October 28th, 2019


Movie Review: Westwood: Punk – Icon – Activist (2019) 👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗

This boring documentary is about 'punk rock provacateur' Vivienne Westwood. She lived no gentle life and seems like an unforgiving raging narcissist. This was a complete failure. This was confounding and full of deranged ideas. This was not soul plundering and is a grim descent into self obsession. This was irritating and not soulfully earnest. This was very dumb.

This was stale and redundant and horrendous. Westwood has shrieking tizzies. This was poor and bad. This was a floundering clunker that was vastly tedious, directionless and unentertaining. People laughed at her clothes the first time out. Her clothes were squalid. This was a terrible failure and not charmingly weird. Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson speak and we see Naomi Campbell's famous fall.

Best Lines:

“Intellectually bored.”

“Mr big bollocks.”

“Invited on the show to be a joke.”

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To Light The Way To Bed

Dceased Issue 5 + Unearth Issue 4 Reviewed 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Dceased Issue 5

How can Wonder Woman fly? Superman still bullies Lex. How does Lex have a super suit? How can Wonder Woman breathe in space? Lex Luthor is treated as hot trash. Sanctuaries are needed for survivors. Damian wanders around in a tiny Batman suit. He says Batman is dead, but does not mention Dick or Tim, jerk.

Lex Luthor plans arks. Lois is a bully. Things go awry. There is death and Martian Manhunter. Who is the guy with the flame on his head? Superman does something dumb. Time for the urn. Things get even more dog rough. False certainties lead to trouble. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“I crossed an ocean of stars and somehow I found you. Thank you for chossing me.”

“Paraside Island was paraside no more.”

“How awesome is the death wall?”

“Losing two home worlds in one lifetime...how careless.”

Unearth Issue 4

I missed issue 3. There's body horror, nudity, a monster and vague nods to the cthulhu mythos. The continuing uncertainty and underlying threat and dripping meance bore. Story doesn't feel like a priority. This was lavishly terrible.

Best Line:

“We're not in a cave.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The King' trailer


Best Lines:

“King has no friends, only followers.”

“My father's enemies, not mine.”

'The Flash' promo


'American Horror Story' 9x07 promo


'The Good Liar' tv spot


'Dracula' promo

This BBC show looks BAD.

'Supergirl' 5x05 promo


'Batwoman' 1x05 promo


Honey boiled sweets – okay.

Gluten free chocolat mini muffins – nice.

Maison aller – not memorable.

Chips de socca – bland.

My ex was a very disappointing man. He has no time for me. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

I'd try a French dipped sandwich.

I want a linen skirt and a slipdress.

'Capturing The Freidmans' (2003) was a gross excuse making exercise for creeps. The mother was abused by her vile husband and sons.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Deliberately lose fans.”

“Introducing a new service that nobody wants to use.”

“Once it was made it was difficult to reverse.”

“Disappears into the distance without trace or any possibility of being identified.”

“Massively overlooked.”

“Could trust for support and respect.”

“Violent hatred.”

“The last place he could hope to find sanctuary.”

“Global menace.”

“Living in a castle near Howth with my own panic room.”

“The only drunk person in the city.”

“A dread of unions.”

“Their suffering is not acknowledged.”

“Apps are inexorably eating into the services you grew up with.”

“Traditional social and family structures are fragmented by economic necessity;”

“Colleagues, neighbours and even relatives turning against him.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Very dangerous men.”

“Don't act like you care now!”

“Safer doing what they want.”

“Pass the common sense test.”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quote:

“When mom and I talk about you. Which we often do.”

'RT' Quote:

“Predordained conclusion.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Actions are entirely governed by tradition and duty.”

“He seems cruel and mad.”

“Make a ghastly fuss.”

“His right to have affairs.”

“Ceaseless quest for status and attention.”

“Dominance structure.”

“Lives without love.”

“Ignored and unwanted.”

“Obsessively angry.”

“Emotional cost.”

“Country idyll.”

“Alarming warming.”

“Regular beatings.”

“Biblical cruelty.”

“Unable to accept the choices.”

“Felt like an intruder in my own life.”

“Emotional toil.”

“Never, ever have power over us?”

“Social unrest.”

“Their species has essentially no future beyond that which we deign to allow,”

“Utmost secrecy.”

“Wrestled into submission.”

“Widely adored.”

“Proven loser.”

“May enjoy being relevant again.”

“Spate of mysterious deaths.”

“Seen as not worth anything.”

“Comprehensively judged.”


“Unlived life.”

“I'm having that.”

“God looks, stubble and copious hair gel.”

“Concocted fake feuds.”

“Moral aspirations.”

“So marginal a figure.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Proof points.”

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Scary Books

White Collar 3x10-3x14+Name Of The Rose 1x03+Covert Affairs 5x15&5x16+Into The Badlands 2x07-2x10


Mozzie and Neal have issues. There is exposition. Mozzie fenced a Degas that is on the u-boat manifest. Peter and his mentor (Beau Bridges) sneer. The art crimes unit sneers. Mozzie and Neal are pathologically unable to be sensible. Peter ignores Neal's unpaid labour and unrecognised goodwill. Peter's creepy obession with Neal is creepy. This is not socially engaged.

Neal never talks about prison. Peter has moral satisfaction and does humiliation rituals on Neal. Peter conveys the degree of power and access he has over Neal. There is no dramatic tension and Peter is an irrational realist with zealous intensity. Neal is the subject of profound suspicion and lingering resentment.

