July 17th, 2019


Movie Review: Sully

Sully (2016)


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DCeased Issue 3 Reviewed ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣

We get to see Nightwing, Batman and Tim Drake's bodies laid out in the Batcave. I hope Alfred wore gloves considering all the blood. Why were Tim Drake and Nightwing wandering around stately Wayne Manor in their hero costumes? Harley Quinn blows the Joker away.

The Birds Of Prey have been infected. I assume the redhead whose face we don't see is Batwoman. Damien is sad. Lois Lane is useless. Perry White was infected. But we don't see it. Who is Garth? What'll become of Mera? Who's Jefferson? Zombie Clayface attacks. Jonathan Kent is a zombie. No more platitudes.

There is magnificent desolation and inevitability and characters are ill fated and there is dread certainty there will be no happy ending. The zealous protectors of the status quo are falling. Where's Lex Luthor during all this? The profound consequences of irresponsible behaviour by a god like being go on. The infection is world conquering and incredibly dangerous.

Superman has steely resolve. Some attention seeking egoist caused all this with his terrible ways. There doesn't seem to be any reason to have hope.

Best Lines:

“You were never any good for me.”

“He'll find a way to bury it and keep going.”

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Scary Books

Book Review: Wastelands The New Apocalypse, part 2 👻👻👻👽👽👽👾👾👾👻☠💀☠💀☠💀🤮

Wastelands The New Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams, part 2

Not This War, Not This World

This acts as a sequel to 'Night Of The Living Dead'. Though there is a mention of GPS so it can't be 1968. What is a toe nailed nail? This explains the origin of the zombies. There is babble about a cold war weapon. It also reveals the zombies are aware. Zombies are an unwanted nuisance and there are in depth descriptions of guns as a sniper does not react well to the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are uncomfortably invasive. This is an okay tale of an isolated man under relentless pressure. While not terrifying – it is immediately urgent.

Best Lines:

“Failed stronghold.”

“Bullet drop.”

“Completely and irrevocably aware.”

“Spread by the people who were trying to outrun it.”


“Cold, cold soil.”

“Self-sustaining war of attrition.”

“Bottomless hunger.”

“Other moans. Many many more.”

Where Would You Be Now

By Carrie Vaughn. After a vague apocalypse, a group of people have no food and the inevitable motorcycle gang shows up. How is there eye makeup in the apocalypse? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Whatever might hurt them.”

“A way that didn't suggest friendship.”

The Elephant's Crematorium

Too miserable and it defies logic.

The Future Is Blue

I've read this before. In a flooded future a girl is hated for saving her people. Instead of being given thanks – she is belittled, mocked and degraded. She is forlorn. This was sad but very good.

Best Lines:

“Some people are just born to be despised.”

“Hazmat Heath.”

“All my dreams were burning.”

Bones Of Gossamer

An embarrassment.

As Good As New

This tale of an apocalypse and a genie has some credibility trouble but it is enjoyable.

Best Lines:



“Seemed to enjoy complaining about it.”

“Unearned ambivalence.”

One Day Only

In a post-plague apocalypse, a woman decides to do a stand up comedy act. This was good.

Best Lines:

Treacherous act of mercy.”

“Why did that simple caring repel her so much?”

Black, Their Regalia

Craving respite from a plague, a band do a ritual which turns out to be their artistic destiny leading to a spectacular twist of fate. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Community togetherness.”

“Plague prom.”

“When you scream in dark places, I listen, and I relish what I hear.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Blinded By The Light' promo


'On Becoming A God In Central Florida' trailer

A cult and this looks good.

'Paradise Hills' trailer

A finishing school is creepy. Looks good.

'3 From Hell' trailer

A Rob Zombie film. No.

'The Hunt' teaser

Rich jerks hunt and have a boutique experience. You know what they are hunting.

Gluten free almond tart – nice.

Who saw 'Behind Enemy Lines'?

'Greenhouse Academy' is not good.

A 4th 'Gaslight' book! Yay!

Who else saw the 1.5 metre barrel jellyfish?

My ex rejected me without justification. He erased me out of his life for no good reason. I fooled myself into imagining a future together with my ex. I lost my future dreams and aspirations to my ex.

What is 'Gwen'?

Supergirl gets a new costume in season 5. As long as the show remains Mon-El free, I am content.

'Jackie: A Tale Of Two Sisters' Quotes:

“Disappointed with her own choice.”

“Old world manners.”

“European view.”

“The shot that changes American history.”

“Instinct for grand publicity.”

“Those days were ending.”

“Couldn't act it.”

“Bring embarrassment on.”

“Sorrow will always seem to find her.”

“Outfits and husbands.”

“Socially grand.”


“The Vatican too frowned on it.”

“No longer beholden.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“You're such a basic!”

“You, shoo!”

“Organic disease.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Little or no government.”

“Very difficult to stop.”

“Dangerous end of the jellyfish spectrum.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Shy away from contacting someone for fear of rejection.”

“Self-critical thoughts.”

“Unrelenting day-by-day despair.”

“Blissfully aware of my own future,”


“Maddens people.”

“Aerated waters,”

“Unfit for even a pig to eat.”

“Limited condemnation.”

“Deep sense of depth.”

“Completely devoid of life skills.”

“Severity of manner.”

“Nuisances related to their chicken coop.”

“They feel attacked, treated like foreigners.”

“Provided for his pleasure.”

“Arrogance and indifference.”

“Vile, horrible statements.”

