December 16th, 2019

Kylo Ren

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'The Grudge' trailer


'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' clip

Kylo Ren was manipulated by Palpatine?

'Playing With Fire' tv spot


Maple salt fudge – yum.

Drunken duck cherry & Amaretro pate – tastes like liverwurst.

Spanish cheese with rosemary – dry.

Mexican salad – okay.

I want a ring with gentle hues of rose gold and morganite. I also want elegant fire diamond bands and diamond bands with a twist and entwined rings. I want a red silk bag and I want Romeo & Juliet fairest stars earrings. I want Sandro Grande earrings, emerald earrings and Milieu du Siecle earrings.

What is neo-mint?


I'd try a cider roast turkey and fried custard.

Who read 'The Selfish Giant'?

I saw 'Son Of Sam: The Hunt For A Killer' – okay.

Best Lines:

“The unwanted result.”

“Having dogs talk to me and being controlled by demons.”

Who saw 'Disco Pigs', 'Layer Cake' or 'The Nanny'?

There is watermelon tea and turkey bread?

My ex was not willing to do the work of love, he's non-committal. His attention was fleeting.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Not going to get snatched in a parking lot.”

“Friends with heroin addicts.”

'The Toys That Made Us: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Quotes:

“Bad guy has plot.”

“Played by the same actor.”

“Tommy merchindise is very popular.”

“Huge power sword action.”


“American fans hated this.”

“Paid the lights for quite a time.”

“Build the brand back.”

“Legacy line.”

“Option clause.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Domestic accountability.”

“Ill-advised to risk the credibility it has achieved.”

“Historical ignorance.”

“Time travel, space vampires, apperances from satan himself-”

“Snidely mocking its characters.”

“A world of sour, grim-dark reboots,”

“Ghastly thought.”

“Inspired a lot of loyalty.”

“The days when state funds were her own fortune to purchase giraffes, jewels and blocks of Manhatten according to whim.”

“The entire population of a coastal island was evacuated – 254 families – so that the Marcos family could import zebras and other African hoofstock for their own private safari.”

“Not much liked at the time.”

“Maybe fire is science, not witchcraft.”

“The terrorist has been idenified in the toilet.”

“Have said he would burn down the house before giving it up or agreeing to the bank selling it.”

“In which a single family control the fortunes of a whole people, like Saudi Arabia or Kerry.”

“Either contribute to their own road safety or not.”

“Longing for memories of another time, memories that don't yet exist, and now won't ever exist.”

“Missing a time, an era.”

“What may not exist any longer...”

“Longing for something that was once yours.”

“Longing for someone or something that you know you can never experience again.”

“Much of what people believe is wrong.”


“Their lies weren't so obvious at the time.”

“We learn to read emotions from emotionally transparent television programmes such as Friends, and consequently end up suspecting people of lies purely because they do not act like people do on television.”

“Personal interactions gone awry.”

“Trusting instincts.”

“They set off on a quest to find whatever it is people look for on quests.”

“Accidently setting fire to a bus,”

“Wasn't nice things that went on there.”

“Woke up feeling safe.”

The men they are fleeing.”

“Lot of people saw the abuse and never helped me,”

“Crying for help. But nobody helped.”

“Diplomatic allegiance.”

“Symbols of the enemy.”

“Bad incidents.”

“Nothing belonged to him culturally.”

“Wasn't exactly inundated with offers from colleges.”

“Run out of the country.”

“Things started to turn bad. The very elderly audience were, literally, dying off.”

“No effort had been made to attract them by engaging with the local community.”

“Starring elderly actors from British films of the 1930s and 1940s.”


“Final, irrevocable end.”

“Poor buildings, huge car dependency.”

“Ignoring the law and the science.”


“Bleak vista.”

“Protective shield of adoration.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Victim of a campaign of attacks.”

“Repelled voters.”

“Monster Raving Loony.”

“Election victory of this scale.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“For the first time in living memory.”

“Incontinent mess of unbelievable promises.”

“Massive rejection of this.”

'The Twilight Zone' Quote:

“All sunk so deep in the bedrock not even a nova could touch them.”

