February 12th, 2020


Movie Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 + You Were Never Really Here + Only The Brave ✨🌠💫⭐🌟

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

This is slightly better than the horrible original which is faint praise. Peter is an ass, Groot is a baby and a bored looking Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell feature. There is no immense emotion. The Guardians are heroes now. Peter Quill learns he is a half alien hybrid. He's also a vile compulsive liar.

There is mumbling and no genuine kindness. People wither under blasts of begrudgery. People stew in their bile. Peter meets his alien god dad (Russell). Peter defends and justifies his crapulence. There is awful behaviour and the GOTG run with bad people. There are unsavoury decisions and Peter's dad Ego is obviously evil. Peter and Ego are without fear of consequence.

This sequel is not an absolute must. There is no provocative wit. Peter has few future prospects. People yell silly lines and have Grand Schemes and mercilessly harangue each other. The GOTG are moral failures and this unfolding narrative has no enormous potential.

Peter is excruciatingly awful, like this movie. Peter is a powerless and frustrated twit who has done damage to people. Michael Rooker plays a Mr Scary, we are meant to care when he dies – we don't. Ego comes after Peter hard. You think a god like living planet could find his own kid without the help of space pirates.

There are no emotional implications. Peter wants his 'pals' to regularly tell him that he is amazing, which he takes as his due. Mantis smiles. There is no ideological position. Peter trusts in all Ego's adoration and is noncompliant with sense. Peter doesn't care about his dead mom only his dad.

This was not a potent narrative. Peter is sexist and goads on a daily basis. There is no atmosphere of esclation or tension just inaction. There is no atmosphere of threat or meance. Peter is hard edge and unsavoury.

There is no joyful, bitter, messy complexity. Peter is all combative decision making. Baddies have meance decay. Nobody listens or responds calmly. There are judgmental thoughts which spark conflict. Ego is a Celestial and so Peter is half Celestial and then he idn't.

Ego is utterly depraved. This was a ghastly experience. There is no enormous distress, empathy or compassion. There are unavoidable consequences. This is not normal and this was indifferently received and was full of gaffes. There is obvious wickedness and wrongdoing.

Peter's mother didn't die in front of him, he ran off. Nebula annoys. This was disastrous and Peter does an orgy of self congratulation. This was chaotic and the beleaguered heir apparent needs a good kicking. There is no anguished debate and this was an unholy mess. This was not meaningful and there is no decent moral purpose. People shout all their lines. There are no socially based issues.

This was futile. Watchers are seen. Peter learns that Ego killed his mom. Cue bad acting. This was a terrible mistake. This was not compelling and catastrophe unfolds. Nothing is borne stocially. There is no powerful consequences. I don't care about Peter's personal angst.

There are no life-changing repercussions. Michael Rosenbaum, Stan Lee, David Hasselhoff, Ving Rhames, Michelle Yeoh, Miley Cyrus and Elizabeth Debick costar. This badly misfires. Adam Warlock is hinted at. Teen Groot is seen and he has an adversarial nature.

Best Lines:

“My heart is yours.”

“Which will be its loss.”

“Find a woman who is pathetic, like you.”

“Sarcastic voice.”

“Massive space battle.”

“Prepare for a really bad landing.”

“Their wrath will dissipate.”

“Concerned with staying alive until the next day, every day.”

“Where's the other half of our ship?”

“What is your goal here?”

“Shoot her if she does anything suspicious.”

“Trash panda.”

“An evil super-villain would learn how to properly lie.”

“Wrong kind of disreputable.”

“Let's just agree to never discuss this.”

“Profound and unceasing pain.”

“Make a stubborn person compliant.”

“Utterly and entirely alone.”

“Held an Infinity Stone in his hand without dying.”

“Kree battle slave.”

“Take care of the twig!”

“You shouldn't have killed my mom and squished my walkman!”

“I'm only half human.”

“Part god!”

“Stupid enough to let me live.”

“All that exists.”

“Fight a planet.”

“You stupid fox!”


“Old man without his magic stick or a talking woodland beast.”

“If he's a planet, how could he make a baby with your mother?”

You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Jaoquin Phoenix methods. No.

Only The Brave (2017)


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Book Review: Batwoman Volume 3 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

World's Finest

This was in 'The New 52' era and something called 5G is coming. WTF? There is fancy art. Batwoman dates Maggie Sawyer and children are missing and a skeleton smokes. Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane have issues. Batwoman and Wonder Woman team up. Kate and her dad Jacob once got on. Kate previously dated Sophie and Renee.

Kate did deals with shady ex-marines for equipment. Kate talks of the Crows and her training from hell. What made Beth crazy? Nobody ever noticed that Batwoman and Alice are identical twins? The DEO plot and Killer Croc becomes the Hydra and the duo fight Medusa. Catwoman and Nightwing are briefly seen. A monster shows up looking like Cthulhu. Kate's cousin changes up, there is death and a proposal. This was good.

Best Lines:

“So maybe that bit, at least, is true.”

“Made blood sacrifices to raise long-dead monsters...”

“It exists only to die.”

“Batwoman would be reluctantly impressed.”

“Just a headcase with a fetish for Greek mythology. It's not like Gotham hasn't seen that before.”

“Did Batman save Gotham from owls?”

“As if that completely insane choice could ever be the result of just one moment...”

“Web calm footage that no one will admit exists.”

“Becoming an insane asylum, filled with monsters, madmen, cults and killers.”

“You could watch me walk into death traps and fight psychopaths.”

“Wonders were born of their union.”

“Some things you can never fix.”

