February 21st, 2020


Book Review: Into The Pit

Into The Pit by Warner Lee

This 1989 'horror' is awful and unreadable. A man is haunted by his dead first wife. This was overwrought, unspeakably nasty and sleazy. This irritated and annoyed and was sexist and badly written. The moral of this is that the mentally ill are evil and women who don't want children are evil and probably witches. Burn this!

Best Line:

“Don't become our enemy.”


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'The Windsors' promo


'Star Trek Picard' 1x06 promo


Who saw 'Far From Heaven'?

My ex is a thundering disgrace: I had no warning about who you were and I tried to help you.

I won't read 'Solstice'.

'BBC News' Quotes:


“Such unanimous outrage.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Anti-return protests.”

“Blocking the streets to a major hospital.”

“Very hostile attitude.”

'Encounters With Evil' Quotes:

“Lead his followers to a grisly end.”

“Don't fit in with their community.”


“Talk nasty.”

“Talk them round.”

“Selling the lie.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Economically inactive.”

'Tabu' Quote:

“Something that we put up our chimneys.”

'Killer Couples' Quote:

“Enemy to many.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Sullied beyond repair.”

“Life is but a brutish Sisyphean struggle with no purpose or unifying meaning.”

“One of them is hypothermic. The army men seem to view the latter as a character flaw rather than a medical reality.”

“Unquestioing adherence to brutality.”

“Increasingly bitter family dispute.”

“Revelled in the vacuity.”

“Having couples in skimpy bikinis and togs fight for a bar of soap in a bathtub. Live on Sunday afternoons.”

“No lived experience.”

“Prompting a furious glance.”

“Radical rudeness.”

“Correctly contends.”

“Actions are being met with the gratitude.”

“Commanding position.”

“Seeming endless farewell tour.”

“A paradise populated by people who believe they are in hell.”

“Howls of outrage.”

“Truly is a hellhole.”

“Ruined countries.”

“Justified gripes.”

“Angry electorate.”

“Mutual trust.”

“Ahead of our own.”

“Consistently objected.”

“Persistent interruption.”

“Follow through on his threats.”

“Never going to recover.”

“Distrustful nature.”

“Cultural and social exchange.”

“Spray protesters off the streets.”

“Step its hostility.”

“Founding narrative of tragedy and heroism-”

“Dominant culture.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quotes:

“Things are going really well, for now.”

“Dumb white idiots getting high together.”

“Ran off with a trucker from the hotel loading docks for a short time.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“She didn't know where he was. She though he was dealing drugs.”

'Cheer' Quotes:

“Home town folks.”

“Old school people.”

“Good wholesome folks.”

“Constant tension.”

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Movie Reviews: Abducted In Plain Sight + My Cousin Rachel (2017) + Don't Come Out To Play + 1 other

Abducted In Plain Sight (2017)

This true crime documentary is bizarre. A family are morally indenfensible. The things this family found morally acceptable are bizarre. A family 'friend' groomed and abused one of the daughters. This was a dull narrative format. The 'friend' was an instigator who mesmerised the family.

This was utterly uninteresting. Red flags were ignored. This was not a searing insight. There were breachs of trust. There was no shocked realisation of the sexual nature of the interest the 'friend' had in her.

The mother calls her daughter being abducted by the 'friend' “nothing” - surely that won't fly even in 1974! The families were LDS. The abducted girl's family were shockingly opposed to involving authorities and pressing charges. This was relentless absurdity.

I don't want this narrative experience. There is no urgency. There was no SVU in 1974. The 'friend' abducting their daughter to Mexico for months is shrugged off. There is a chaotic aftermath. There was a lack of will to do anything. The 'friend' has encounters with the girl's mother and father. Eewww.

The intractable problem of the pervert 'friend' goes on. The situation worsens and lies are uttered. The 'friend' brainwashed the girl with tales of alien abduction and made demands and coverups and bribed guards.

There were threats. This was highly unsatisfactory. There is massive denial and the daughter was utterly failed by the law and her parents. The 'friend' wasn't even surreptitious. They defended him! He stalked her! He was allowed to sleep in her bed AFTER he abducted her!

The mother and father were idiots. The mother had an affair with the perv 'friend' AFTER the abduction. Divorce was threatned and the mother was tossed out of her home. She was shocked at the idea of being held accountable for her child endangerment. The parents reunited. The family was terribly injured. They let her go on holiday with him!

The mother was and is useless. There were reckless acts and declartions of love and more grooming. The perpertrator would not stop. The mother let the perpertrator direct her activities. This has a negative impact. The parents chose the perpertrator's side over and over and over again.

