February 7th, 2020


Book Review: The Possession

The Possession by Michael Rutger

This is an utterly inadequate sequel to 'The Anomaly'. This starts out well but with grim remorselessness turns into plotless, appalling, wholly implausible deranged nonsence. This unwittingly daft novel is full of shifting povs, exposition, dark purposes and wilfully delusional morons. The idea of there being a sequel to this sequel is a prospect I abhor.

There is no atmosphere of terror and the plot struggles to convince. This was diabolical and irrefutably bad. This does not mediate consideration. I didn't like this extremely annoying book at all. Credibility is long gone and this was a clossal failure. Characters are full of grandiose rhetoric and self pitying hyperbole and fevered mania.

This tale of mysterious walls is terribly calm, startlingly deranged and conspicuously bad. Odddly no mention is made of the world shattering discovery in book 1. This was vacuity and inanity. There is a hostile atmosphere in the town. Oh my god, how dreadful is this?

Best Lines:

“The script is only as good as your villain.”

“Desperate solutions.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Flesh and Blood' promo


'Homeland' promo

“Did what had to be done.”

'The Durrells ' 4x02 promo


'Birds Of Prey' tv spot


'Tyson Fury Gypsy King' promo


'The Durrells' 4x04 promo


'Westworld' season 3 promo

Oh go away.

'Meet The Frasers' promo


'Star Trek Picard' 1x04 promo


'Spiral' sneak peek

Chris Rock and Max Minghella and Samuel L Jackson star in this 'Saw' spinoff.

'The Lodge' trailer

Looks good. Isn't this out yet?

'The Durrells' 4x05 promo

“I can never forgive you!”

Dark chocolate Irish butter fudge – nasty.

Gluten free berry crumble – nice.

Cool Original Doritos – okay.

Milka Philadelphia – yum.

I've given up on 'Cobra'.

I skipped 'The White House Farm Murders' 1x03&1x04.

'Spinning Out' cancelled.

I'll review 'Into The Pit' and 'Batwoman (Rucka)'.

I want an 18ct white gold lemon quartz and diamond ring. I want a Blue Frances silk-twill hand-drawn scarf and a scarf-print chanel 19 flap bag. I want a morganite art deco ring and an 18ct gold and diamond ring.

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Absolute personal credibility.”

“Terribly mean.”


“Challening the belief that the news is relevant to us.”

“Deliberately fraudulent premise.”

“Lasting damage.”

“The reputation of a drama can be made or broken on social media in the pace of a few hours.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Right and normal way.”

“Dad threw me away.”

“Humanity has turned into uncultured swines.”

“Numb out my vibe.”

“Lie behaviours.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quote:


'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Mess we're forced to tolerate.”

“National inability to clean up our mess.”

'Australia On Fire: Climate Emergency' Quotes:

“Render extinct.”

“Without hesitation or concern for her safety.”

“Blackened landscape.”

“Nasty death”

“Habitat resources.”

“Ground is totally ash.”

“True scale of what's been lost.”

“Don't go into a room you can't get out of.”

“Too late to leave.”

“We weren't listened to.”

“Drought that feels without end.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Fever checks.”


'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Repressed this need in himself.”

“Wary of court battles,”

“Reputational damage.”

“Possible hurt and pain.”

“This conversation has not happened in 20 years.”

“Habit of avoidance.”

“Neither of you can pretend that it has not happened.”

“Cannot force someone to engage with you.”

“Is he a loser?

No, he is President of the United states.”

“Traumatic reaction.”

“Unresolved trauma.”

“Commands unquestioning loyalty.”

“My discourse wasn't even acknowledged, never mind given any understanding.”

“Impacted very negatively.”

“Four votes in the household but no-one seems to want them.”

“Peddle that consistent narrative. Few, if any, believe it.”

“Seemed to work out rather well.”

“Do something awful.”

“Returns from the Freudian depths.”

“Charcoal shadows of eternal doom.”

“Too ill-lit to generate much audience unease.”

“Prurient motivations.”

“(This is perfectly normal discourse on Love Island and apparently ntohing to be worried about.)”

“Becomes a quarantined plague pit when the pandemic hits.”

“Not prepared to tolerate the presence.”

“Borderline hostile.”

“Chaotic and fearful environment.”

“Unable to offer any resistance against an attack.”

“Intentional infliction of emotional harm.”

“Catastrophic income loss.”

“National salvation.”

“Tour disturbances.”

“Provocation and retraction.”

“Build-up of tension.”

“A man of the past.”

“Suspicious of our motives.”

“Provoke a spate of invective.”

“Unqualified condemnation.”

“Morally unacceptable.”

“Conflicting behaviour.”

“Grim phrase.”

“This is not a good situation.”

“Negative media coverage.”

“Fatigue management.”

“Sudden and dramatic deterioration in his behaviour.”

“Collapse in the government's satisfaction rating.”

“Erroneous exclusion.”

