October 24th, 2019

Sergio Balleseros

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

‘Daybreak’ promo
WTF is this?

‘Harpoon’ clip
Try hard.

‘Antlers’ trailer

‘Hallmark Channel Christmas’ SNL skit
James Franco.

I feel disillusionment.

Rewatched ‘Z Nation’ 1x01: there was a plane stuck in a building, Simon’s co-workers left him behind and there was a ‘Walking Dead’ shoutout. Poor Camp Blue Sky was over-run. How did Addy have henna in the post-apoc? Is someone mowing the grass? Doc made pink ice? Was that meth? This show is desaturated. Addy took photos of the post-apoc world.

Sad to say after 5 seasons, this show ended without a conclusion. How was a zombie driving a bus? 10k was on the roof all along?
Dead star walking 2 fought zombies with a hammer. Michael from ‘Lost’ got eaten by a zombie Tiny Tears doll. Where do they get all their ammo? This show was good.

Best Lines:
“We might be back someday.”

“For what government?”

“Down and dead.”

“Give mercy.”


“ZM1 virus.”

“God’s mercy.”

“Go get eaten by a baby!”

‘Escape To The Chateau’ Quote:
“Stuck in a Mexican standoff with a Polish couple.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Out of the public’s mind.”

“Reflect on his own role in the saga.”

“Could hardly have come closer to defeat.”

“Heritable component.”

“Got no show of gratitude.”

“In such fear of him they regularly barricaded themselves into locked rooms of their homes.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Distractive questions.”

‘G.I Joe’ Quote:
“He was about to launch into a speech about heroism and resilience and I just...I wasn’t in the mood.”

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Quote:
“Peeing into mason jars.”
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Scary Books

Movie Review: Secret Obsession (2019)

He’s there to take care of her - one way or another. A man asserts ownership of a woman with amnesia; he has people totally deceived and claims she is his wife. She is betrayed by the very person she thought she could trust. He’s not her husband; he killed her husband and parents, has her captive in a remote mcmansion and wants gratitude.

She’s in fear of her life in a time of heightened tensions. This is not an emotional telling. There is a lack of care or urgency. This was okay. Her worthless fake husband makes her uneasy. How did health insurance work? People are moribund and contribute nothing of relevance. It is farcical how obviously evil her fake husband is. The woman has amnesia and went home with her fake husband for lack of a better place to go.

A cop with attitude searches for the truth. The fake husband is an existential threat. She is an absolute necessity to him. There is no moral or rational weight. She’s trapped in a mcmansion amid credulity and incompetence and grievance and cynicism. The crazy stalker meances her. Dennis Haysbert is wasted as the cop.
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Book Review: Collateral Damage

Star Trek The Next Generation: Collateral Damage by David Mack
The ‘Star Trek’ novel -verse as it exists now will be rendered non-canon by the upcoming ‘Star Trek: Picard’ show. This possible last novel in the now current novel-verse is not profound in form nor is it the epitome of literary accomplishment. Picard is put on trial for his part in a conspiracy/coup. He has white man’s tears and gets away with it all.

Crusher has no personality or plot or thoughts of her own. Very very old ‘TNG’ eps are strip-mined for plot points: The Husnock, Okona and Nausicaans. Various people in this make no responsible or positive cultural identity. Picard makes strategic choices but gets away with it due to people excusing scandal and internal divisions.

Old faces like Lavelle and Naomi Wildman show up. Quantum comms are a thing. Taurik and Vorik are twins. A baddie has furious rage and ferociousness. Picard’s plot has no morality or moral significance. A baddie spews a tirade of abuse. The novel-verse would be better without this. The ‘cool guy’ Okona is the subject of endemic and tangible and overt hostility even as Mack devotes chapters to his sexist adventuring.