The daughter is blamed. He later abducted her a SECOND time. The parents didn't call the cops again. Why aren't the parents in jail for child endangerment? This was less salutary. He enrolled her in a boarding school whilst claiming he was a CIA agent.

She was put in jail. Later on he committed arson. The parents have no shame. The pervert was acquitted of all charges! This lead to dire long term consequences. He lost interest in her as she got older. Things were fraught and this was not emotionally charged. The mother wrote a book 30 years later leading to manic consequences.

The perv kept stalking her. This was ridiculous. The perv went on the news denying being a perv. The daughter sought a stalking injunction and the perv contested it. He was a callous man who is finally thankfully dead. More victims emerged after his death. The dire consequences go on. The malicious attacks and strong dissatisfaction can never be undone. This was disturbing and causes clattering unease. The parents have no redeeming features. This was tedious.

Best Lines:

“Sexual pervert.”

“Duped in a terrible, terrible way.”

“The whole thing was strange.”

“Kicked the door down.”

“Relaxing pills.”

“Have you forgiven him?”

“Live with my tragedy.”

“He did not like that.”

“You'll regret that decision someday.”

“I don't think our problems are over.”

“Not taken by force or against her will.”

“Do whatever I was to do.”

“Real trouble started.”

“This is not a good man.”

“No is the answer.”

“That's his deal.”

“Making a lot of fuss.”

“Away he drove.”

“Emotionally gone.”

“Allowed that to happen to her.”

“Hadn't seen the man for 30 years.”

“You have no soul.”

“Bikers Against Child Abuse.”

My Cousin Rachel (2017)

This was rampantly sexist. Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin starred in this. Did a woman kill her husband? This was dull.

Best Line:

“She has gone for me at last.”

Don't Come Out To Play (2013)

Samantha Morton and Michael Shannon star as creepy parents of an ill boy. There is a twist. Morton plays a crazy abusive loon. This was silly.

This Island Earth (1955)


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Good Omens 1x06 Reviewed

The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives

Crowley gurns and Aziraphale minces. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a one scene cameo as Satan. Neil Gaiman wrote this. The demon and angel plan to kill Adam. The Horsemen are inept and are defeated way too easily. The demons look like 'Dramarama' rejects. This was not at all competent. Adam is no longer the antichrist. There is obvious green screen. This keeps on going and going. This has obvious pointlessness. Adam still has powers? This was not even competent. This is what not to be.

Best Lines:

“Bring in the traitor.”

“Your place of trial.”

“Your very existence demands the ending of the world.”

“Former hellhound.”

“We fought in the Glorious Revolution.”

“And we lost.”

“Computers stop planning World War III.”

“I am Creation's Shadow.”

“Not a nice word.”

“I've got all the world I want.”

“War footing.”

“They told his father...his satanic father.”

“Hoor of Babylon.”

“Hell incarnate.”

“Take our vengeance on you.”

“I'm the Archangel f**king Gabriel!”

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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Teen Titans The Judas Contract Reviewed

Terra is ferociously bitter and this ends with brutal finality. The Teen Titans (Dick is still Robin) fight evil, unaware that their 'friend' Terra is a mole and traitor.

Dick offers empathy to Terra who talks in silly slang. Dick was made a vigilante when he was 8? Why did Bruce never get charged with child endangerment? Terra is a spy for Deathstoke. Terra rebels against her mentor, Slade who wears the dumbest costume. Terra doesn't care about her 'friends'. Terra renames herself Gaia and goes on a murderous ramapge. Gaia blows up Titan Tower and gets rid of Donna Troy, Cyborg and Starfire in gruesome ways. Raven seems to have died off screen.

Terra also kills Kid Flash and Dick, poor Dick – so much for empathy. Superman tries to stop her. Gaia has fierce determination, intent and agency to be evil. Where did Gaia get kryptonite? Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern are seen. Does Batman know Dick's dead? Gar dies and Gaia doesn't care.

Gaia calls herself a god and shrugs off taking down her friends so brutally. Superman conveys his disapproval but dies anyway. Gaia rules over the shattered Earth in an atmosphere of intimidation.

Best Lines:

“Worlds where hope is still possible.”

“With your spandex clown costumes and lame jokes.”

“Squabblin' with petty losers.”

“You can help me, once you've stopped screamin'.”

“Y'know, super and Deathstroke-y.”

“Yer “dearest friend” is now just soggy chunks,”

“He couldn't even kill a bunch of kids.”

“It was evil I sensed in her...”

“You—you wouldn't!”

“It's harder to find you in the crowd now you've toned down the wardrope.”

“I care what they fear.”

“I've never felt anything.”

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