'Murphy Brown' Quote:

“You can't hide your wife's body parts in a hayloft and not expect barn cats to play with her femur.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Country things to do.”

'Inside No 9' Quote:

Did a rat crawl up your arse and die?!?”

Scary Books

Durrells 4x01&4x03&4x04+Deadwater Fell 1x04+ Deep Water 1x02+The Pharmacist (2020) 1x01-1x03+1 more

Louisa has had a penthouse built so she can run a guest house. But aren't they poor? Gerry is now almost taller than his mother. Leslie would have been shamed for what he did but he sin't. Gerry's voice has broken. He gets an owl and plans to build a zoo. Larry's into self gratification. This show is not an era defining success.

Leslie is useless and thick. Margo tries to be a beautician, she ran a B&B! Larry's sexist and reprehensible and given to trenchant opinions. Gerry is tragically uneducated. Larry predicts Gerry's future success. Nobody has ever filmed Larry's work.

Margot is a troublesource. There is a mention of nazis. A vile house guest bores. Nothing now stands in this show's favour. There are constricting family ties. Where's Leslie Caron? Larry's impenitent. This has no gritty urgency. Larry has malevolence. This failed miserably. Larry pours scorn and negativity. Leslie has grubby ineptness and there is a mention of fascists.

What are a guest's true intentions and values? There is weariness. Larry has an appetite for confrontation. There is no emotional impact. Leslie has no satisfaction and purpose in life. Larry's smirking. The locals in reality didn't like the Durrells very much. Larry eschews compassion. Where are the animals? Why are there no flies? The owl pukes. Louisa pines over Spiro. Oh FFS. Margot notes her exclusion. Larry moves out.

Best Lines:
“We are not foreign.”

“Builders have finally left.”

“Be careful what you say.”
“Who did your dreadful hair?”

“Don't read his books. He's become very smutty.”

“You're being peculair!”

“Wanted to hurt him badly!”

“It's the ruddy owl!”

“We authors aren't typists.”

“Usually have to pawn something to pay rent.”

“Reeks of contrivance.”

“Built my family a new lavatory!”

“Angry naked woman up there.”

“Like a lot of posh Brits.”

“It's tosh.”

“That is so bad.”

“I've not been included again have I?”

Missed 4x02. Louisa is a homewrecking whore as she plots to steal Spiro from his wife. Margot's in the UK?! How? Aren't they poor? Why? The damning message of this is that Louisa has a fixed belief that she deserves to steal Spiro from his family. They've been in Corfu since 1935? Spiro's legal and moral obligation to his wife is sneered at. Leslie is rancorous. Larry's moved to Paris and told no one.

This is about as good as it could be. A picnic has a hostile atmosphere as Louisa and Spiro rub their emotional affair in Spiro's wife's face. Spiro rejects his wife. This can't be unboring. Margo gets a job.

Best Lines:
“Quietly lonely.”

“The animal boy.”

“Don't try and make me look like the weird one.”

“Go to bed and wet it.”

“Exquisitely filthy novel.”

“Sorry you vomited over Leslie.”

“Running a brothel in Albania.”

“I wish they'd argue in English.”

“Express praise or interest.”

“Club them to death with their own fire tongs.”

Louisa laughs about her homewrecking. Lord I hate her. Margo's a governess! Louisa fails to take account of Spiro's wife's views or worries. She's triumphant in her man stealing. This was not disturbingly nostalgic. Louisa is ill-regarded by locals for her slutty ways. Gerry's covered in bronzer and has a love rival. Louisa rants about the supposed wrongs of Spiro's wife. Louisa is a sordid shame. Leslie and Lousia plot a calculated insult to Spiro's wife. Louisa flaunts her whore behaviour and she and Spiro and Leslie are horribly complict. Louisa's shunned. Where are the lemurs? It's 1939 and Albania is invaded. There is failed social participation.

Best Lines:
“Said we love.”

“Spells like a lunatic and thinks Africa is a country.”

“Air of decadence.”

“Stay up the whole night watching badgers.”

“Generally assumed with me.”

“Boo and point at us.”

“Decadent enemies of the decency.”

Deadwater Fell 1x04
Tom faces jail. Some people believe him. There is yelling. Tom planned to die in the fire? Tom claims he was abused by his father. This was so obviously based on the Chris Watts case. No one supected Tom for the genuine threat that he was. Tom tells people what he wants them to believe. There are improbable explanations. Tom gets a slap. Tom killed his family because Kate wanted a divorce. Tom's mother is scared of him and goes to the police. Tom used women for his own gratification and is convinced of his own superiority without any apparent justification. This was dull.

Deep Water 1x02
Someone is missing. I've no idea what is going on. I'm done. A woman whores herself. There is ranting. This bored.

Best Line:
“That black nylon thong?!?”

