July 19th, 2019

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Book Reviews: Wastelands The New Apocalypse, part 3 + The Time Of The Reaper 🎃👻☠💀🤮☣☣☣

Wastelands The New Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams, part 3

Four Kittens

In an overly brutal post-apoc a man engages in reckless disobedience and deliberate defiance by saving a potent symbol of hope. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Plenty of other wannabe dictators to work for out there in the wastes.”

The Eyes Of The Flood

Little meaningful here.

Best Line:

“Died so long ago that their bones are dust.”

The Last Garden

A woman is the sole survivor of the human race after humanity wipes itself out. All she has for company is an ethically neutral AI. This had dreary pacing.

Best Line:

“Doomsday vault.”

Through Sparks In Morning's Dawn

This seems to be a sequel to a story from the 1st 'Wastelands' anthology. The great landship Zephyr needs urgent repairs, the inevitable raiders show up. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Undo what you've done!”

“All civilizations lived among the ruins of the ones that came before.”

“Collapse mother.”

Cannibal Acts

In a post-plague apocalypse desperate people resort to desperate measures in this good story.

Best Lines:


“A pleasure to be the center of everyone's concern and attention.”

“There's a place on the map marked Troy but nobody has lived in those ruins or called it Troy in centuries.”


By Veronica Roth. A woman recalls her ill-remembered sister in the aftermath of an irreconcilable standoff between humans and AIs. This was okay.

Shooting The Apocalypse

By Paolo Bacigalup. Is this connected to 'The Water Knife'? In a divided USA riddled with drought, something is about to change. This was excellent and done in grim vivid detail. Things are souring and a terrible truth is slowly realised.

Best Lines:

“The reality narco show Hard Bangin'.”

“State Sovereignty Act.”

“Armed lunatics.”

“Brought their apocalypse down on their own damn selves.”

The Hungry Earth

Has a lack of ambivalance.

Last Chance

In a post-apoc world which is a quasi medieval hellhole, an idiot child tries to survive in the relentlessly brutal world. A weapon that has long been forgotten is found. While not conceptually daring – this was okay.

A Series Of Images From A Ruined City At The End Of The World

A frivolous rationalisation of complaints.

Best Line:

A man who only likes you when you see him a certain kind of way. When you get a glimpse of the real person, he runs.”

The Time Of The Reaper by Andrew Butcher

This YA novel was supposed to be the first in a series. But no follow ups have appeared since 2007. A plague wipes out everyone over 18. So hoodie mobs now rule and then in the twist ending aliens show up. This was woefully bad.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Secret Obsession' trailer

An accident and amnesia and the whole plot is given away.

'Another Life' trailer

This tale of aliens looks okay.

'Luz' trailer

A demon or something? No.

'The Lion King' TV spot


Piri piri chicken & rice – nice.

Milkweed honey – yum.

Garlic stuffed olives – totes.

Colin Donnell will be back on 'Arrow'!

I won't read 'The Kingdom'.

There will be a 'Thor 4'!

What's a city farm?

To my ex: somewhere deep inside: you must know I miss you. I feel sorrow at my ex's abandonment of me. I didn't know our love was strained. Doesn't he notice how upset I am?

I may review 'Manifest'.

I watched Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane' and oh hell no: she's guilty as sin.

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Hard work of centuries.”

“Liberal inheiritance.”

'Shut-Ins' Quote:

“That time will never come.”

'A Cut Too Far?' Quote:

“That's the level of thinking he's done about it.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“This week's criticisms.”

'How I Met Your Mother' Quote:

“I have mace and I enjoy using it.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Successfully refused.”

“False choices.”

“Pathogen attack.”

“I am astonised that Atheist Ireland exists, feels the need to exist or has a chairman.”

“An ideology abhorred.”

“Claim land.”

“Intending presence.”

“Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

“Are we frightned of what people will say on the internet?”

“A CD (I know – how quaint!)”

“Few people in history are likely to be remembered like Neil Armstrong.”

'Apocalypse Now' Quote:

“I love the smell of naplam in the morning.”

