July 12th, 2019

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To My Ex: 💨🖤🖤💔💔💔💔💔👁‍🗨🕚✝💌💝💟🚌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I had plans for my ex's birthday. Which he chose to celebrate with someone else. He eschewed all conversation to run off with a SLUT! He was a demanding and transactional partner. Does he regret his decision? He's declined to say. My ex intended to be hurtful and cruel. I don't need his lies no more!

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Movie Reviews: Lucky 7+The Domestics+End Of Watch+Sword Of Sherwood Forest 💥🔱⚜🌪🌥🌤🌦🌠☄🌀

Lucky 7 (2003)

A woman lets her smother control her life even after she is dead. Patrick Dempsey co-stars in this BAD film.

The Domestics (2018)

This film opens with planes spraying black poison for no clear reason. Kate Bosworth, Tyler Hoechlin of 'Teen Wolf' and 'Supergirl' and Lance Reddick of 'Fringe' star. In the post apoc world gangs with militant aggression run around. There are guns and people in sheets and an angry never seen ranting DJ. What is powering the angry DJ's radio station?

The wife (Bosworth) is strongly dismissive of sense. The DJ rants about Nailers. We see some Nailers who have a scary chainsaw that doesn't work and one Nailer is left behind by his brethren because his motorbike doesn't work. The wife and husband (Hoechlin) hang out in a house where a horrible massacre took place!

People commit abominations. There is no public order or soul searching. Just unacceptable escalations of violence and on going unclear conflicts. Is this movie a grim herlad of the future? It's a cold, capricious world full of pretty contemptible people. The couple have a problematic realtionship. Everyone (bar our 'heroes' is suddenly a mad killer, cannibal or sex offender). One wonders if this film is actually a stealth parody.

This was not long-anticipated. The deliberately provocative wife runs toward looming evil. Characters are challenged and tested. A woman wears a corset in the post-apoc. People run around parts of overlooked America. Where did all the freed sex slaves go? There is non-poignant misery and unpalatable acts and disastrous decisions and people desperately try to do, things.

This was not heartfelt and the wife is not amusingly dumb. Things gets unnecessarily complicated. There is perfunctory plotting and looming aggression. Actors are not wildly talented and people lurk menacingly. This film doesn't bother with anything like jeopardy. There is no genuine dread or zany fury or outlandish events. There are repugnant maniacs on the loose. And how did things go so profoundly wrong in America? There is vaporous dread in this undemanding film. Tensions are not ramped up. There are violent confrontations and very clean white curtains in the post-apoc. The wife is contentious and this was rarely subtle.

Best Lines:

“The lucky ones were dead in seconds.”

“A new dark future.”

“Crop dust your countrymen with deadly chemicals.”

“No longer belongs to god.”

“Braving the barren countryside.”

“Just kill each other.”

“Renegade Cherry.”

“Sorry for the theatrics.”

“Good people didn't survive long.”

“Play this delusional game.”

“Very original.”

“Safety doesn't exist anymore.”

“Car barricades.”

End Of Watch (2012)

I only perceived derangement in this film which is full of malevolent manoeurves.

Sword Of Sherwood Forest (1960)

This film is full of lumps in polyesther. Peter Cushing is the baddie in this film which is not a compelling exploration of the legend.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 6 Reviewed 😜😝😛😌😵🤪😳😠😡🤬😇🤓👻☠💀👺👹🕸💑👄

This issue had a multitude of different covers. Robin has a secret. This revamp is getting good. Xander babbles. A creepy demon thing lurks. Why did the creepy demon thing say 4 souls when there were 3 people in front of him? Willow sacrifices.

Best Lines:

“One of you has a soul unfit for any mortal.”

“I hope he makes it out alive. It's like that super old movie, Ferris something.”

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Book Reviews: Never Tell + The Plague Stones 💍💍💍💍🏑🎾🎲🃏🔔🎼🎻⚖⚖🏹⚔📞📞☎☎🔮💻📀

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner

This is a tale of 3 different (and stupid) women. Evie's husband has been murdered and she's the only suspect. Evie has no emotional security, sabotaged her own marriage, was accused of another shooting years ago and her cumulative idiocy leads her into trouble.

D.D.Warren is a cop (COP!) and a mom (MOM!) and she's tough (TOUGH!) - in other words a walking cliche who needs others to help her solve Evie's case. Flora is a survivor who was held prisoner by a particularly horrific criminal. Escaping him hasn't helped her escape complete despair. Her debasement led to compliancy and she helped him target other women. Something she has escaped judgement for. All her tormentor's other victims? She seems not to care about them.

Flora's dead tormentor is linked to Evie's case. This is a good tale of Dark Web infiltration, women suffering the consequences of stupidity and a baddie doing a big speech full of exposition during an escalating confrontation instead of shooting people. This is a tale of emotionally unstable irrevocably changed women and seriously immortal behaviour. Flora is irascible and given to hysterical terror and self destructive obsessions due to the ghastly period in her life.

The plot line of Flora's late kidnapper being part of a bigger network with unknown helpers and unknown victims and a as yet undiscovered lair is a hideous scenario that will probably play into future books. As will the endlessly troubled Flora's extremely high risk behaviour and indifference to/being intentionally aware of other victims.

Evie and Flora hate their mothers. There are all-consuming lies and people earn negative consequences for being stupid. Evie, Flora and D.D. Aren't the least bit likeable and Flora's callous selfish disregard has caused irreparable harm and she's ungrateful to those who help her and her emotional turbulence and morbid fixation grate.

This was oddly enthralling even if Flora was so jaded that when she was with her captor someone detected her pain and came to her (thwarted) rescue – she failed to recognise it; then and now.