Women are made out to be either hysterical or wallflowers. Mack acts as though Picard’s comeuppance (he will never be an Admiral, that‘s all) is profoundly undeserved; despite damning evidence. Picard is the subject of relentless platitudes and enforced positivity.
I deeply resented how Picard got away with everything and was lickarsed and called a hero. Yet Bashir was driven out and left catatonic in the vicious conclusion of his plotline. Why does Picard get so much unquestioning loyalty and obedience? Picard gets away with it because he is well known and had some respect in the UFP. Recall how everyone turned their backs on Bashir and yet Picard on trial provokes an outraged response due to social worship of him. FFS.

Mack tries to fortify Picard’s integrity. No. He’s not a steadfast character, nor is he morally elevated. This is probably the last ‘TNG reboot’ novel due to the upcoming ‘Star Trek: Picard’. @@. Picard’s won public respect. Bashir got callous indifference and TPTB shrank his life. Good thing the novel-verse is ending its current form, it wasn’t going anywhere good.

This was a grandiose convolution that was inevitably appalling. Crusher is incurious. TPTB were bafflingly cold to Bashir yet Picard escapes serious censure and still tries to claim moral leadership. The novel-verse and the end of the Borg, the downing of Section 31, Bashir’s miserable end, the destruction of DS9 and it’s rebuilding and the neglected Typhoon Pact, Picard and Crusher’s wedding and their crotch goblin will all be wiped out by ‘Star Trek: Picard’ which will render the novels non-canon. What a waste. But maybe not.

Best Lines:
“A catastrophe they unleashed on the galaxy.”

“Our monuments were vaporized, as every trace of our history, our culture, our literature, our music, our heritage was disintegrated.”

“Never ask for anything. Not for help, or favors, or mercy. What we want, we take. What we have, we keep.”

“A planet and a people left in ruins,”

“What precisely did you think would happen as a consequence of that discussion, captain?”

“You and I define ‘good character’ very differently.”

“You knew there was something wrong about what you’d done. If there hadn’t been, you wouldn’t have been so careful never to speak of it in your logs.”

“How readily and profoundly you and crew benefited.”

“Collective neglect and denial of an entire world’s destruction.”

“The calamity it brought down upon.”

“Use it?”
“Without hesitation or pity.”
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Unnatural Selection 1x02 + The Blacklist 6x21 + White Collar 3x08 Reviewed

The First To Try
There is a roller rink and a disabled man whose words you cannot understand. People need very expensive treatments. It is pointed out that Jonas Salk didn’t patent the polio vaccine. Biohackers are narcissistic egomaniacal morons. There are mentions of Iran and bio hackers act in shifty fashion. This was meh,

Anna McMahon
Nathan Darrow guest starred as the AAG plots against the POTUS or something. This show long stopped being good. A family had unwitting possession of a flash drive. Red and his tics bore. Liz is his loyal enforcer. Some bitch is aggrieved. There is no formidable intellect. Red never has an unexpressed thought. Liz ditched Agnes but now wants her back.

Wasn’t Ressler a drug addict? Liz thinks her dead mommy was evil. TPTB need to end this lunacy. Nobody makes the right decisions. The POTUS is evil and TPTB are unsubtle as to who inspired him. Red does a drive by. There are coercion measures and no universal enthusiasm for this. Red boasts about blackmailing the POTUS.

Unfounded conjecture is spewed. People minimise the seriousness of what goeth on. Red is retributive. Red has unquestioning support. Nobody is emotionally candid. There is a degree of cruelty. Liz is completely unafraid. Red is universally feared. This show is in a profoundly sorry state. McMahon is pronounced wrong. The plot is overly complicated. Ressler is useless. The task force are arrested and framed.

Best Lines:
So much for underwhelming.”


“Involved in a plot to assassinate himself.”

“Go out as a martyr.”

As You Were
Sara is onto Neal. Peter’s creepy obsession with Neal is creepy. Jones bores. This was boring and full of bad acting. Neal runs around in Navy dress whites looking like a stripper.

Best Line:
“Guilty people do guilty things.”