'Neighbours' Quote:

“Real life psycho.”

'Suburban Shootout' Quotes:

“Well, makes a change from inner city policing.”

“And all the putrefied dismembered corpses floating down the Thames, eh Sir?”

“She goes dogging in the cark park of PC World.”

“At boarding school he used to shave the younger boys and make them fight each other for food.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“A false widow spider got trapped in her jeans.”

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Quotes:

“Busted hag.”

“Ate all my plastic Barbie fruit.”

“Still Hillary balloons in the cecling.”

“You got her in your van. Now what?”

“Toilet rat.”

“Unquenchable thirst for human poop.”

“Our shared hatred for your family.”

“I don't care why.”

“To the blimp pad!”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Geo-strategic issue.”

“Can we afford to displease them?”

“Rather irrelevant.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Safe and distant.”

Scary Books

Movie Review: Porndemic (2018) ☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂

This Showtime documentary centres on the 1998 HIV outbreak in the 'adult' business and the fallout, coverup and enduring consequences of it. In 1998 the 'business' was worth 10 billion dollars and 6 or 7 thousand 'films' were made a year. It was bigger than the NFL, NBA or baseball. A med student turned porn star talks about how a co-star gave her HIV and to this day, has never apologized.

This is a damning assessment of the 'business'. There is a slam on Mark Hamill. Bill Clinton got yelled at by HIV sufferers. A guy claims HIV was eugenics. People are deeply deeply unattractive. This was achingly earnest. The really terrible, shabby and shameful 'business ethics' are laid bare. People talk about how things had to get extreme in the 90s to keep viewer interest.

There is meaningless and insulting behaviour and brazen pot stirring. People talk about various HIV tests which may or may not actually have worked. A deep malaise about safety was obvious. There was a painfully slow response and people seriously misread the scene. People have no moral status. There are discomfitting attiudes and suspicion of wrongdoing by patient zero who made catastrophic silly life chocies.

There are unalterable facts and immoral people and morally impermissible acts. People were morally wrong. Old clips show old phones. Patient Zero is unrepentant to this day. There is overwhelming evil and no conventional human decency. People spew mean spirited divisive views. There is debased rhetoric, excuses and shame. This was good.

Best Lines:

“90s were awesome.”

“Total acceptance in society's eyes.”

“I actually thought that.”

“Perfect little Stepford child.”

“Playpen of the damned.”

“Can't spell the word tomorrow.”

“How wrong we were.”

“Use one or get none.”

“Digital video discs!”

“Swap meet level of entertainmnet.”

“Absolutely Roman.”

“Edge of disrepute.”

“Didn't want to have it.”

“Partner list.”

“Gift of a prophet.”

“Love to smoke cocaine.”

“You did me wrong.”

“Didn't think it mattered.”

“Maybe he's just stupid.”

“Didn't sound urgent.”

“That reluctant.”

“Culturally marginalised.”


“Unfathomable evil.”

“An evil thing to do.”

“Made the industry hate him.”

“Not living a smart life.”

“Betrayed the rest of us.”

“Dick of death.”

“Cast out from a group of outcasts.”

“Past bad act.”

“Fascist attacks.”

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The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978) Part 3 + Absentia 1x02 + The Handmaid's Tale 3x08 Reviewed 🌽

The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home (1978) Part 3

Nick is always acting in a rage and the rules of civility don't apply to him. He fails to see that the rural folk around him have malicious intent. The villagers see Nick as poison – he sees himself as an intellectual intellectualising. David Ackroyd of 'Deadly Lessons' cheats on his wife. A cat is seen. Worthy does a declaration of independent thinking. There is bad acting. People rant about Worthy being the Young Lord. There is animosity and people don't hide their contempt for Nick.

This was dull and full of overacting. Nick comes across as an abuser with his bellowed rage at his kin. The book was way better. Nick does not see that he is a hated pariah in town. There is no palpable tension and Nick can't see the paganism around him. There are nefarious smiles and this was largely uninspired. Nick is lamentably embarrassing as he ignores the increasingly sinister cirumstances and obvious occult machinations around him. This was sluggish and I struggled to see the merits of it.

