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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Mitchells V The Machines' trailer

A Furbie attacks.

Best Lines:

“Haven't figured me out yet.”

“Robot apocalypse.”

“Why would someone build that?”

'Prodigal Son' 2x11 promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x10 promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x09 promo

I'm sick of him.

'Vigil' promo

Murder on a sub. Yes.

'Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies'

Cherry cola – okay.

Chevre log – yum.
Cantonel Roquefort unpast - yum.

Who saw 'A Prayer For The Dying'?

My ex promised a life of peace and gentleness. My ex has not shown remorse or insight. He's fairly worthless. My ex doesn't acknowledge me – I'm totally disregarded. I'm under-appreciated. I've long nursed hurt feelings.

Saw vegan pate – ick.

I'd try honeyed Basque cheesecake and fried elderflower blossoms.

What's wild garlic emulsion or confit garlic?

Foot scenting is a thing?

'Great Continental Railyway Journeys' Quotes:

“Beggers and smells and bad hotels.”

“Corrupt public morals.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Ties continue to be cut.”

“Made their anger known.”

“Promised so much.”

“All too serious consequences.”

'Three Days That Shook Football' Quotes:

“I don't like it one bit.”

“The emotions it provoked.”

“What it might become.”

“Potential ramifications.”

“Strange ironical thing.”

“Fall back down the other way.”

“Grew ever more enormous.”

“Very few knew of the impending storm.”

“Actually going to be happening.”

“Have more fans.”

“Challenge to the whole order.”

“American type closed system.”

“Franchise model.”

“Persistent self-interest.”

“Fan reps.”

“Fans having voting rights.”

“Little watched digital channel in Spain.”

“Preposterous arrogance.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Most famous duck on social media.”

“Different way of living.”

“Just how bad it is.”

“Car crash insanity.”

“Reassuradely boring.”


“Tone poem.”

“Rich seams of human kindness.”

“Harsh beauty.”

“Look like a hard hitting Ken Loach documentary.”

“Preposterous tosh.”

“That was fishing?”

Bizarre inability.”

“Toe curling.”

“On the ale.”

“Plot contrivances.”

“Terrible theme pubs where drunken Americans sing along to The Pogues while loudly reminiscing about a country they claim to love but have never actually visited.”

“Running, punching, shooting, stabbing.”

“Trudges drearily.”

“Zero emotional engagement.”

“Fantastical nightmare.”

"Going to be good man.”

“Who are these unstoppbale warriors?”

“Worst family of all time.”

“Let the Dark Harvest begin!”

“Comic tension.”

“6 laugh tests.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Ran hard but did not run well.”

“Didn't know what fear was.”

“On him like stink on skunk.”

“I wasn't afraid of anything. I didn't know I needed to be.”

'Los Angeles Times' Quotes:

“Dark moment.”

“A legacy seldom forgotten.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Be treated like a pariah.”

“Once-in-a-generation effort.”

“Always telling him what he “should” be doing – sometimes in the press.”

“Historians and future generations.”

“Inevitability of the closure.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“I love you scary daddy.”

“Museum of generational wealth.”

“Pocket alcohol.”

“Last minute man plans.”

“Hanging with the Yankee Candle crowd.”

“Sneered at her enemy.”

“Scheme away.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quote:

“Do the leaving of the house?!?”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Mythic characters.”

“Bookless household.”

“Battle for every sentence I wrote.”

“Stoking the ire on social media.”

“Horrible things happen.”

“Operatic darkness.”

“He likes brooms.”

“Peril and threat.”

“Fan and critical dismay.”

"Enjoyed with caution.”

“Miserable private life.”

“Serious moral questions.”

“One of the meek who do not inherit the Earth.”

“Unsparing plays.”

“Moral doubt.”

“Believes in the rightness of his cause.”

“Disconcerting behavioural traits.”

“Fatal disadvantage.”

“Totemic status.”

“Intellectual agility.”

“Zombie Elvis.”

“There's a real chance this could be terrible.”

“A man unworthy of her.”

“Prey to countless indignities.”

“Lived through some of the most serious events in Roman history.”

“Of sternly conservative opinions,”

“Great battles, the rise and fall of political factions, all are experienced as dimly heard rumours.”

“Never ceased to love her, esteem her, stay true to her.”

“Ostentatious simplicity.”

“Granted privileges beyond the dreams of many.”

“Whispered and widely believed.”

“Murderous and malign.”

“Give him sage advice.”

“Brutal and precarious.”

“Granted the name by which posterity would remember him;”

“Ominious air.”

“Ceded control.”

“Lonely neediness.”

“Absurd turns real.”

“He seems uninterested.”

“Arouses curiosity and expectation.”

“Baffling and irritating experience.”

“Narky personality.”

“Unusually downbeat.”

“Deeply ancient.”

“Unforgettably appalling.”

“Limitations impsed on them by circumstances.”

“Name of repute.”

“Seizing a conquered enemy's most prized cultural artefacts.”

“Gaze of servitude.”


“Condemned to go nowhere.”

“Restless, remorseless days.”

“Terrifying absurdity.”

“Prophetic resonances,”

“Always been criticised.”

“Abide by these notions.”

“Ungrateful, cantankerous and insufficiently interested.”

“Flawed macho ideal.”

“Menacing racing style.”

“Continuing anger.”

“Doom-laden tales.”

“Some guy in a FedEx truck carrying a chunk of lung from a human being who had recently died of a deadly airborne disease.”

“As old as hippies and hobos.”

“New biological threat had crept up on humanity.

“This is Tom Clancy sh*t.”

“Ignorance and inertia.”

“British kebab awards.”

“Wistful references.”

“Seen so many bad outcomes.”

“I miss it to this day.”

"Compromised male pride.”

“Urgency of the situation in which they had found themselves.”

“Bleak testimony.”


“Sense of impending doom.”

“Apocalyptic chaos.”

“A woman he'd met in a cigar bar.”

“Horribly cliquey place.”

“Couldn't be accused of overachieving.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quotes:

“Extremely volatile.”

“Threaten her own family members with severe harm and or death.”

“She's beyond help?”

“Met her tragic end.”

“A lot of violent acts.”

“Main source of conflict.”

“Danger to the family.”

“Years of family turmoil.”

'True Life Crime UK' Quote:

“Spooky barn.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Ideology-free zone.”

“Might acutally entertain and amuse.”

“Growing resentment.”

“A detriment was suffered.”

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