Justice For Danny
A true crime documentary about a dead son, malpractice, drugs, old footage and recordings and cops. A sign says 'use of foul language is prohibited while in this pharmacy'. A grevious crisis unfolds. A family had a 17 foot christmas tree and there is talk of a shadowy cabal of big pharma and crack and a troubled son who ended up dead. People are startlingly irresponsible and there is rancour and anxiety.

In 1999, a man's son was shot dead. This was catastrophic and irreversibly impacts his family. There were lots of recordings. Commerical interest doesn't always match public interest. People are visibly irritated as the son's father looks into his death. The New Orleans PD seems to be an unmitigated disaster. There is a twist and this was good.

Best Lines:
“A bigger mission here.”

“Amish people!”

“Kids, guns and drugs.”

“What price have they paid?”

A Mission From God
A  murder trial takes place. Addiction is discussed. Oxy is blamed. A doctor in a seedy area gives out pills. It's 2001 now. The doctor gives out massive perscriptions. People would wait anything from 12 hours to 2 days to see the doctor to get pills. The doctor paid for a printer repair in oxy. The FBI and DEA didn't listen to warnings. Or did they? The doctor only took cash. There is talk of an OD and the father rang the IRS. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Dope sick.”

“Dirty business.”

“Pill mill.”

“Sounded like a crazy person.”

Dope Dealers With White Lab Coats
Damning evidence and morbid cravings are discussed. There is no life-affirming reflection. Drug reps are discussed. There was negative contagion. There was a downright refusal by anyone to do anything. There are serious negative side-effects. There is an appalling situation and reckless doctors and chilling calculation and things are eternally shockingly fraught. This was not thrillingly dark or menacing.

Best Lines:
“Crazy things were happening.”

“Desperate state.”

Good Omens 1x04

Saturday Morning Funtime
There is Atlantis, cameos, aliens and Adam cannot act. Whaling ships are wiped out and Adam goes Great Beast. His friends whine and this was awful and maddeningly uninteresting and tension free.
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Movie Reviews: 6 Underground +Confessions Of A Killer+Heavens Above!+MyStepmotherIsAnAlien+ 1 more

6 Underground (2019)
Ryan Reynolds stars in this inept Michael Bay movie. A man fakes his death and leads a vigilante mob against a baddie. I have no idea what is going on or why. One lacks motivation to care. This was joyful in its dumbness. There are societal problems and this causes a lack of commitment. People make bad choices. Idiots are at serious risk.

There is no moral courage. There is a credibility gap. There is no social or moral justification for this. There are terrible decisions and causal brutality and unhinged vigilantes run ludicrously riot. There is no horrifying resonance, no cartoon violence or brilliant black comedy. There are weird social activities, farcical characters go ballistic, the gang are not comically squabbling, there are fanatical idiots and this was not an absurdist upending of normality. This was blase po faced dumbness.

There is no camaraderie or adventure – Reynolds has a compulsion to create a new order and seeks the fall of a baddie. This was an absurd caricature. It causes mounting frustration and was inadequate. The baddie has power and intimidation. There is no serious risk just a brutal and malicious tool. There is naked disbelief at how bad this is. There is bad acting and crazy situations.

Best Lines:
“She's bleeding.”
“I'm aware.”

“Half wit.”

“Nothing like the batcave.”

“Being naked, getting drunk, casual stuff.”

“Showing he cares.”

“Universal condemnation.”

“Such a fuss.”

“Inspire fear.”

“Show my enemies what's in store for them.”

“Help people in bad situations.”

“Knock you out in front of my mother.”

“I never liked you.”

“Not coming back for you.”

“No impact on anything.”

Chris Watt: Confessions Of A Killer (2020)
This true crime tv movie was dull. It's all about the murderer and his ho. He was particularly malign and the murdered wife and children become forgotten.

Best Line:
“She thought he was going to let go.”

Heavens Above! (1963)
Joan Hickson features in this inept 'comedy' about a vicar in a posh village. Peter Sellars stars and expresses views that others do not approve of. This inevitably leads to unrest. He has ideological commitment. This was profoundly sad and unnecessary.

Best Lines:
“Go and feed your donkey.”

“That family?”

“Sodom of a place!”

My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988)
Jon Lovitz, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger star in this dated tale of an alien come to Earth. There are dated VFX, sexism and Dad minimises his annoying daughter's feelings. This was not awe inspiring and the alien pretends to be a man's subservient companion. People don't notice a UFO on a beach. The alien failed to reconniter. The alien is pegged as trouble. This was not feted or warmly critically received. This was sap.

Best Lines:
“Haven't figured out Stonehenge.”

“He goes off to to fight the Turks and you put on a lock!”

The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (1988)
Robert Altman directed this play adptation. It stars many future names. This tv movie was good. Queeg rants on the stand. Eric Bogosian, Jeff Daniels, Peter Gallagher and Kevin J. O'Connor star.

Best Lines:
“Storm doctine.”

“Old yellow stain.”

“Narration of human conduct.”

“Captain was a maniac.”

“Insane gestures.”

“Psychotic collapse.”
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