'Marvel's Spider-Man' Quote;

“Go play hero, you're not wanted here.”

'Amish Mafia' Quotes:

“Barn fights.”

“Not welcome around here.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Filled with good intentions.”

“Feels increasingly ignored and invisible.”

“Loading and unloading of the dishwasher,”

“Deeply unrewarding quest.”

“Foodstuff of parody.”

“If a boy in my class had told me that, I'd have assumed he had learning difficulties.”

“Violently contradictory.”

“Get rid of a lot of people they don't want.”

“Sex on demand,”

“Making other people's lives unpleasant,”

“Easily shocked.”

“Bitter acrimony.”

“Morally sanctimonious.”

“Determined misery.”

“Failed to endear himself.”

“Committing crimes against the aesthetic sensibilities.”

“Doesn't seem to know what would make for interesting conversation.”

“Narrative violation.”

“Hiding behind a bush with a bottle of vodka.”

“Forgives people for flaws that perhaps ought not be forgiven.”

“Creates havoc.”

“Deliberate antagonising.”

“Vengeance is total.”

“No power of sanction.”

“Dive urgency.”

“Wonder at this notion of enjoyment.”

“Allegedly noble causes.”

“Fight to the last.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Manifesting of issues.”

“External reasoning.”

“14 years and 3 leaders.”

“Any culprit for this defeat that isn't them.”

On 'Hollyoaks': James and Liam are a couple now?!? Mercedes gloats over having put Sylver in jai for something he didn't do. Diane shags her father in law. Sid gets a home.


Star Trek Voyager 4x02 + Ten Days In The Valley 1x08 + The Name Of The Rose 1x08 Reviewed 🔥🔥🔥

The Gift

This was reams of tedium. Janeway tells people what to do, think, feel, believe and be. This was dreariness. This was boring. Kes gets superpowers and leaves. Janeway lacks gravitas and warmth. 7 of 9 wants to phone home. Janeway is a control freak loon. Kes moves the ship beyond Borg space. 7 of 9 wears a skintight silver catsuit for no good reason.

Day 8: Against Type

Bitches whine. The mother wrecked her life. The suspect in the case keeps changing. People shadily look around. Lake's found. Yeah and?

The Name Of The Rose 1x08

There is over-acting and this was devoid of morality, conscience, intelligence and creativity. Adso and his boss nearly let a woman die. The Abbot whines and there is a fire. This bored.

Best Line:

“Too many calamities have afflicted this place.”

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The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series XI, part 2 + Maynard's House + Batwoman Vol 1 Reviewed 🦇🦇

Karl Edward Wagner Presents The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series XI, part 2

Come, Follow

A faux Victorian MR James knockoff. This was in rag order.

A Smell Of Cherries

This tale of vampire ghosts (?) is deliberately ridiclious.

Best Lines:

“Hot loads.”

“Went at each other with chairs, nails, teeth. We found one guy dismembowled with a protractor.”

A Posthumous Bequest

This does not spark unease.

Best Line:

“Might betoken.”


I think I've read this before. A man thinks conspiratorial thoughts and faces a gnawing source of worry that blows his life apart. This has zero value.

Best Line:

“You're standing there screaming some very strange things at your old friend.”

The Executor

MR James would have found this dated.

Mrs. Halfbooger's Basement

Breaking into a house goes badly in grimly inevitable fashion.

Rouse Him Not

By Manly Wade Wellman – I think 'Tales From The Darkside' adapted this. A mysterious circle is looked into. Something is found. This was good.

Best Line:

Magic doings-”

Spare The Child

Fostering a child goes badly in this vaguely racist story.

The New Rays

This was not masterfully cultivated horror.


This is an unendurable tale of a hood.

The Depths

By Ramsey Campbell. A writer goes nuts or something. This causes negative feeling.

Pumpkin Head

By Al Sarrantonio. This is nothing to do with the horror franchise. I think I've read this before. This was silly.

Maynard's House by Herman Raucher

In this 1981 novel, a Vietnam vet (but of course) inherits an evil house (well that's original) in the 1970s. The plot barely coheres, a sex crime is laughed off and every single decision is the wrong decision in this mendacious nonsence which is worse than useless.

