September 23rd, 2019

Sergio Balleseros

Pandemica Issue 1 Reviewed

A bio weapon is unleashed by unknown people for unknown reason. As suspicious plague deaths rise, drama is stirred up. It's obvious who the POTUS is but his name is never uttered. The art is ugly. This was unsettling; full of ill opinion and malice. Things are going to go badly with the plague if the flashforward at the end is any indication. There's a storm on the horizon, manipulation by sinister figures, nasty angry baddies, motiveless complications and a stark ideological divide. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Should be made to wear signs warning people of what they are.”

“Never seen anything spread this fast.”

“Infection moving outward from a Patient Zero.”

“This isn't some deranged person with a chemisty set.”

“Deliberate and nefarious.”

“Someone is out there selling genocide.”

“Piss on your witness.”

“Within forty minutes of the accident. At night. In the rain.”

“Fourteen different unexplained epidemics.”

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Movie Reviews: Schizo+ Juggernaut+ Kill The Messenger+ Bone Tomahawk+ Howl+ Dream House 🖊⚔

Schizo (1976)

Lynne Frederick stars in this terrible 70s 'horror'. This is not a deeply psychological insight. There are 70s perms and clothes and this was not textured work. This was not well conceived and not thought provoking.

Juggernaut (1974)

Richard Harris and Omar Sharif star in this inane action film that isn't even marginally good. This is full of trite banalities.

Kill The Messenger (2014)

Jeremy Renner stars in this true story of doomed reporter Gary Webb who broke a massive story and who had his career and life ruined as a result. Ray Liotta, Oliver Platt, Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia, Richard Schiff, Robert Patrick and Dan Futterman star in this tale of the war on drugs.

Gary Webb is a crusading reporter and learns of a government/narco connection. He has a moral purpose and haunting ferocious unflinching righteous wrath. Gary is deliberately provoking as he uncovers an unconscionable wrong. Things are darkly implied. There is a web of complicity. Gary's wet blanket nagging wife sighs as corrosive social consequences rain down on Gary. There are unanswered terrifying quesitons about the story and Gary's eventual death.

This is mesmerising and full of down beat imagery. Did the governement perpetrate acts? Gary questions the intent of those in power. When he broke the story Gary was well respected but vigorous detractors ruin his career and reputation. Gary's stand against lies sees him rise to prominence as he reveals unwelcome truths with unflinching honesty.

Oliver North, cocaine, crack, the CIA and the Contras are all involved. There are indisputable facts and Gary has indignation and is worryingly intent on the truth. The conspiracy he uncovers causes one to be sufficently intrigued. The public are deliberately misled about Gary's ethics and sources and writing. Did someone determine that Gary would have no future? There are major implications.

Gary gets warnings to drop the story that become commands and later threats. Gary Webb's story was online in 1996 despite him working for a tiny newspaper: the San Jose Mercury News. The story explodes. Clinton is POTUS. Webb is declared journlist of the year. Old actual news footage is seen. Gary heads to ruination as collegues and coworkers turn on him instead of investigating his story.

He is sent to a new workplace. How did he get his motorbike there? He stews in rage. Liotta has a cameo and is a one scene wonder as a CIA source. Gary is disgraced and discredited so he punches glass and screams. This was excellent. Gary has an imagine spot and makes a speech. His story is ignored. In 1998 the CIA more or less admitted he was right, but that was ignored due to the Lewinsky scandal. In 2004, Gary Webb died of an alleged suicide. What happened to him was horrible.

Best Lines:

“Ran out of inches.”

“That's amazing parenting.”

“You hang out with some insanely bad people.”

“He looks friendly.”

“Allged crack dealer.”

“National Security and crack cocaine in the same sentence. Does that not sound strange to you?”

“Raining coke.”

“Not in jail for eternity.”

“Too true to tell.”

“Reckless, often wrong.”

“Looking at me like I'm crazy!”

“Can't undo it.”

“You stand accused.”

“He's a fraud so is his story.”

“There has never been a conspiracy in this country.”

“Fight some evil empire.”

“Made nice with radicals.”

“Mattered in a scary way.”

“People knew it.”

“Owed an explanation.”

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox star in this terrible cannibal western.

Best Line:

“It's ominious.”

