February 28th, 2020

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Movie Reviews: Copland + The Riddle Of The Sands

Copland (1997)

Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Peter Berg, Janeane Garofalo and Robert Patrick star in this dull 'drama'. Michael Rapaport, Annabella Sciorra, Noah Emmerich, Cathy Moriarty, John Spencer, Malik Yoba, Edie Falco and Method Man co star. There is death, a fake suicide, attempted murder, secrets, lies, violence, corruption – but I didn't care. Lines are either yelled or mumbled.

Best Lines:

“Like creepers back here.”

“I look at this town and I don't like what I see anymore.”

“Got this case closed with one phone call.”

The Riddle Of The Sands (1979)

Jenny Agutter and Michael York star in this spy drama. This was okay. Simon MaCorkindale costars.

Best Lines:

“Antiquated German fishing port.”

“Eccentric moods.”

“People don't behave like that, not even Germans.”

“Unpleasant little man.”

“Terrifying consequences that could have been.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Candyman' (2020) trailer

Another remake? Or is it a sequel? No. There is braggadocio. Is the man meant to be the baby from the 1992 original all grown up?

Best Lines:

“Don't say that.”

“Well we're still alive.”

“You broke the door.”

'Citizens Of Boom Town' promo

“Undeclared rage.”

'Star Trek Picard' 1x07 promo

Riker. Sigh.

Lavender choc – yum.

Tomato Chicken Fricasse – yum.

I did some work on LJ.

I was omitted.

Who saw 'Dust Devil'?

My ex constantly rejects me. Does he have no regrets? I've been forgotten about, rejected and abandoned. He just didn't want me anymore. I cared, my ex didn't. My ex is without apology and told me lies for years.

I may finally review 'Continuum' seasons 3&4.

I never got into 'Elite' or 'Spinning Out'.

Spilled a glass of water, thankfully it missed everything important.

'Blood' Quotes:

“What have you done?”

“I cannot steal you a fecking horse.”

“Look the other way you always have.”

“The end for you.”

“Protecting everyone else except me.”

“I don't like the man you are.”

“What have I interrupted?”

'The Temple House Vanishing' Quotes:

“Sent to other, darker places.”

“She seems especially unpleasant.”

“Made me feel utterly excluded, an outsider.”

“Doomed to isolation.”

“No one thanked them as they filled the plates,”

“Invisibility is repaid with invisibility.”

“Would not have become what I did.”

“Nothing good lasts.”

“I just stared at her, in what I hoped was a cold and dismissive manner.”

“We have a way of doing things.”

“I should have seen it as kindness but didn't.”

“Deferential respect.”

“But for some reason, never explained, it was not allowed.”

“Tried to like her but always failed.”

“Her family had a tendency to sue newspapers.”

“I despite everyone and everything.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“A demand and unlike anything I've ever seen before.”

“Flanked by up to 6 prison officers.”

“Local boat club is inaccesible.”

“Dismissed thoughts.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Not entirely happy.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Only be reached by tractor.”

“Serial objectors.”

“Lifting and cargo line.”

'TV Now' Quote:

“Apparently includes an awful lot of searches for lawn mowers.”

'A Lie To Die For' Quotes:

“A bunch of hobos.”

“Chopping at his lie tree.”

“Moral and right thing.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Semblance of economic rationale.”

“Magnificent distain.”

“Thrown into crisis.”

“Out of fear or the hope their partner will change.”

“Routinely silenced by control, by fear.”

“Unpromising name of Eggslut.”

“Rich with intent.”

“Cruel maniac.”

“Terminal decline.”

“Financial embarrassment.”

“Ups the disquiet.”

“No pretensions about its own importance.”

“Far from a household name even in his home country.”

“Surrendered its place in the mainstream.”

“Unlikely ever to regain that status.”

“Unanswerable logic.”

“No future to found there.”

“Figure of fascination for the press and is written about at great length on both sides of the Irish Sea.”

“Overwhelming fear,”

“Potentially having negative implications.”

“Demand inclusion.”

“Starkly unambiguous.”

“Conspiracy to do so.”

“Whispered sense of annoyance.”

“Battle vests.”

“Culture of silence about unacceptable behaviour, exploitation and misconduct.”

“Pandemic potential.”

“Home relocation.”

“Routine, familiarity, sameness, predictability.”

“Became aware of chainsaw activity.”

“Plant different trees, proper trees, native trees.”

“Relucant and inconsistent.”

“Bins had not been put out for months,”

“A fate shared, mutual obligation and civic duty.”

“Particular concern.”

'Tales From The Darkside' Quote:

“Did your whore leave?”

'Ancient Aliens' Quotes:

“From a different star system.”

“Post-detection task group.”

“Possibility of visitation.”

“Capture mechanism.”

“Not human by any standards.”

“Often intolerant of evidence.”

“Ongoing bias.”

“All very strange.”

“Jawdropping in their level of significance.”

“Protected boundaries.”

“Nobody knows exactly what they do.”

“Could even greater secrets be hidden?”

“Made up fake story.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Non-endeared to her.”

