November 11th, 2019

Scary Books

Movie Review: The 'Burbs (1989) 🏠🏡🏚🏘🏠🏡🏚🏘

A group of bored surbanites become obsessed with the mysterious new neighbours. Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman and Bruce Dern star. There is a mention of the terrible 1970s movie 'The Sentinel'. There is weird behaviour and Ray (Hanks) becomes convinced his new neighbours are cannibal satan worshipping serial killers. Things get wild and funny until the letdown ending when Ray turns out to have been right all along.

Best Lines:

“They mowed their lawn. They had a lawn to mow.”

“He trains his dog to crap in my yard.”

“They're daring each other to ring the doorbell!

“Never seen anybody drive their garbage down to the street and then bang the hell out of it with a stick.”

“The three of us going through their garbage at 11 o'clock at night in the middle of a rainstorm?”

“You had that in your trousers all day?”

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Pretty Smart

Harleen Book Two Reviewed 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

This has exceptional brilliance. We get a flashforward (?) of Harley Quinn. Harvey Dent becomes Two Face. Cops turn into vigilantes. Robin is seen, but which Robin is he? There is pessimism, uncertainty, obfuscation and prevarication. The Joker does a relentless litany of pernicious manipulation. The Joker has a notorious reputation and is truly terrible. Things are difficult and fraught. There is callous behaviour and things get profoundly disturbing. The Joker does intentional, wilful and repeated cold manipulation.

Penguin is seen. Dr Quinzel is damaged by the high stakes, high inensity relationship. Dent cracks up and his name is ruined. Did the writer mock the telling of Joker's origin story? Harley crosses a line. Joker is dragging Harley into the abyss with him. She never questions his motives.

Best Lines:

“Those people you meet and think, wouldn't things be so much better if they were dead? Those people whose very presence turns things sour.”

“They imagine savage things.”

“Later in life, in dark times, my mind would go back to this conversation.”

“This is Gotham, after all, and here things have a way of escalating.”

“Served, protected and bled for this city.”

“The last psychiatrist to do research here was Jonathan Crane and...well let's just say that didn't end well.”

“Not my first murderer ranting behind glass.”

“The man dresses as a bat and fights crime. I don't think he's overly interested in being psychoanalyzed is what I'm saying.”

“Easy to give up on.”

“Two of them failed and wrote books about it anyway!”

“What fascinating mental issues you have.”

“Harley...Quinn. Heh...I like that...”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Magic Pad' ad


'The Devil Next Door' promo


'Le Mans '66' tv spot


'Jack Ryan' promo


'American Horror Story' 9x09 promo


'Crisis On Infinite Earths' promo


Garlic stuffed olives – yum.

The poor koala bears.

I'd try chocolate sorbet.

'Scream 5' is in development?!?

'Mary Kay LeTourneau: Autiobiography' – FFS!

I thought my ex would say sorry, the realisation that that wasn't going to happen materilised slowly. He remains entirely unmoved by my pain. His studided indifference hurts. My joyless ex has no affection for me. My relationship was fine, until it wasn't. 💩💩💩💩

What's infrasound?

Who Saw 'Fall From Grace' (1990) or 'The Fat Pavilions' or 'Simply Irresistible' or 'A Year With The Queen' or 'Becoming Jane' or 'Ronin'?

'Terrifer' was crap.

'Save The Last Dance For Me' Quotes:

“Take off your pants and put this on!”

“My whole life has been for you!”


“Reached for a sip of lukewarm coffee and then discovered Hogan had used the container as an ashtray for his cigar.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Politically fraught past,”

“Comments and tone were not well received.”

“Collection of riot souvenirs.”

“Ranting about treachery.”

“Earned him an almost mythical status.”

“Protection refusal.”

“Planned lotting.”

“Utterly central to the public life of the country.”

“Stop spending money at the current rate.”

“Not scrambling to help and discern no public mood to do so.”

“No advocates in government.”

“Whipping boy for everything that goes wrong.”

“Cities stand on the ruins of older parts of the city,”

“Contradicts what they wish to believe.”

“An past pupil once asked if the bathrooms still smelled of vomit. Thankfully they did not, although maybe they just used stronger bleach.”

“Early supporters became enemies.”

“Not to be shaken from his task.”

“A different narrative could find its way into the culture.”

“Reader of no books without his name in the title,”

“Built like a portaloo.”

“The goys all laugh – you'd be afraid not to-”

“A nation united by its common cultural heritage rather than by common territorial boundaries.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Made gestures toward the accused.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Gave up on her.”

“I hate her as well.”

“I did not mean to hit John with the hammer.”

“Lethality screen.”

“Control most of your daily activities.”

“Call the police on a plate of cookies.”

“Death trap of a sewing room.”

'Marvel's Spider-Man' quotes:

“Let go of him you weirdo!”

