February 25th, 2020


Blood 2x01 Reviewed

The wife killer returns home, the daughter who exposed him is nowhere to be seen. Fiona, the other daughter and her creepy husband lurk. The excluded son simmers. The killer dad lurks on a farm where dead sheep and drugs and chavs lurk. The killer dad was put on trial and all her lost was his medical licence. Fiona gets into a car wreck. The killer dad picks fights and an annoying granny pries. A creepy cop creeps. This was daft. The farm is full of drugs and violence.

Best Lines:
“13 grand a shag.”

“God but he’s an odd bastard.”
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Trailer, Quote & Stuff

‘Downhill’ TV spot

Nutella - yum.
Gluten free pancakes - okay.

‘Go Go Power Rangers’ to end after 32 issues?

My ex has made it clear he has no intention of re-engaging.

I was EXCLUDED ON PURPOSE from attending a talk. Then I was EXCLUDED from dinner at a very fancy restaurant ON PURPOSE. I’M RAGING.

‘Manson: The Final Words’ Quotes:
“Charlie picked people that he had grudges against.”

“Outstanding grudge.”

“Always been by myself, alone.”

“Damnation of this world.”

“Overt act.”

“Can’t just know about.”

“I know what conspiracy is!”

“Ordered the murders without actually saying the words.”

“Don’t talk to anybody about this, ever.”

“The whole thing was scary.”

“Had few options.”

“Bad publicity instigated.”

“You get your own judgement.”

“Curse having to live with it.”

“Become gospel.”

“Construct their own truth.”

‘The Temple House Vanishing’ Quotes:
“You don’t want to see the dead rise, no matter how much you might miss them.”

“Attempts to connect with one another were invariably successful. We were never able to recapture what had once been.”

“Could only ever play at normal for a while.”

“A large house with granite steps that led up to the front door.”

“Dark things should happen behind closed doors.”

“An air of Malory Towers to the whole thing.”

“It was a hermetically sealed universe of tradition and ritual, prayers and devotions.”

“She was not friendly in anyway.”

“She disliked us all equally, which was some consolation.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“From which there is no further appeal.

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Legal reckoning.”

“Certain sort of cross examination.”

“There wasn’t this much panic when World War II started.”

“Uncontained global spread.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“What a bleak horrible future we live in.”

“Mooching sack.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Spend a lot of time thinking and talking a about these concerns, I am finding that people are beginning to avoid me.”

“Link smells to happy memories.”

“Very included.”

“Very specific and rigid routine.”

“Doesn’t know how to make friends or how to keep friends.”

“Often unfairly portrayed in the media.”

“Resource constraints.”

“Moral injury.”

“Regular Jeremy-Kyle-show-style altercations happened outside the adjoining apartment each night,”

“Highly criticised.”

“Undercurrent of disapproval.”

“Hardly been given the thanks he deserves for helping to clarify a central doctrine of the Christian faith. Indeed, when he reportedly died of a massive haemorrhage on a public toilet in Constantinople, his great opponent, the Christian bishop Athanasius, called it a “wondrous” thing.”

“A lone ageing punk sitting on the side of a kerb.”

“Rules of adornment.”

“Life she had before.”

“Can’t go on, as it is, for much longer.”

“The unfamiliar becoming familiar.”

“What we became.”

“Belongs to a world from before,”

“Doesn’t even exist on the internet, no Google search will reveal her. She does not have the luxury of nostalgia.”

“Openly appreciate each other’s efforts.”

“Complaining letters.”

“Continued to cause problems even after his arrest.”

‘Euronews Now’ Quote:
“Shouldn’t be forgiven.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Coronavirus is knocking at the door.”

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Dceased Unkillables Issue 1 Reviewed

This tells us how the baddies survived the apocalypse. Deathstroke rings a bell with a sword and shrugs off the infection. Jason Todd saunters into the bat cave and finds Tim, Bruce and Dick’s dead bodies on the bat cave floor. He buries them and we see Bruce’s epithet. Did he bother with ones for Tim and Dick?

Wasn’t Tim an adult? Why is he drawn as a tween? Ace a bat dog suddenly shows up. We see in photo in Wayne Manor of Bruce’s large bat family. He loved playing the loner in contrary to all logic.

Rose Wilson and her dad bond. Man Bat is seen. Mirror Master and Vandal Savage prance. Nobody is insane with fear. What are Babel lenses? Various D grade baddies lurk. The Creeper looks like a sex offender. Cassandra Cain lurks. Bullock dies and Gordon lives.

Gordon learns his daughter is dead. Nobody buries her, Catwoman or Batwoman. Gordon knew who Batman was? Jason is angry he
didn’t get to kill the Joker. He ties the Joker’s corpse to the bat mobile with some cable ties he just had to hand. There are jokes amidst the utter misery, menace and threat.

Jason doesn’t like being called Robin. Who has the hero who helped the kids? This was good. Active criminals plot. Jason is loud and combative. Good won’t prevail over iniquity. Vandal Savage has ruthless logic. Jason remains deservedly unloved. This was not stunningly evocative as terrible things happen. Society disintegrates. Jason, Gordon and Cassandra Cain make a desperate attempt to survive.

Best Lines:
“…He wasn’t the one they were running from.”

“He never did let me drive the car.”

“Bruce Wayne Father Mentor Bastard Batman.”

“Bring every weapon you can carry.”

“Or I could leave you on the roof surrounded by death and you could try to get your helicopter back in the air? Sure, it’s in pieces and on fire…”

“This is a really weird interaction.”

“With no predator to stand against them,”

“Grundy is tree lobster.”

“I’ve fully embraced your analogy.”

“She’s the only bat coming.”

“Batman is…was terrible at expressing anything with words. And he had absolutely no consideration for personal boundaries. But he violated your trust and secretly monitored you for a reason…”

“It’s an apocalypse……don’t judge me.”

“It’s Bludhaven, so an undead virus is almost an improvement.”

“You want to remove the corpse of the psychotic clown from the roof of the car?”

“Then she went away. She…never came back.”

“The heroes are going to fail. They’re not ruthless enough to survive. I am over fifty thousand years old. This is not the first extinction event I’ve faced. We’re going to inherit whatever’s left of the planet when this is gone.”
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