Howl (2015)

This UK horror sees idiots on a train meanced by werewolves. This has cheap set design, Sean Pertwee as the dead star walking, bad acting and laughably bad makeup that looks sub par 'Jackanory'.

Dream House (2011)

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz star as a couple who live in a murder house. Or do they? This SUCKED.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Clemency' trailer

Oscar bait. No.

'Hollyoaks' promo

Darren is thick.

'Ready Or Not' tv spot


'Spiral' promo

Money falls out of an attic.

'GLOW' is to end.

What is a potato bun? What is yoghurt meringue?

I want a red tote and a convertible back pack.

An unwanted 'Smallville' guest star to appear on 'Crisis'.

I want Fortnum & Mason's caramels, pralines & ganache chocs.

My ex tired of me. My ex threw a whole life away with no regrets. I hate my ex violently. He did malicious damage.

'The Second Sleep' Quotes:

“The Great Exodus of London.”

“Ruin of the world.”

“The great university libraries and public archives had mostly rotted away or been used as fuel in the Dark Age.”

“Final days of normality.”

“No inkling of what was impending.”

“Impossible remorseless of the past.”

“What it was that happened was sudden and overwhelming.”

“Their world has passed beyond recall.”

'Escape To The Chateau' Quotes:

“Hammers us monthly.”

“Musket hole.

“Covered walkway.”

“Battled bees.”

“70s carpet glued to the wall.”

“Not taken a liking.”

“Artfull placed pots.”

'Avengers Endgame' Quote:

“Noobmaster hey it's Thor again! You know the God Of Thunder. Listen, buddy, if you don't log off this game immediately I am going to fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that's right, yes! Go cry to your father you little weasel!”

'Fraiser' Quote:

“You died tragically and no-one missed you.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Big fan of gratitude.”

“Compelled to live in solitary confinement.”

“Could not understand what was being done to her.”

“Held in high regard.”

“Living in housing they don't want to be in.”

“So utterly out of touch with everyday life that a billionaire reality TV star seemed more authentic.”

“Whipped up a frenzy against her.”

“Resisting so vehemently.”

“Extreme punishment.”

“Refrain from responding.”

“Press coverage could ruin someone's life.”

“Did not yield without a fight.”

“A sports presenter whose claim to fame is falling into a swimming pool on live TV.”

“Gratitude lists.”

“We refused to be provoked.”

“Expressed little joy.”

“Financially devastating.”

“Hydro-acoustic tags.”

“The entire local population appears to have mobilised.”

“Make malevolence so self-evident.”

“Fossil fool.”

“Lost to him-”

“Evoke as much sympathy from the public as tax dodgers if they dare complain.”

“Who had gone wrong.”

“Arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster.”

“Perform absolutions of gratitude, her gratitude then praised.”

“Did not want to hear her evidence.”

“A self-fulfilling prophecy of its own importance.”

“The precise incantation to summon Michael Gove and Boris Johnson from their hellmouth.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Lie spotter.”

“Contracting Ebola from a monkey in medical school.”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quotes:

“A burglar broke in and stole all my Halloween candy and Timmy's 'Godspell' album he played all the time.”

“Next you'll want your own toothbrush!”

“You always get thorough right after a 'Batman' epsiode with Catwoman.”

“Throw him in the tub and do that thing you did in the war to nazi spies.”

“Liking stuff's for dorks.”

“We'll have to buy a third towel.”

“Floor popcorn.”

'Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop' Quotes:

“Rather be with our lighting director.”

“Go up on the cross to make a point.”

“He's not an accountant. Let's just leave it at that.”

“All exhausted. Already.”

“Tense situation. Always.”

“Community bag of cocaine.”

“He was done.”

“Out of touch oldies.”

“Distance and animosity.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“More money than conscience."

“Funk hole.”

“Dead as mutton.”

“Crash leave.”

“Decidely untrustworthy.”

“Aren't enough feeding stations.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Become a normal country.”

'The Stand' (1994) Quote:

“We've lost one of the vaults!”

'A Wild Irish Year' Quotes:

“No landing or turning back.”

“What this tree has borne witness to.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Social gulag.”

“Fun in a miserable sort of way.”

“Scared, alone and abused.”

“Hard things happen.”

“Causal cruelties proliferate.”