“My first copter rescue.”

'Scandal Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“I never loved you.”

“Tough boarding school in California for at risk kids.”

“My future died.”

“Rents every helicopter on the island.”

“Throws chairs at a guard.”

“Not hanging out with the best of people.”

“I know who you are. Doesn't everyone?”

“Just go and be with her!”

“Doesn't want or need me.”

“Gone ghetto on him.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“Beastly to you.”

“You're not part of my life.”

“I'm not doing nothing of the sort.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“Spot the weirdos!”

“Have you on a community order!”

“No leg mounting.”

'Soundtracks: Sounds That Defined History' Quote:

“Chainsaws came out.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Social laziness.”

“Being dropped is vile and mentally disturbing.”

“Meaningful community.”

“Make things up for attention.”

“Lose the sympathy.”

“System turns on her.”

“Beyond which it will not recover.”

“Potentially devastating consequences.”

“How much long can they hold out?”

“No one talks about feelings. Ever.”

“Air of life taking place elsewhere;”


“Gained a dark reputation.”

“Live by their idea of morality.”

“Poems seem too preoccupied with being poetry.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Friend of people I would not wish to associate with.”

'Escape To The Chateau' Quote:

“Personal pit of misery.”

218637. sy475 11548

Kylo Ren

White Collar 4x12&4x13 + The Magicians 4x01-4x04 Reviewed 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

Brass Tacks

There is exposition. Senator Pratt is bad. There is a broken key and increasingly troubling goings on. What is the Liz-bot's job? Titus Welliver and Reed Diamond guest star. There is an unshakeable icy resolve to take on Pratt and wrongful blame. This was not a profound achievement. Mozzie and Neal are self-satisfied. Neal has performative pain. This was pathetically wanting and you don't care enough.

The Liz-bot whines and orders Neal to lie. Peter and Neal are intractably divided. There are unpleasant emotions. There is a resolute refusal to accept what is increasingly inevitable. There are catastrophic risks. Someone is fired. The key is a map. Peter plots. Neal is sickeningly multi-talented.

Best Lines:

“An earlier generation.”

“With a father like his, kid never stood a chance.”

“Go all big brother on him.”

“Never had a hot shave?”

“Decades of cover ups.”


“Weird and annoying.”

“Fall short of greatness.”

“Try hard.”

“You don't need to apologise.”

“I wasn't.”

“This can't be good.”

“Pratt can't get away with this.”

Empire City

There's a damning list of theft, forgery, fraud and lying by Neal. This was disastrous. Will Peter stop plotting against Neal?!? I'm less than impressed. The Liz-bot lies. Things are unacceptably unclear. This was seriously flawed. There is taxi fraud. One needs patience and fortitude to get through this terrible ep.

There is no emotional depth or nuance. There is a corrupt TLC guy. Peter is finally asked why he doesn't arrest Mozzie. Peter is a thoughtless cretin. Peter openly repudiates sense and does hostile rhetoric. This ep was terminally weak and badly wrong and congenitally incapable. Neal knows music.

Mozzie is wildly ridiculed. This was creatively anaemic. The Liz-bot bores. There is no engaged community of viewers. There is disgruntlement and inefficiencies. A club has cigar girls. Neal cracks a safe with a vinyl record? I'm confused. You feel disengaged. There is singing and one used the fast forward button. There is no unity or concord. Peter spies and uses ill chosen words.

Best Lines:

“History smells like an old ashtray.”

“Better not hear you laughing.”

“Looks and sounds authentic to the 60s.”

“Class it up.”

A Flock Of Lost Birds

Characters have new identities, the library rations magic because they are controlling fascists and Alice is locked up. Ember bugs and Santa Claus is also locked up. Quentin is tormented by his possessed friend/former lover. Margot is tossed into Fillory. This was good but isn't Marina dead?

Best Lines:

“Great ill is afoot.”

“Dedicated closet for wigs and fetish underwear.”

“Sad little man we are calling Brian.”

Lost, Found, Fu**ed

The Monster does creepy montoning. Marina annoys. This was comically horrendous. Quentin is abused by the Monster. There are malevolent intentions. Julia can't die. This was without any kind of coherent point.

Best Lines:

“Wallow in self loathing without embarrassment.”

“All forms of intimacy horrify me.”

The Bad News Bear

There is the awfulness of human interaction. Go away Marina! Another Penny? Cards are played. Quentin's dad is dead? This was awfulness.

Best Lines:

“Not a helpful person.”

“Raise an army of the dead level magic.”

“Not store brand.”

Marry, F**k, Kill

Quentin smokes, Julia needs to go away and have they graduated now? The pervert author shows up again. This bored. Julia is a bitch. The new identity plot has been dropped, people yell about werewolves and all the promise of 4x01 has been flushed.

Best Line:
"Why so you can wolf hump me to death?"

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