Neal has persistent unwillingness to reform. This show is an absurdist riff. There is a stupid FBI agent. Things like subtext and deeper levels of meaning do not apply to this. There is no existential psychology. People waffle empathically, eruditely and hilariously – or so they think. There is no meditative reflection. This was not distressingly plausible. Neal fakes a Degas overnight in his vest. Peter smugs.

Neal sneaks. There is dismissiveness and dissatisfaction. Neal's reassurances are unconvincing. Neal basejumps off a building. This sort of causes you to be attentive and engaged. Peter is incapable of non-confrontational conversations. Wouldn't the paint on the faked Degas still be wet? Neal has audacity and ambition. Elizabeth is kidnapped.

Best Lines:

“Than the gauzy ballerinas he's famous for.”

“Our Degas?”

“As much as it ever was.”

“Gotham city's finest cop and robber.”

“They usually are.”

“Could you pick somewhere more public?”

“That shirt is a choice.”

“Noble hot dog vendor.”

“He's always good for that.”

“Doesn't consider you as much of a partner as you think.”


Peter attacks Neal and threatens him. The treasure is gone. Peter is a crazy person. You can cancel emails? Peter's fanatical Neal obession is creepy. Peter does intimidation and control of Neal. As for Neal he has to prevent Peter from getting angry with him. Elizabeth is useless. From the outset season 3 has been less than capable.

Peter's ill treatment of Neal annoys. A master/slave mentality is inherent in it. This ep is ineffectual and shockingly poor. Peter is increasingly desperate and wants Neal's silent compliance. This was unconvincing. Peter plans retribution. There are no anxiety or fears. Peter's relentless pursuit of Neal bores. This was decidely downbeat and turbulent.

There is discontentment with inevitability chaotic consequences. This ep causes unresponsive apathy. This can be disregarded. Neal's 'punished' to ensure compliance. There is rancour, division and confrontation. Neal gets beat up. I don't care about Peter or his dumb bitch Stepford wife. Neal gets away with it. The u-boat treasure was pillaged from Russia. Neal could be a free man.

Best Lines:

“Random misfortune.”

“Anyone in this room you haven't tried to kill?”

“You. Yet.”

“Don't move.”

“Where would I go?”

“Not a Raphael! You wouldn't!”

Upper West Side Story

There is exposition and a scholarship fund is looted. Peter wants Neal's servility. Neal is a dropout with pathological demand avoidance. Neal is mistaken for a teacher. His confining CI situation of Peter's making goes on. Neal tries to be lovebale. The school teaches falconry. Dylan Baker of 'The Americans' guest stars. Neal's a troublemaker and he reads Byron, badly.

Peter wants Neal's submission and likes to promise humilation and threats. Neal wants Peter to appreciate him. Peter has ideas of what he wants Neal to be and how he wants Neal to act. Neal needs a favour. You get the feeling Peter wants to give it to Neal every night. Peter wants to force Neal to behave. There is no pardon for Neal this time, Peter couldn't forgive Neal this time.

Peter's animus bores. His blaming and shouting leaves you fundamentally indifferent. Neal's disresputable. This was not an intellectual or artistic production. Neal was smugly complicit in increasingly negative activity. Swatches are synchronised. Peter goes on about liking leggy smart burnettes, oh not funny. Idiot kids bore. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“I'm sorry.”

“You should be.”

“Makes them think you're listening.”

“The kid from those vampire movies.”

“You can come out Mozzie.”

“You have no proof I'm here!”

“Wouldn't buy lasting goodwill.”

“Hair gel, I've heard great things.”

Neighborhood Watch

Elizabeth spies on the neighbours. Elizabeth looks puffy, ease up on the fillers woman! Elizabeth is sure new neighbours are dirtbag scumbags. People have the IQ of shubbery. Peter has a conformity agenda. Why is Elizabeth walking around her house in hooker heels? Neal the wannabe Raffles preens.

Neal and Peter ascribe motives to others. This was disastrous. The enormity of this ep's stupidity annoys. There is ignorance and arrogance.

Best Lines:

“Too many bikini waxes for a married woman.”

“Show him how the Bureau does threats.”

“Rubbing at a strip club joke.”

“Amalgamation of Danica Patrick and 'The Man From UNCLE.”

“Buffer car.”

“That's not a federal agent that's that nutjob who was going through our trash!”

Pulling Strings

Mozzie is a fanatical loser. Neal looks into a violin with the useless bimbo Sara. Why is Sara's skirt split up to her lady grotto? Tom Skerritt and Beau Bridges guest star. There's a Bill Cobsy joke. There is no decent future for this show. Kramer bothers Neal. Peter has a visit from the in laws. This was trite.

Best Line:

“Creepy ass eyes.”

The Name Of The Rose 1x03



This show is losing it. There is incoherence and a prison break.

Gold Groundz

Arthur gets an offer. Nothing has worked out for Annie. She is bitter, broken and brutally alone. Even worse she and Auggie hook up again. Or do they? Everyone is conniving and manipulative. The show ends with no wrapup.

Black Heart, White Mountain/Sting Of The Scorpion's Tale/Nightingale Sings No More/Wolf's Breath, Dragonfire

This was vacuous, repetitive, inane and infantile. This was dire. What passes for normalacy in this weird world. This was crapy. Nick Frost infests this season. A message is sent. This was awful, awful with wearying predictability.

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