October 4th, 2019

Illya K

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'Evil' 1x02 promo

Is that Luke Cage?

'The Accident' promo


'Cool Runnings' (1993) trailer


'Patient Zero' promo

Rabies, Matt Smith, Stanley Tucci.

'Richard Jewell' trailer

Jon Hamm and a snotty reporter frame a fat loner for a bombing he prevented.

'American Horror Story' 9x04 promo


'The Dead Center' clip

“No one is doing that.”

'Eli' trailer


'Wounds' trailer

Armie Hammer goes nuts.

'For All Mankind' trailer

Pear – nice.

Who saw 'Only The Lonely'?

A whale in the Liffey!”

I want to try red wine and garlic sausages and Ardsallagh Phantom cheese and pumpkin maple pie.

I want a wool blend polo-neck sweater and leather knee-high boots and rose gold slingbacks and a black notch-collar coat.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Murder rap.”

“Dressing like a demonic clown.”

“Big girl jail.”

“Seriously lacking in talent.”

“Dream crusher.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Or didn't happen 20 years ago.”

“Search for relevance.”

“Ill-timed, ill-judged mistake.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Never had no problem.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Turtle hospital.”

'England's Forgotten Queen' Quotes:

“Locked her own supporters inside the Tower with her.”

“Proving popular.”

“Talking of abandoning her.”

“Succession crisis.”

“Come into her birthright.”

“Questioning their loyalty.”

“Trouble coming.”

“I am just one man.”

“What had to follow.”

“Fought his way to the top.”

“Depends on how you define innocent.”

“Dead carcass of her husband.”

“No concern for the consequences.”

“Violently disapproves.”

“Date the wood it was painted on.”

“Caused her people unease.”

“Violent and terrible bloodletting.”

“Pitfalls of history.”

“Historical fraud.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Funded a bunker-building boom.”

“Impossible social ideals.”

“Mediocrity is unthinkable.”

“Unwelcome, unworthy, or inadequate.”


“Immediately can be interpreted as a threat.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A philospher is a blind man in a dark room at midnight looking for a black cat that isn't there. A theologian finds the cat.”

“Opened it to western thought.”

“In a version of Gotham that makes no effort to be anything other than contenporaneous New York.”

“Laddish young builder.”

“Can recall the forbidden booklearning from before the Dumbening.”

“A lack of public respect.”

“Widely popular.”

“Eternally doom.”

“Rejected it in the most brutal manner.”

“Obstructionist and intransigent.”

“Deeply unhelpful.”

“Vicious circle of decline.”

“A yew dating back to the Tudor period.”

“In defiance of warnings.”

“The consequences of living with no running water in lavatories is depicted with graphic unpleasantness."

“Even going as far to insult Tim's beloved cat for no good reason.”

“I wouldn't put it past Madeley to be in a feud with a cat.”

“Have it sold forcibly.”

“Philosophical approach was to be unforgiving and go for people.”

“Undo the lies.”

“Doctrinaire rigidities.”

“Presence and culture reduced to ash.”

“Succesfully conspiring.”

“The culture and practices that have weakened traditional family stuctures are cornerstone achievements of the liberal agenda that will never be reversed voluntarily.”

“Invited the world to infer why.”

“Terrorise them into loyalty.”

'Mercy' Quotes:

“Sleazing on the street.”

“His wardrope looked as if it had been confiscated from a Cuban pimp whose cousin fenced Mexican-made knockoffs of Italian ready-to-wear.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“You want to find Tony? Pick up a shovel. Go for a walk in the woods.”

'Victoria Derbyshire' Quote:

“Turned out not to exist.”

Scary Books

American Horror Story Apocalypse 8x08&8x09 + New Amsterdam 1x02 + Krypton 2x02 Reviewed 🦑🦑


Michael has a crisis of faith and rejects redemption. Harriet Sansom Harris and Sandra Bernhard guest star. Nobody fully comprehends the consequences their actions may have. Cordelia can't de-escalate the situation. Michael arrives at what was always his inevitable destination.

There is no emergency planning. 2 idiot tech CEOs with bad hair will bring about WW3. There is recklessness and people suffer adverse consequences. Nobody is brave or noble. The antichrist is an ideologue. One feels bored hatred for this. Nobody is doing anything to prevent humanity's coming destruction. This does not generate tension or intensify.

There is no significant disorder. There is no profound interest. There is cheap set design and many grim aspects. There is no guile. The antichrist diligently annnoys, he's manifesty evil. The antichrist is wilful. This is unsatisfactory. Where are the warlocks in training? People have astonishing ignorance.

Best Lines:

“Show up like a herpes sore!”

“All sinners choir.”

“Before that whole thing.”

“True son of the most foul.”

“I am HR bitch.”

“Light rock is soothing.”

“Think harder!”

Fire And Reign

The antichrist has dissolute thoughts and is a dangerous war monger and has a very hostile attiude. The unscrupulous moron CEOs show their unholier sides and have unwarranted privilege. This was not darkly absurd.

The antichrist is a harbinger of death. The CEOs plan WW3. There is a grim profusion of fateful decisions and lethal purpose. The CEOs are perpetually angry. There are blatant injustices take a serious toll. There is hatred and mistrust. The CEOs spew macho crap that they probably picked up form beer commericals.

Mallory bores. People are unhampered by scruples. Nobody has zeal for the public welfate. People speak against the antichrist. People are false and erroneous. There is no enduring fascination. The voodoo queen does stuff. This was unbelievably banal. This is not an unending nightmare. The antichrist is universally reviled.