Best Lines:

“I never read anything.”

“Well, ya should.”

The Many Arms Of Death

I know nothing about this character or comic. Kate Kane has her own secret ID as Batwoman. She has her own Pennyworth and a batcycle. Where does she get all her cool toys? A mysterious island played a part in Kate's backstory. I've no idea what is going on.

Everyone knows her secret ID. Kate's been reported on. What did she do? What the reign of the bat? In the future, Bruce is dead, Jason lost an eye and Gotham went fascist under Tim Drake. This was okay. Where is Dick Grayson?

Best Lines:

“You're running again. Making a mess for the rest of us to clean up, to pay for. Can't you change?!”

“If Bruce could see what the symbol meant now...”

“That this is where his vision for the future led him.”

“Tim Drake will pay for what he's done to this city.”

Pretty Smart

Movie Reviews: Black Christmas (2019) + Logan + The Thing (2011)❄🏔🌨☃❄⛄🌨☃⛷🏔🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊

Black Christmas (2019)

This 2nd reboot of the 1970s original is unsubtle, a total abomination, terrible and hopelessly unsatisfactory. I hope the cast go home to spend quality time with their paycheques and never act again.

Logan (2017)

This finale to the 'X-Men' franchise bar 'Dark Phoenix' leaves you oddly uninterested. It is 2029 and mutants are almost extinct. Laura, a child, has powers identical to Logan. Caliban lurks and X-Men comics exist. The mutant extinction was engineered. Deeply unpleasant people lurk. Why not kill Professor X? He's dangerous and his brain is classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

This was not madly enticing. Richard E Grant looks bored playing the baddie. This franchise is rendered pointless seeing as Professor X killed all the X-Men. This was relentlessly grim and people live miserable lives. Auto trucks are driven, exposition is spewed and people die. There is mumbling and this was not terrible and merely okay.

Best Lines:

“Folding your underpants.”

“Statue of Liberty was a long time ago, a long time.”

“They're gone now.”

The Thing (2011)

This prequel/reboot stars a homewrecker, it is 1982 and this was grossly inadequate. An alien spaceship is found. People enjoy conflict. The git from 'NCIS: LA' co-stars. This was calamitous. The ship in the ice has been there 100,000 years. The plot is goofy and this was manic and madcap. This lacks the nihilistic cynicism of the originals.

This is a bit uncannily compelling despite being naff. There is no depth or naturalistic dialogue. This is an increasingly unhopeful world. Violence is provoked and division sowed. There are bitter standoffs. People are staggeringly dysfunctional and error ridden and sloppy.

There is no original long term thinking. Sense does not prevail. Fillings from someone's teeth are found on the floor. There is obvious CGI. There is gross disregard for sense. There is an obvious trap. There is a flamethrower and things get fractious. Why does a research station have grenades? There is no cold pragmatic approach. They make the same mistakes over and over again.

Things are crudely put. People run around the ship. This just ends. The dog runs. This was okay. There was a flamethrower standoff. Why aren't they dying of cold? Or of lack of oxygen due to the fire? There was death. What became of the 'heroine'?

Best Lines:

“Several cold weather digs.”

“His team have found something.”

“What I'm being asked to dig up.”

“Storm moving in, a nasty one.”

“If this was in his arm, what's it doing out of him now?”

“These cells aren't dead.”

“Can't let any of them go.”

“That's no dog.”

“It could be murder.”

“It could be survival.”

“The enemy is outside.”

“It's got nowhere to go.”

“Yes it does.”

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Harley Quinn's Villain Of The Year Reviewed

Killer Croc and Enchantress date. Harley Quinn does an awards show. Is the piano player Chandell? Lex Luthor has undergone a change. This was excellent and very meta.

Best Lines:

“Pity awards.”

“It's nice to go out for once and not kill anybody.”

“I'm pretty sure everyone you just killed was loved by somebody.”

“Shut up.”

“At least I know whose hand is up my ass!”

“This is why we never go out anymore...”

“So do it, then! Do it, you coward! I dare ya!”

“One-note villains and emotionally crippled psychopaths.”

“I would like to thank the man who made me what I am today......But unfortunately I killed him.”

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