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Colony 3x01&3x02 + Line Of Duty 6x07 + Batwoman 2x03 + Galactica 1980 1x04 Reviewed 🌧☔🌦😎🌞☀🕶🌤


I can't recall what happened in season 2 only that all the promise of season 1 was flushed away. Will's grim with scrupulous seriousness. This has wearying blandness as it tries for melancholic pessimism. Will's grown a beard and they're in full on survivalist mode living in a cabin in the woods. They consider hiding under a tarp shelter.

They've a backup cabin. They don't seem overly concerned about LA or the wider resistance. They've set Vietcong style traps in the woods. There is a number station babbled about. Discussion is deflected. The aliens did deliberate subversion. An alien ship crashes. There are serious and urgent issues. The sons are comically intransigent.

This tries for a deeply unsettingly effect but it is decidely insipid and unappealing generic. Snyder is an arrogant horrible man. A ski resort is seen. The alien are staunch and unyiedling. The useless Katie takes an angry offensive. This has no enduring hold and does not resonate. The Factory was to build space based weapons? It's 6 months since the end of season 2. The aliens have enemies.

The brutally managed occupation goes on. This is a conflict society. One's grown tired of angry assertions. This is not a nuanced exploration. The aliens are unstoppable. The idiot family keep an alien weapon on the mantlepiece. They plan dissent and challenge.

Change is worth considering. There are contradictory ideas and people are implacably opposed to the aliens – they just don't want to do anything about it. These are extremely contested times. This was not thriving or interesting. There is deadness and this is not imaginative.

They try to navigate their family and cirumstances to the best of their abilities. The frustrating Snyder is not to be trusted. Grim scenes unfold. There is no desperation. Snyder's slighted and is a pot-stirrer. This was starchy and ineffectual. People are self-righteous. There are no supremely ethical types. An alien is seen – so that's what they look like under the suits?

Best Lines:

“Less talking, more walking.”

“Search and destroy mode.”

“Useless seems like an unnecessarily hurtful choice of words.”

“Crossed the survey line!”

“Rules that you made up to win.”

“Mountain sojourn.”

“Bored off his ass.”

“Something bigger's going on.”

“The same logic the Japanese used when they sided with the nazis. As I remember it didn't exactly work out well for them.”

“That world's gone.”

“Landing zone.”

Puzzle Man

The resistance and the 'government' are irksomely grandiose with breathless pomposity and talk about things that need to be taken seriously by serious people. This is spiralling nonsense that is not tumultuous. Snyder has maniacal dedication and mournfulness. Ally Walker and Germans lurk. The Factory has been destroyed with no survivors – so much for all the interesting plots. One assumes Maddie and her idiot son were killed. The political types have to support the aliens war effort. This is the gravest emergency.

Broussard walks around an empty LA as tumbleweeds blow. He tapes together shredded documents. There is growing distress and idiot choices are imperilling. This was aggressively apathetic. A bimbo and a boy are seen. There is haranguing, grievances and the aliens have had a profound impact. There is a lack of regard. The idiots board a train. There is indifference and perfidious types. There are long simmering tensions and no relevance.

Snyder has a child. There is grimness and death, offscreen. There is talk of a bioweapon. Haunting questions remain. Peyton List shows up.

Best Lines:

“Said we had years to prepare.”

“Who's out there making cereal?”

“Accept whatever consequences might come.”

“Advance strikes, we must assume that their main fleet is on the way.”

“Used to be 3 of us.”

“60 seconds to board.”

“The fight here is over.”

“People getting herded onto freight trains never ends badly.”

Line Of Duty 6x07

The notoriously complex show comes to a conclusion. Nothing joy inducing happens. I detest Steve. Kate and Steve plot. Steve is irrationally annoying as he is called on his drug addiction. Why is Kate trusting Jo? Why is Kate back at work after transfering out and being ARRESTED? Why did the OCG keep bloodstained murder weapons covered in fingerprints? Leverage? James Nesbitt won't be in this, he was just a photo cameo. Who forged Kate's signature? Why are people giving Jo a pass? Why didn't they search for the misspellings before? H is unmasked and he's a nobody – not a Bond baddie. Oh FFS. Kate needs a slap, she is so stupid. This was unwatchable. Adrian Dunbar does ACTINGS and AC-12 is de-fanged.

Best Lines:

“Made me fear him.”

“Crap suits, dad cars.”

“Fail upwards.”

“Blundering fool.”

“What does this make us look like?!?”

"Sinister enterprises."

Bat Girl Magic!

There's a new drug in Gotham. Jacob doesn't know the pass-word for Kate's phone. Jacob is baffled and unnerved with all this pesky complexity. Sophie and Alice are on an island. Ryan whines. Mary and Luke annoy and grate. There is bad acting. I miss Kate. TPTB take nasty shots at season 1, Kate and the wig. This show is lacking something. Kate's alive? There is a Jack Napier mention.

Best Lines:

“I know you want me to be a bad person but I'm not.”

“Killing lackeys. Sounds tedious.”

“What purpose does she serve?”


The Super Scouts
Multiple children from the rag tag fleet run around on Earth and they somehow have super-powers on Earth. There is a new Dr Zee, he is a worse actor than the 1st one. The younglings of the rag tag fugitive fleet are sent to blend in on Earth. There is exposition and Barry Van Dyke showing zero acting talent. The rag tag fugitive fleet has a schooling ship. Dillon claims the Cylons haven't attacked in a generation. The Cylons show up. The acting is bad, really bad. This leaves you apathetic and it is not absorbing. One feels contempt for this. No wonder this struggled to attract the attention of viewers back in 1980. Troy tells Dillon to exchange cubits for money. Cubits are made of gold but wouldn't it be a different type due to being from a different planet? Troy and Dillon who are colonial warriors can't figure out a door or cross the street. Troy is hit on by a biddy old enough to be his mother and Dillon accidently robs a bank. Dillon is called a kid. The military look for the 'aliens'. Troy and Dillon have no concept of change. Where did they put all the camping gear? There are prolonged scenes ripping off 'CHIPS'. Jamie shows up. Wasn't she supposed to stay with the fleet? Jamie knows history and medicine. The children get sick. A nurse and Jamie are annoying.

Best Line:
"Medicines we cannot offer."

"Trigger the final war."

"Earth's ancestors were our ancestors."

"Rough it with nature!"

"Forget about being subtle!"

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