Bette Davis is not good as the Widow. Poor Worthy's attempted escape to the Navy ends badly. Nick's wife claims to have been born in the paganish small town. A Corn Maiden is chosen. Nick is warned but does not listen. Nick learns the dark secret of Harvest Home. The miniseries is faithful to the horrific ending from the book, even if it is toned down. A new Harvest Lord and Corn Maiden are ready to go. Sadly this miniseries just drags.

Best Lines:

“Not for her.”


“Afraid to speak out.”

“Go home. Stay there.”

“Paid to patrol the forest.”

“Tonight is not for you or any other man!”

“I am not crazy! They are! All of them!”

“Where are you going?”

“To get a broom!”

“God curse the corn!”

“Respect the ways.”

“Speak no more of this.”

“Worthy's kin. Shunned.”

“I shouldn't. But I will.”

“He is bane!”


The serial killer walks free from jail. A lying woman with a massive jaw makes an allegation. The vile horrible cop bothers Emily who has mental torment. Will the BITCH Alice piss off and give Emily her family back? Nick is awful. Flynn ignores Emily to play a game. What a goob. Emily feels unloved. The unapologetic BITCH Alice talks about Emily behind her back. Nick lets Emily's dad live in a one room hole by himself. What a goob Nick is.

A Fed is crooked. But which one? The serial killer is named Harlow and he's rich. Oddly his assets weren't seized. This was dull and underlit. Nick neither offers (nor is asked) to change his behaviour. Logic is routinely ignored. Nick never fought or looked for Emily or offers any defence for her. He's too busy doing dirty sex with the whiny cow BITCH Alice.

The bum cop creates a furore and likes to aggressively confront Emily. The bum cop does continued dismissal of sense. Nick is pathologically reluctant to have heartfelt compassion for his wife. Emily is his wife not the BITCH Alice. Emily has awful fear and mourns her vanished way of life. Emily's brother is named Jack. The years have turned and left Emily behind.

The BITCH Alice goes out alone in the dark leaving Flynn unprotected and a door open. All so the BITCH Alice can investigate the scary noise. Why won't the BITCH Alice let Emily have her dog? The BITCH Alice whines to Nick that she doesn't like Emily and doesn't want her around her or Flynn. Nick instead of kicking the BITCH Alice out of Emily's house goes upstairs presumably to shag the BITCH. The BITCH Alice needs to die and soon, she is disgusting. Someone kills the serial killer Harlow. Oh ominious! Emily behaves in erratic ways.

The BITCH Alice's hostile behaviour and the goon cop add to Emily's woes. The atmospherics are unsettling. This ep has no stately pacing. Harlow wasn't borderline terrifying – he just looked unwashed. The BITCH Alice has to be bad, why is she so prickly? Was she involved with Nick before Emily vanished? This was not unbearably moving and it had no fresh energies. This ep was flawed and left you indifferent.

This was uncharacteristically boring and Nick scarcely seems to be trying to help Emily with her grave problems. The BITCH Alice has deadening compulsion to be blandly monotonously bitchy. Emily's personality is distorted. This has no horrific wonders. Tensions are escalating. There is lurid content and Flynn is unspeakably not okay to his mother. The BITCH Alice has no logic or reason. Why is Nick letting her stay in his house? Why does he let her be so provocative and hostile?

Best Lines:

“He chose her.”

“She needs compassion.”

“Why did you let that happen?”


I hate the morally loose June. The pregnant Handmaid is bullied into insanity and death by June who again faces no consequences for anything. We get flashbacks to Aunt Lydia and how she oversaw a useless mother. June is stupid and selfish. A newborn baby dies. June mouths off to her Commander and doesn't get a beating. We see Aunts assigning Handmaids to Households using a lazy susan. Lydia went full on Gilead for being rejected by a man. There are yet more closeups of June smirking. This was dreadful.

Best Lines:

“Dressing for tips.”

“A problem household.”

“Commanders more powerful than Lawrence.”

“Dangeorusly unorthodox.”