“Statement of intent.”

“Do their bidding.”

“Dramatic claim.”

“Long-standing international conspiracy.”

“Combative form.”

“Moral obligation.”

'Katie Price: My Crazy Life' Quotes:

“Jungle stuff.”

“10 seconds to rant.”

'DenOfGeek' Quote:

“Even though his name is unknown in this world, is everywhere.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Returning to Earth as heroes.”


'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Criminal implications.”

“That's factually wrong!”

'Earth: Final Conflict' Quote:

“It's got an embedded dialing code.”

'Glee' Quote:

“One girl ate a pigeon. Several others started worshipping a possum carcass as their lord.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Hunting socks.”

“Little man syndrome.”

“Unchecked rage.”

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Illya K

The Purge 1x10+Waco 1x03+STDS9 6x13+Absentia (2017-?) 1x01+Clique 2x01&2x02 Reviewed 🎃🎃🎃🎃

A Nation Reborn

This was lamentable. People live to excess and have moral decadence. The cheating whore is patronising and contemptuous of her husband. She scowls disapprovingly. Miguel and Pete are in hostile territories. This is clearly not of great importance. There is no uncompromising clarity. There is a hateful atmosphere and fear and blame. This is not pleasingly clever. There is death and bad green screen and an unburnt Notre Dame. Is this supposed to be set after it was rebuilt and reopened? 2 survivors decide to drive a triage van.

Best Lines:

“He ain't untouchable.”

“Loyalty squads.”

Operation Showtime

The AFT are contentious and highly acrimonious and show no qualms or contrition. David isn't coming out. He tries to get the ATF to stand down but the ATF shoot first killing the group's dogs and shooting David and other people. There are lapses of judgement. David Koresh and the Branch Davidians are the victim of the incompetent jerks at the ATF. The ATF beat up a journalist and steal his footage.

This will all lead to the gloomiest possible conclusion. Taylor Kitsch is incredible as David. Robert wants to deescalate the situation but he's ignored. Rachel is upset, her father is dying from being shot by the ATF. Lives are irrevocably changed. The group and their terrible distress are treated with distain by the ATF. There is no emotional work just a steady arc of inevitability.

1x01&1x02 were snooze inducing mediocrity that were deeply dull. The ATF are irredeemably terrible. The ATF fail to see how their intimidating behaviour caused the darkening atmosphere. People are walking plot points. Death is grimly inevitable. A man tries to escape and is shot down by the ATF. There is a sense of foreboding. The ATF struggle to retain the media narrative coherence. The ATF assume ill motives in everything. This was goodish.

Best Lines:

“We're not the bad guys here.”

“Your wife's not the one with bullet holes in her.”

“A military operation against US citizens.”

“Who do you call when it's your own government attacking?”

“Why is our government using military force on civilians?”

“Under promise.”

“You came in and shot us for no reason!”

Far Beyond The Stars

Sisko dreams (or does he?) that he is a writer in 1953. We see characters without their alien makeup. Bashir is mixed race which isn't mentioned in 1953. The show recall Yates exists. Worf is seen without his Klingon makeup. Jake is a hustler. You could make a whole show from this ep. The magazine editor won't print Benny's story. There is the red scare and racism. Benny cracks up and goes way OTT. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Worst piece of garbage I have ever seen!”

“Thank you.”

“White people living on the moon.”

“Craven fascist.”

“Get a job.”

“As what?!?”

“Run for the hills! It's the end of civilization!”

“Literature for liberals and intellectuals!”


A phone call from a convicted serial killer doesn't portend anything good. Nothing explains how he made the call. This opens with a woman being brutalised, her name is Emily and she is an FBI agent presummed murdered by the serial killer 6 years ago.

Neil Jackson and Ralph Ineson of 'Suburban Shootout' star. This was very green looking. A body is found. Nick, Emily's non-grieving widower, visits her uncared for grave. Emily's son Flynn doesn't care about his dead mother and calls his BITCH stepmother his mom. Emily's unnamed brother and father lurk.

Nick is told where to find Emily in a tank of water that has a timer padlock. The BITCH stepmother needs to go. She isn't even Nick's wife. Nick's a bigamist. Emily wants to go home but has to live with her brother as the BITCH has taken over Emily's house, husband, dog and child. The BITCH stepmother is obviously in on it. Whatever it is.

Harlow the unwashed serial killer sneers. Emily's traumatised. Flynn adds to this by rejecting his mother. What a little turd. The BITCH stepmother makes faces when Emily pets her dog and wants to bond with her son. The BITCH stepmother obviously did parental alienation.

Emily's brother lost his medical licence and is in AA. A shrink talks about a vision Emily had. A cop who looks like a homeless bum lurks. Adam is Nick's boss. Emily has nice eyebrows and unmatted hair and waxed legs for a kidnap victim. She isn't pasty and there is a twist and evil deeds. This is a UK/US/Bulgaria co-production and it intrigues. The BITCH stepmother is a hate sink and I want Emily to violently murder her soon.

Best Lines:

“Aren't accepted forms.”

“I will make sure things happen to you in here. Things even you wouldn't do to a person.”

Clique 2x01&2x02

SJW people whine. Various new and annoying characters talk. Holly whines. A speech maker is heckled. Something happens, but it is so badly filmed you don't know what. A politician shows up. Holly is such a massive bitch. Obvious false accusations are made. This left me unimpressed.

Best Line:

“Doing the wrong type of speaking?”