Complete societal breakdown is coming. The antichrist kills witches. The final dissolution of humanity will begin. The voodoo queen becomes a talk show host. The antichrist has no ideological clamour and is not a cataclysmic theologian. He makes inescapable choices and has worrying patterns of behaviour.

This was not unbearably poignant. The CEOs play the antichrist via his cyborg. He has no imperious authority and is calamitous. There is universal dislike for the antichrist. The antichrist is not a man whose words you listen to. There is no sinister intent.

Things are about to alter irrevocably. The antichrist does no assertion of power. Cordelia has shocking complacency. There is no credible threat or intriguing mysteries. There is no urgent concern or destructive rhetoric. There is shady behaviour and no absolute conviction. This was maddeingly vague.

The CEOs go on about M.A.D. There are murmurs of discontent. The antichrist does not cause alienated disquiet, there are self-congratulatory character cliches. All the antichrist wants to do is outlive many of enemies. How did Madison and Coco survive? Things are ruined completely. The antichrist does appalling treatment of others.

Cordelia blubbers. The point of this season is troublingly elusive as hostilities escalate. Time travel is done. There are no profound consequnces. Mallory visits 1918. There is no relentless achievement. This was fundamentally wrong and across the board excellence is not mandatory. This was deemed useless. This is an onerous mantle.

The antichrist killed all the boy warlocks. People live counterfeit lives. This is not rather ominious. Cordelia is not indomitable. Tensions are not ratcheted up. The future bunker woman is isolated and exaggeratedly shrewish.

Best Lines:

“Satan might want to get a paternity test!”

“Operating out of the back of a van!”

“All end in death.”

“Defy her fate.”

“Ponder the impact of her actions.”

“What coven?”

“True power lies in not flaunting theirs.”

“Only the worthy will gain admission.”

“Outpost construction.”

“This sounds like the plot of 'The Omen 3'.”


The social worker takes action about an over-medicated child. This was a monumental misjudgment. There is negative fury and this was plain stupid. There is self-pitying petulance. The school wants to bar the child for not taking the pills. The doctor's bitch wife bitches.

Ghost In The Fire

Lobo pays Seg-El and Adam unsavoury intent. This lacks spectacle. Showkiller Lobo rants. Lyta bullies. Lobo is so 90s. This was bland. I don't care about Lobo or his violent offending. The show is in relentless decline. One is horribly unenthusiastic.

Best Lines:

“Even in death he still manages to disappoint.”

“House of Zod builds killers.”


Movie Review: In The Tall Grass (2019) 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

I haven't read the story yet. Patrick Wilson stars. People make catastrophic errors by wandering into evil grass. There is bad acting and people hear cries for help in the tall grass. They end up in dire situation. Nobody honks the car horn. There is immeasurable harm done. There is no serious distress and grass causes rancour.

This was vexatious and full of glaring inconsistencies and dead things and egregiously bad child acting. There is no enormity of horror. There is a rock and one feels viscerally opposed to keeping on watching this dreck. This was not even vaguely credible.

The pregant girl's redneck looking babydaddy goes looking for her. This leaves you listless and despondent. Don't step into the grass! There is no sociological thesis in this film. One can't belittle this enough. There is no unyielding trajectory of homicidal mania.

This was derivative and infuriating. This has many shortcomings. The baby daddy is an oaf. Lovecraftian things happen. Patrick Wilson has a porntache and hates his wife, kid and dog. All of them are doomed. Poor dog. This was not performance driven. This was a sorry mess.

People go violently feral in the tall grass. This was not gloriously daring. They've all gone mad. Wilson audibly schemes. Discontent is sowed. This film is very good at alienating people. This was artificialities.

Best Lines:

“Lost in a field.”

“The rock teaches you to hear the tall glass.”

“If you don't pay attention they go away.”

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Harleen Book One Reviewed 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

A comic that retells the origin of Harley Quinn. Dr Harleen Quinzel who thinks she has the cure for madness encounters the seedy loser Joker. Shocking despair sees her on the way to becoming legendary super villain Harley Quinn.

The beautifully drawn comic is narrated by Harley Quinn who looks back on her origin story with regret. Dr Quinzel thinks she can make the Joker better. She thinks she can help criminals with empathy issues.

The Joker is young and 'good looking', he and Batman have a bloody brawl. This Batman has no Robin. People enjoy watching Batman pound on Joker. Lucius Fox, Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange show up. Bruce Wayne pays for Arkham's security and repairs. Harleen's future shadows her. She has family far away.

Zsaz, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Killer Croc and Mad Hatter cameo. Interviews with the Joker are stored on videotape? Harvey Dent rants about Arkham's escape rate, he's not Two Face yet. This was excellent and tragic. Joker's underarm hair is green. Harleen is about to fall.

Best Lines:

“I assure you, mine is not one such story.”

“Wasn't love at first sight, mind you.”

“Death has passed me...”

“There were nightmares in there...”

“My life would have been...different.”

“Mr Wayne has a personal history with crime in this city.”

“What happend to them?”

“Your escape happened.”

“As you scribble notes on the desecrated corpses of felled trees!?”

“He remained silent and still for so long that I thought the video was broken.”

“I've witnessed depths of inhumanity that would make honest people of Gotham never leave their homes again.”

“Self-aggrandizing ideologies.”

“I prefer the lies, illusions, a bit of makeup and a whole lot of theatricality.”

“The breakout rate there is so high the bloody place might as well have revolving doors installed!”

“All of our bigs words and moralizing and yet within five months we would both become murderers...”

“As he's got a tendency to start sh*t.”

“Monster stories? I'm interested in those.”

“This is fine. I can control this situation. It was neither the first nor the last time I was wrong about that.”

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