposed to the Draka. The Domination plan the Final War and the Final Society.

How the Domination conquered Africa is handwaved away by mentioning how they overcame all the diseases. Distrust, hated and conflicting morality are insurmountable but no reasonable conversations are held. We get cold reminders of the base perfidious and vindictive nature of the Draka and how they hurt and inflict misery on those who oppose them as a symbol of triumph.

There will be profound and appalling consequences and shattering cataclysms in this very different alternate universe dystopia. This was very good. I wish Stirling would continue the Draka novels. The Domination Earth is locked into an unrecoverable dysopia – a world with only Draka civilisation intact but it is locked into a terrible form with little or no value.

Best Lines:

“We supposed to make him happy, aren't we?”

“May the Race rule from Sol to the Oort Clouds, unopposed!”

“Glared him out.”


“The nation's doomed anyway,”

“Hurt yo' beyond what was necessary to compel obedience.”

“Everythin' yo' are, we'll bring to nothing...yo' children will serve mine until the end of days.”

“Fear until you censored the words, then the dangerous thoughts to make that easier, then stopped having the thoughts.”

“Capture team.”

“It would not do to appear unenthusiastic.”

“Hit the ground at the first sign of violence and stay there.”

“Can be very grim.”

“Absolute personal subordination.”

“Over 93% of the total population are serfs,”

“He had been hanging around entirely too much lately.”

“Fifty years from biplanes to the planets.”

“Nobody's that crazy, not even us.”

“What say we sign this'n out and play with it.”

“Vomiting blood was not a good sign,”

“Popular anger.”

“This place had been here for a long time, generations.”

“Our noble mastahs.”

“I'm not angry with yo'. Yet.”


“Go out to the stars an' conquer the aliens.”

“If I'm not satisfied by your reactions from this point on, then the only way you will leave this building is as a corpse.”

“Her life's work of vengeance.”

“When the last enemies are enserfed.”

“Loony thug,”

“They're just the bloodthirst nihilistic loons they come across as.”

“Resigned bitterness.”

“Enjoy the consequences.”

“Raw, physical fear.”

“Quietly menacing displeasure,”

“Ritualized humilation, it was not being able to do anything to do anything except what they wanted.”

“Sick dread.”

“Our national love of unchanging stasis,”

“Already got weapons mo' powerful than we dare use here on earth.”

“One lesson an' it all yaz need. Do what y'told. Anything y'told, anything at all.”

The Stone Dogs (Draka, #3) by S.M. Stirling