Best Lines:

“They know you for who you are.”

“I'm surrounded by nutjobs with no repsect for law enforcement.”

“Local hoodlum.”

“Secure her own future.”

“Everything was good again. And then...it wasn't.”

The Plague Stones by James Brogden

A village is haunted by the unfriendly ghost of a plague victim who is antagonistically resisting lying still in her unhallowed grave. The ghostly dead bitch has no terrifying impact as a family with an unresolved past and uncertain future move into the village. I don't care about her grievances. She's aberrant, this was just boring and had no limitless potential.

Best Line:

“Godless death.”

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff 💍💎💍💎💍💎💍💎💍💎💍💎💍🖤💔💍💎🖤💔💍💎🖤💔💎💍💔🖤💍💎

'Below The Surface' promo


'LA's Finest' promo


Bombay potato masala – nice.

Thai green chicken soup – nice.

I won't read 'Apocalypse America'.

The magnetic poles are about to switch?

BBC III's 'The Left Behind' was okay.

Best Lines:

“Piss in the bush!”

“You just don't care!”

'8 Days: To the Moon And Back' was okay.

Best Lines:

“Man has stepped off this planet.”

“Thank you television.”

'Charles I: Downfall Of A King' Quotes:

“Didn't need to answer to anyone.”

“The country is choosing sides.”

“Quick to riot.”

“Continues in a more meancing fashion.”

“Bemoan his wrongdoings.”

“The year of grace.”

“Bad omens are everywhere.”

“Countdown to downfall.”

“Obliged to give no account of their actions.”

“Sinister government conspiracy.”

“Didn't really go in for joy.”

“Antichrist on Earth.”

“Reality is banished.”

“Feasts of satan.”

“Everywhere there is a plot.”

“Staunch conviction.”

“Plotting faction.”

“The vulgar sort.”

“Dossier of woes.”

“Deep mistrust.”

“Insinuates plots.”

“Slights to his personal honour.”

“Hurled their prayer stools at the Dean.”

“National uprising.”

“Stir the country to anger.”

“Women of ill-repute.”

“Organised violence.”

“Ultra loyal.”

“Who likes fighting people.”

“Actually ate children.”

“Another terrible, terrible decision.”

“Land battleship.”

“Other inferior persons.”

“Mobs are running London.”

“Things worsen at frightening speed.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ascendancy of the car.”

“Wino women.”

“Who is likely to invade us.”

“Dependent on the emtional and financial support of their parents, who they still live with because they are either lazy, entitled, self-obsessed or a combination of all three.”

“When it reappeared it was bitterly opposed.”

“Control the way people thought.”

“How could nuns teach biology with its sex and evolution?”

“Will lead to their ruin.”

“Possible confessions of dark deeds.”

“The noise of sprawling family groups and antics of unsupervised children that increasingly defines the casual dining experience.”

“Primed for catastrophe.”

“Because in some universe that was going to happen.”

“Contemporary assessment can be such a fickle thing.”

“Slight air of menace behind the bonhomie.”

“We didn't know what a recession was because we lived in one.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Social attiudes survey.”

“Collapse in Christian belief.”

“Expressed their distress.”

“So awful.”

“Why doesn't he feel shame?!?”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Calling somebody a whoreface.”

“Verbal assault.”

“Yell fest.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“Beaten with her own crutch.”

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STDS9 6x09&6x10+The Purge 1x05&1x06+Charmed 1x22 Reviewed 😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🐱‍👤🐱‍🏍🐱‍💻🐱‍🐉🐱‍

Statistical Probabilities

Genetically modified people who are kept in a loony bin apparently for being genetically modified visit the station. Bashir has calm assertion. The truly annoying GM Jack SHOUTS and twitches to show personality. Damar is now leader of Cardassia and makes a speech. Bashir learns his friends hate GM folk. The Eugenics Wars casts a long shadow. There is foreshadowing of the Romulans joining the war and of the Cardassians turning against the Dominion. The GM gang do something stupid and are sent back to the loony bin. There is no ACLU or JAG to stop their unlawful detention. This had bad acting and Bashir had an uncompromising dedication to being annoying in this horribly medicore ep.

The Magnificent Ferengi

Iggy Pop guest stars as Quark and Rom lead a mission to rescue their mother from the Dominion. The captive Vorta from 6x02 shows up. Things go awry and there is much comedy. This was good.

Rise Up

How does the purge satisfy a human need? A bimbo shrieks and cheats. There are no philosophical viewpoints. Real and awful consequences follow dumb acts. Nobody is unsullied. This was tonally strange. Nobody stops their damnation. This purge creates national unity? HOW? There is a mention of the triage vans. The NFFA party is attacked. One is emotionally uncommitted to this show.

Best Lines:

“This is hell.”

“Already used that last time.”

All Forgotten

There are no narrative masterstrokes in this total failure of an ep. The cheating slut wife justifies leaving her husband to die to save the crazy ho. She doesn't seem bothered by that, she is bothered by the fact the husband survived.

The cheating slut wife has appalled outrage that her husband is angry at this. Shut up you whore! There is no cultural reckoning. The cheating whore wife needs to die. Kill the cheating whore already! A dude indulges in mindless intimidation. Women are stupid. There is enforced art and a sleaze.

Best Line:

“Please exit the witch tent now.”

The Source Awakens

The sisters bitch as The Source rampages. SJW crap is uttered and there is time travel or something. Watching this makes you want to put your fist through the tv. This was truly appalling and throughly vile.

Best Lines:

“Cosmic reckoning.”

“Time bracelet.”

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