“The Greek Gods really exist and they ahve children who walk among us.”

“A tormented woman who cloaks herself in the colors of war and death? One of Batman's devoted soldiers?”

“This doens't bode well.”

“Get ourselves a mole inside Batman, Inc.”

“So many other terrible things.”

“My home town may be the nexus of all evil! Can't say I'm really all that suprised...”

“Do I have to smash this bitch in the teeth all by myself?”

“Delivered a warrant to Oswald Copplepot in his living room.”

“These nutcases who play dress-up.”

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The Durrells 4x06 Reviewed

Larry's back. Louisa shows no gestures of remorse. Leslie's stupid. The potentially harmful war lurks. This was implausible. One feels odium and indifference for Lousia – this hook up never happened in real life! Gerry has a python. Louisa does not find war gravely worrying. There are no escalating concerns. Leslie demands that Spiro shag his mother.

Leslie's downright stupid and unamusing. This was awful and implausible. Leslie's thuggishness bubbles just beneath the surface. Spiro's wife is unseen in this ep, she's still seen as the enemy. Spiro, Leslie and Louisa are all loathsome and uniformly ghastly. Nobody cares about Spiro's greviously harmed and abandoned wife.

Where are Spiro's children? Louisa denies marriage wrecking. Louisa and Spiro's affair would have provoked outrage in 1939 Corfu. Spiro deserves no profound admiration. Louisa's thick. Theo tells them to elave. The clan make good cheer. Gerry is told to shut down his zoo and the prevailing euphoria is dented. The clan have overwhelming and unquestioning support for Louisa's slutty acts. Nobody is apprehensive about war.

This was disappointing. Contentment is shortlived and this was ghastly business. The clan are ordered to give up their wireless and typewriter. There is mild peril and no narrative weight. The Hitler Youth couldn't eat ice cream in public apparently.

Margot boasts about losing it aka doing it in 1939. Gerry is a footnote in this show now as are the animals. Larry is a spy now? Would MI6 hire a sexual deviant like Larry? Oh yes they would. The zoo has no bedding or food. Flamingos are seen. Gerry lets birds, a turtle and a pelican go.

They're leaving on a special charted ship. They don't pack, there is no urgency. All Louisa cares about is Spiro's manrod. Why is this show all about Louisa? Various animals lurk. Louisa wants Spiro to abandon his wife, children and country and run off with her.

Margot's old love does a Colin Firth in a wet vest.Gerry hands out his animals (a torotise, a goat, birds) to a play audience. Manrods are ridden. They eat a meal in the sea. Larry stays on Corfu to spy – yeah right. It ends. Shouldn't Larry be married? What wolves raised Larry? This was tortorous to the soul. Spiro stays on Corfu.

Best Lines:

“Less stupid.”

“No time for meaning.”

“Made the audience weep openly.”

“Dim bloke routine.”

“We British are reluctant Europeans.”

“I want to make a dignified entrance!”

“Swap paradise for Bournemouth.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Pale Horse' 1x02 promo

Mmmm, doom laden.

'Charmed' 2x13 promo

WTF? They have a command centre?

Does my ex understand the effect his deceit had? Or his part in causing hurt and damage?

'Meet The Frasers' was crap.

'An American Murder Mystery' Quotes:

“Didn't show any upset whatsoever.”

“Don't see a sense of urgency at all.”

“Bella Vita.”

'An ID Murder Mystery' Quotes;

“They may shoot better.”

“I ain't telling on nobody.”

“Goes from icon to inmate.”

“Fall from grace is far from over.”

“Good part of his life.”

“Snitch witness.”

“Street loyalty.”

“Response is homicide.”

“All the hopes and dreams are destroyed in a horrifying way.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“One has to lose.”

“They look unemployed.”

'The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon' Quotes:

“The fencing crowd.”

“Not a nice area.”

“Shady person.”

“In case things go bad.”

“Major personality shift.”

“Get an unfavourable response.”

“One act that is deemed shameful.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Heroin and syringes were falling out of her underwear.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Positions are taken, and words are said that can have an effect for generations.”

“Righteously upset.”

“Kept them totally outside the decision-making process.”

“Gone un-scrutinised for years.”

“Now these patterns have risen to the surface and are causing schisms.”

“Patterns of secrecy and deceit.”

“Mountains, rivers, seas, natural borders, deserts and climate all play a role in determing the sucess of a nation and their realtions with the neighbouring states.”

“Without redemption,”

“Lived a lesser life than others.”

“Economic disadvantage (largely out of work), and a social disadvantage (frequently isolated).”


“Had to write what they wanted.”

“Trying to get their needs met by another, striving to win their co-operation.”

“Growing public anger.”

“Involves an abusive person gaining or maintaining influence over another person by subjecting them to psychological, physical, sexual or financial abuse.”

“Not too late to stop it and I urge you to do so.”

“Unpleasant epithets.”

“Interact inappropriately.”

“Don't do gratitude.”

“The fragility of civil peace.”

“Honesty and trust are part of the foundations that relationships thrive on.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Targeted heckling.”

“Unwavering loyalty.”

“Issues of concern.”

“New found aggression.”

'The 80s' Quote:

“Morals of the young.”

'Taggart: Out Of Bounds' Quotes:

“Considerate of the murderer to leave it for us.”

“European beetles.”

“Different calibre of boy.”

'Murphy Brown' Quote:

“The child Dan Quayle raked me over the coals for conceiving is now working at the Wolf Network!”

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Image result for new 52 batwoman
Image result for new 52 batwoman

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