“Avoid victim thinking.”

'Herstory' Quote:

“Fight rats with beer bottles at night.”

The Fall Of The Billionaire Boys Club' Quote:
"Putting on daddy's business suit and coming in and playing office."


Hellmouth Issue 5 Reviewed

Where is the Master? Buffy fights Hellmom who looks like an elf. There are incoherent fight scenes and Buffy wears fishnets and nobody cares about Angel. Various people ride in to help and do poses. Who are they? Will Faith show up? Where is Xander? Giles is poison. Where's Robin? Giles has a cry. Willow leaves. Buffy wallows in self pity.

I feel so much scorn for this final issue. Anya is a WATCHER?!? There is a multiverse, each with their own hellmouth. Is the slayer before Buffy alive? We see what may be an alternate universe Sunnydale where Buffy works in a bar and Willow is the slayer.

There is no eternal potential, Buffy is a ghastly character. The teens are psychopathically blithe about their terrible reality. I feel utter contempt for this. It's a 'grave situation'. There are 'worrying implications'. I didn't care for this. There is a banal inevitability of the awfulness of this.

This provokes incomprehension. There are altercations and this lacks the creative ambitions of the Dark Horse years. This was puerile and fails desperately.

Best Lines:

“The thing that darkness fears.”

“Vessel To Walk Above.”

“Massacred cities,”

“You stole my destiny!”

“...Where does it go?”

“On. And past that...no one knows.”

“Trying to claw your way through human bodies.”

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The Fix 1x08 + VOY 6x02 + Billionaire Boys Club (1987) Part 4 Reviewed 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💵

Queen For A Day

The case continues to be irreducibly complex. Wolf makes a murder all about him. Predictably Wolf persists in doing bad things. What about Jessica's sister? Maya has infinite patience for crap. Matthew lingers and the stalker lurks. Wolf has no moral objection as the mob enforcer who he owes 75K (plus interest) to lurks.

There is no assessment of suitability of Wolf, Maya or the case. The orange bimbo lurks. Wolf spews cruel ripostes. Problems are concealed. People discuss the jacket. When will Wolf face a final downfall? Wolf projects strenght. Maya wants to talk to Sevvy. Wolf has fear of critics.

Sevvy does nothing to improve his reputation. There are grave possibilities. May has obsessive focus. This was inherently dark. Sevvy does desperate denial. Maya has profound questions. Wolf has intense scorn. When will Wolf's front teeth fly out his a**hole?

Wolf needs to shut up. He's all ambition run wild. CJ lurks. Maya does the moral standard for the world act. Sevvy has a negative image. Wolf skirts consequence totally and is combative. Maya has a strong sense of purpose. What's SID? There is foreboding. Wolf is staggeringly arrogant. This was not an era defining show. But is is very good. Was the jacket planted with intentionality? And who planted it?

Who bears culpability for Jessica's murder? Wolf blasts the LAPD. Sevvy offers 18 million dollars to find the real killer. There are dramatic complexities and covert creepiness. Gabe's out of jail. Gabe has cracked and has abject desperation and intense suspicion.

Wolf is an absolutely infuriating really unpleasant character with no moral qualms. Maya bothers people. Wolf finds money, lots and lots of money, which he steals and goes to a bookie with. He promptly loses it all.

The LAPD strike back at the boney Maya. Gabe and the 1st wife shag. Maya knows about the orange bimbo. Wolf gets dunked in his own swimming pool and loses a toe to his mob debt enforcers. Wolf has a good cry. The 1st wife plots. The orange bimbo/Loni quits. The stalker closes in.

Best Lines:

“You're lying! As usual!”

“Got himself murdered”

“Look for a good funeral home. Not in the valley!”

“Got himself killed.”

“We all want to be wrong.”

“A case we can't win.”

“People seeing green.”

“Bring out the crazies.”

“Swear before god to every word.”

“My only friend.”

“Done telling me how to be.”

“Slow walking my case.”

“Just murderded a man in Maya's living room!”

“I trusted you. Clearly I shouldn't have.”

“I don't believe a word you say. Not anymore.”

“This case isn't a winner.”

“Dead men can't pay.”

“Screw you all.”

Survival Instinct

This was spectacularly mediocre and poorly acted. 7 of 9 hangs out with a moppet. 7 of 9 runs into people from her time as a drone. This was bad. The drones recall who they once were. There is unrelenting cynicism, dumb comedy and this was a tiresome putrid pantomine.

Best Line:

“Cease this interaction!”

Billionaire Boys Club (1987) Part 4

Joe's girlfriend does a sexy baby voice during her testimony which she overacts as she is an actress. Joe's mother cries on the stand about Joe's harsh father. Joe shunned his mother for 6 years. Joe claims Ron Levin is still alive. He's still convicted. A narrator reveals the then fates of the BBC. Joe's taken up the river to the big house where he remains to this day. This was good.

Best Lines:

“What could I do about it?”

“Over mothering.”

“Belief in himself that exceeded his abilities.”

“All the normal things you do when you have a contract signed!”