“The collapse of civilization.”

“Unimaginable social and political convulsion.”

“Post-apocalyptic fortresses-”

“Unthinkably disgraceful.”

“Splendidly insane.”

“Ceaseless torrent.”

“Not considered trustworthy enough to testify in court.”

“Emotionally closed.”

“Terrible reputations.”

“Views me as an interloper.”

“Overwhelming negative effect.”

“Quit aid.”


“Horrific consequences.”

“Grimly concurred.”

“Never-ending political crisis,”

“Not ready for power.”

“Disapproves of disapproval.”

“Brutally coercive.”

“Logical conclusion.”

“Socially complicated.”

“Never again be innocent.”

“Despairing, violent, hopeless life.”

“Morally exacting.”

“Fathomless contempt.”

“Every wrong thing that had happened in her life was our fault.”

“Ripped out of one family and forcibly stuck into another, with no escape.”

“Morally satisfying.”

“Righteous polemic.”

'AVClub' Quote:

“Anytime, anywhere, and without protest.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:
"The day he goes. So do you."

"Latest in will technology."

Scary Books

Temple 1x02 + The Rook 1x02 + American Horror Story Apocalpyse 8x03 + Hawaii Five-0 9x13 Reviewed

Temple 1x02

This was intolerable and grinding. The doctor will not acknowledge defeat and acts in deeply disturbing ways. There is brazen meddling in this ineffective ep. There are macabre attiudes and callous disregard. This show is an abject failure. This is not a terrifying moral quagmire. There are toxic decisions. The doctor has no regret, apology or shame.

There is cheating and dodgy ethical and moral decisions. The doctor is irrationally mean as hell. There is bad acting. You don't care about the tragic event that completely changed the course of his life. There is accusatory yelling and a lazy narrative. The doctor is hyperfixated. There are unlikely character decisions and violent intent.

Ethical and moral obligations are ignored. I'm done with this show. Things are chronically uncertain and there is reckless behaviour. This has a cumulative impact and it is not riveting or entertaining. There is no remorse for activities engaged in. There are unwise choices and defiance of societal expectation.

Best Lines:

“You bastards!”

“We had a choice in this.”

“May not live.”

“How'd you feel?”

“Not great.”

“Never found.”

“How likely would she be to forgive you for something like this?”

Chapter 2

This is full of po-faced actorly outbursts. This is a famously awful take on a great book. This was banal and a colossal mistake. This was one note, clumsy and inconsistent. This was tedious and full of universally hostile twits.

Best Line:

“You people scare me.”

Forbidden Fruit

This was tepid. New boy is the boring antichrist. Why aren't all the candles in the bunker causing them to die of carbon monoxide poisoning? This was defective. People are ideologically opposed. The hellscape outside the bunker is seen. The antichrist cuts himself and gets his shirt off and bores and is startingly shambolic and gormless.

There are flashbacks to a character we don't care about. The devastating war is ignored. There is a fight and uncertainty and someone is a cyborg. There is rational fear and spiteful, self important idiots with few redeeming features. Cannibal survivors lurk and the burk from 8x01 is alive! There is no good sense, moderation or sanity just ridicule. Another carriage shows up with apples.

People are malicious and deceptive. Where did the burk from 8x01 go? Why didn't he set off the radiation alarm? There is deep antipathy and inherent absurdity and comically transparent untruthfulness and inept attempts to scare. People don't really seem to care that what one is never meant to witness has happened: the end of the world.

There is cruel injustice and deepening turmoil and this was abysmal. There is death and poison and puking and the witches from 'Coven' show up.

Best Lines:

“Cannibal attacks.”

“Someone trying to claw her way out.”

“Wipe me!”

“Rode through hell.”

“F**k up a one car funeral.”

“Made for that world.”

“Defile me anyway you like.”

“Shelter from the nuclear storm.”

“I never felt love.”

“Relentlessly boring.”

“I ran a nutrition blog before the war.”

“I'm having trouble with this.”

“Dark Phoenix.”

“Far too many to mourn.”

Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko Luna

The cast has totally changed. Danno is still a burk. Adam the jailbird mob boss is now on the Task Force?!? Reed Diamond guest stars. There is a murder in an undersea lab. This was hopelessly inept. Wonder Steve can free dive!

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